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History for Kossacks - Germany's Enabling Act of 1933
Ted Cruz picked March 23 to announce his presidential candidacy. Question on my mind: is this a subtle RW dog whistle to Cruz's RW Dominionist base , or just a historical irony? Please follow ...
Minerva 03/23/2015 10 13 - -
New Senate Committee Structure
As some of you know, I hired on at a Louisville hotel to help make ends meet after my old job was outsourced to India (probably as a result of the Administration’s War On Coal – Damn you Obama!).
Minerva 11/04/2014 13 24 2 -
Aha – That’s Why They Were So Desperate to Get Us Into Syria
Two weeks ago, a loose coalition of neoconservatives, military enthusiasts, asshole media lightweights, the Saudis, the Israel lobby, and others was trying to convince the United States to go launch ...
Minerva 09/22/2013 360 311 7 -
Help Pick the Next GOP MSOM
Its the new game that's sweeping Republican ranks, and the closest the GOP comes to diversity - come play Pick the Next GOP MSOM! You've heard of the flavor of the month, the GOP has now ...
Minerva 02/13/2013 3 3 - -
Who Will Guard the Guards?
The NRA is on to something with its armed guards in schools, but we need to be more systematic about this.
Minerva 01/16/2013 6 4 - -
About Those Dark Clouds in the Middle of the Silver Lining
Democrats seem to feel pretty positive about the recent election, as we mock the Republicans for their supposed state of denial and decay. But let me point out what looks like our own version of ...
Minerva 11/25/2012 16 18 - -
The least consequential election of our lifetime?
If Obama accepts the kind of "grand bargain" that has been laid out for him, this will have been the least consequential election of our lifetime. In a nutshell, here's the proposed trade: ...
Minerva 11/09/2012 11 3 - -
Frameshop: "Fiscal Cliff" and "Bush Tax Cuts"
Two simple points: First, by accepting the framing of a "fiscal cliff" we are setting the stage for politicians to do the wrong thing, overall, and for Democrats, in particular, to do something ...
Minerva 11/08/2012 11 11 - -
A Special Message from Steam and the People of Massachusetts to Scott Brown
The people of Massachusetts have a special message for Scott Brown, classically expressed by the band Steam (see below):
Minerva 11/06/2012 4 7 - -
The Abject Humiliation of a Candidate Losing His Home State, and Something to Remember
Remember back in 2000 when the media brought up over and over again that Gore was likely to lose Tennessee? How humiliating! "Those were the voters who knew Gore best!" On the eve of election 2012,
Minerva 11/03/2012 11 40 - -
Breaking – Romney Plan to Arrest Ahmadinejad Leaked to Media
BOSTON, MA - In full damage control mode after last night’s foreign policy debate, the Romney campaign has leaked its mid-October Middle East Foreign Policy binder, to show that the candidate ...
Minerva 10/23/2012 11 15 1 -
Jindal to HHS, and Other Secret Fantasies of Health Insurance Executives
One of the things that health insurance industry executives do with the mind blowing profits they suck out of the US healthcare system is to fund an endless series of conferences for themselves at ...
Minerva 10/16/2012 3 1 - -
Attention Media: Here's the Key Question for Mr. Romney
As a public service for the Romney-Ryan press pool, I thought I would present below the simple question to ask Mr. Romney about fixing what the candidate framed as the 47% problem plaguing our nation.
Minerva 09/19/2012 7 5 - 87
The big reveal in the Romney campaign story
There is a lot of buzz today about the Politico story vis the incompetence of the Romney campaign, including the personal incompetence of the candidate, himself. This incompetence is no surprise, ...
Minerva 09/17/2012 21 55 1 331
Let's Be Fair to Romney Ryan
I don't normally write short diaries, but my point tonight is simple and straightforward. Please consider, below the squiggly thing.
Minerva 09/09/2012 7 5 - 178
Its Time to Meet the Muppets
Want to see Goldman Sachs pay for its dodgy business practices? Want to see the Greg Smith resignation Op-Ed build into something bigger? Then the next step is to put a series of the “muppets” �
Minerva 03/15/2012 6 2 - 57
I Oppose Insurance Coverage for Transplants
As a devout Pastafarian, I have a deep and abiding respect for pirates.* They are the equivalent of my saints. The quintessential marker of a true pirate, of course, is the eye-patch. It denotes ...
Minerva 03/06/2012 37 13 - 211
25-Years ago Today: Reagan Addresses the Nation on Rumors about Arms Shipments to Iran
Good evening. I know you've been reading, seeing, and hearing a lot of stories the past several days attributed to Danish sailors, unnamed observers at Italian ports and Spanish ...
Minerva 11/13/2011 38 74 5 403
So What Play Should He Call?
Here’s the situation. Its Thursday night. You have the ball on your own one yard line, after taking a knee on a kickoff return. You’re the quarterback – and the President. What are you ...
Minerva 09/07/2011 2 - - 23
Will You Support the Perry Growth Package?
As soon as President Perry takes office with his new Congressional majorities, the first thing he will do is push for a large stimulus package.
Minerva 08/31/2011 3 1 - 38
Perry Announces Plans for Economic Growth Package
A tragic subtext to the deficit lunacy / ignore-unemployment lunacy in Washington is that Republicans secretly understand ...
Minerva 08/30/2011 6 3 - 73
Thank You President Obama!
Like many life-long Democrats, I’ve given a fair amount of money in campaign contributions, particularly over the last decade, and ended up on a lot of phone lists. For years, I’ve gotten ...
Minerva 08/04/2011 2 3 - 50
You Can’t Demoralize Me with Your Highly Accurate “Obama Is a Colossal Failure” Narrative
Obama is my guy to the end. (Do you remember the rallies of 2008? They were *awesome*.) Sure you can point out that Middleman Obama has failed to address the country’s ...
Minerva 07/31/2011 600 375 7 2648
Obama Can Still Save the Day
I don't know about others, but I am completely ready to write off Obama, all of the Democrats in Congress, and the Democratic Party as a whole. These future lobbyists and empty suits weren't the ...
Minerva 07/30/2011 16 13 1 112
Urgent Request from the White House Staff
Hi everyone. I haven’t been around much lately, but I wanted to relay an urgent request from the White House Staff (hey - I’m very connected to very important people, dontcha know):
Minerva 07/19/2011 16 3 - 249
Guys - we're focusing on the wrong question
Has the right been too extreme? Will they stop? These questions are mute. Right wingers are not about to tone down their extremist rhetoric in response to events in Tucson. The truth is they can'
Minerva 01/11/2011 26 19 2 61
Its All Your Fault
What do you people want from Obama? He has pursued his agenda tirelessly, but all people around here seem to be able to do is criticize. I mean, think about it.
Minerva 12/10/2010 9 - - 40
SCOTUS Decision Could Unleash Torrent of Union Cash?
Really? Pretty much every news report on the precedent-shattering SCOTUS decision last week goes out of its way to point out that it isn’t just corporate cash that could be unleashed. Union ...
Minerva 01/25/2010 33 26 1 29
Breaking: NRSC Updates Target Candidate Profile
Washington, DC - Building on the recent success of Massachusetts Senate candidate Scott Brown, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) today released a revised "target candidate ...
Minerva 01/19/2010 20 8 - 10
The Mass Ad Onslaught
This is a short diary from a Massachusetts voter to put forward two critiques of the Coakley campaign. 1. The attacks on Brown aren't being delivered effectively 2. Coakley desperately needs an ...
Minerva 01/14/2010 25 16 1 28
How the Republicans Passed Medicare Part D
Back in 2003, the Republicans passed their version of healthcare reform, the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and ...
Minerva 01/04/2010 22 36 8 293
The new healthcare reform narrative
Considering it this morning, I think we are buying into a losing narrative on healthcare reform. Please allow me to propose an alternative narrative (below).
Minerva 12/15/2009 4 - - 15
There, up in the sky - its a bird... its a plane...
Its your private insurance premiums. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, its the inexorable, unbounded increases in the premiums insurance companies pull from employer ...
Minerva 11/21/2009 13 13 1 225
Why Are We Campaigning for "A Public Option?"
I have a basic question about the current framing of the healthcare debate: Exactly how did we end up having to defend "A Public Option"? From a marketing standpoint it makes no sense. And ...
Minerva 09/16/2009 76 24 - 30
Senators, I Have a Simple Question
Senator Landrieu suggested a few days ago that she was unlikely to support a public option. ...
Minerva 08/31/2009 183 400 7 77
What Should Sarah Palin Call Her Memoir?
So, as of tomorrow, Sarah Palin’s resignation will finally be official. Unfortunately for her rivals for leadership of the Republican Party (Limbaugh, Liddy, Beck), and for the GOP ...
Minerva 07/25/2009 76 14 - 27
Cronkite Had Something to Say About Bushism, Too
It would be easy for younger people to conclude that Walter Cronkite was just an icon of the 1960s and 1970s. A great many of the folks on this site probably never once heard "And that's the way it ...
Minerva 07/17/2009 146 368 13 105
Palin Blazing the Trail - Are Other Republicans Smart Enough to Follow?
Its taken hardly any time at all for the corporate media's leading infotainment professionals to recognize that Palin's resignation was a poltical master-stroke . And - for once - ...
Minerva 07/03/2009 26 19 1 20
Scene from the CNN Newsroom
A friend of mine smuggled out a transcript from an emergency meeting over at CNN over the weekend. He asked me to share (below), as an insight into the struggles of establishment journalists to ...
Minerva 06/28/2009 19 8 - 163
There’s a Chihuahua in the Woods
In an attempt to halt the accelerating disintegration of the Republican Party, and to divert attention from the revelation of Bush-Cheney torture policies, the Republican National Committee has ...
Minerva 04/22/2009 19 11 - 148
Helpful Advice for Teabaggers: Do's and Don'ts
We all know that the right has a little trouble organizing outside of the pews (except maybe for GOP Congressional staffers pretending to Floridians during the 2000 recount). Its also clear that a ...
Minerva 04/14/2009 35 29 2 28
Breaking: Taliban, Teabaggers in Advanced Merger Talks
Multiple anonymous sources are now reporting that the Taliban Movement and Teabagger movement are nearing a merger agreement after three weeks of secret negotiations. Futures Markets are reacting ...
Minerva 04/11/2009 24 19 - 22
A Modest Proposal
I read in the papers that lawyers face a really tough job market these days. It makes me wonder: with the stimulus bill aimed at sectors like construction and healthcare, are we really ...
Minerva 03/20/2009 5 2 - 11
Pharma Continues to Pursue Alchemy of 'Too Big to Fail'
Merck announced this morning that it is acquiring Schering Plough for $41 billion, in a continuing effort among pharmaceutical manufacturers to look outside their industry for business models, and ...
Minerva 03/09/2009 5 6 - 5
Yay for the Stimulus; Now for the Fight that Really Matters
The two major legislative initiatives to address the economic downturn, so far, have been the TARP, originally passed last year, and the Stimulus, passed in the last few days. Both are intuitively ...
Minerva 02/17/2009 2 7 - 1
Thank You Pfizer for Opening the Door Wider
Q. What does current Pfizer leadership have in common with the Bush Administration? A. Through their ineptitude and lack of character, they, too, will ultimately kill everything they ...
Minerva 01/28/2009 17 25 4 21
Pfizer-Wyeth: One More Fix for the Junkie
It looks this morning like Pfizer is going to try to acquire Wyeth in a ~$70 billion deal. This is a terrible deal for science, medicine, the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, the employees of ...
Minerva 01/26/2009 15 17 - 25
Obama, Wyeth and Pfizer's Disease - Updated
“Our workers are no less productive than when this crisis began. Our minds are no less inventive, our goods and services no less needed than they were last week or last month or ...
Minerva 01/24/2009 287 375 16 76
Breaking: Bush Issues Executive Order Adopting Julian Calendar
I just saw this on the news wires!
Minerva 01/19/2009 20 11 - 1
Top 10 Things Bush Will Say or Do in his Farewell Address
It seems that the Bush Administration is committed to conducting at least one more heinous act of torture – a prime-time TV “farewell” on Thursday night. The expected victims: ...
Minerva 01/14/2009 23 7 - 2
Rice Reveals Post-Bush Lounge Act
In a press release this morning, timed to follow her appearance on Fox News Sunday, Condoleezza Rice announced her post-January career aspirations: She plans to hit the road with a musical-comedy ...
Minerva 12/07/2008 12 4 - 157
What Republicans Should Really Be Afraid of
McCain and the Republicans are trying to scare people by trying to argue that Obama is "inexperienced," or "not one of us," or worse. But how many McCain voters, seething in their tribal urges to ...
Minerva 11/02/2008 10 11 - -
Bush to Reveal Details of Secret, Comprehensive Climate Change Strategy
An anonymous source at the White House, while apparently attempting to place an order for 835 industrial strength paper-shredders, just accidently faxed me the text of a major address on climate ...
Minerva 10/25/2008 7 7 - 2
Top 10 Hypotheses on Why McCain Ditched After the Debate
It has been noted that John McCain, after tonight's debate, apparently refused to shake Barrack Obama's hand and quickly left the building. We may never know the reason why. But here are 10 ...
Minerva 10/07/2008 117 75 3 30
"Blame the CRA!": The GOP's 2008 Version of Willie Horton
Others have pointed out the "Blame the Community Reinvestment Act for the financial crisis!" meme growing in volume in various right-wing echo chambers. I had an experience this morning that leads ...
Minerva 10/04/2008 30 22 5 48
The Debate Was Meaningless; Today's Vote Matters
The House of Representatives is supposed to vote today on the $700 billion rescue package. Many have opposed the measure, railing that its a giveaway to Wall Street. In truth, the giveaway already ...
Minerva 10/03/2008 22 6 - -
Breaking!: Leaked Text of Bush AM Address
Anonymous sources at the White House, speaking only on background, leaked to me tonight the rough text of George W. Bush's planned address tomorrow morning. I figured I had to share it (below):
Minerva 09/30/2008 33 12 - -
Let's Be Clear: The GOP Caused the Financial Meltdown
Tonight we've been presented with the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (EESA). Respectable pundits seem to be saying Congress should approve it. It seems to be a case where we'll ...
Minerva 09/28/2008 15 12 5 -
Two Simple Questions on the Strategy around a Bail-out Bill
I have two simple questions for the Democratic majority in Congress with regard to the bail-out (if they remain determined to pass something). 1. Why does the main bail-out bill ...
Minerva 09/23/2008 5 3 - 3
Don't Believe for a Second the Bush Bail-out is in Trouble
There has been an uproar in the blogoshpere about the Bush Bailout Plan. Maybe partly in response, we've heard some statements of resistance from Pelosi and the Obama campaign. I think this is, ...
Minerva 09/21/2008 54 27 - 18
Two Principles for a Bail-out Bill: Temporary and Transparent
Having read the draft bill posted around here, there is only one conclusion to draw: They can't be serious. As if anyone in their right mind would give a $...
Minerva 09/20/2008 14 9 - -
As the Kids Loot the Candy Store - are Dems Getting Ready?
For almost two decades, Republicans and their plutocrat financial backers have been like kids in a candy store. They’ve been gorging on the opportunity to eliminate the regulatory ...
Minerva 09/15/2008 14 2 - -
Sarah: Break Alaska’s Welfare Dependency!
Preface: We have a historic opportunity to get Sarah Palin to renounce not just the last bridge to nowhere (which she formerly supported, and the money for which she kept), but all future ...
Minerva 09/09/2008 9 10 - -
McCain's Core Problem: Lack of Honesty
As the country continues to try to come to terms with the nomination of Sarah Palin (and cope with the resulting indigestion), its important not to lose sight of two critical points in the ...
Minerva 09/03/2008 4 9 - -
The candidate of Aristocracy, Aggression, and Ambien
As McCain heads, probably inexorably, toward his McGovern moment (benchmark: Eagleton, 42 at the time, lasted about 18 days before McGovern "accepted his offer to withdraw"), I am reminded of ...
Minerva 09/01/2008 3 3 - 18
Seeking Truth in Anagrams
Sometimes anagrams can yield insight. What do they say about the “McCain Palin” ticket? I posed the choice to an anagram generator (below the fold).
Minerva 08/29/2008 6 1 - -
Romney: Like a manure-shoveler at a CAFO
I just heard Mitt Romney on the radio. He’s apparently out at the Democratic National Convention, and described the experience (paraphrasing) as: “like being a cattle rancher at a ...
Minerva 08/27/2008 16 4 - -
Jujitsu - a martial art developed around the principal of using an attacker's energy against him. This is a short diary to put forward a proposal on how to respond to McCain's attacks ...
Minerva 08/23/2008 6 6 1 -
A Story Worth Sharing
I think this is a story worth sharing with every voter you know. (Please join below.)
Minerva 03/27/2008 2 13 1 -
Ask Yourself: Who Is Still Voting Clinton - And Why?
OK, so now its caught on that Clinton ran an awful campaign. The response to the obligatory “Guess what Frank Rich wrote this week” recommended diary is remarkable in the seemingly ...
Minerva 02/24/2008 113 7 - 3
Breaking: The Economist Endorses Obama
The O-Train is simply unstoppable. As a recent convert (I gave my first $50 just this week), I must say I certainly couldn’t resist getting on board. Well, I just picked up the latest issue ...
Minerva 02/19/2008 43 32 1 11
Where Were You Five Years Ago?
On February 15, 2003 organizers around the world staged what are believed to have been the largest coordinated protests for peace in world history (please see below).
Minerva 02/15/2008 28 12 - -
Which Clinton Spin Should We Believe?
This is just a short diary pointing out an inconsistency in two different spins offered by Obama supporters on the Clinton campaign. Consider it a friendly observation that it’s probably a ...
Minerva 02/14/2008 6 - - -
Republicans scored big this week - did you notice?
Any political junkies out there? Good! Let’s do a pop quiz for fun. Question: Why did Mitt Romney drop out of the Republican race this week? A. He did it of his own volition because he ...
Minerva 02/09/2008 20 16 - 9
How Will Bush Copy Reagan Tonight?
What might we expect from tonight’s State of the Union address? Besides tortured logic and tortured delivery, that is? Well, surely Bush’s speech-writers will turn to their patron ...
Minerva 01/28/2008 15 2 - 2
Clinton's victory? Thank Angry Women -- and maybe JRE
Comparing a pre-election poll in New Hampshire (which showed Obama winning), the exit polls in New Hampshire, as presented in the LA Times (which showed Clinton winning) and the actual results of ...
Minerva 01/09/2008 44 8 - 9
An Election about "Change"
So the pundits have spoken and the consensus has emerged – the 2008 election is shaping up to be all about "change" -- "change" after 8 years of George Bush. The win by Obama over Clinton ...
Minerva 01/06/2008 5 - - -
Mandates and the Damage Obamas Already Done to Healthcare Reform
Obama’s supporters argue vociferously that Obama’s recycling of right-wing language and talking points is misinterpretation of his statements or (fall-back argument) just smart politics ...
Minerva 01/01/2008 56 7 - 11
A view of Obama based on the Patrick experience
This last week the Democratic nomination race has reminded me a bit of the gubernatorial race last year in Massachusetts. Now that Obama has got the “O-mentum”, I think its interesting ...
Minerva 12/16/2007 27 4 2 2
Some Math on Home Depot
I just wanted to make some basic mathematical observations about today’s Home Depot news, perhaps pointing out some mileposts in our ongoing national decline. (Discussion below)
Minerva 12/04/2007 17 15 - 14
Harry Potter and the Missing Yellowcake
I came home from a hard day at work and found an Entertainment Weekly in the mail proclaiming J.K. Rowling the Entertainer of the Year. Entertainer of the Year? Hell – Rowling is ...
Minerva 11/26/2007 9 4 - 2
I've Got Your SCHIP Funding Right Here
I know the comparisons have been all over the media – TV news, newspapers, magazines – but I wanted to make sure everyone understands just how empty Republican objections to SCHIP are ...
Minerva 10/21/2007 15 29 3 151
The Dying of the Light
We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure ...
Minerva 09/17/2007 13 18 - -
All Right! Another Pyrrhic Victory
In both of Pyrrhus's victories, the Romans suffered greater personnel losses than Pyrrhus did. However, the Romans had a large supply of men from which to draw soldiers, so their losses ...
Minerva 08/28/2007 25 13 - -
Perhaps the Bush Administration is Daring Congress to impeach Gonzales
Gonzales’s testimony to the Senate today suggests that the Bush Administration may be daring Congress to impeach Gonzales. This invites broader consideration of what GOP strategy and tactics ...
Minerva 07/24/2007 17 10 - -
White House Staffer Invokes Executive Privilege at Check-Out Counter
WASHINGTON, DC – A White House staffer was the subject of a minor incident at a local supermarket on Friday after his assertion of executive privilege at a check-out counter led to a temporary ...
Minerva 07/13/2007 20 25 1 163
Predictions on Top-10 Impacts of Imus Firing
10. Charles McCord replaces Tony Snow as Presidential press spokesman 9. Bernard McGuirk finally able to -enlist in National Guard and serve as a technician defusing IEDs in Iraq- pursue waste ...
Minerva 04/13/2007 9 1 - -
The Unexpected Revelation from the State of the Union
The State of the Union on Tuesday was appalling. And it remains stunning to me that so few seem to be commenting on how truly appalling it was, or what was most appalling about it. Consider the ...
Minerva 01/28/2007 8 9 1 -
The Troop Surge and Product Positioning
Listening to the radio today in the car, it was astonishing to hear serious debate about a “troop surge.” My ears immediately perked up. To me “troop surge” -- a phrase ...
Minerva 12/19/2006 20 18 1 137
Its the President, Stupid
Minerva 11/05/2006 6 3 - -
Top 10 Reasons Republican Politicians Love Halloween
Minerva 10/23/2006 10 8 - 4
Haunted by THAT Picture
Minerva 05/29/2006 21 4 1 9
Deconstructing Bush's Border Charade
Minerva 05/15/2006 23 6 2 -
The Liberation of Kuwait and the Shia Uprising, 15 years Later
Minerva 02/26/2006 3 8 - -
Confronting Iran and Republican Incompetence
Minerva 02/19/2006 7 4 - -
Bush, Spying, and the Point of No Return
Minerva 02/06/2006 5 12 - -
The Vanguard of the Consumer Directed Healthcare Movement
Minerva 01/27/2006 4 4 1 -
25 Years Later: Observing the Dawn of a Dark Era (III)
Minerva 01/22/2006 21 28 3 23
25 Years Later: Observing the Dawn of a Dark Era (II)
Minerva 01/21/2006 16 39 4 32
25 Years Later: Observing the Dawn of a Dark Era (I)
Minerva 01/20/2006 149 311 50 34
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