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Study saying EPA rules will save 3,500 lives should be nailed to door of every naysayer in Congress
Curbing coal plant emissions would save lots of lives. Not that this matters to EPA haters. A new study published in the ...
Meteor Blades 05/04/2015 13 41 - -
Midday open thread: Minimum wage boost hits bullseye, executions don't hit worst of the worst
Today's comic by Tom Tomorrow is Responses to Baltimore :
Meteor Blades 05/04/2015 24 15 - -
Iran nuclear review act: Is it lose-lose for Republicans?
Whoops. Even though the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act most likely will pass the Senate by a large majority, the superhawks, pushed by Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and president-wannabe Marco Rubio (R-
Meteor Blades 05/04/2015 35 37 - -
Abbreviated pundit round-up: Why Baltimore's past matters; Is ISIS really on the run?
Molly Redden at Mother Jones writes Want an Abortion This Year? Get Ready to Wait : For women seeking an abortion, 2015 is shaping up to be the year of the long wait. Since the beginning of the year,
Meteor Blades 05/04/2015 76 52 - -
Open thread for night owls. Do progressives need to make better emotional ties when organizing?
Excerpted by Alternet from Michael Bader'...
Meteor Blades 05/03/2015 93 58 4 -
This week at progressive state blogs: Lynch and the power of black women, SD polygamists seek water
This week in progressive state blogs is designed specifically to focus attention on the writing and analysis of people focused on their home turf. Let me know via comments or Kosmail if you have a ...
Meteor Blades 05/02/2015 10 42 1 -
Spotlight on green news & views: Super El Niño forms, oil & gas drilling damage, wind power soars
Three tropical cyclones churned the waters around Australia on March 11, 2015, including Pam, one of the strongest storms ever in the region.
Meteor Blades 05/02/2015 12 43 2 -
Open thread for night owls: FAIR takes on economist pundit who disappeared economist critics of TPP
At Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, Jim Naureckaswrites NYT Lets Economic Pundit Disappear TPP’s Economist Critics : The New York Times (4/24/15) handed its readers an exploding cigar this ...
Meteor Blades 05/01/2015 45 57 - -
DOT issues oil-train rules. Industry objects. Other critics say rules too weak and deadline too slow
Oil train derailment Feb. 15 near Mount Carbon, West Virginia. The Obama ...
Meteor Blades 05/01/2015 32 47 - -
Midday open thread: Tesla home battery unveiled, 1 in 6 species at risk, where's Aaron Schock?
On Saturday at 8 AM PT, the tech team will be moving Daily Kos from its current web host to Amazon's Web Services. We'll be taking the site down for an estimated one to three hours while we move our ...
Meteor Blades 05/01/2015 48 30 - -
Open thread for night owls: A condensed look at what Bernie Sanders thinks on some issues
What Bernie Sanders thinks , as compiled by Andrew Prokip at Vox. I've included paragraphs on five subjects, with only subheads for the rest: Move to a single-payer health care system The ...
Meteor Blades 04/30/2015 152 92 2 -
Wind energy association's first-quarter report offers reasons for optimism
The American Wind Energy Association has released its report for the first quarter of 2015, and it's quite encouraging. Indeed, for those of ...
Meteor Blades 04/30/2015 59 75 2 -
Midday open thread: Who asked leniency for Petraeus? Initial claims for jobless comp at 15-year low
Today's comic by Ruben Bolling is Doonesbury's Charlie Hebdo problem :
Meteor Blades 04/30/2015 33 23 - -
Chances of ending federal executions diminished with Eric Holder's departure
Eric Holder was conducting a review of the death penalty, but it ...
Meteor Blades 04/30/2015 35 32 - -
Marco Rubio sought 'leniency' for Corinthian Colleges last year
For more than a decade, Corinthian Colleges, Inc. has been the target of lawsuits and state and federal investigations for its deceptive marketing, falsification of employment placement rates and ...
Meteor Blades 04/30/2015 38 88 1 -
Open thread for night owls: Martin Luther King Jr. quotes the traditional media won't cite
M.L. King arrested in 1958 in Montgomery, Alabama, for "loitering" outside a courtroom where there was a hearing for his friend Ralph Abernathy, founder of the Southern Christian Leadership ...
Meteor Blades 04/29/2015 37 67 1 -
Spotlight on green news & views: Cities engage on climate change, anger translator, extreme weather
Many environmentally related posts appearing at Daily Kos each week don't attract the attention they deserve. To help get more eyeballs, Spotlight on Green News & Views (previously known as the ...
Meteor Blades 04/29/2015 14 52 2 -
Midday open thread: GDP growth 0.2%, Nevadans back 'net metering' that boosts rooftop solar
Today's comic by Matt Bors is Satire to die for :
Meteor Blades 04/29/2015 20 18 - -
Senate kills amendment that would have made Iran agreement a treaty. Condoleezza Rice helps
Condoleeza Rice says the Iran deal is "classically an executive agreement and doesn't need to be a treaty... " The Senate voted 39-57 Tuesday night for an amendment that would have required the ...
Meteor Blades 04/29/2015 22 45 - -
Open thread for night owls. Reich: Why so many Americans feel powerless
Robert Reich writes Why So Many Americans Feel So Powerless : As I travel around America, I’m struck by how utterly powerless most people feel. The companies we work for, the businesses we buy ...
Meteor Blades 04/28/2015 87 68 - -
Dept. of Ed gives dreadful advice to Corinthian students: Transfer to other for-profit colleges
One of Corinthian Colleges' for-profit campuses. The drawn-out collapse of Corinthian Colleges was completed Sunday with the company's announcement that 28 of its campuses would be immediately ...
Meteor Blades 04/28/2015 41 62 1 -
Midday open thread: Seminal R.I. wind farm starts construction, federal R&D spending keeps falling
Today's comic by Jen Sorensen is To protect and to sever :
Meteor Blades 04/28/2015 21 24 1 -
Senate global warming deniers scheme to undermine Obama and wreck any Paris 2015 climate pact
Sen. Jim "Snowball" Inhofe, (R-Kochland) wants to wreck Obama's efforts on the Paris 2015 climate agreement. While right-wingers in Congress await the results ...
Meteor Blades 04/28/2015 42 73 2 -
New study forecasts big increases in extreme weather from human-caused global warming
More of these will be part of global warming's impacts, scientists predict. The name of the study by Erich M. Fischer and Reto Knutti is a mouthful—
Meteor Blades 04/28/2015 42 189 4 -
Open thread for night owls. De Blasio pushes economic and eco justice in sustainability plan
Katherine Bagley at Inside Climate News writes NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio pushes environmental and economic justice in sustainability plan : Environmental ...
Meteor Blades 04/27/2015 40 43 - -
Clinton's support for precinct-based 50-state strategy the right move for any Democratic candidate
Making new an old-fashioned party-building ...
Meteor Blades 04/27/2015 192 197 3 -
Midday open thread: Millions call for a nuke-free world, California drought, what the states import
Today's comic by Tom Tomorrow is Droney weighs in :
Meteor Blades 04/27/2015 29 19 - -
Corker seeks to keep poison amendments out of Iran review bill. Boehner: no veto override possible
Bob Corker has his work cut out for him keeping poison pill amendments out of Iran nuclear deal review bill.
Meteor Blades 04/27/2015 22 38 1 -
This week at progressive state blogs: Has the NRA won? Fake Iowan? Term limits in MS? Fracking in TX
This week in progressive state blogs is designed specifically to focus attention on the writing and analysis of people focused on their home turf. Let me know via comments or Kosmail if you have a ...
Meteor Blades 04/25/2015 13 25 - -
Open thread for night owls: Rep. Ted Lieu introduces Climate Solutions Act
Rep. Ted Lieu won California's 33rd District congressional race last year after long-time Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman retired. Waxman was one of the more active members when it came to ...
Meteor Blades 04/23/2015 57 70 2 -
Median household income slides a bit in March. Still thousands below the 2002 and 2008 highs
Median household income slipped in March, according Sentier Research, which publishes monthly updates from Census Bureau data. At Advisor Perspectives, Doug ...
Meteor Blades 04/23/2015 26 29 1 -
Midday open thread: Threatened utilities seek to profit off rooftop solar, kiss of the cottonmouth
Today's comic by Ruben Bolling is The Great Meritocracy Race :
Meteor Blades 04/23/2015 34 29 - -
Six activists awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize—the Green Nobel
The 2015 Goldman prize winners at the San Francisco Opera House ceremonies April 20. Every year since 1990, the Goldman Environmental Prize has been awarded to six grassroots activists from ...
Meteor Blades 04/22/2015 16 75 1 -
Spotlight on green news & views: Some views, not all positive, on Earth Day 2015, BP spill turns 5
A duck-tailed dabbler, a mallard drake ( Anas platyrhynchos ), hunts for lunch. See Polly Syllabic's post . Many environmentally related posts appearing at ...
Meteor Blades 04/22/2015 15 51 2 -
Midday open thread: Pope will visit Cuba en route to U.S., 'evil twin' extracted from woman's brain
Today's comic by Matt Bors is The Whiteness Fairy :
Meteor Blades 04/22/2015 28 17 - -
Warren says President Obama, not her, is wrong on TPP. There's an easy way to find out who's right
Bad news, but how bad can't be determined until we see the treaty. A day after President Obama said in a Hardball interview that Elizabeth Warren is wrong in her views ...
Meteor Blades 04/22/2015 411 224 3 -
40 percent of conservative Republicans think global warming will never happen. And they're in charge
As can be seen in the answers to the Gallup Poll question above, majorities of political party/ideology groups think global warming will happen in their lifetimes, according to a ...
Meteor Blades 04/22/2015 69 97 2 -
Open thread for night owls: Bernie Sanders torches GOP budget for its profound wrongheadedness
Blast from the Past . At Daily Kos on this date in 2003 — New US taxpayer charge: Iraq's foreign debt :
Meteor Blades 04/21/2015 47 51 - -
Midday open thread: Drug war insanity in MS, best political button ever, green leaders on Twitter
Today's comic by Jen Sorensen is Bikes and cars :
Meteor Blades 04/21/2015 18 23 - -
Cartoonist Dan Perkins (aka Tom Tomorrow) announced as Pulitzer finalist for 'This Modern World'
At the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists in Washington, D.C. in 2012, Dan Perkins appears with Sparky the Penguin, his avatar and a leading character in his cartoon This ...
Meteor Blades 04/21/2015 59 218 4 -
Open thread for night owls. Baker: Maybe people don't want policies that rig the deck for the rich
Not new. But still relevant. Dean Baker in his "Beat the Press" blog at the Center for Economic and Policy Research writes NYT Misses Story on Redistribution: Maybe People Don't Want Government ...
Meteor Blades 04/20/2015 81 70 - -
Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez says Trans-Pacific Partnership is good and deserves fast tracking
When First Lady Michelle Obama came to Los Angeles a year ago February to raise money for the Democratic Party at the home of the producers of "Everybody Loves Raymond," trade pact activists were ...
Meteor Blades 04/20/2015 114 69 2 -
Midday open thread: BP keeps up PR on Gulf spill, the 94-year-old gatekeeper of NH primaries
Today's comic by Tom Tomorrow is It ate our brains :
Meteor Blades 04/20/2015 10 11 - -
In visit to Everglades, Obama will address climate change, a term Rick Scott would like to ban
The Everglades face a boatload of human-caused problems, not the least of which is global warming. On Wednesday, traditionally Earth Day although many Earth Day events were held this past weekend, ...
Meteor Blades 04/20/2015 29 73 1 -
Abbreviated pundit round-up: Trade deal a gift to corps? Ousting Father Serra? Screw 'leaning in'?
Robert Kuttner at Common Dreams writes Obama’s Trade Agreements are a Gift to Corporations : But the real intriguing question is why Obama invests so much political capital in promoting agreements ...
Meteor Blades 04/20/2015 96 53 - -
Open thread for night owls: Navajo protest fracking with 1,000-mile march
John Paul Brammer writes at Blue Nation Review The Navajo are on a 1000-Mile March. Here's Why : In 1864, over 8,000 Navajo men, women, and children were marched at gunpoint from their homelands ...
Meteor Blades 04/19/2015 57 74 1 -
This week at progressive state blogs: equal pay in NH, tax day in MI, sharia fears in ID, guns in VA
This week in progressive state blogs is designed specifically to focus attention on the writing and analysis of people focused on their home turf. Let me know via comments or Kosmail if you have a ...
Meteor Blades 04/18/2015 7 25 1 -
Spotlight on green news & views: Lomborg's jackpot, Earth Day interview, renewables on the march
See madmsf's post . Many environmentally related posts appearing at Daily Kos each week don't attract the attention they deserve. To help get more eyeballs, Spotlight on Green News & Views (...
Meteor Blades 04/18/2015 13 62 1 -
Open thread for night owls: Can new populist agenda harness passions, create movement from below?
Switching to sustainable green architecture and infrastructure means good jobs and a better future. Joe Queally writes, Can New Populist ...
Meteor Blades 04/17/2015 66 66 4 -
Midday open thread: Partisan gap widens on death penalty, O'Malley goes to Clinton's left
Today's comic by is Mark Fiore Candidate Kit :
Meteor Blades 04/17/2015 66 25 - -
Top lawmakers agree on fast-track authority for trade deal, but opposition is deep and broad
Teamsters pose last year with other foes of fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty after presenting a petition of opposition to ...
Meteor Blades 04/17/2015 138 191 6 -
Open thread for night owls: Excerpts from the latest Harper's Index
For Earth Day 2015, which is Saturday, it's encouraging to know that solar panels are popping up on all kinds of buildings. Here are some excerpts from the May edition of Harper's Index :
Meteor Blades 04/16/2015 68 44 - -
Fast-track bill on trade deals could be introduced in the Senate as early as today. Six Dems unhappy
Sen. Ron Wyden backs fast-tracking of trade deal as long as bill providing aid to workers hurt by the deal moves "in parallel." Krista ...
Meteor Blades 04/16/2015 122 63 3 -
Midday open thread: BP gave up on clean energy, medical prof. tweets outrage on abstinence sex ed
Today's comic by Ruben Bolling is What is the product of the most incredible winning streak in the history of life on Earth?
Meteor Blades 04/16/2015 18 17 1 -
No. Committee's passage of review bill is NOT a setback for a deal limiting Iran's nuclear program
If an agreement is signed between the United States, five other world powers and Iran, the not-yet-online research and development reactor near Arak shown above will have to be hugely modified. ...
Meteor Blades 04/16/2015 50 65 1 -
On the 45th anniversary of Earth Day 1970, five questions for its coordinator, Denis Hayes
Denis Hayes speaking at Earth Day 1970. Earth Day 2015 takes place this Saturday, April 18. In 2008, I conducted a five-question interview with Denis Hayes, my onetime boss and now president of ...
Meteor Blades 04/16/2015 43 119 4 -
Spotlight on green news & views: Chevron's lies on Ecuador, Franzen's flaws on wind, solar's gains
Great Blue Heron. See RonK's post here . Many environmentally related posts appearing at Daily Kos each ...
Meteor Blades 04/15/2015 14 57 2 -
Midday open thread: Cuomo botchery, gun violence charts, eco-activists view Hillary Clinton
Today's comic by Matt Bors is New restrictions on abortion restrictors :
Meteor Blades 04/15/2015 46 9 - -
Critics of Obama's Cuba moves have a lot of brass given past U.S. policies in Latin America
President George H.W. Bush shakes hands in 1990 with a ...
Meteor Blades 04/15/2015 86 116 - -
Open thread for night owls. Steve Gilliard on our culture of fear
Steve Gilliard was one of the original "front pagers" at Daily Kos, chosen by Markos to write regularly in the days when the "front page" was all there was at the site. Steve was an iconoclast ...
Meteor Blades 04/14/2015 90 97 4 -
Senate Foreign Relations panel okays watered-down Iran nuclear review bill in 19-0 vote
Sen. Bob Corker answers reporters' questions Tuesday. The unanimous vote of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday in support of an amended bill authorizing a congressional review of any ...
Meteor Blades 04/14/2015 72 54 1 -
White House hints it will sign reworked version of Iran review bill. Update: Bill passes 19-0
Iran's Bushehr nuclear power reactor. Sam Stein, Jennifer Bendery and Jessica Schulberg report : Under the deal, the ...
Meteor Blades 04/14/2015 55 23 - -
Midday open thread: Dutch citizens sue over climate change, 19 months of bad press coverage underway
Today's comic by Jen Sorensen is Hillary Clinton pro vs. con :
Meteor Blades 04/14/2015 71 19 - -
Corker: tweaks of bill to review Iran deal will pass committee with strong bipartisan support
Iran's not-yet-online research and development reactor near Arak. Sen. Bob ...
Meteor Blades 04/14/2015 138 41 - -
Open thread for night owls: Marco Rubio sputters on climate change
Blast from the Past . At Daily Kos on this date in 2013 — Obama, Democrats, privacy organizations still opposed to CISPA : The White House hasn't ...
Meteor Blades 04/13/2015 50 42 - -
Six things not to say to a mixed-race person. And some personal notes
This is an excellent video by Marina Watanabe. As an American Indian of mixed blood (my Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood says I'm 3/8s, but my reality is a bit more complex than that), I ...
Meteor Blades 04/13/2015 293 322 3 -
Republican amendments could weaken Democratic support for oversight bill on Iran nuclear deal
Iran's not-yet-online research and development reactor near Arak would have to be rebuilt under the nuclear agreement being negotiated. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will mark up S. ...
Meteor Blades 04/13/2015 74 50 1 -
Midday open thread: Electric car batteries nearing parity, oligarchs love part-time legislatures
Today's comic by Tom Tomorrow is Hey kids! It's Officer Friendly!
Meteor Blades 04/13/2015 22 24 - -
Maryland bill allowing people to vote upon their release from prison awaits governor's signature
In some states, people who have served time can never vote again. A Maryland bill allowing most felons to vote as soon as they are released from prison headed from the state ...
Meteor Blades 04/13/2015 30 49 1 -
Abbreviated pundit roundup: On HRC's announcement, conserving water, selling guns, denying science
The Editorial Board at The Guardian concludes The case for a first Madam President is inarguable. The case for a second President Clinton is still to be made : Symbolically, then, a second Clinton ...
Meteor Blades 04/13/2015 64 53 - -
Open thread for night owls: Building a movement of movements to pressure Hillary Clinton
Public art in Grass Roots Square by Do Ro Suh in Oslo, Norway. More photos here . Emily Greenhouse ...
Meteor Blades 04/12/2015 182 53 - -
Forced birthers have won the first round with another anti-abortion law they want to go nationwide
Governor Brownback was eager to sign the latest anti-abortion bill endangering women's health. Kansas this week was the first state to enact a new law curtailing abortion. But it certainly won't be ...
Meteor Blades 04/10/2015 110 107 - -
Midday open thread: Climate fight optimism, Sandy Hook 'truther' busted for threats to school
We'll be off-line for a while starting tonight . Daily Kos will be down for site maintenance beginning at 6 PM PT Friday, April 10 until approximately 9 AM PT Saturday, April 11. This will be a ...
Meteor Blades 04/10/2015 21 18 1 -
Bogus claims for Reagan tax-cut benefits get Rand Paul three 'Pinocchios'. Mister Geppetto gears up
Glenn Kessler of The Washington Post 's Fact Checker has been known to miss the mark, but he hit a ...
Meteor Blades 04/10/2015 33 43 - -
Open thread for night owls: 'Where are the anti-war Democrats on Iran?'
Peter Beinart at The Atlantic writes Where Are the Anti-War Democrats on Iran? More than a decade after the invasion of Iraq, ...
Meteor Blades 04/09/2015 162 59 2 -
Democratic split over Iran framework pits party leaders against each other. Grassroots ramps up
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has reiterated the requirement that any agreement that his country signs must include lifting of economic sanctions upon implementation. Bolstered by an ad hoc ...
Meteor Blades 04/09/2015 90 70 1 -
Midday open thread: Bloomberg donates $30 million to fight coal, Schieffer retiring this summer
Today's comic by Ruben Bolling is Xenu, Intergalactic Overlord, returns to Earth :
Meteor Blades 04/09/2015 15 19 - -
Initial applications for unemployment compensation remain at a 15-year low
For the week ending April 4, seasonally adjusted initial applications for unemployment compensation claims were 281,000, up 14,000 from the previous week. A less volatile measure, the ...
Meteor Blades 04/09/2015 28 16 - -
Some Republicans suddenly like the interim deal with Iran they detested in 2013
What was terrible 17 months ago looks pretty good now, according to this guy. As Steve Benen at the Maddow Blog reported Monday and Peter Baker at The New ...
Meteor Blades 04/09/2015 32 40 - -
Spotlight on green news & views: More on the parching of California, Koch lies about solar
For what this photo is about, see James Wells' post below. Many environmentally related posts appearing at Daily Kos each week don't attract the attention they deserve. To help get more eyeballs, ...
Meteor Blades 04/08/2015 20 63 3 -
Midday open thread: Rand Paul—climate change denier, women's wages still trail men's
Today's comic by Matt Bors is War on Terror update, week 716 :
Meteor Blades 04/08/2015 23 14 - -
Reuters/Ipsos poll shows deep divide among Americans over deal with Iran
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad ...
Meteor Blades 04/08/2015 140 98 - -
Open thread for night owls: Valerie Plame jabs Judith Miller for her bullpucky WSJ piece
Meteor Blades 04/07/2015 57 69 - -
Midday open thread: No operational guns at NRA convention, Nestlé sucks up California water
Today's comic by Jen Sorensen is 'The Late-Night TV Circus' :
Meteor Blades 04/07/2015 47 22 1 -
Sen. Schumer and 7 other Democrats are making a terrible choice siding with GOP on Iran bill
Ready and willing to botch an agreement with Iran. Chuck Schumer, the expected ...
Meteor Blades 04/07/2015 465 319 4 -
Democratic reformers increasingly irked over SEC's delay in implementing CEO-worker pay-gap rule
One of the mandates of the Dodd-Frank financial reform act was for the Security and Exchange Commission to require all publicly held companies to disclose the ratio of CEO pay to the median pay of ...
Meteor Blades 04/07/2015 32 92 2 -
Open thread for night owls. Johnson: As fast-track TPP becomes new third rail, where is Clinton?
Dave Johnson writes at Campaign for America's Future, As Fast Track/TPP Becomes New Third Rail, Where Is Clinton? The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) — and the rigged “Fast Track” ...
Meteor Blades 04/06/2015 258 56 - -
Midday open thread: Swing states for weed, Canadian glaciers vanishing, worst SCOTUS justices
Today's comic by Tom Tomorrow is God speaks :
Meteor Blades 04/06/2015 32 22 - -
Obama has three months to seal the Iran nuke deal ... and to sell it
Making it happen despite the naysayers President Obama's interview with Thomas Friedman ...
Meteor Blades 04/06/2015 68 79 - -
Abbreviated pundit roundup: Friends and foes of the Iran deal, Patel's outrageous sentence
Jessica Valenti at The Guardian writes It isn't justice for Purvi Patel to serve 20 years in prison for an abortion : Abortion is illegal in the United States. So is having a stillbirth – not ...
Meteor Blades 04/06/2015 43 52 - -
Open thread for night owls: 'It's time to talk about what's next'—The Next Systems Project does
"It's time to talk about what's next." Those are the words of academic and author Gar Alperovitz, founder of the Democracy Collaborative , who—alongside veteran environmentalist Gus Speth—this ...
Meteor Blades 04/05/2015 45 45 5 -
This week at progressive state blogs: serving prisoners food from the trash in MI, gun control in VT
This week in progressive state blogs focuses attention on the writings and analyses of people focused on their home turf. Via comments or Kosmail, let me know if you have a favorite state- or city-...
Meteor Blades 04/04/2015 11 44 1 -
Spotlight on green news & views: Antarctica heats up, California dries up, GOP sings la-la-la-la
Check out Dartagnan's post on this subject.
Meteor Blades 04/04/2015 16 84 2 -
Open thread for night owls. Sen. Bernie Sanders: 'Greedy, greedy, greedy'
Bernie Sanders, with cameo appearances by Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown. Blast from the Past . At Daily Kos on this date in 2006 — Hans Blix and ...
Meteor Blades 04/03/2015 50 59 1 -
Midday open thread: Off-shored profits could fix a lot, long-time joblessness still a plague
Today's comic by Mark Fiore is Religious freedom and gay commerce :
Meteor Blades 04/03/2015 14 15 - -
The nation's most powerful newspapers mostly view the Iran 'understanding' with cautious optimism
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif (R) ...
Meteor Blades 04/03/2015 83 79 2 -
Government reports slowdown in new job creation to 126,000 in March
In the weakest jobs report in 16 months, the economy created 129,000 new seasonally adjusted private-sector jobs in March, the government's Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. That made it ...
Meteor Blades 04/03/2015 45 25 1 -
Open thread for night owls: Countries where the U.S. has a military presence
Annalisa Merelli writes These are all the countries where the US has a military presence . An excerpt: On Mar. 24, US president Barack Obama ...
Meteor Blades 04/02/2015 109 59 2 -
President Obama cautious but upbeat in assessment of the understanding with Iran announced today
Chinese ambassador Wu Hailong, French ...
Meteor Blades 04/02/2015 93 101 1 -
Midday open thread: Reid's thumbs-down on lobbying, Jobless compensation claims at 15-year low
Today's comic by Ruben Bolling is Lo, in the land of Indiana... :
Meteor Blades 04/02/2015 27 14 - -
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