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Line to see Obama in Milwaukee today 15+ city blocks long 1.5hrs after doors open
It is snaking throughout downtown and it is moving! They are going to have a lot people there.
Milhawkee 11/03/2012 23 16 - -
About those gas prices on Jan. 20, 2009
Do you ever wonder about this Republican Meme from recent debates (last night included)? ROMNEY: When the president took office, the price of gasoline here in Nassau County was about a buck eighty-...
Milhawkee 10/17/2012 14 23 1 -
I will get to shake John Lehman's hand this July 4th!!!!!!
Former Wisconsin State Senator John Lehman has now been restored to current Wisconsin State Senator! He won the final recall race of the night over Republican Van Wanggaard! The Wisconsin State ...
Milhawkee 06/05/2012 14 20 1 102
Walker's BS Mailbag: Under Mayor Tom Barrett, Things in Milwaukee are on the Move ...
We're back to 8.5x11" today. Click to enlarge in new tab This time, we have moving trucks. The exciting thing about these moving trucks is that they are the same trucks that will bring Scott ...
Milhawkee 05/21/2012 3 4 - 65
Wisconsin man ends protest against fraudulent "All-U-Can-Eat" fish fry
Bill "The Human Homer Simpson" Wisth has ended his week-long standoff with Chuck's Place, a Thienville, Wisconsin family restaurant that cut off his meal early last Friday after having ingested only ...
Milhawkee 05/19/2012 13 2 - 245
Walker's BS Mailbag: Under Mayor Tom Barrett, things in Milwaukee are really on the rise ...
More mail from Governor Scott Walker today. This one is 8x12". He's got some balls to blame someone who was essentially below him for all of Milwaukee's problems (that were in fact a pre-existing ...
Milhawkee 05/16/2012 11 7 - 73
How Walker sold his policies — and himself — in and outside Wisconsin.
Relaying Part Two of the epic 3-part series being done by the Wisconsin Center For Investigative Journalism. Explore which media outlets got access to Walker, where he traveled, and every entry in ...
Milhawkee 05/16/2012 2 7 1 46
Walker's BS mailbag: Vote for Jobs. Vote for Walker.
More mail today. Another 8.5x11" flat mailer. A lot of the same verbage as the last one with a concentration on men affected by job loss as opposed to road construction. At least in this one, Walker ...
Milhawkee 05/14/2012 5 4 - 45
Walker's official work time declines as national fame grows
Here is a link to the just-released Part One of an epic 3-part series a friend has alerted me to through Facebook. Through the state’s open records law, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative ...
Milhawkee 05/13/2012 5 18 - 135
Walker's BS mailbag: Road to Recovery
Just received some campaign material from our esteemed governor I wanted to share. It was addressed to a previous occupant of our house. This was a 8.5x11 postcard. Very expensive to mail nowadays. ...
Milhawkee 05/11/2012 15 10 - 111
Wisconsinites Can Oust Walker May 8th - Vote Arthur Kohl-Riggs
Wisconsin's embattled Republican Governor (and former IBM warranty salesman) Scott Walker is being primaried this Tuesday, May 8th by self-described Lincoln-La Follette Republican Arthur Kohl-Riggs.
Milhawkee 05/06/2012 40 14 - 233
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