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Top Ten Reasons Obama Will Lose the Election
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. What a horse race we have in this country. Barack Obama and Senator John McCain are competing for the highest office in the nation. Can Obama win? Alas, no. ...
Miss Snarkypants 07/17/2008 50 32 1 29
If 2000 GOP thought like us, Gore would be President
George W. Bush has abandoned us. Bush has abandoned his conservative principles. I might not even vote for him. If Al Gore wins, then that will teach the Republican party to listen to us. We ...
Miss Snarkypants 07/14/2008 20 7 - -
Obama is WEAK in Responding to Bush
OK, I admit that Obama is much better than prior Democratic candidates when responding to Republican lies and unsubstantiated attacks (such as our Dear Leader's claim today that Obama would wants ...
Miss Snarkypants 05/15/2008 59 9 1 24
Spitzer, Spitzer, SEX, SEX, SEX, Spitzer, Spitzer, Spitzer, SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX
SEX, SEX, SEX. Eliot Spitzer, SEX, Whore, Prostitute, SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX, Spitzer, SEX, SEX, SEX.
Miss Snarkypants 03/12/2008 30 3 - 1
Crooked Straight-Talker McCain
McCain has been willing to do whatever is necessary to become President. Forget that George W. Bush accused him of helping cancer kill people? Check. Forget that George W. Bush's cronies accused ...
Miss Snarkypants 03/07/2008 2 4 - 2
10 Ways Republicans Prove They LOVE AMERICA MORE
As we know, Republicans are clearly more patriotic than Democrats. The Republicans and the media have been saying it for decades so it must true. Here are the ten ways in which the Republicans ...
Miss Snarkypants 02/21/2008 18 40 1 174
Obama's Short List
I realize that many Obama supporters want to wait until Obama is the official nominee before thinking about potential Vice-Presidents. Certainly, nothing is guaranteed in politics. However, if we ...
Miss Snarkypants 02/20/2008 19 7 - -
Shocking Exit Polls
I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another that the exit polls from today's races are summarized as follows:
Miss Snarkypants 02/19/2008 25 16 - 11
Following Hillary's Example, Super Bowl is Cancelled
Inspired by Hillary Clinton's political rally in Florida on January 29, 2008 celebrating a victory in a straw poll in which she had already agreed not to campaign and understood that the votes would ...
Miss Snarkypants 01/30/2008 18 16 - 5
JRE Supporter: Criticizing Obama's Iraq Votes is Ridiculous
Criticizing Obama's Iraq votes is ridiculous--at least if you are Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton or anyone else who initially supported the Iraq invasion or voted foolishly to give President Bush the ...
Miss Snarkypants 01/24/2008 39 18 1 27
Pope Tells Right-Wing Freaks to Bugger Off Again
Oh, it seems like only a few weeks ago that the Pope told the Christian-coated right-wingers in this country that Jesus only started one Church and that their churches were only ecclesial ...
Miss Snarkypants 07/25/2007 107 21 - 7
How to Write a Gore is Running Diary
Follow these steps, and you are likely to get your diary on the Recommended List. At minimum, you will cause a significant percentage of the Dailykos community to suffer an interference of normal ...
Miss Snarkypants 05/29/2007 43 10 1 2
Indy 500 Prediction Thread
OK, time to take a break from all that politics stuff. Why worry your beautiful minds with facts and reality?
Miss Snarkypants 05/25/2007 11 2 - 3
93-Year Old Republican Shows How Bad Bush Has Been For Republican Party
How bad is George Bush for the Republican Party? Bruce is the grandfather of one of our best friends. Bruce is 93 years old. He has numerous health problems. He has all kinds of problems ...
Miss Snarkypants 05/11/2007 224 432 11 50
Evil Bastards!!!!  12,000 More Troops in Surge
I hate to say "Breaking" but it is what it is. They lie about everything. They knew the Medicare Bill was going to cost more than what they admitted. They knew that Ground Zero was ...
Miss Snarkypants 04/05/2007 34 18 - 7
Breaking: Santa's Naughty List is Longer This Year
Drudge and ABC are both reporting that Santa's naughty list is 31% longer than last year, significantly longer than any year in the past 14 years, and longer than any year in the past century except ...
Miss Snarkypants 12/18/2006 6 5 - 1
Dems Won. So What? Our Work Starts NOW.
Miss Snarkypants 11/15/2006 4 3 - 1
Snarky Songs TO RUB IT IN (Audience Participation)
Miss Snarkypants 11/09/2006 10 1 - 9
CNN SUCKS: Breaking news: Britney Spears Divorce
Miss Snarkypants 11/07/2006 135 14 - 10
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