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O'Malley: Clinton wants to kill children
Yup. O'Malley went there . “I said many, many months ago when some were suggesting -- including Secretary Clinton -- that we should return refugee children from Central America summarily back to ...
MethuenProgressive 05/13/2015 165 1 - -
Senator Warren: Barney Frank “will be extraordinary” as interim Senator.
“Senator Warren” – that still feels GREAT to say! She had this to say about Barney Frank: U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren called retiring Bay State Congressman Barney Frank an “extraordinary�
MethuenProgressive 01/07/2013 5 8 - -
Leading Massachusetts newpaper: Scott Brown was "scalped by Chief Spreading Bull."
Matthew May, who called the first African American President of the United States a “ man-child ” on the editorial page of the Eagle Tribune, is back : Names bandied about concerning potential ...
MethuenProgressive 01/01/2013 19 7 - -
They are not "Assault Rifles," they are "Homicide Rifles."
Again and again and again we told weapons like the Bushmaster XM-15 Adam Lanza used to slaughter women and children with are not technically "assault rifles". As though the term offends the ...
MethuenProgressive 12/17/2012 7 9 - -
Scott Brown sez “victory and defeat is temporary.”
“Depending on what happens and where we go, all of us, we may obviously meet again,” he said, “but I’m looking forward to continuing on with those friendships, with continuing on working ...
MethuenProgressive 12/12/2012 8 3 - -
Racist paper cries about kos calling Mitt a dick.
The Eagle Tribune, an Alabama owned paper based in Massachusetts, called the President of The United States a "man-child" on their editorial page, and on today's editorial page some small time ...
MethuenProgressive 11/04/2012 61 34 - -
Sandy v. Turnout - What's the impact?
I've been trying to Google up an answer to this question; "Who will be unable to vote due to Hurricane Sandy?" Morris County, NJ will open polls, for instance, as will Brick & Point Pleasant NJ, and ...
MethuenProgressive 11/03/2012 7 1 - -
Racist Newspaper Endorses Scott Brown
Yeah, in my opinion a newspaper that calls President Obama a "man-child" on their editorial page is racist. The Eagle Tribune certainly has the right to print racist slurs, just as I have the right ...
MethuenProgressive 10/28/2012 3 4 1 -
Scott Brown hires homeless blacks to pretend they support him.
Scott Brown is finally a job creator. /snark. " GOP senate candidate in Boston is bankrolling black voter group to support him and paying them $8 an hour " "The Republican Party in Massachusetts ...
MethuenProgressive 10/17/2012 23 26 - -
Boston Globe calls out Scott Brown's lie about Elizabeth Warren
If you've been paying attention, you might be asking yourself 'which lie'? This time, it's Brown abusing a quote from the Boston Globe to claim Warren was acting against the interests of asbestos ...
MethuenProgressive 10/16/2012 7 14 - -
I did not vote for Barack Obama.
Obama ran on the promise of bipartisanship, of bringing together red states and blue states. He promised to reach out to the opposition, and he promised to strive for compromise. Fuck that shit. I ...
MethuenProgressive 10/10/2012 57 11 - 462
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