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Sens. Casey and Toomey plot secret deal to nominate Tea Party Judge for Western PA District Court
Take action to stop this back room deal. Click here. Keystone Progress has learned that a backroom deal by Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey may result in President Obama appointing a Tea Party ...
Michael Morrill 03/25/2014 14 28 - -
Pennsylvania is Number 3! In Average Student Loan Debt
PA also 4th in Percentage of State Students Graduating with Debt HARRISBURG, PA —The results of a new state-by-state survey by the Institute for College Access and Success show Pennsylvania has ...
Michael Morrill 12/06/2013 4 2 - -
PA Legislators asked to take pledge putting corporate front group before their oath of office
Sen. Richard Alloway and Rep. Brian Ellis pledge fealty to American Legislative Exchange Council in their role as PA co-chairs Senator Richard Alloway (R-33, Adams, Franklin, York) and ...
Michael Morrill 12/04/2013 7 24 - -
Right-Wing Pennsylvania Pressure Groups Skirting Tax Laws and Masquerading as Think Tanks
New report by Keystone Progress unveils Commonwealth Foundation and Allegheny Institute as part of web of groups pushing national corporate agenda at the expense of Pennsylvania’s middle class ( ...
Michael Morrill 11/13/2013 2 9 - -
Insurrectionist PA Police Chief urges supporters to “make final stand” tonight
Posts on his Facebook page encourage violence, blocking access to meeting (GILBERTON, PA) —Insurrectionist former police chief Mark Kessler is encouraging his supporters to join him tonight to “...
Michael Morrill 10/10/2013 66 132 - -
PA Gov. Tom Corbett compares same-sex marriage to incest/
Tom Corbett: Same-sex marriage is like brother-sister incest Hardly a week goes by without Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett insulting LGBT people. And each time we think he's reached a new low he ...
Michael Morrill 10/04/2013 12 6 - -
Rogue PA Police Chief Calls for Military Coup to Begin Next Week in DC
Mark Kessler has been something of a media darling the past few weeks. The small town (Gilberton, PA) police chief has posted a series of flamboyant videos that have threatened elected officials ...
Michael Morrill 09/04/2013 327 206 3 -
PA GOP Candidate Equates Rape to Getting Pregnant Out of Wedlock
PA GOP Candidate Tom Smith equates rape to getting pregnant out of wedlock What is it about Republican Senate candidates and rape? First, Missouri Rep. Todd Akin said that "legitimate rape" doesn'...
Michael Morrill 08/27/2012 10 6 - 66
Graphic: Where Obama and Romney stand on Marriage Equality
These are the official positions from the 2012 platforms of the 2 major parties. Unless a candidate disavows a position, by accepting the nomination they have agreed to their party's position. ...
Michael Morrill 08/27/2012 6 3 - 70
Investigate Corbett’s role in Sandusky scandal
The repercussions of the Jerry Sandusky crimes keep adding up. • Thankfully, Jerry Sandusky was found guilty and will never be free to rape children again. • The Freeh Report revealed the ...
Michael Morrill 07/26/2012 20 19 - 127
Former PA ALEC Chair, 3 others sever ties
Dozens of PA Legislators publicly rejecting controversial lobbying organization. Rep. Nick Kotik only remaining PA Democrat publicly allied with ALEC. (HARRISBURG, PA) – Two weeks ago, Keystone ...
Michael Morrill 04/25/2012 8 17 1 104
"ID, Please"
I voted about an hour ago in West Reading Borough Hall where I served for 5 years as a member of Borough Council. The Constable greeted me, "Good morning, Mr. Morrill." The poll workers all said, "...
Michael Morrill 04/24/2012 17 10 - 182
Why are the Presbyterians fighting low wage workers in PA?
Tell the Presbyterian Church leadership to treat its workers fairly
Michael Morrill 05/25/2011 12 13 - 106
On Tax Day, tell Congress to make corporations pay their fair share
On Tax Day, tell Congress to make Corporations pay their fair share I’m tired of hearing Washington politicians talking about cuts to education and social programs as “shared sacrifice,â€�
Michael Morrill 04/18/2011 1 1 - 19
GOP Trust Admits Wisconsin was about politics, not budget
The following text is from an email sent out by GOP Trust. In the email, they admit their fight against Public Sector Unions is all about politics, and not about the budget. (We've removed the links ...
Michael Morrill 03/18/2011 8 7 - 167
PA Budget: Corporate giveaways, higher property taxes, privatizing public services
Did you know that a family earning $36,000 a year pays more in income taxes than 84% of all Pennsylvania corporations? Did you know that Pennsylvania tax loopholes allow 2/3 of all corporations in ...
Michael Morrill 03/08/2011 6 18 - 70
What would Sarah Palin say about the PA Progressive Summit?
What would Sarah Palin say about the Pennsylvania Progressive Summit? Probably something like this:
Michael Morrill 01/07/2011 10 7 - 98
Mandate?  What mandate? The numbers tell another story
What is a mandate? The popular understanding, in electoral terms, is an overwhelming victory with a clear message sent from the voters to act on certain issues as articulated during the campaign. ...
Michael Morrill 11/05/2010 83 14 - 150
Video: What's Tom Corbett Hiding? (PA Atty. Gen.)
This is the first TV ad from Keystone Progress PAC. It's a fun look at a serious topic- Attorney General Tom Corbett trying to hide correspondence between his office and GOP operatives trying to ...
Michael Morrill 10/13/2010 4 3 - 69
PA AG Sued to Reveal Links to GOP Operatives on Healthcare Suit
Keystone Progress (KP) filed a suit in Commonwealth Court today, appealing the Office of Attorney General’s denial of its Right to Know request. KP suit is seeking information on ...
Michael Morrill 09/22/2010 4 15 1 109
Progressives join together to win $1 million from Pepsi
Sixteen progressive organizations have banded together in an attempt to win the Pepsi Refresh contest.
Michael Morrill 09/02/2010 8 11 - 25
PA GOP Congressional Candidate Yells at Voters
Tom Marino, who is challenging Democrat Chris Carney for PA's 10th congressional set, yells at voters in this video:
Michael Morrill 09/01/2010 6 6 - 109
Facebook Kills "Porn for Toomey" Spoof Page
When it was revealed that Pat Toomey accepted money from a porn site owner for his run for US Senator from Pennsylvania, the Keystone Progress Action Fund decided to create a spoof Facebook page ...
Michael Morrill 08/25/2010 15 4 - 104
GOP Member of Congress apologizes TO British Petroleum
This morning a Republican Member of Congress apologized to BP. Yes, you heard it right. Congressman Joe Barton (R, TX) apologized to British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward because the White House got ...
Michael Morrill 06/17/2010 11 4 - 33
Major drilling accident in NW PA.  Media banned from site. Threats of shooting, arrest
An explosion at a natural gas well in northwest Pennsylvania resulted in a spill of at least a million gallons of oil and chemicals mixed with water. According to the AP report, there was a shower ...
Michael Morrill 06/07/2010 422 952 12 1998
The Real Story from Tuesday? The Tea Party is a Paper Tiger
The mainstream media are trumpeting Tuesday’s election results as a major victory for the Tea Party movement. That’s only natural. They created the link between the terms “Tea ...
Michael Morrill 05/20/2010 38 24 1 73
Is Tom Corbett losing it? Thin-skinned AG going after critics.
Two under-reported items in the last few days have us wondering if Attorney General Tom Corbett has the temperament to serve in his current office, never mind being governor. According to a first-...
Michael Morrill 05/19/2010 17 24 1 112
State AGs and GOP funder colluded on healthcare suit, internal emails show
Keystone Progress uncovers coordination between Corbett’s office and Republican State Leadership Committee, Corbett’s largest campaign donor. Corbett’s office tried to hide ...
Michael Morrill 05/06/2010 13 7 - 573
Call for PA Attorney General Corbett to resign The Office of Attorney General is one of the most important offices in all of government. The Attorney General, as the chief law enforcement officer of the ...
Michael Morrill 04/15/2010 19 11 1 107
Indicted Sen. Orie's Brother Works for PA AG Corbett
Why is no one reporting on the fact that Jerry Orie, the brother of Republican State Senator Jane Orie and Republican Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin, works for Republican Attorney General ...
Michael Morrill 04/09/2010 7 8 - 171
PA AG uses loophole to delay right to know on healthcare suit
Corbett Uses Legal Loophole to Delay Providing Information on Partisan GOP Health Reform Lawsuit Right to Know request delayed up to 30 days to “determine whether the records requested are ...
Michael Morrill 04/08/2010 4 3 - 32
PA A.G. Tom Corbett trying to kill healthcare reform
Just hours after Congress passed health insurance reform, Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett joined a lawsuit to block it. He joined 10 other Republican attorneys general who are pledging to ...
Michael Morrill 03/24/2010 17 10 - 90
How does the Healthcare Bill Affect Your District?
The U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce has produced a district-by-district review of how the pending legislation would affect people. It includes detailed information. http://energycommerce.
Michael Morrill 03/17/2010 63 116 3 70
WE WON! 75,000 emails in 24 hours convince Sen. Committee to kill anti-marriage equality bill
Michael Morrill 03/16/2010 14 36 - 58
PA Sen. Committee to vote tomorrow to ban same sex marriage
The PA State Senate’s Judiciary Committee is voting on Tuesday to take away your rights! Anti-LGBT legislators plan to vote to put a ban on same sex marriage in the PA Constitution. If they ...
Michael Morrill 03/15/2010 19 20 - 64
PA Bill to Amend Constitution to Ban Same-Sex Marriage
Last spring Sen. John Eichelberger said of LGBT couples, "We're allowing them to exist." His statement caused an uproar, as LGBT people and their supporters were outraged that someone with such ...
Michael Morrill 02/04/2010 29 26 - 39
Progressives Announce PA Gov Debate
(HARRISBURG, PA)—A coalition of self-described progressive organizations is hosting the first debate of the 2010 race for governor as a part of the Pennsylvania Progressive Summit. All five ...
Michael Morrill 10/28/2009 10 6 - 128
Lake Poll: Hoeffel Leads PA Gov Race
We received this memo summarizing the latest polling done by Celinda Lake on the 2010 PA governor's race. While the numbers are inconclusive, they show Joe Hoeffel in the lead with 15%. -...
Michael Morrill 09/21/2009 11 8 - 110
PA State Rep: Domestic violence= family values?
A simple resolution to recognize October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives was halted by Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, a Republican representing Butler. Why? ...
Michael Morrill 09/18/2009 32 25 - 60
Hoeffel wins progressive straw poll for PA Gov
Hoeffel leads Keystone Progress gubernatorial poll of progressive PA activists with 35.1%, Wagner 2nd with 21.8% (WEST READING, PA)—Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel is the choice of ...
Michael Morrill 09/15/2009 8 4 - 24
Joe Sestak wins online progressive straw poll
(WEST READING, PA)—Congressman Joe Sestak is the clear choice of progressive activists for U.S. Senate in 2010, according to a straw poll conducted by Keystone Progress. Sestak received 62.8% ...
Michael Morrill 09/01/2009 15 2 - 24
Teabag leader "We can't take [healthcare] all away at once."
A Patients First spokesperson shockingly says of government healthcare benefits, "We can't take it all away at once." Keystone Progress interviewed her as she was ...
Michael Morrill 08/12/2009 15 15 1 28
Republican PA Senator: We're "allowing" gay people to exist
I listened to it live, but I couldn’t believe my ears. So I waited for the podcast and listened again. And he really said it. A Republican Pennsylvania State Senator told a Philadelphia ...
Michael Morrill 06/19/2009 43 33 - 110  created to monitor his record will keep track of Specter’s key votes (HARRISBURG, PA)—Progressive organizations in Pennsylvania announced the creation of a new website that will keep ...
Michael Morrill 06/03/2009 11 11 - 3
UPDATED: PA newspaper runs ad calling for assassination of Obama
The Warren Pennsylvania Times-Observer ( published an ad on Thursday calling for the assassination of President Barack Obama. In our conversation with the publisher, John ...
Michael Morrill 05/28/2009 615 499 7 1246
Tell the Philly Inquirer: No torture advocates on your payroll
It's hard to believe, but it's true. The Philadelphia Inquirer has hired John Yoo to be a columnist and write monthly for what used to be the newspaper of record in Pennsylvania. Yoo is the infamous ...
Michael Morrill 05/13/2009 16 8 1 12
US Citizen threatened with "big problems" for visiting Cuba
A quick factual, chronological report of what happened to me on Wednesday at US Customs in Toronto. I’ll be posting commentary and my unpublished daily updates, photos and videos in the ...
Michael Morrill 05/09/2009 51 26 - 26
PA activist travels to Cuba to challenge travel ban
(This is the news release we are sending out about my trip to Cuba. Check back daily for updates. -MM) Michael Morrill of West Reading, PA will risk 10 year prison term, $250,000 fine for ...
Michael Morrill 04/26/2009 27 6 - 8
Politician against Free Choice admits he didn't read bill
Michael Morrill 04/05/2009 10 10 - 7
Fannie and Freddie Quietly Lift Foreclosure Moratorium
The Washington Independent just put this up. Please spread far and wide. A ban on foreclosure sales and evictions from houses owned by mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which began as a ...
Michael Morrill 04/02/2009 59 17 - 39
Video: Joe the Plumber Shills Against EFCA in PA
Joe the “Plumber” doesn’t know that card check is already the law. Video of Joe in Harrisburg, PA today. Prior to this video, off camera, he admits he hasn’t read the ...
Michael Morrill 03/31/2009 36 9 - 21
Tell Specter: Let the Senate Vote on Employee Free Choice
Last month we sent an email asking whether Senator Specter was on the side of Rush Limbaugh or on the side of working families. Yesterday he answered the question. Specter came down solidly on the ...
Michael Morrill 03/25/2009 24 12 - 8
Stop Legal Discrimination in Pennsylvania
The bad news: There is no Pennsylvania law preventing discrimination in employment, housing or accommodations because of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. If you ...
Michael Morrill 03/12/2009 2 8 - -
Restore Democracy in PA's 127th House District
While it sounds cliche, it really is time for a change--a progressive change in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
Michael Morrill 01/21/2007 4 10 - 3
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