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Free and Equal DC Fund Targets Senator Tester and Congressman Childers with Radio Campaign
Recently Senator Tester of Montana and Congressman Travis Childers of Montana introduced legislation that would completely eliminate any locally-enacted legislation to regulate firearms or ...
MikePanetta 07/19/2010 4 1 - 47
Two DC Statehood Events
The ACLU of the National Capital Area is hosting two DC statehood events this week in DC, on the 14th and 15th. The event on the 15th is free and open to the public at the U.S. ...
MikePanetta 07/14/2010 5 6 - 24
Free and Equal DC Fund Releases Ads Targeting Sen. Tester
In recent months, Senator Tester has been actively working to re-write legislation previously passed by DC's elected city council. His efforts would drastically modify local laws regarding ...
MikePanetta 06/11/2010 8 8 - 19
Veterans for DC Voting Rights Rally and Lobby Day
Everyone has been pointing fingers at various members of Congress and Presidential candidates for voting to authorize the war in Iraq. As horrible as those votes in Congress were, at least they ...
MikePanetta 11/06/2007 2 4 - 5
Reporter Gets Kicked Out of White House for Asking DC Voting Rights Question
There was an event at the White House where the Ballou Senior High School Marching Band (a public school in the District of Columbia) was being honored by First Lady Laura Bush. As you may know, ...
MikePanetta 10/12/2007 49 25 1 4
Call 1-866-346-3008 right now. Help give DC a vote in Congress!
I just finished walking the halls of the U.S. Senate, and we heard from a number of offices that the Senators were getting a lot of calls on the DC Voting Rights issue today. Our efforts are paying ...
MikePanetta 09/17/2007 4 8 - 13
DC Voting Rights Bill Set for Senate Vote Next Week
There is a make-or-break cloture vote on Tuesday at 2:30 . We need to make sure we have enough votes to be filibuster proof. Senator Mitch McConnell is dead set against this bill - ...
MikePanetta 09/14/2007 5 12 - 9
Senate Call-In Day for DC Voting Rights
The DC Voting Rights Act is still in the Senate where it is just a few votes shy of being filibuster proof. Next week Congress leaves town for its August recess, so it's urgent that you take some ...
MikePanetta 07/23/2007 4 3 - -
DC Ward 3 Presidential Straw Poll Results
The results of a presidential straw poll of the District of Columbia Ward 3 Democrats were sent around this morning. For those of you who don't know DC, Ward 3 is mostly the upper-northwest quadrant ...
MikePanetta 06/20/2007 12 1 - -
Senate Committee Passes DC Voting Rights Act
Earlier today the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs voted to send the DC Voting Rights Act to the full Senate. There are only a handful of people in between the people of ...
MikePanetta 06/13/2007 5 11 - 4
Donna Brazile on DC Voting Rights March
DC's own Donna Brazile sent a great e-mail message today under the DNC's banner about the voting rights march that is taking place on Monday. I know I speak for everyone in DC when ...
MikePanetta 04/12/2007 1 3 - -
Take To The Streets: One Week From Today!
The largest march for DC Voting Rights is taking place on Monday April 16th . Thousands of people will march ...
MikePanetta 04/09/2007 3 6 1 8
Can You Make Two Calls Today for DC Voting Rights?
Shameful action by a few House Republicans last week temporarily blocked the progress of the DC ...
MikePanetta 03/27/2007 18 10 - 11
House Vote on DC Voting Rights: TODAY
Today will be an historic day in efforts to secure representation in Congress for the District of Columbia as the House will meet this morning to consider H.R. 1433, the DC Voting Rights Act. More ...
MikePanetta 03/22/2007 4 3 - 20
House to Move on DC Voting Rights Next Week
Good news out of Washington for the people who actually live there! I got the word last night that hearings have been scheduled in the committees of jurisdiction ...
MikePanetta 03/08/2007 7 8 - 29
Take Action for District of Columbia Voting Rights
Efforts are underway to address the "taxation without representation" situation in the nation's capital. Read more on how you can help.
MikePanetta 02/26/2007 9 9 - 3
Congress Day 2007: Lobby for DC Voting Rights on Feb. 15
Anyone who's ever worked on Capitol Hill can tell you about advocacy groups and their "lobby days". Every organized group in America seems to bring their people into Washington to descend on ...
MikePanetta 02/07/2007 2 2 - 5
Voting Rights for the District of Columbia
Conservative columninst George F. Will wrote a piece in The Washington Post today about the recent ...
MikePanetta 01/28/2007 29 9 1 7
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