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Deep In The Heart of Texas!
In the jet age we live in, just which states would be most prone to be hospitiable to breeding an epidemic of an infectious disease? Viruses like Eboloa or SARS or Enterovirus D68 are not ...
MikeBoyScout 10/12/2014 13 16 - -
Remembering Mandela thru Politicizing His Passing
Madiba's passing Thursday is something to be mourned and celebrated, but his life was a call to action. His passing should be a call to action as well. Lest we forget, the struggle for an end to ...
MikeBoyScout 12/06/2013 6 2 - -
For the love of the FSM, please no "shot across the bow"
Today President Obama was interviewed by the PBS News Hour . And if, in fact, we can take limited, tailored approaches, not getting drawn into a long conflict, not a repetition of, you know, Iraq, ...
MikeBoyScout 08/28/2013 12 9 - -
Wake Up! We're in a Civil War
Apologies, but this is going to be brief and insufficient. AntonBursch posted What happened to the energy of hope here at Daily Kos? the other day, and well ... I think "hope" is diminished because ...
MikeBoyScout 07/25/2013 11 10 - -
Dear Mr. President – an open letter
Hello Mr. President, you wouldn't remember me because we've never met. Although I donated one helleva lot of money to your 2012 campaign and knocked a helluva lot of doors in my neighborhood and ...
MikeBoyScout 07/08/2013 5 3 - -
The "War on Terror" We Fail to Wage
James Fallows wrote something regarding our recent national tragedy that struck a cord No one has been killed on American soil through what we define as an act of "terrorism" in more than a decade, ...
MikeBoyScout 12/14/2012 7 7 - -
My Heartbreaking Denver GOTV Story
I flew in to Denver from Seattle on Wednesday to do my part for 6 days to GOTV in this swing state in this critical area. I've been knocking doors for 40 years. What happened at the end of the day ...
MikeBoyScout 11/04/2012 220 613 6 -
Biden should "go rouge" in his debate
Yeah, yeah. I know. Tomorrow night is the first big debate and the President is going to get mittened with well practiced "zingers". Ruths Chris Christie assured us that "this whole race is going ...
MikeBoyScout 10/02/2012 24 5 - 159
Predicting - Romney Zinger Thread
You've by now undoubtedly read the NY Times piece where the bonus earning geniuses running the epic Romney/Ryan campaign warn us of Mitten's dogged preparedness for the debate on Wednesday. Mr. ...
MikeBoyScout 09/29/2012 45 15 - 360
The Romney Trainwreck
Not much to say here, except to say 3 days after Slick Willard's flop sweat selection of House Republican leader, Paul Ryan, makes John McCain's selection of Palin look like genius. Today Politico ...
MikeBoyScout 08/14/2012 2 9 - 117
Mr. Hart, There Is No Vacuum
Today Gary Hart has an opinion published in the NYT, The Democratic Road Not Taken . Hart comes back from political oblivion to tell us By failing to innovate some 30 years ago, it has permitted ...
MikeBoyScout 06/16/2012 9 3 - 72
The Complaint - missed point - EPIC FAIL
Ever read a wingnut blog or watch a wingnut FAUX news clip over at MediaMatters For America and scatch your head in wonder of the stupidity of contradictory ...
MikeBoyScout 03/23/2010 25 10 - 21
Arrows or Olive Branches? (rant w/poll)
The recent health care summit hosted by the president is only the most recent example of the futility of attempting to govern in partnership with people whose only concern is to obtain power for ...
MikeBoyScout 02/27/2010 6 2 1 12
"I have spoken: strive on, trust, have faith!"
Now is not the time to panic, or wallow in self doubt. Progress is never easy. Progress on difficult policy in difficult times only looks to be impossible. With the election of Brown in ...
MikeBoyScout 01/20/2010 1 - - 8
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