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Bombing the Gulf of Alaska
I have never visited the Gulf of Alaska. Not any other place in Alaska. In spite of it, I can certainly appreciate the fact that it holds the most pristine waters and environment in the world, ...
conniegallant 05/23/2015 10
What Does Memorial Day Mean To You
What Does Memorial Day Mean To You? As another Memorial Day approaches I often wondered what its purpose might be to the average American. It seems to be a day where they will take time out of ...
xinloi 05/23/2015 13
The Taliban in Our Midst
[Mikey Weinstein]: This guest Op-Ed from my dear friend, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) Advisory Board member, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff Lawrence ...
Mikey Weinstein 05/22/2015 6
Dahr Jamail: The Navy's Great Alaskan "War"
It isn’t the best of times for the American Arctic and let me explain why. The world is in the midst of an  oil glut .  In the last year, oil prices bottomed out before  rising modestly .  A NASA ...
TomDispatch 05/21/2015 1
MO-Sen: Jason Kander (D) & VoteVets Push Congress To Give Veterans Free Access To Public Parks
Received this e-mail today from VoteVets and Secretary of State Jason Kander's (D. MO) U.S. Senate campaign: I ...
poopdogcomedy 05/20/2015 2
Community Quilt for Gordon20024
CelticLassie's quilt. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts... It is a shock when you learn that a friend has cancer. Gordon20024 recently learned that he does. He is a person who is ...
Sara R 05/19/2015 69
Study finds military fails to protect sexual assault victims who report an incident
A new 113-page report from the Human Rights Watch has found that almost two thirds of service members who report being sexually assaulted face some form of retaliation. Worse yet, whistleblowers ...
Kerry Eleveld 05/18/2015 11
Air & Sea Shows: Jingoism on Steroids
The Blue Angels' mission statement includes, "to enhance recruitment for the Navy and the Marines." How much fuel -- what quantities of resulting carbon pollutants -- are expended from the war ...
dana anderssen 05/17/2015 26
Bureaucracies out of control
It's long after Herbert Marcuse warned us of technocracy in his classic (1964) One-Dimensional Man . You know, that part (page 32 if you want to look it up) in which Marcuse says "the capitalist ...
Cassiodorus 05/15/2015 10
Air Force General Defies/Defiles Law By Witnessing for Jesus in Full Uniform on Worldwide TV
Official photo for Maj. Gen. Craig S. Olson (U.S. Air Force photo by Melanie Rodgers Cox/Released) That terrible warning to the USA, often attributed to the first American writer to ever win the ...
Mikey Weinstein 05/15/2015 146
Which 41 Democrats Just Voted to Allow the Pentagon to Bypass Sequestration Caps?
Earlier today, I wrote on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) amendment votes that the House took yesterday. Today, the House finished the amendment votes and then voted on the final bill.
Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees 05/15/2015 10
WATCH: An active duty soldier went to jail ALIVE and ends up DEAD
I don't know about you, but I am tired of these videos popping up with actual, factual brutality and sometimes DEATH of the alledged suspect at the hands of the police. This video below, will just ...
icebergslim 05/14/2015 147
Shadow War - Night fighters and electronic warfare in WWII
The only course open to us now is to make an assault by fire on the barbarians under cover of night. Sun Tzu One byproduct of warfare, horrible as it may be, is that technology tends to make ...
Major Kong 05/14/2015 53
Marco Rubio regurgitates Romney's foreign policy sound bites
As you may have heard, Florida Senator and ...
Jon Perr 05/14/2015 8
Cartoon: Jade Helm 15 enemy
Amidst the ridiculous right wing conspiratorial silliness regarding the Jade Helm 15 military exercises put on by the Pentagon, U.S. military bases were put under heightened alert for possible ...
laloalcaraz 05/13/2015 31
NFL, Patriotism for a price
I don't know about you, but I have always felt a little uncomfortable with the displays of military might before an NFL game and during half time.It just seemed a little forced to me and not natural.
tvdude 05/11/2015 14
Current Score: 842,442 to 420
In my last diary, I requested readers consider donating to an organization that was providing services to veterans having problems adjusting back to civilian life. At about that same time, a fund-...
Penguinn 05/11/2015 1
Ode to Jade Helm 15
(Sung to the tune of They're Coming to Take Me Away by Napoleon XIV.) [Refrain] He's coming to take them away, ha ha. He's coming to take them away, ho ho, he he, To the ATF, where things are ...
WinterOfDiscontent 05/10/2015 5
Fox News: Run for your bunkers - Chinese Robot Army! Lurk! Lurk!
Fox News fear mongering continues a pace as enemies named "
annieli 05/10/2015 9

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