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Why Obama Can't Win: Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and John Harwood
In today's New York Times, John Harwood burns through his allotted column inches discussing President Obama's European trip and foreign policy agen--no, I mean Congress wrangling with the issues of ...
Mike Barry 06/19/2013 6 11 - -
Think Your Tax Day Sucks?
What if you had to file your tax returns 4 times over, in different ways each time? What if your reward for marking up 4 packets of forms, crunching 4 sets of calculations, and combing 4 returns ...
Mike Barry 04/15/2013 9 14 1 -
Obama can lose the Obamacare fight but win the Obamacare war
The study of politics may be called political science, but we all know that politics is a game. Political outcomes that seem linear and preordained (SCOTUS dismantles Obamacare = Americans less ...
Mike Barry 06/26/2012 6 9 - 86
This is what Obama affirmed yesterday
That's me (on the right) and my husband on our wedding day. September 4, 2011, Nantucket MA. I came out in 2004, but I didn't begin my life as an out gay man with much political passion about ...
Mike Barry 05/10/2012 29 35 - 129
Stop Distracting Me
Here we are, about 11 seconds into the General Election Campaign!!!! (TM), and we already have a delightful little scandal for each and every media personality to inspect and nibble on. The Hilary ...
Mike Barry 04/12/2012 7 23 - 216
The best reason there is to vote for Obama
I'm turning 30 this year. The first presidential election in which I had the opportunity to vote was in 2000, when the gods considered our nation's political shenanigans of the previous half decade--
Mike Barry 03/29/2012 12 46 1 174
Let's Have a Referendum on Fat-Thin Marriage
Chris Christie ...
Mike Barry 02/17/2012 2 4 - 96
Planned Parenthood attackers: if you want to re-define personhood, I want to re-define murder
Despite denials to the contrary , it appears that anti-...
Mike Barry 02/02/2012 13 28 1 181
They weren't there, but I was...
On September 11, 2001, both my homes were attacked. I am both a native son of Arlington, Virginia, and a committed resident of New York City for most of the past 10 years. As a student at ...
Mike Barry 08/20/2010 4 8 - 15
The "F" Word
By the "F" word, I mean (cover your eyes, those of delicate constitution) faggot. That word was hurled repeatedly at me and my boyfriend, walking down a busy street in Brooklyn (of all places, ...
Mike Barry 08/05/2010 47 53 - 41
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