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Michele Bachmann and the Huma Abedin Witch-hunt
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and friends, please go somewhere to play so the adults can do their jobs. We have enough real and difficult problems in America that our government, which ...
Mojo79 07/18/2012 18 22 1 173
Grading the Obama Administration
Barack Obama has been President of the United States for almost two months now. It has been a shaky start for his administration at best, as I thought it would be. Any time a new president ...
Mojo79 03/19/2009 17 2 - 12
2012: Obama vs. Jindal (II)
I wrote this in June '08 but many didn't see this as likely back then, and of course Obama hadn't wrapped up the general election though I was certain he would. I wanted to raise this specter again.
Mojo79 03/02/2009 49 2 1 21
US-India-Israel Anti-Terror Alliance Needed
I wrote this several years ago, so it's a bit dated, but it applies NOW more than ever as we've witnessed another unspeakable horror in Mumbai. The problem is not going away easily. Radical ...
Mojo79 11/27/2008 83 2 - 16
Let Detroit FALL
It continues to upset me that GM, Ford, and Chrysler can produce inferior vehicles and expect the government to bail them out. Their cars are worse in every way: reliability, fuel economy, style, ...
Mojo79 11/25/2008 207 2 - 18
The Fall of John McCain
Let me preface by saying that John McCain for many years has been someone I had a deep respect for, the Republican candidate for whom I rooted in the 2008 Republican primaries just a few short ...
Mojo79 10/14/2008 8 8 - 1
The Sarah Circus
Sarah Palin's selection by McCain to be his running mate says volumes about McCain and his leadership style. It was the biggest decision of his presidential campaign, and he clearly decided to go ...
Mojo79 09/14/2008 4 - - -
Nasty Woman
I had initially thought that the Sarah Palin pick was a politically motivated and shrewd move on McCain's part. But I wasn't ready for how nasty a person she really is. Her classless speech at the ...
Mojo79 09/03/2008 112 20 2 39
Biden: Hatchet-Man. Good.
"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy." - Senator Joe Biden (D-Hatchetville) Obama's candidate for VP was announced ...
Mojo79 08/23/2008 21 3 - -
Obama Won't be the First Black President
The mainstream media, for lack of much that is interesting to say about the Obama-McCain general election battle, will focus on a number of tangential issues to keep political junkies watching their ...
Mojo79 08/11/2008 20 13 - 17
2012: Obama vs. Jindal
I wrote this in June '08 but many didn't see this as likely back then, and of course Obama hadn't wrapped up the general election though I was certain he would. Any thoughts now that it appears to ...
Mojo79 06/19/2008 77 5 - 39
Obama vs. McCain on Foreign Policy
The so-called pundits have been loath to make predictions on who will win the big general election: Barack Obama or John McCain. That is largely because of the new variables injected into the race ...
Mojo79 06/08/2008 5 3 - -
Obama's Biggest Mistakes
Barack Obama is running one of the most impressive primary campaigns in American history by most quantifiable performance indicators. He has raised more money, from more people than in any other ...
Mojo79 05/04/2008 57 5 2 -
Obama's Foreign Policy Positions
US presidential candidate Barack Obama is the only person in the race who has the right ideas when it comes to foreign policy. Obama has taken several controversial positions that have carried huge ...
Mojo79 04/06/2008 10 3 - -
(OBAMA + CLINTON) x Bloodbath = GOOD
Relax, Democrats. Yes, the race has gotten exceedingly nasty. Here I'll present why there's no reason to worry. Let's not pretend that running for president is a game of canasta. It’s a ...
Mojo79 04/06/2008 15 3 - 31
Obama's Perfect Storm
In the decades to come, historians will continue analyzing what happened in the 2008 election, especially how a young African-American inexperienced in national politics beyond a half-term in the ...
Mojo79 04/03/2008 24 11 1 -
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