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What does it take?
I been asking myself a lot of questions over the past decade or two and some have included things like, How much is enough? I think that has been answered by the 1% with, it will never be enough, ...
Mind Your Manners 12/11/2014 5 2 - -
An open lettter to the citizens of Ferguson
As the citizens of Ferguson and by extension the rest of the nation wait to hear the decision of the Grand Jury, let me offer some wisdom and by that I mean experience.
Mind Your Manners 11/13/2014 7 4 - -
We need to get on this right away
The Supreme Court is going to hear a case on the legality of ACA subsidies and we need to act fast. Put up the biggest stink you can. I don't trust this court as far as I can throw them.
Mind Your Manners 11/07/2014 5 4 - -
2014 IS 2016
Remember 2008. Yeah, we all came out to vote excited about the future and what good things were to come. Sweeping away all of the bad, the very bad things of the past administration.
Mind Your Manners 09/07/2014 3 4 1 -
Expand Obama care provisions to other forms of insurance
I like the Obama care provision providing rebates to policy holders. I think that should be applied to all insurance companies.
Mind Your Manners 10/31/2013 5 1 1 -
My daughter and I were talking this morning about the do nothing congress and the two day work week. She came up with the work leisureslation to describe the no work work week. My suggestion was ...
Mind Your Manners 05/10/2013 1 - - -
47 Senators and a guy with a bushmaster walk into a bar....
47 Senators and a guy with a bushmaster walk into a bar........ Your fill in the rest. As for me...
Mind Your Manners 04/17/2013 6 8 1 -
Two birds with one stone
Christie's new plan in New Jersey should make his conservative buddies happy and welcome him back into the fold.
Mind Your Manners 03/18/2013 2 1 - -
Let sequestration begin with the House
I'm a tid for tat person. If you do to one then you do to the other. Since the House is so hell bent on sequestration then let it begin with them.
Mind Your Manners 02/28/2013 4 - - -
Dear Santa
Dear Santa, I know you are a busy fellow this time of year and I am making this list but knowing that I won'd get everything I asked for but just a few off this list would suffice.
Mind Your Manners 12/08/2012 3 - - -
I'm Puzzled
I'm puzzled. Can someone explain to me how a good debate performance can cause the poll numbers to shift so much and a good jobs report has no effect what so ever. I have been waiting all week to ...
Mind Your Manners 10/12/2012 18 4 - -
They're not entitlement programs.... they're lay away programs
The so called entitlement programs that are going to destroy our economy are lay away programs. Let me explain for people who are too young to understand this.
Mind Your Manners 10/05/2012 4 1 - 31
Romney's One Specific
The only specific given by Romney in the debate was to eliminate the funding for PBS and in doing so fire Big Bird and Jim Leara( nor sure of the spelling) practically on the spot.
Mind Your Manners 10/04/2012 1 2 - 22
Equal representation needs a new conceptual application
Equal representation as laid out in the Constitution is a great concept but, the concept no longer works in the context in which it was founded. So I would like to make a new proposal for its ...
Mind Your Manners 05/09/2012 7 - - 27
2.50 gas is the new terror alert code red.
First you cannot believe a thing out of Gingrich's mouth. That said he always has a way to scare the bejesus out of everyone and try to make them come to his side of the force (yes, his girth is ...
Mind Your Manners 03/15/2012 1 - - 56
Extorsion Archbishop, Really?
The Archbishop of Philadelphia had some interesting comments to make about the success of their plan to keep many of the catholic schools open in Philadelphia.
Mind Your Manners 02/27/2012 12 9 - 138
The Catholic Bishops have to shut up
The Catholic bishops have to put up or shut up. I am a lifelong catholic and in my 62 years I have seen the church do a lot of stupid, illegal and illogical things. The church, in my opinion, ...
Mind Your Manners 02/10/2012 20 20 - 139
Stop focusing on Obama it's bigger than him.
For the past 30 years or so I have been watching and commenting to colleagues and family about the middle class slipping away along with all of the manufacturing jobs. "We are going to be the new ...
Mind Your Manners 09/03/2011 4 10 - 87
This is the fight of our lives
Last night when all of the news was focusing on the tax deal something else was also reported but without much information. I seems that one of the new elected Tea Baggers, sorry I missed his name, ...
Mind Your Manners 12/07/2010 6 4 - 46
My son lost his job
My son, an excellent high school music teacher, lost his job this year when the people of New Jersey did the same thing last November that the nation did this November. They were angry because ...
Mind Your Manners 12/06/2010 21 23 - 72
Barry Obama and the reversal of the Chamber
It had been 22 months since Barry Obama had been chosen as the leader of the Disgruntled, an organization of the formerly powerful people who had come into power at the time of the Great Upheaval ...
Mind Your Manners 12/05/2010 32 - - 64
Someone has to explain this to me
I know we are not completely happy with the democrats but I can't understand how after 2 contentious years with numerous displays of racism and cries of socialism the democrats still managed to get ...
Mind Your Manners 10/11/2010 27 4 - 50
Why the middle class and the poor should never vote Republican
I'm a sixty year old white woman and have been the beneficiary of the programs that were part of the New Deal. Programs that allowed people to rise from poverty, be educated, find a job that paid ...
Mind Your Manners 09/07/2010 20 8 - 80
Tom Delay: People want to be unemployed
This is my first ever diary so please be patient with me. I don't believe that Tom Delay has the nerve to speak out about unemployment benefits.
Mind Your Manners 03/09/2010 9 3 - 8
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