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Mojo Friday - "I'm Sorry." Are You? Really? - Edition
How many times have you seen someone apologize and knew their heart wasn't in it? They weren't the least bit sincere? Or, they qualified their apology? Or. somehow in their apology, they manage to ...
TexDem 05/29/2015 254 48 - -
Mojo Friday - Memorial Day, The Beginning of the Summer Season - Edition
Even though Summer doesn't start by the calender for almost another month for tourism, and commerce it starts this weekend. Yep, it's time to fire up all those engines and start belching even more ...
TexDem 05/22/2015 412 32 - -
Why can't we toss cow patties? [Mojo Friday post game show]
Welcome to the May 15, 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! So TexDem laments the loss of public shaming. Oh, for the days of stocks and scarlet letters! Wouldn't that be fun? !!! But alas,
bjedward 05/15/2015 10 10 - -
Mojo Friday - Nostalgic For Political Shaming - Edition
We just don't shame the way we used to. Or rather some people are incapable of feeling shame. Today's Republican Party is a collection of a mass inability to experience shame. Or feeling guilt, not ...
TexDem 05/15/2015 332 35 - -
Mojo Friday - Bacon and Religion, Do You Really Want That Theocracy? - Edition
Or Would You Really Prefer to Have Another Slice of Bacon? Let's all think about it. Do these many "people" out there who are pushing for us to "remain" (as opposed to becoming) a Christian ...
TexDem 05/08/2015 348 41 1 -
Too many politicians are followers (Mojo Friday post game show)
Welcome to the May 1, 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Today, TexDem asks if you are a Leader or a Manager? Ask that question of our politicians ... at the local, state and national ...
bjedward 05/01/2015 11 15 - -
Mojo Friday - Are You a Leader or a Manager? - Edition
I love finding new quotes that capture the essence of a good leader. I've run across many over the years and they repeat a theme. It's not about them, it's about you. Let me hear from you guys as ...
TexDem 05/01/2015 340 32 - -
No doubt in my mind - the Mojo Friday Post Game show!
Welcome to the April 24, 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! There is no doubt in my mind that President Obama ...
bjedward 04/24/2015 5 13 - -
Mojo Friday - White House Video Series - Edition
As many of you know my regular gig here at DKos, when I'm not filling in for TexDem, is a monthly diary showcasing the photographs taken by they White House Photography staff . For this weeks Mojo ...
bsegel 04/24/2015 284 30 - -
Mojo Friday - Ha Ha Redux - Edition
The content below has been previously posted . To me there are three things everyone should do every day. Number one is laugh. Number two is think -- spend some time time in thought. ...
TexDem 04/17/2015 355 30 - -
Now you've got your cameras? The Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the April 10 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! texDem expresses a little, ahem, cynicism, about what next?, as we put cameras everyone on the police. Frankly, the answer is ...
bjedward 04/10/2015 8 14 - -
Mojo Friday - You Got Your Cameras, Now What? - Edition
Let's say we get a body camera on every police officer, state trooper, sheriff's deputy and Federal LEO(Law Enforcement Officer, pretty much everyone who wears a badge), NOW what? Where is all that ...
TexDem 04/10/2015 265 29 - -
Oops ... they did it again! (the Mojo Friday Post Game Show!)
Welcome to the April 3, 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! I have to admit, when I read the 1st part of the title for today's Mojo Friday diary, I thought TexDem was talking about ...
bjedward 04/03/2015 11 14 - -
Mojo Friday - Ooops, They Did It Again - Edition. And by they, I mean German immigrants.
So what did they do again? The Easter Bunny and the Easter Basket . Yep, the same guys who brought us the Christmas tree gave us the bunny ...
TexDem 04/03/2015 358 39 - -
March silliness! The Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the March 27. 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Poor TexDem, he's sad about March Madness, as his beloved Tar Heels didn't make the sweet 16. Me, well, I don't really care! ...
bjedward 03/27/2015 10 16 - -
Mojo Friday - March Sadness - Edition
Well it is a more appropriate name for it isn't it? I mean ultimately there's only one team that ends up happy. Out of 68 teams that enter the tournament only one ends on a winning note the rest ...
TexDem 03/27/2015 372 36 - -
Mojo Friday - Morning Bloom - Edition
How many of you would prefer to see Lisa Bloom's face in the Morning in place of Joe Scaborough? Me too. Back in December The Daily Caller was attempting to give Ms Bloom a hard time for ripping ...
TexDem 03/20/2015 345 32 - -
Triskaidekaphobia? What about Fear of 47? The MF Post Game Show!
Welcome to the Friday the 13th of March 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! So today is Friday the 13th, hence the theme of today's Mojo Friday Diary: Triskaidekaphobia. After the ...
bjedward 03/13/2015 17 15 - -
Mojo Friday - Triskaidekaphobia - Edition
tris-kahy-dek- uh -foh-bee- uh noun fear or a phobia concerning the number 13. Didn't we just have a Friday the 13th diary last month? Why yes,
bsegel 03/13/2015 356 39 - -
Mugging for Attention? Me? The Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the March 6, 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Let's hear it folks! What drives you nuts about other people's writing because we know yours is perfect?
bjedward 03/06/2015 17 14 - -
Mojo Friday - Mugging For Attention - Edition
This isn't meant as an advertisement , just poking fun at our own Grammar Police on Daily Kos. Not overlooking our own writing and grammar pet peeves. That that that that that that. That ...
TexDem 03/06/2015 409 38 - -
Blue? White? Pale? The Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the February 27, 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! What color is this dress? What an unusual item for a dialogue, a conversation, a war to break out on the Internet the past ...
bjedward 02/27/2015 32 19 - -
Mojo Friday - A Whiter Shade of Pale - Edition
As we come to the close of Black History Month it's interesting to reflect on a what caught the headlines this month among them a Texas high school raising "White Power" signs (and other acts ...
TexDem 02/27/2015 471 36 - -
Birdbrain? Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the Feb. 20, 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Not much diary today ... too much work to do after travelling much of the last two weeks. But somehow many of the Republican ...
bjedward 02/20/2015 6 18 - -
Mojo Friday - Birdbrain - Edition
Or Are You smarter than a crow? I know you've spent countless hours contemplating whether or not a crow could pull off a complex puzzle to access some food, but seeing it does ...
TexDem 02/20/2015 554 42 - -
Mojo Friday - Friday the 13th - Edition
Oh, you hadn't noticed? Below I'll provide some jokes and quotes. Q: What song does Jason Voorhees sing on Friday the 13th? A: "Takin Care of Business" ...
TexDem 02/13/2015 474 37 - -
Squirrel! The Republican Strategy ... and today's Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the February6, 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Squirrel! Isn't that exactly a perfect one word summary of how the Republican's manage? And their strategies? They'll ...
bjedward 02/06/2015 10 16 - -
Mojo Friday - Squirrel - Edition
DISTRACTED Squirrel has come to be short-hand for being distracted which is exactly what happened to what I was planning to write this morning. I had a topic in mind since Tuesday. I had mapped ...
TexDem 02/06/2015 460 40 - -
It ought to be a Superbowl Commercial - Mojo Friday
Welcome to the January 30, 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Take our poll, and tell us you're rooting for, or not, in Sunday's game! I do enjoy the Superbowl commercials. I'm not as ...
bjedward 01/30/2015 19 15 - -
Mojo Friday - It's Not A Super Bowl Commercial - Edition
There's been a trend lately of releasing adds for the Super Bowl early. It actually started several years ago by showing the commercials before the game during all the pregame crap. Many commented ...
TexDem 01/30/2015 364 39 - -
It isn't just original artists who might be hiding - Mojo Friday Post Game Show
Welcome to the January 23, 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! It isn't just original artists (Grace Potter, for example), who are hidden away by other artists performing their work. And ...
bjedward 01/23/2015 7 11 - -
Mojo Friday - Grace Potter - Edition
Sometimes you hear a song you've never heard before performed by someone other than the original artist and it makes you wonder about the original artist. Such was the case several years ago when I ...
TexDem 01/23/2015 615 35 - -
Make 'em Laugh! Mojo Friday Post Game Show
Welcome to the January 16, 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! I don't know how I'd get through life without humor and laughing. I really don't. And that is especially true with regard to ...
bjedward 01/16/2015 14 16 - -
Mojo Friday - Ha Ha - Edition
With some much seriousness surrounding us today it's time to remember that humor is vital to being healthy. To me there are three things everyone should do every day. Number one is laugh. ...
TexDem 01/16/2015 315 34 - -
The Big Chill? The Post Game Show? Brrrrrr!
Welcome to the January 9, 2015 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Greg Laden's blog this ...
bjedward 01/09/2015 7 11 - -
Mojo Friday - The Big Chill - Edition
For the last several days the Deep South has experienced the kind of temperatures the Midwest and the Northeast experience most of the Winter. Low temperatures in the single digits or maybe hitting ...
TexDem 01/09/2015 417 31 - -
Mojo Friday - 2 January 2015 - Edition
BAMA lost! That makes me happy. The down side is, Ohio St. beat them. I'm not a SEC or a Big 10 fan. IMHO it should be TCU and Oregon playing for the title. But we'll all have to settle (again) for ...
TexDem 01/02/2015 380 22 - -
Post Christmas Blues - Mojo Friday Post Game Show
Welcome to the December 26, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Not a lot to write about today. I hope that each of you had a wonderful [Christmas | Hanukkah | Winter Solstice | Saturnalia |
bjedward 12/26/2014 7 11 - -
Mojo Friday - Post Christmas Blues, Ode to Joe, RIP - Edition
You may or may not have heard that Joe Cocker died this past Monday . With his gravelly voice and his Joe style of singing he was genuinely unique. We all have our favorite Joe Cocker song or maybe ...
TexDem 12/26/2014 302 27 - -
Cuba Libre? No .. Cuba joined! Mojo Friday Post Game Show
Welcome to the December 19, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Cuba libre? Mojito? Who the hell cares? I think it's delightful that we finally woke up to the fact that a 50-year ...
bjedward 12/19/2014 11 11 - -
Mojo Friday - Cuban Going To Cuba - Edition
Well known maverick and Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban, announced he's going to Cuba! That's right, a Cuban in Cuba! Cuban said it's a perfect fit for him and he sees a multitude of ...
TexDem 12/19/2014 482 25 - -
Who holds the lawyers accountable? Mojo Friday Post Game Show
Welcome to the December 12, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! TexDem today asks the question "How would it look if someone really wanted to use this type of argument [the Bush doctrine, "...
bjedward 12/12/2014 5 13 - -
Mojo Friday - The Bush Doctrine - Edition
I'm waiting. I'm waiting for some criminal to make an argument or a legal defense claiming he/she (may also apply to a corporation) can't be charged with a crime because their lawyer told them it ...
TexDem 12/12/2014 427 28 - -
Authoritarians? Libertarians? Anarchists? The Mojo Friday Post Game Show
Welcome to the December 5, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! I'll probably get to display a little political ignorance here today, but what the hell! Today TexDem talks about Altemeyer's ...
bjedward 12/05/2014 12 11 - -
Mojo Friday - The Authoritarians - Edition
For years I have given friends and colleagues who want to try to understand the mind of Tea Baggers and other hardcore righties a reading assignment; Read Bob Altemeyer's - The Authoritarians . In ...
TexDem 12/05/2014 337 30 - -
Here's a Christmas Playlist! Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the November 26, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Since TexDem called out some of his favorite Christmas and Hanukkah songs, I thought I'd share a playlist before, some of ...
bjedward 11/28/2014 14 13 - -
Mojo Friday - Holiday Music - Edition
In my house the day after Thanksgiving means it's time for Christmas and Hanukkah music. Here are some of my favorites. Please feel free to post your own favorite songs (or version of an old ...
bsegel 11/28/2014 331 25 - -
Perspective? They don't look past the end of their noses! The 11/21 Post Game!
Welcome to the November 21, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Today's Mojo Friday diary is about perspective. Well, I'm getting pretty frustrated by the fact that so many (especially ...
bjedward 11/21/2014 13 13 - -
Mojo Friday - Perspective - Edition
Life lends its own perspective The dictionary has several definitions for the word perspective . For our purposes here we'll focus on; 2 a : the interrelation in which a subject or its ...
TexDem 11/21/2014 387 28 - -
Call it "climate change" ... the Mojo Friday Post Game Show
Welcome to the November 14, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! I know that today's diary is headlined with Global Warming. But Global Warming is just one aspect of all the comes with ...
bjedward 11/14/2014 10 17 - -
Mojo Friday - Early Arctic Chill Confuses Global Warming Deniers! - Edition
As the country experiences another early November Arctic blast all the way south to Brownsville, Texas and parts of Florida, you can hear the echoes of ...
TexDem 11/14/2014 434 27 - -
Congrats to all our Democratic winners! The Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the November 7, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Congratulations to Bob Trammell. Congratulations to all those democratic candidates who won. My deepest thanks to all those ...
bjedward 11/07/2014 10 7 - -
Mojo Friday - Congratulation To Kossack Bob Trammell! - Edition
The newly minted Georgia State House Representative for District 132 Bob Trammell. Several of you may recall my diary from May 23, 2014 ...
TexDem 11/07/2014 387 34 - -
Don't just yell FIRE! Mojo Friday Post Game Show
Welcome to the Halloween 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! No, not that way! We don't need rank amateurs helping out our ...
bjedward 10/31/2014 3 12 - -
Community Quilt for Yasuragi
Meteor Blades' quilt in the quilting hoop Our friend, Yasuragi, has had a hell of a year, and she is in chroni pain. Onomastic is in close touch with her and kindly provided the details of what ...
Sara R 10/31/2014 325 122 1 -
Mojo Friday - FIRE - Edition
There are two topics related to today's subject. The first is the dwindling numbers of volunteer fire fighters. The second is an organization that ...
TexDem 10/31/2014 471 34 - -
I know nothing about politics
after all, I am a high school teacher and a blogger. How does that qualify me to comment about politics? I was at a political event in Arlington VA today and a friend who is running for local ...
teacherken 10/30/2014 70 101 2 -
Mojo Friday - NC House District 98 - Edition
I received a note yesterday via DailyKos Personal Message from Natasha Marcus with some numbers about how much work she has put towards getting elected. For someones first time out I think they're ...
TexDem 10/24/2014 355 30 - -
I was ignorant ... Mojo Friday Post Game Show
Welcome to the October 17, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! See that over there? My family was career navy, stationed in Northern Virginia while I was in college in upstate NY, where ...
bjedward 10/17/2014 20 14 - -
Mojo Friday - The New Confederate Flag? - Edition
Despite Nikki Haley's proclamation, there are many who don't want to show their bigotry and racism openly via the Confederate Battle Ensign aka "The Confederate Flag". There's another flag from ...
TexDem 10/17/2014 369 34 - -
Mojo Friday - Twitter One Liners - Edition
Did you know there is a twitter page dedicated to one liners ? I didn't either, but there it is. I think finding people's unintended one liners would be more funny, but I haven't found that one yet. ...
TexDem 10/10/2014 305 31 - -
Mojo Friday - You Might Be A Republican If... - Edition
Let's have some fun. Bring them on. The good, the bad, the ugly, the hilarious, the not so hilarious, whatever form, tell us your best GOP/Tea Party/ Republican jokes. You Might Be A Republican If.
TexDem 10/03/2014 503 40 - -
Facebook? Who's Got Time? Mojo Friday PostGame Show!
Welcome to the September 27, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Facebook? I'm not on Facebook, although I did open an account years ago. But who's got the time? Between work, spouse, ...
bjedward 09/26/2014 11 10 - -
Mojo Friday - What Gets Your FB Friends Attention? - Edition
I'm very political on my FaceBook page. Many choose not to be and that's fine, but if you come to my page expect to see something political. And that political posting may or may not elicit ...
TexDem 09/26/2014 361 40 - -
Mojo Friday - Arrrr! - Edition
September 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Admit 't, thar be a streak o' seafarin' hearty runnin' through sea dogs an' land lubbers who participates in Mojo Fridee. Join us below th'
bsegel 09/19/2014 352 42 - -
Mojo Friday - Cop Humor - Edition
A policeman stops a lady and asks for her license. He says "Lady, it says here that you should be wearing glasses." The woman answered "Well, I have contacts." The policeman replied "I don't care ...
TexDem 09/12/2014 439 34 - -
Adult ADHD (learn more!) - Mojo Friday Post Game Show
Welcome to the September 5, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! TexDem's diary made me do a little research today, as my (to be 20 years old next week) son has both a learning disability (...
bjedward 09/05/2014 49 14 - -
Mojo Friday - Adult ADHD - Edition
Today's diary is a classic example of my ADHD . I started it at 9:55 AM EDT and the diary goes up at 10:30 AM EDT. That's nothing new for me. It's a daily thing. Some people "get it" and others say ...
TexDem 09/05/2014 551 39 - -
Hotel Congress? No! Animal House! The Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the August 29, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! "What if we build a hotel for Congress? What would it need and what would it not need?" Really? Do you imagine it could be ...
bjedward 08/29/2014 12 12 - -
Mojo Friday - Hotel Congress - Edition
I made a comment to Dallasdoc's comment about how dense do our elected members have to be not to keep their residences in the states from which they are elected. I suggested we build a Congressional ...
TexDem 08/29/2014 371 28 - -
Mojo Friday - Bring me your tired, your poor... Journalist (Humor) - Edition
As we've all watched the events in Ferguson unfold, we are all still very much empathetic and sympathetic to the residents of Ferguson. But as the journalist have been camped out there going on two ...
TexDem 08/22/2014 351 27 - -
Fadoodling? The Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the August 15, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Get the puck out of here! Sorry, that's not hockey ... but when TexDem talked about Buck Songs, it was the first thing that ...
bjedward 08/15/2014 6 8 - -
Mojo Friday - Buck Songs - Edition
Of those of us old enough to remember when the ...
TexDem 08/15/2014 424 34 - -
NCAA - Pay me now or pay me later? Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the August 8, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! I think I disagree with TexDem a little bit here, as NCAA athletes are often at risk of serious life-...
bjedward 08/08/2014 20 16 - -
Mojo Friday - NCAA , To Pay or Not Pay - Edition
Or, What Constitutes Pay? With the announcement that the Power Five Conferences will have greater(although somewhat limited) flexibility to make their own rules the discussion almost ...
TexDem 08/08/2014 454 30 - -
Woodchopper's Ball - Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the August 1, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! I was so glad to see TexDem's Mojo Friday diary ... Woodchopper's Ball is one of my favorite Big Band / Woody Herman tunes, and ...
bjedward 08/01/2014 10 11 - -
Mojo Friday - Chopin Chops - Edition
I've been listening to some Chopin lately and thought I'd share some with you.
TexDem 08/01/2014 373 36 - -
What's in a name? Power! Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the July 25, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! What's in a name? Everything. Including ourselves. Many superstitions abound around the power of a name, of ...
bjedward 07/25/2014 17 14 - -
Mojo Friday - What's In A Name? II - Edition
I've been known to repeat a post every now and then. The reasons vary from having a Brain Fart and drawing a blank to some sort of personal discomfort that's distracting. Well this may be a little ...
TexDem 07/25/2014 403 27 - -
I hate what they're doing! Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the July 18, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! There are just too many, too frequent, stories and news articles about land desecration for profit. Whether Pilot Mountain near ...
bjedward 07/18/2014 8 13 - -
Mojo Friday - Save Pilot Mtn. - Edition
And the Yadkin River Watershed From almost anywhere in Winston-Salem that gives you a high vantage point when you look to the north you can see Pilot Mountain. That's What I grew up seeing. ...
TexDem 07/18/2014 363 31 - -
You Kant? Yes We Can! - Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the July 11, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! With today's Mojo Friday diary, this image and comment came to mind immediately. Some things are so frustrating right now ... ...
bjedward 07/11/2014 8 15 - -
Mojo Friday - I. Kant - Edition
Earlier this I was having a conversation with a close friend and the topic of liberal influences on religion came up as my friend was researching those influences. During that research the name of ...
TexDem 07/11/2014 491 36 - -
Mojo Friday Postgame Show - 7/4
Welcome to the Postgame Show for Mojo Friday - An American Profile - Edition ! Thanks to our most excellent host, MKinTN! (heh) Now here's a piece of completely useless trivia: this is the first (...
MKinTN 07/04/2014 5 8 - -
Mojo Friday - An American Profile - Edition
Reverse side of US $2 bill, from John Trumbull's 1919 painting, ‘Declaration of Independence’ Reminiscing on Independence Day brings to mind fireworks and family gatherings, parades and picnics...
MKinTN 07/04/2014 298 22 - -
More democrats please! Mojo Friday Postgame show!
Welcome to the June 27, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! It's great to see great candidates like Natasha Marcus ...
bjedward 06/27/2014 19 12 - -
Mojo Friday - Goodbye Thom Tillis! Hello Natasha Marcus! - Edition
Natasha Marcus, Candidate for NC House, District 98 Since Thom Tillis had to give up his seat in the North Carolina House (along with his Speakership), District 98 of the North Carolina House is ...
TexDem 06/27/2014 428 42 - -
Tonight? The World? Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the June 20th, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! I enjoyed looking at those photographs, today ... I hope you did as well. But a dark sky is becoming ...
bjedward 06/20/2014 7 14 - -
Mojo Friday - TWAN - Edition
H/T Noweasels TWAN is The World at Night a contest that is a collaboration with outreach and education group of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory and Global Astronomy ...
TexDem 06/20/2014 434 38 - -
Mojo Friday - Birthdays and Holidays - Edition
How many of you celebrate your birthday within a week or so of a gift giving holiday(ie; Christmas or Mother's Day and Father's Day)? I have two siblings who's birthday's fall really close to ...
TexDem 06/13/2014 395 34 - -
What now? Mojo Friday Post Game Show!
Welcome to the June 6, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Sometimes silence is the best thing. To share, to speak (?) ... on this day 70 years ago the beaches of ...
bjedward 06/06/2014 14 16 - -
Mojo Friday - Blank - Edition
What to write about without being cliche or repetitive? Of course the date lends itself to an obvious topic, but that's where repetitive and cliche really kick in. Trying to tug on heartstrings and ...
TexDem 06/06/2014 512 33 - -
Living Dangerously? The Mojo Friday Post Game Show
Welcome to the May 30, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! There's not doubt that we are, indeed, in a year of living dangerously. Matter of ...
bjedward 05/30/2014 7 12 - -
Mojo Friday - Years Of Living Dangerously - Edition
Have you been watching Showtime's series Years of Living Dangerously ? I wouldn't be surprised if you're not because as a person reading this site odds are you give a damn about what's happening. ...
TexDem 05/30/2014 833 42 - -
Mojo Friday - Turning Blue! - Bob Trammell Post Game Show
Welcome to the May 23, 2014 Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! Man, I'd love to see this happen in every red state in this country! Based on population and demographics, that ought to happen. ...
bjedward 05/23/2014 12 14 - -
Mojo Friday - Meet Bob Trammell, Candidate for Georgia State House District 132 - Edition
I met Bob six years ago when his law partner Stephen Camp was running for US Congress against Lynn Westmoreland (R, GA-3) {now a member or the House Select Committee on Benghazi, previously known as ...
TexDem 05/23/2014 570 40 - -
Mojo Friday - I Hear Voices - Edition
Not in my head silly. I hear people changing their voices all day long. Their voices change depending on their circumstances. I'm guilty too. When I wake up I'm told I have this deep soft bass. As ...
TexDem 05/16/2014 485 33 - -
I Swear! An oath! Mojo Friday Post game show!
Welcome to the May 9th Post Game Show for Mojo Friday! "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States."
bjedward 05/09/2014 8 13 - -
Mojo Friday - I Swear - Edition
The obvious topic today would be one on the subject of Mothers, but last week I promised I'd cover something else. And what was that? Swear words. Or rather variations of swear words. It can be as ...
TexDem 05/09/2014 530 35 - -
Mojo Friday - Disappointment and Disgust - Edition
Some life lessons truly take a lifetime. You grow up with people and you think you know them or at least their heart, but then one day you find out they aren't the person you thought they were. Your ...
TexDem 05/02/2014 558 40 - -
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