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The function of money in the gaining of civil rights for oppressed minorities
The recent, astounding, benign change of consciousness to majority acceptance of LGBT people in our society suggested to me that, unlike classic oppressed minorities in this country, many in ...
Mike Cohen 07/01/2013 7 3 - -
More on the Absolute Lack of Content in Republican Speech
Why are there no specifics in the current dialog about what the Republicans would cut from government (in addition to cutting taxes) in order to cut the deficit? The following occurred to me as so ...
Mike Cohen 12/13/2012 5 2 - -
Invasion of the Body Snatchers, or The Manchurian Candidate
Isn't it true that Republican politicians are the zombie pawns of alien right wing zillionaires, manipulating those politicians into (a) getting elected by masterful manipulation of the basest ...
Mike Cohen 12/13/2012 3 - - -
Amended Quick Reactions to the Torture Memos and Thoughts on Control of Information and Coercion
The interesting thing to me about the torture memos Obama decided to publish was the fact that, to readers of Daily Kos (as well as probably numerous other publications actually interested in ...
Mike Cohen 04/18/2009 7 1 - 2
Seeking UAW Response
Following is a link to a video by Ford Motor, extolling its state-of-the-art factory in Northen Brazil with (a) highest degree automation, and (b) integration within the assembly line, inside the ...
Mike Cohen 12/05/2008 63 3 - 7
Joseph Stiglitz and Nouriel Roubini Not Part of Obama's Economic Team
Is anyone beside myself wondering why Joseph Stiglitz and Nouriel Roubini are not part of Obama's recently announced economic team, which is heavily weighted toward Wall Street? [I would have ...
Mike Cohen 11/09/2008 57 20 1 24
Is anyone doing anything about the massive Republican multi-pronged suppress the vote campaign?
Is anyone doing anything about the massive Republican multi-pronged suppress the vote campaign which involves everything from every kind of quasi-legal trick by every relevant Republican office ...
Mike Cohen 10/09/2008 7 4 1 -
Yesterday, I wrote a diary arguing that Obama is leaving a lot of points on the field by failing to do the equivalent of throwing inside, meaning simply pointing out McCain’s really gross self-...
Mike Cohen 09/28/2008 4 1 - 1
WHY OBAMA IS NOT AHEAD BY 25 POINTS (Forgive the Mixed Metaphors)
Obama is like an unbelievably talented baseball pitcher who is afraid to pitch inside, or, as they say in baseball, to throw a brush-back pitch. The reason for such fear is that: (1) it runs the ...
Mike Cohen 09/27/2008 20 3 2 -
The argument Republicans have been making that Obama has insufficient experience seems to me, on a little reflection, able to be shown as an essentially typical Republican (AND VERY ELITIST, AS ...
Mike Cohen 08/25/2008 6 1 - -
Obama's Failure re FISA
The worst part of what Sen. Obama is doing regarding the FISA Bill is that his public statements - including this morning's response to the new group (of which I am a member) - are almost ...
Mike Cohen 07/03/2008 66 20 - 27
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