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Exploiting Sasha and Malia and girls everywhere
Amidst controversy, today, the toy company Ty Inc, which makes Beanie Babies has announced it is "...
Michele Simon 02/04/2009 27 7 - 1
FTC Hands Kids Over to Junk Food Marketers, Defying Global Principles
Recently, I wrote a diary on a revealing report by ...
Michele Simon 08/18/2008 11 18 1 61
Beef: Unsafe at any price, even at Whole Foods
The news this week that Whole Foods ...
Michele Simon 08/13/2008 107 27 2 49
Showtime Selling out Lesbian Viewers for $300,000 a Brand
If you thought that product placement was one of the fastest growing forms of marketing due to TV viewers TiVo 'ing past all the commercials, think again. Now comes ...
Michele Simon 08/08/2008 61 5 - 4
It's Official: Big Food Targets Kids
It's a rare day when I think the Federal Trade Commission has actually performed a valuable public service and lived up to its motto, "For the Consumer." But last ...
Michele Simon 08/07/2008 60 54 7 141
Ask Dems to Put Marketing to Children on Party Platform
While I've been writing about the politics of food for about 12 years now, it's only been in the last few years that I've become more aware of how children are marketed to by Corporate America. The ...
Michele Simon 07/27/2008 27 15 - 29
How Gore Should Have Answered the Meat Question
At the Netroots Nation convention in Austin on Saturday, Al Gore paid a surprise visit. While I appreciate his passion for educating the public about global warming, given the indisputable evidence ...
Michele Simon 07/20/2008 156 29 2 37
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