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Someone's coming to talk about "Carrying a Gun For Safety". What should I ask him?
One of the things about college is the wallpaper. Not the interior decorating stuff, the literal paper on the walls: notifications for events. They're everywhere, they change almost weekly, and they ...
Mister Black 02/27/2013 65 4 - -
“Get with the times, pundits!”: How Nate Silver’s “Predictions Model” Works
Now that everyone here seems to have caught on to the idea that polling composites are just plan better than individual polls, I feel I have to write about how Nate Silver’s composite polling ...
Mister Black 11/07/2012 88 78 7 -
I don't fear these idiots one bit.
One of the reasons I like Daily Kos is the amount of content that its users generate. To be fair, a lot of them have a "preaching to the choir" sense. Then again, we only really have two choirs in ...
Mister Black 09/08/2012 5 14 - 120
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