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Prediction: Hillary Will Be Pro-TPP
House Democrats control almost 2/3 of seats (121/188) representing 20 big export-dependent metros , and the amount of Democratic voters living in manufacturing-dependent cities keep on declining , ...
DemProgStrategist 05/22/2015 12
Obama: "20 years from now... If Iran has a nuclear weapon, it's my name on this".
Obama granted a major interview to Jeffrey Goldberg to cover Iran, Israel/Palestine and ISIS. It was published in the Atlantic on Thursday and is well worth a read. I've highlighted sections I found ...
subir 05/22/2015 8
Hillary Clinton Never Supported the Bush/Cheney Invasion of Iraq
"She voted for the war!" "She's an unapologetic hawk!" "She's just another Dick Cheney when it comes to foreign policy!" These are the charges I've heard over and over again for years...and as a ...
Scan 05/22/2015 375
Questions for kos on Clinton (and some meta observations)
kos, in your piece from The Hill declaring Clinton a "true liberal," and in your own front page post essentially making the same case, The optimist's case for Hillary Clinton , you spoke not one ...
Bob Johnson 05/21/2015 702
29 shots, 2 dead, No Charges: The West Bank, Ferguson and Obama's call for Community Policing.
A blogger who goes by the name "John Brown" writes at +972mag, often with righteous fury. Over the past few months, he's teamed up with Noam Rotem to research incidents where Palestinian civilians ...
subir 05/19/2015 4
The people who were right then about Iraq demand traditional media stop rewriting history
As some in the traditional media have a field day tormenting would-be Republican presidents with the hypothetical "if you knew then what you know now" on Iraq, the large universe of us who knew ...
Joan McCarter 05/19/2015 167
With the fall of Rahmadi and Baghdad being threatened could the U.S be faced with the possibility of ISIS becoming a nation? What would that look like? Can the U.S. stop ISIS? Should we stop it? ...
prwsag52 05/18/2015 5
Marco Rubio positions himself as the president who will bring us our next war
Presidential contender Marco Rubio is trying his level best to bring back the glory days of the Project for the New American Century, aka The People Who Brought You The Iraq War. Are you the sort ...
Hunter 05/18/2015 75
Scott Walker stands by firing American workers as his top foreign policy idea
Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) Scott Walker got a little bit of side-eye from ...
Laura Clawson 05/18/2015 100
What we know now about Iraq we knew back then, too
Seeking to avoid the multi-day saga that Jeb Bush endured ...
Hunter 05/18/2015 145
Jeb shooting himself in the W. means that 'ultra-hawk' Rubio will be the GOP establishment's guy
The picture tells the story. No separation. Just call them Jebya. As bad as you may have thought this week was for Jeb Bush, it was actually worse. This is the week Jeb Bush lost the Republican ...
Ian Reifowitz 05/17/2015 209
Marco Rubio regurgitates Romney's foreign policy sound bites
As you may have heard, Florida Senator and ...
Jon Perr 05/14/2015 8
Sen. Marco Rubio is a foreign policy genius
Seeking to differentiate himself from his fellow candidates in the bar-top bowl of nuts that is the Republican primary, Sen. Marco Rubio is positioning himself as the candidate for grumpy ...
Hunter 05/13/2015 67
GOP, the party of shoot-em-up yahoos, embraces foreign policy as a winning issue in 2016
Republican voters have now decided that foreign policy is a more salient issue than the deficit or the economy for 2016, which means ...
Kerry Eleveld 05/11/2015 46

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