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My Senator Griffin Story
Long-time Michigan Senator Robert Griffin has died at the age of 91. A staunch Republican and Richard Nixon loyalist, he proved to be a crucial swing vote when he finally pulled his support for ...
MisterBeagle 04/17/2015 2 1 - -
Benghazi Explained
Some people need pictures. Here is one:
MisterBeagle 01/28/2015 8 3 - -
Republicans:ACA as Catholics:Birth Control
If you want to see the inevitable adoption of the ACA by Republicans, I propose we look at the Catholic reality, not the doctrine, of the use of birth control. The “real” American Catholic view ...
MisterBeagle 10/28/2013 10 7 - -
The Math of the Gun Lottery, part 2
In my earlier diary I promised a second, little-discussed math-based observation regarding gun violence, and I will get to that, but first a recap of my first point in the light of some notable ...
MisterBeagle 01/26/2013 4 5 1 -
The Math of the Gun Lottery
While both sides of this debate seem intent on claiming direct cause/effect-based remedies to the issue of gun violence, they are missing two key math-based realities regarding gun-based violence in ...
MisterBeagle 01/26/2013 30 13 1 -
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