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Hail to the teachers: A reflection on an underappreciated corps
My husband’s mother spent her career in the classroom. For more than four decades she was the lively presence at the front of the room, stewarding group after group of first graders through the ...
Mom of Three 09/26/2014 4 7 - -
At the Top Of A Hill: No "Other" at the Playground
Recently two of my children and I visited an unfamiliar park in a part of San Diego that we have explored little. The park sits on a hill, some of the slope on its west side a retaining wall of ...
Mom of Three 07/16/2014 18 71 - -
For some, journeys persist: five years' wait to become dads
As an experimental psychologist, I have long been interested in how bias and perceptions influence our behaviors in often subtle but consequential ways. Last year, I wrote a diary about a lesbian ...
Mom of Three 10/22/2013 3 5 - -
No person is invisible: An open letter to a Catholic school
I suppose one could use that term "straight ally" to describe me. For a human rights issue such as advocacy against anti-gay bigotry, I wish the sentiment behind the term would go without saying, ...
Mom of Three 11/13/2012 36 104 - -
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