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Boycott Burger King, anti-American tax cheats
Burger King plans to avoid US taxes by pretending they're Canadian in a so-called "tax inversion," the Wall Street Journal reports . Tax inversions are where US companies buy a smaller foreign ...
Michael D 08/24/2014 39 19 - -
"Gays are full of murder" man gets 25-episode Christmas Day special on A&E - But who will advertise?
They’re full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant, god haters, they are heartless, they are faithless, they are senseless, they are ruthless, they invent ways of doing evil.
Michael D 12/24/2013 18 14 - -
Online Propaganda Army Pays Users to Post Comments
The 50 Cent Party is an officially acknowledged army of ...
Michael D 04/11/2011 7 6 - 117
Reince Priebus' horrific Obama/Osama statements
I don't want to put what Reince Priebus said in a headline. I don't want to write it at all, and fortunately his words are written in the video so I don't have to transcribe them. Here Reince ...
Michael D 01/14/2011 34 15 - 87
Nine straight months of job growth
The private sector has created job gains for each of the past nine months. GDP has been up for a full year now. So of course it comes as no surprise that the recession is over. Wait, hold that. It ...
Michael D 10/08/2010 32 10 - 73
Major Life Changes at Daily Kos
Can I suggest a recurring feature on Daily Kos? I've been here from the very beginning, but I'm terrible at keeping track of all the users and what's going on with them. What if there were a sort of ...
Michael D 05/29/2009 515 214 3 29
Racism vs. Reality: Sotomayor in Context
Having just reduced the profundity of an Auschwitz tour down to a tweet, Newt Gingrich found it only natural to ponder and tweet further profound ...
Michael D 05/27/2009 7 7 - 108
Another Hero Fired ... For Being Gay
Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach. F-15 fighter pilot. 18 years of service. Part of the initial alert crew on September 11. Flew combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan. 88 combat missions. 2180 flying ...
Michael D 05/19/2009 73 50 - 20
GRAPHIC: Images of tortured corpses rescued from memory hole
Recently, a photo of Manadel Al Jamadi has resurfaced as evidence of the approximately 100 detainees who have died in US military and CIA custody:
Michael D 05/12/2009 39 38 - 249
Analysis: A Woman For Every John in the Republican Party
With a battle likely to come over a female Supreme Court nominee, I wondered how best to demonstrate how inhospitable the Republican Party is toward women. I was trying to find something new and ...
Michael D 05/01/2009 8 8 - 2
What happened to me?
I know other people have it much worse than I do. At least I still have a place to live, for now. But what happened to me?
Michael D 04/30/2009 26 13 2 32
The First Dance
Michael D 01/20/2009 6 1 1 1
Warren: Homosexuals Should Have Been Worked Out of the Gene Pool
Why do gays still have to put up with this crap? In addition to the infamous man-on-child comparison, I present to you new bigotry from Rick Warren you may not yet have heard:
Michael D 12/19/2008 99 25 1 26
Ari Melber for 10PM on MSNBC!
Dear Keith Olbermann, Please give us Ari Melber at 10PM the same way you gave us Rachel Maddow at 9PM. I'm not just asking because Ari is one of us ; or ...
Michael D 11/24/2008 30 13 - 55
Lieberman: It's not about punishment, it's about rational behavior.
As soon as Leahy complained about what Lieberman said about Obama and how terrible it was, I knew Lieberman was keeping his gavel. It's the Democratic pattern of capitulation: send out some people ...
Michael D 11/18/2008 10 6 - 24
The Senator Must Apologize.
At recent McCain/Palin rallies, as Obama is lied about as "pallin' around with terrorists who would target their own country," as we are warned that Obama doesn't see America "the same way you and I ...
Michael D 10/11/2008 93 21 - 20
June 1997. Before George W. Bush, before Monica Lewinsky, before Britney Spears. If you were so unlucky as to have invested in the Dow ...
Michael D 09/29/2008 93 14 - 1
Dow loses 1/4 of its value, up only 0.8% for Bush's presidency
Plummeting at the end of the session today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 449 points to 10,609. The index ...
Michael D 09/17/2008 39 11 - 6
Amazing Genealogical Link Between Obama and Biden
Obama is officially from everywhere, and it turns out there's an improbable genealogical link between Obama and Biden :
Michael D 08/30/2008 58 3 1 9
Barack Obama's 'Greek Temple' — A Meme Destroyed
A meme started by the RNC is spreading across the Internet, talk radio and cable, meant to undermine his acceptance speech and make him seem "foreign." They say Obama will deliver his address in ...
Michael D 08/28/2008 90 47 1 45
Newspapers Cancel AP Service
(From the diaries -- kos) In case you're wondering why The Associated Press is so zealously defensive about ...
Michael D 08/26/2008 302 591 14 704
You're 71 Years Old, Sen. McCain. It's Time to Grow Up.
Calling Obama a troop-hater is acting like a child. Whining for attention while Obama shows himself to be the adult on the world stage is acting like a child. Smear emails on are not ...
Michael D 07/26/2008 17 17 - 40
The 22 Best Obama Images Ever (UPDATED)
Add your favorites in the comments!
Michael D 07/16/2008 80 34 4 49
The Best Diary (and Poll) on Obama's Drop in Polls
This isn't fun, but it's very important to understand when bad news happens. Poll aggregators now show Obama losing roughly a third of his polling lead. ...
Michael D 07/13/2008 76 17 1 22
Obama's VP Pick: Is Amy Klobuchar The One?
Amy On The Issues Amy Klobuchar takes so many of the ...
Michael D 07/08/2008 104 7 - 41
Why I Bother
Obama has my vote. It's embarrassing that I have to preface my diary this way, because many have suggested that by criticizing Obama, I'm saying McCain is better. Others wonder, why don't I "grow ...
Michael D 07/01/2008 35 10 - -
Steal Obama's Book?
Not everyone will read Dreams From my Father before they vote in November. But what if they could? What if people who simply aren't inclined to buy the book, or who simply aren't readers, ...
Michael D 06/30/2008 18 3 1 2
Quick Poll on Obama and FISA
I could write a screed here, but it wouldn't be anything others haven't said already, and would not be a better use of a diary slot if I bothered. So I'll spare us both that waste of time and get on ...
Michael D 06/20/2008 71 16 - 42
Barack Obama's Interracial Lesbian Spank Inferno
After a certain diary traded on hot lesbian subtext with great success a couple days ago, I promised to title my next ...
Michael D 06/02/2008 49 9 - 5
Bush Admin: Eating Ice Cream Is Immoral (Seriously)
The most anti-science administration in history has reached its ultimate manifestation of idiocy. And it's got over ...
Michael D 05/26/2008 125 46 3 49
AUDIO: McCain Knew Hagee Was Anti-Semitic Months Ago
UPDATE: For clarity, as Ivey476 points out: McCain denounced comments two months ago that only became public this week. Why is McCain rejecting Hagee's endorsement now if he was happy to ...
Michael D 05/22/2008 32 54 2 33
Wanda Gibson Fears Obama Because He Is Black.
America is having to confront the reality of racism's persistence. I think that's a healthy thing. Consider this AP report. A partial transcript is below.
Michael D 05/14/2008 102 13 1 100
MS-01 Shocker: Davis (R) Requested Statue of KKK Founder for Town
TPM is all over this:
Michael D 05/13/2008 14 14 2 20
McCain WILL NOT Release Medical Records, Misses More Deadlines
In a 60 Minutes interview that was recorded March 4 and which aired March 9, John McCain pledged that he would be "...
Michael D 05/09/2008 50 45 2 40
John McCain Has Lost His Marbles on Weather Underground
NYT: Senator John McCain on Sunday sharply criticized one of Senator Barack ...
Michael D 04/20/2008 79 15 1 21
Video: Obama Flips Off Media With Pinky
Obama doesn't just use his index/middle-finger combo to secretly attack people:
Michael D 04/19/2008 7 5 - 5
Live Polling of Undecideds During Debate
Here's rolling coverage of the live chart that 6-ABC in Pennsylvania is airing of undecided voters' ratings of the candidates during the debate. For live video,
Michael D 04/16/2008 19 24 3 46
McCain: Connect The Dots
We've all read these stories before. What makes this diary urgent is that we haven't all connected the dots. It is imperative that everyone understand the immediacy of the threat that comes from a ...
Michael D 04/04/2008 2 3 - 1
NYT: 'Clinton Goes All-Out Negative'
Sen. Clinton is air-dropping attack ads on Wisconsin , but isn't showing up in Wisconsin to talk ...
Michael D 02/15/2008 76 15 - 10
Another Election Eve, Another Misty Moment
Hillary Clinton is a strong woman. She is not one who breaks down when people give her a compliment, as she ...
Michael D 02/04/2008 107 1 - 3
BREAKING: Maria Shriver Endorses Barack!
On CSPAN Live. Watch online here (paste into Windows Media Player if it doesn't open directly). I will update this ...
Michael D 02/03/2008 4 8 - -
Media Now Openly Hostile to Clintons' Marginalization of African Americans
Apparently, South Carolina is a black state, so it doesn't count. Way to f*** over the party's most loyal voters, Bill. No wonder African Americans see Dems as taking their votes for granted. Heck, ...
Michael D 01/27/2008 84 20 1 11
Wayback: Read the Pre-Daily Kos Daily Kos!
After reading Kos' trip down memory lane , I decided to take a detour. He mentioned that he ran the Hispanic/Latino ...
Michael D 01/20/2008 10 12 5 64
No Luxury Box for Fox!
I didn't take credit at the time, but it was me who was behind the very first petition to cancel the Democratic debate that was to ...
Michael D 12/17/2007 13 10 - 1
Daily Kos vs Drudge Grudge Match!
It's a Drudge Match!
Michael D 11/02/2007 16 13 - -
"Obama Will Be Killed, So I'm Voting Against Him"
I'm still undecided, but this article in the New York Times really disturbs me. I remember reading how Michelle Obama's ...
Michael D 10/13/2007 131 10 1 31
Nationwide Ballot Initiative: CENSURE BUSH
Conservatives have one strategy that turns out their base on election day that Democrats and progressives have yet learned to master. It's a strategy that hijacks the national debate every election ...
Michael D 10/09/2007 2 3 - 4
Six Images in Chronological Order
See if you can spot the trend.
Michael D 10/05/2007 78 6 1 -
The GOP's Howard Dean? Ron Paul Raises $5 Million Q3
Ron Paul is nothing like Howard Dean on the issues. That doesn't even have to be debated. But could Ron Paul parlay his strong and passionate web-organizated support base and ...
Michael D 10/03/2007 84 8 - -
Ballot-Stuffing by Lawmakers, Caught on Camera!
The integrity of the vote compromised in Bush's home state?
Michael D 09/30/2007 44 36 1 9
Lieberman-Kyl Confusion Needs Clearing Up
There appears to be some confusion in reaction to a Think Progress post and ...
Michael D 09/26/2007 65 12 - 9
TRAFFIC ALERT: Daily Kos Stalking Drudge
It is so close to happening. Thanks in part to extra attention since Yearly Kos, combined with the steady death march of the right-wing noise machine, Daily Kos is now poised to register ...
Michael D 09/05/2007 42 38 2 19
Is it ethical if the sockpuppet is on someone else's hand?
I have knowledge of a few ways that some campaigns and members of the blogosphere are operating in questionable ways. I was going to post this earlier, but now that we just got burned by maccabee I'...
Michael D 09/03/2007 72 11 1 7
We Are Bombing Iran: Top 5 Stories in Right-Wing News
WorldNetDaily is a particularly vocal choir in the larger arrangement of right-wing noise America is treated to each day. The site's traffic ...
Michael D 09/02/2007 23 19 1 6
All Admit He's Not the Murderer; Texas Will Kill Him Anyway
Kenneth Foster did not murder anyone. The prosecutor admits it. The courts admit it, too. Everyone knows someone else is the murderer. But the state of Texas will kill Kenneth Foster anyway, ...
Michael D 08/14/2007 74 38 2 8
Meet your dKos Neighbors!
Do you know your Daily Kos neighbor? Did you know you had one? Here's how to find yours: - Find a comment of yours or post one. - Click your name. - The URL you arrive at will be in the form ...
Michael D 08/12/2007 225 22 - 24
Action + YKos Traffic Spike
YearlyKos has brought a lot of attention to this site. The all-powerful Gina graciously volunteered to make O'Reilly go batshit insane for the event, and that publicity, amplified by Colbert, ...
Michael D 08/04/2007 29 11 - 2
Alaska: Is Ted Stevens Right?
Perhaps in Alaska, the Internet really is a series of tubes, with backed-up trucks spilling their loads of Internets onto the ground so nothing gets through for four days. Because ...
Michael D 08/02/2007 19 4 1 7
Flynt 'Shocked' at New Senator in Prostitution Scandal
Update: I was beat by 19 minutes. Please comment at a gnostic 's diary. Larry Flynt, ...
Michael D 07/18/2007 67 6 - 15
UPDATE: MSNBC's Liberal Morning Show is Online Now!
UPDATE: Tell MSNBC you love the show and to keep Stephanie Miller at ! UPDATE: Video now ...
Michael D 04/30/2007 369 283 10 33
Hillary Hearts Drudge
Matt Drudge went all siren-happy today, reporting an "**Exclusive** Hillary in blowout with $36 million." How ...
Michael D 04/01/2007 38 4 - -
Does Fox News Pay Black Guests for Appearances?
Also: An example of how you can make a difference. After Googling up the financial connection between Fox News and the CBC, I ...
Michael D 03/30/2007 4 6 - 9
Action: Fox News/CBC Debates 'Still in the Works'
James Rucker, founder of , has learned that CBC Institute board member Carolyn Kilpatrick (D-MI-13) stated today, Wednesday, that a CBC-...
Michael D 03/14/2007 17 11 - -
Howard Dean Has it Wrong
Howard Dean calls Fox News " a propaganda outlet of the Republican Party ." ...
Michael D 02/23/2007 35 2 - 2
Petition for a Fair Presidential Debate
The Nevada State Democratic Party has partnered with Fox News to host the first-ever 2008 Democratic presidential debate on August 14.
Michael D 02/19/2007 1 1 - 2
Harry Reid Hearts Fox News
UPDATE: Sign the Petition! The Nevada Democratic Party has just given a big gift to ...
Michael D 02/17/2007 21 7 - 14 and dKos 4.0
I've recently discovered a site that embraces many of the suggestions put forth by this community of what Daily Kos 4.0 should be.
Michael D 02/08/2007 6 4 - 6
'08 Netroots Exponentially Growing--Beyond Dean '04!
Yesterday, I shared data on how traffic to '08 campaign websites was already as high as in the headiest days of the '04 Dean campaign.
Michael D 01/26/2007 15 5 1 -
Chart: Netroots Intensity Already at Dean's '04 Climax!
At this time in the '04 campaign, the word "netroots" was only a month old, Howard Dean was an asterisk in the polls, and a campaign blog was a novel, even scary idea. How do you control the ...
Michael D 01/25/2007 11 6 1 4
The Perfect Solution™ to the Presidential Primaries
Iowa and New Hampshire are racially unrepresentative of America at large. Few of their residents vote in their primaries. These are just a few of the reasons why a primary system giving these ...
Michael D 01/23/2007 4 3 - - Downplaying GOP Pedophile Scandal
Michael D 09/30/2006 17 2 - -
Wal-Mart Commits Non-Evil Act?
Michael D 03/29/2006 9 - - -
CNN Divorces Gallup: Who's Your Favorite Pollster?
Michael D 03/23/2006 3 - - -
dKos: We're Just One Big Polyamory Circle
Michael D 03/21/2006 183 2 - -
Brokeback Mountain #1 Movie in America
Michael D 01/19/2006 7 3 - -
Questions about the whole NSA thing
Michael D 01/01/2006 9 - - -
Brokeback Mountain and Ford Demonstrations
Michael D 12/13/2005 5 5 - -
Brokeback Mountain Sets Box Office Record
Michael D 12/11/2005 50 4 - 10
Demand CNN Retract False Dean Statement
Michael D 09/10/2005 4 10 1 2
Guess That Skin Color!
Michael D 08/31/2005 16 6 - -
Air America Ratings: A Complete Review
Michael D 08/11/2005 28 13 - 10
Voter Registration: Why Bother?
Michael D 08/07/2005 8 - - -
Base Abandons Bush: By Design? (Iraq Polls at 34%)
Michael D 08/06/2005 16 4 - -
London Coverage Way Too NEGATIVE
Michael D 07/07/2005 10 9 - -
Don't Let 'The Greatest American' be Freeped for Reagan!
Michael D 06/24/2005 16 6 - -
Wesley Clark Employed by Fox News
Michael D 06/15/2005 129 7 - 1
If Dean's Misunderstood, It's His Own Fault
Michael D 05/23/2005 86 1 - -
Does Fox News Really Lie Every 15 Seconds?
Michael D 05/21/2005 13 4 - -
Connect the Dots: Closed Bases to Become Oil Refineries
Michael D 05/13/2005 14 8 - 8
White House Child Sex Ring
Michael D 04/26/2005 12 6 - 8
This Is an OUTRAGE! (And Other Useless Diary Titles)
Michael D 04/23/2005 11 7 - -
Why No Love for 'Inside the Blogs?'
Michael D 04/20/2005 11 - - -
Legal Help: Suing a State Over Proprietary Voting Software?
Michael D 04/13/2005 7 6 - -
DeLay Sold Fake Awards for Campaign Cash
Michael D 04/06/2005 8 8 - -
Senate Dems' Brilliant Move on Schiavo Case?
Michael D 03/20/2005 89 2 - -
Pledging Abstinence Gives You STD's - Study
Michael D 03/20/2005 2 - - -
Problems with Daily Kos and Firefox
Michael D 03/08/2005 32 2 - 1
Welcome to the GOP's Media World
Michael D 03/04/2005 5 4 - 13
Air America Reaches Out to Austin, Texas and Arianna Huffington
Michael D 02/24/2005 17 - - -
WARNING: Shrek Will Turn Your Son Transsexual!
Michael D 02/21/2005 16 2 - -
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