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"The $hitter and the Quitter"
Not much of a diary, but worth it for the smile. This morning while perusing different news sites I came across an article announcing the second season of Sarah Palin's Amazing America...and the ...
Morgan Sandlin 12/19/2014 8 9 1 -
Cervical/Uterine Cancer...Information Please
Earlier today I received a phone call from my physician here in Idaho Falls telling me that I had Cervical/Uterine Cancer. Yes, I wish I was a bit more precise in the words he used but to be honest ...
Morgan Sandlin 09/25/2014 52 79 - -
Ageism and Misogyny Just Fine In The GOP
We knew this was coming, but it still shocks me when its done. Karl Rove, in a visit to Fox News, referred to Hillary Clinton as "Old and stale". Politico He then continued to make references ...
Morgan Sandlin 05/26/2014 22 7 - -
Rep. Labrador Says "We Lost So No Immigration Reform For You"
Representative Raul Labrador, a man who puts the Tea Party first and his constituents second (..or third, after the Heritage Foundation) has a message for the rest of America. "President Obama won'...
Morgan Sandlin 10/16/2013 23 9 - -
If You Want To Have An Impact Fill The Void
Any relatively informed individual knows that the Tea Party does not represent the majority of the American public. They are a fringe group with a voice far in excess of their demographic ...
Morgan Sandlin 10/04/2013 3 5 - -
While The GOP Races to Photo-Ops Our Military Commissaries Are Closing
This morning N.M. Congressman Steve Pearce posted this on his Facebook page: It looks like the Park Service has replace the barriers to keep visitors out of the parks. Veterans from across the ...
Morgan Sandlin 10/02/2013 58 63 1 -
National Review and Andrew Stiles Go After Wendy Davis With Dirty Tactics..Boys Chuckle.
Notice anything wrong about these images recently found ...
Morgan Sandlin 09/27/2013 8 11 1 -
Tea Party Backed Bryan Smith of Idaho Already Selling His Influence
The Tea Party has been endorsing candidates in races where they find the GOP incumbent just not drinking deeply enough out of their punchbowl of hatred. One of those individuals is Attorney Bryan ...
Morgan Sandlin 09/24/2013 1 2 - -
Can We Stop With This Meme That Moderates Aren't Welcome At DKos?
Once again this evening I read a comment regarding Moderates not being welcome or not being able to freely communicate at DKos. I've seen this time and time again and most of it seems to come from ...
Morgan Sandlin 08/05/2013 384 134 - -
A Cumbrian View On Thatcher's Passing w/update From Mr. Connor
Copeland Council Member Karl Connor Many of you know that I returned recently from the rather wonderful experience of spending years in the U.K.. During that time I had the pleasure of meeting ...
Morgan Sandlin 04/08/2013 33 35 - -
Hate Site Free Republic Gets Even More Crazy
I popped over to Free Republic to see what the Tea Party /Far Right wing of the Republican Party had to say regarding the tragic events this morning. Its not pretty, its not even sane, but it ...
Morgan Sandlin 12/14/2012 28 36 - -
The Binder Meme...Poor Mitt
This shouldn't be a diary but I'm incompetent at photos so couldn't figure out how to place this in a current diary thread and its simply too delicious to not share.
Morgan Sandlin 10/17/2012 18 6 - -
NH Pride Fest Sells Out LBGT Supporters for 50 Bucks and Free Chicken
By now most of you know that fellow on the right, Dan Cathy, head of Chick Fil A. We are all aware of his reprehensible practice of providing funding in the MILLIONS to causes that seek to not ...
Morgan Sandlin 08/02/2012 17 2 - 197
Romney Demanded to See Ted Kennedy's Tax Returns
This will be a short diary but I found this amusing and another example of Mitt Romney's utter inability to be consistent in his principles or representations.
Morgan Sandlin 07/16/2012 24 27 - 262
Mitt Romney Has Already Told Us He Was Responsible For Bain' Actions.
At the 2009 House Republican Conference retreat Mitt Romney made this statement of concern regarding President Obama: " I hope for America’s sake that he knows that a Chief Executive can’t vote �
Morgan Sandlin 07/13/2012 12 18 1 154
Sorock Wasn't Speaking to REAL Native Americans at NN w/request
Land of Enchantment's rec'd diary regarding a rather bizarre encounter at NN's Native American Caucus with a woman later identifed as Anne Sorock piqued my interest. What purpose could there be ...
Morgan Sandlin 06/07/2012 124 193 2 1340
Newt's Meglomania...and other Facts.
Many individuals, myself included, think of Newt Gingrich as an example of far right wing extremism and a decidedly dishonest individual. If you wish for reminders of how this man became a pariah ...
Morgan Sandlin 01/20/2012 12 8 3 96
The Best OWS Coverage
A tossaway diary, but.... Found this in a Diary this morning and have had it on ALL day whilst doing other work. Great coverage, reasonable camera work under difficult circumstances...and ...
Morgan Sandlin 11/17/2011 5 3 - 145
Freepers Think Cain is Saved by Voice Test, But Its Just Not True. w/Update
While roaming around the internet today I popped over to Free Republic to see how Perry supporters were doing and ran across an interesting thread. Its title is Investigator: Herman Cain ...
Morgan Sandlin 11/10/2011 50 32 - 268
Top Foreclosure Firm Mocks Those They Made Homeless. Heartless!!
For some its all is okay as long as you have yours..for others what's even better is when you have yours, have helped put others on the street, and you can combine the two in a PAAARRRTTTTTEEEE! ...
Morgan Sandlin 10/30/2011 14 10 - 79
Joe the Plumber, Palin with a Wrench. Be Warned Ohio.
Morgan Sandlin 10/26/2011 19 6 - 98
Anonymous Is Taking Out Child Pornography Sites w/Final Update
I know very little about the Anonymous Movement. It is clear that the group incites both positive and negative reactions, but I just discovered something they are doing that is absolutely wonderful.
Morgan Sandlin 10/24/2011 316 413 4 3307
Reconciliation...Then and Now
Various members of the Grand Old Party are expressing outrage that the Democratic members of Congress may use reconciliation to pass Health Care Reform. They either don't know how to ...
Morgan Sandlin 09/12/2009 7 2 - 5
Freepers are mad as hell...and final update.
..and they aren't going to take it anymore!! This should be interesting. I sauntered over to FreeRepublic land to see if there was any response to the fact that most reasonable Americans are ...
Morgan Sandlin 07/12/2009 1531 639 12 230
The Danger Is Closer Thank You Think
Morgan Sandlin 03/10/2009 201 42 1 50
Larry Johnson and No Quarter, No Dime, No Sense
A recent post by a DKos writer got me to thinking about the shell of a man that is Larry Johnson.
Morgan Sandlin 01/23/2009 107 11 - 26
An Ex-Pat Begs..Show Me Your Clips
Unfortunately, because I'm in the U.K., I can't get the live feed of HBO's coverage...I've been trying to piecemeal clips here and there off the web... ..and I just saw Pete Seeger's amazing ...
Morgan Sandlin 01/18/2009 34 10 - 2
Okay. Who Passed Out the Weenie Pills While I Was Gone??
Sheesh, I go off to the U.K., am at the mercy of their telephone service for the line in our new home, and I finally get back online, check into DKos and its Chicken Little all over the place. ...
Morgan Sandlin 12/17/2008 36 17 - 27
To Those I Failed, I Apologize.
Could be the fever I'm running...could be the fact its my birthday I'm alone in my house in New Mexico, but I'm feeling guilty and just want to say "I'm Sorry".
Morgan Sandlin 11/12/2008 26 15 - 2
DKos Didn't Leave My Candidate Behind, I Did.
Kos recently wrote another front page diary imploring readers to "Leave everything on the road", a concept I rather like. I loathe November 5ths when they contain "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda's". ...
Morgan Sandlin 10/27/2008 19 9 - 9
My Time in the U.K., Their Hopes and Fears
It was suggested recently by a few Kossacks that I write regarding my time here in the U.K. and some of the interesting exchanges I've had with some citizens here regarding our upcoming Presidential ...
Morgan Sandlin 10/06/2008 78 39 2 167
Sarah's Top 10 Debate Statements from Letterman. Just for Fun
David Letterman did a great job with his Top 10 last night...and as I am 7 hours ahead of you guys and will be up late to watch the debate tonight I thought that this would be a good way to have a ...
Morgan Sandlin 10/02/2008 35 13 - 2
Dear Bill, and others of your ilk, bye bye...
I know, I know, there are those who will say just stay quiet, keep the peace, but I'm over it. We dont' have to keep the peace...and staying silent in the face of Bill Clinton's egocentric ramblings ...
Morgan Sandlin 09/28/2008 81 26 - 26
McCain/Palin. Bigger Liars Than We Knew w/Final Update
Salon has an article up that should cause shock and dismay among all Americans. Follow me below to discover what their dirty, lying keyboards have been up to.
Morgan Sandlin 09/24/2008 352 1077 30 96
Palin 'meets' Sally Field..Now Give Her Her Damn Oscar
Can we please just stop with some of this silliness. This is our future we're speaking of and the Palin/McCain ticket is making a mockery of the challenges we face.
Morgan Sandlin 09/22/2008 43 11 - 2
Chris Matthews Insists The GOP Take Responsibility..And They Just Can't Do It.
A wonderful exchange between Hardball's Chris Matthews and Eric Cantor (R-Va) regarding the Republicans running from their record, the results of their stewardship and even their own name.
Morgan Sandlin 09/19/2008 29 23 1 16
Lindsey Graham Goes Too Far..Waaaay Too Far.
McCain, for whatever reason, has selected a Vice-Presidential candidate that was bound to create controversy and questions. Its been interesting to watch the GOP talking heads scramble as they ...
Morgan Sandlin 09/02/2008 67 42 - 20
McCain and Romney Get Nasty...With Each Other
While smiling and stroking each other's back, perhaps security should check and make sure that neither McCain nor Romney's hand contains a knife. Let's have some fun and see how these two really ...
Morgan Sandlin 08/28/2008 19 10 1 -
PUMAs for Hillary? Maybe Not So Much.
The main stream media has been beside themselves with every little tale about some supposed Hillary supporter who will be voting for McCain. We've heard ad nauseum about the 'concern' these same ...
Morgan Sandlin 08/25/2008 46 30 1 30
Obama Sells Out Invesco in 24 Hours..Well done.
Nothing like adding to the party atmosphere at the Democratic Convention by selling out your venue. Obama has sold out Invesco Field, where he will accept the Democratic Nomination for the ...
Morgan Sandlin 08/08/2008 68 34 - 31
...And the U.K. Follows Obama's Lead
Interesting tidbit from the Guardian. Brown signals Iraq troops withdrawal This ...
Morgan Sandlin 07/22/2008 7 11 - -
McCain Recycling Endorsements..Old News better than No News?
Reviewing Politico and a few other sites I noticed several articles referencing several Flag Officers endorsing John McCain. Something caught my eye as I perused the list. As the spouse of a ...
Morgan Sandlin 07/16/2008 18 9 - -
PUMA has NO place at the Convention.
This morning, while trying to post a photo on another diary, I was reintroduced to the pathetic little group that is PUMA. What piqued my interest was a little blurb on their page of outrage that ...
Morgan Sandlin 07/15/2008 129 8 - 33
Fundraising That's About More Than The Cash.
Many of you know that I enjoy fundraising for candidates that I support. While it can be intimidating, especially when what many people hear of are the events that require the larger donations, it ...
Morgan Sandlin 06/11/2008 6 4 - -
Taylor Marsh is SERIOUS. Why? Because she says so.
Many Kossacks have wondered from time to time what would happen to some of the more do whacka do blogs after Obama became the Democratic nominee. Well, we are getting are first hints. Some ...
Morgan Sandlin 06/05/2008 60 25 1 39
Hillary is just too dangerous, too high-maintenance.
Boy, I thought I was a high-maintenance chick. Hillary tops me and then some. She has lost...period. Hillary isn't getting the nomination, but she is now, as the loser, demanding recognition. ...
Morgan Sandlin 06/03/2008 42 22 - 25
Clinton Wants Obama to Lose. We Can Stop Her.
It is obvious to many that the Clintons are sending the message "Hillary is your nominee or we will force a loss in November". Statement after statement, action after action, they have shown ...
Morgan Sandlin 05/21/2008 48 17 1 22
There Can Be NO "Unity" Ticket Thanks To Hillary
I've seen diary after diary on DKos, MyDD and TalkLeft espousing a "Unity Ticket" with Hillary Clinton as vice-president as a way to solve our problem regarding reuniting the Democratic Party. ...
Morgan Sandlin 05/14/2008 61 13 - 20
Cheers to Hillary is 44, Taylor Marsh and MyDD
Many independents and members of the Democratic Party were distressed to see the negative tone taken by the Clinton campaign. It was hard to watch a Democratic candidate use such rovian tactics ...
Morgan Sandlin 05/09/2008 658 609 11 102
Politico all in for Hillary
Go to the Politico website and you get quite a surprise...
Morgan Sandlin 05/06/2008 118 14 - 24
The Checkbook is Closed....
One of the things I truly enjoy about Daily Kos is the opportunity it affords me to learn of out of area candidates who represented reasoned progressive positions. I have donated generously and ...
Morgan Sandlin 05/05/2008 26 20 - 18
Save me from the Drama Queens (Jerome Armstrong and Clinton Fans)
I'm the first to admit I'm old school regarding politics. Give me a candidate I can get enthused about and I'm working my rolodex and my telephone, organizing fundraisers, yard signs, speaking ...
Morgan Sandlin 04/17/2008 86 33 - 23
Another Clinton Fade..the Protest that Fizzled
I'm starting to get the impression that there is a general malaise in the Clinton Camp. The much-touted anti-media protest that was supposed to take place this morning in New York outside of the ...
Morgan Sandlin 04/11/2008 91 29 2 19
'brillo-head hypocrite'??
Perhaps its just me. Perhaps I'm too idealistic, but I truly don't think so. I play politics by the 'old school' ways, I don't wear rose-colored glasses and can take punches as well as give them.....
Morgan Sandlin 04/03/2008 70 8 1 1
The Endorsement Drama
The opening paragraph on kos' front page post poses a question, but it's not the question I wanted to see asked. Tonight, we at Blue Majority are asking our readers on Daily Kos, Open ...
Morgan Sandlin 02/25/2008 65 5 - 11
Big Deal. She wasn't supposed to win!
We will hear, and have heard, this refrain over and over from the Clinton campaign. "This contest doesn't matter because Hillary was expected to do poorly." "Wait for the next round." The ...
Morgan Sandlin 02/19/2008 30 17 - 19
Seriously, Look at this, Damn it!!
Okay, this isn't a diary in the classical sense, heck its not a diary in the Comedy Central sense, but I would ask each of you to take time out this evening, while we are all advocating our ...
Morgan Sandlin 02/05/2008 12 2 1 -
Obama Leading in Colorado
Hillary has a lot of support with the powers that be in Colorado..and she inherited some more from the Richardson campaign after Big Bill opted out of the race...but she has to be looking at this ...
Morgan Sandlin 01/27/2008 57 38 2 12
For Heaven's Sake..OWN your Diary!!
I just observed a perfect (and cheesy) example of a diarist hiding from answering for their opinion, while trying to avoid being called out for their outrageously thin commentary.
Morgan Sandlin 01/26/2008 139 15 - 10
Edwards Draws the Line...Clinton Should Listen
I don't have the transcript yet...will try to obtain it..but I'm listening to John Edwards right now and I'm stunned. Stunned that this man is not getting more attention, stunned that we have a ...
Morgan Sandlin 01/13/2008 58 37 - -
Clinton Teachers Union Moves to Block Obama Union from Voting.
The Clinton backing Teacher's Union are have filed a lawsuit to object to Nevada's "at large" precincts which were developed to make it easier for individuals within the Strip area to participate in ...
Morgan Sandlin 01/12/2008 620 219 2 33
Where do Richardson Supporters Go? Catch the Wind.
I've read many comments this evening about where Bill Richardson's supporters will go. From the firm "Oh, its gotta be Hillary" the "He made a deal with Obama"..and a few in between. With ...
Morgan Sandlin 01/09/2008 73 10 - 8
thereisnospoon, I'm Calling You Out!
Yeah..that's right. You, you know who I'm talking to. Get ready for it. I've read your diaries with interest, I have respect for your writings but tonight when I came on the board I could have ...
Morgan Sandlin 01/08/2008 32 17 - 9
I'm Sending Money To Edwards...He's Worth It.
Most of you that know me know that I'm a supporter of Bill Richardson's. I still am. No apologies, glad he's still in competition and he still has my firm support. Both my husband I have maxed ...
Morgan Sandlin 01/04/2008 41 39 - 3
DKos IS Influential
Probably more than many of you realize. A recent diary spoke to some of the frustration felt by many here due to the failure of many in Congress to actually lead. I share much of that frustration.
Morgan Sandlin 12/20/2007 20 25 - -
Clinton to Obama: Shut Down Your Pac
MSNBC has an interesting bit of "outrage" on the part of the Clinton campaign. Seems that the Clinton Camp is a tad ...
Morgan Sandlin 12/02/2007 89 11 2 9
Donna Edwards has Substance...this Diary Doesn't
I was reading the recent diary by Donna Edwards, made a donation..and got to thinking of a wonderful evening I had here a while back.
Morgan Sandlin 11/03/2007 58 11 - 9
You Can't Run So You Can't Hide??
You can't make some of this stuff up. In response to Foreign Service Officers in the State Department being a tad hesitant to serving in a war zone, GOP Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter fires ...
Morgan Sandlin 11/01/2007 10 4 - -
Diane Denish-NM for U.S. Senate. Let Her Hear Us.
Morgan Sandlin 10/16/2007 27 13 - 6
Don't like Hillary..Love Pooties
Seriously..enough with the guilt. I don't want to hear about "Let's not talk about our faults..let's talk about them", which is really self-serving "Let's not talk about Hillary". I feel like a ...
Morgan Sandlin 10/14/2007 82 18 - -
Smurf Two More Polls.Turn them Blue. Updated
Hopesprings has a great diary up that has totally "corrected" a poll on a think-tank site. Here are two other polls in the body of that diary which could probably use a little more positive input.
Morgan Sandlin 10/13/2007 67 28 - 11
Gonzales Lawyers Up
Alberto Gonzales has hired George Terwilliger of White & Case. Terwilliger is a former Deputy Attorney General who was actually up to replace Gonzales. He was also involved in the Florida recount ...
Morgan Sandlin 10/10/2007 31 23 - 12
I killed my best friend today...
Everyone that knows me and knows her tells me it was the right thing to do...but I have spent this day in tears...capturing myself..and then sliding into another grief ridden puddle. What do you ...
Morgan Sandlin 09/26/2007 286 254 4 56
Remember this Rudy??
Oh the outrage!! Rudy takes out an ad begging the question "Who Should America Listen To?" regarding the Iraq War. Jim Dyke, Rudy's senior communications advisor, states on MSNBC: I&
Morgan Sandlin 09/14/2007 11 5 - 28
Don't Fly JetRed
There is much anger voiced over JetRed's withdrawal of support from Yearly Kos and reasonably so. The question now is what action does DKos take in response?
Morgan Sandlin 07/20/2007 13 1 - -
The Necessary Evil or Ask For The Cash
During my relatively short tenure here on DKos I've seen numerous comments from individuals obviously frustrated, feeling that influence is weighted towards those with money. Unfortunately, any ...
Morgan Sandlin 07/18/2007 11 17 11 147
Romney pays a price for pretty
Who needs makeup when you have charges like this to make you blush. The double-standard is a tad delicious.
Morgan Sandlin 07/16/2007 25 9 1 -
Crash Lieberman's Party!!!! Updated
Something exciting happening here tonight! We have a group of Kossacks bringing the party here. Its an online fundraiser for Tom Allen to show Joe Lieberman that it doesn't take $3,000 a plate to ...
Morgan Sandlin 06/21/2007 10 13 - 5
I'm NOT a Hokie..
and I'm not Columbine either. With all due respect to recent Diary authors..I'm not going to pass off this recent incident by saying "I'm one of you..I feel". Give me a break. Like I would know ...
Morgan Sandlin 04/22/2007 8 5 - -
Bite Your Tongue
The House Armed Services Committee is banishing the phrase "Global War on Terror" and its about darn time. This from the Military Times : A memo for the committee ...
Morgan Sandlin 04/05/2007 3 2 - -
Sorry Hillary, We Are Not For Sale
This is why I dismiss Hillary Clinton and her run for the Presidency. In response to Obama's fundraising report the Clinton Camp offered the following: "A top Clinton fundraiser ...
Morgan Sandlin 04/04/2007 36 9 1 6
Att. Gen. Gonzales is Not the Big Prize...
I think its important to take a "big picture" view of the Attorney General Scandal now rocking Washington. Yes, Attorney General Gonzales is unworthy of his position and getting him to step down ...
Morgan Sandlin 04/03/2007 7 12 - 13
Am I the only one???
I wouldn't be writing this except its April Fool's Day and Kevin Federline is getting ready to take over..but I have to ask. Has anyone else been fooled by the sense of community this forum ...
Morgan Sandlin 04/01/2007 17 2 - -
A Card for Tony Snow
I would be happy to prepare a card and send flowers from many of us on the board to Tony Snow. I could contact one of my husband's companies' consultants (We don't like to call them lobbyists ...
Morgan Sandlin 03/27/2007 21 3 - -
Moderately Abused
I, like many others, became aware of Daily Kos through references in the MSM. My first visit was prompted by one such reference. After reading a news article I popped in to Daily Kos to see what the ...
Morgan Sandlin 03/18/2007 31 14 - 7
Helen Thomas stays Front and Center
Helen Thomas will keep her front row seat at the White House Daily Briefings. I'm sure many of you recall the comments made by members of Fox & Friends when they decided to have a little fun at Ms.
Morgan Sandlin 03/17/2007 19 31 1 6
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