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Proposition 2 Flashback: Gov Romney Supports Michigan Public Employees Right to Collectively Bargain
A little known fact: Gov. George W. Romney signed into law PERA – The Public Employees Rights Act in 1965 – that protected the right of collective bargaining in Michigan. The critical ...
Morton Montgomery 11/05/2012 2 2 - -
George W. Romney’s Franken-Son: Mitt & His ‘Noble’ Lies
Mitt is an admixture of lies and deceit. Chief among these is the dissimulation of the idea led by his wife, Ann, that Mitt is a sterling example of the nobility of his father a Moderate and highly ...
Morton Montgomery 10/31/2012 27 45 3 -
Paul Ryan’s Evil Goddess: Ayn Rand’s Atheistic & Wanton Destruction of Public Life & Common Good
Perhaps no one represents a more direct and serious threat to the public welfare today than Paul Ryan . A foolish and self assured rebel who heads up the Randian Crusade into the abyss (See “
Morton Montgomery 10/30/2012 27 3 - -
For Mitt Romney, Billy Graham ‘Sells Out’ His Faith & Jesus for Political Advantage
The Core Doctrine of the “divinity of Christ” as Christian doctrine is betrayed by Dr. Graham for Political Advantage. For decades Billy Graham as assumed the role of the presumptive U.S. “...
Morton Montgomery 10/19/2012 28 8 3 -
Southern Baptists in the Political Nutcracker: Vote Occult Leader, Black Man or Neither
The largest fundamentalist protestant group in America is now undergoing what may be the religious ‘Waterloo’ of the 21st Century. This shocking direct assault on Fundamentalists’ basic ...
Morton Montgomery 10/10/2012 24 9 1 138
The Crushing Blow to Mitt’s Quix-Toxic Quest: ‘Good Samaritan’ or ‘Corporate Bandit’
All secure behind closed doors we have seen and heard you Mitt, chumming with your choice of friendlies - ultra-rich supporters . You told us in Tampa you were a man of goodwill and great ...
Morton Montgomery 10/01/2012 2 3 - 42
This Christmastide: What Do you see on Mitch McConnell's Countenance ?
Can you find compassion, forgiveness, and restoration in those cold eyes and that hard-set jaw? We have looked into his eyes and we do see national disaster and trouble far beyond anything ...
Morton Montgomery 12/25/2010 8 1 1 98
George W. Bush & the Tragic Death of Christmas in Iraq
For over two millennia Iraqi Christians have survived many dangers and threatening regimes until G.W. Bush, America’s “Born Again” Christian president, mounted unprovoked war on ...
Morton Montgomery 12/24/2010 8 5 1 37
Blackwater's Prince: Can a blood and guts commander of a mercenary army be a Christian?
For the dear naive folks of his home town, Holland, MI, the swaggering & unrepentant Erik Prince of Blackwater ill-repute is an upstanding & "fine Christian" & a "true blue American patriot."
Morton Montgomery 05/06/2010 2 5 - 33
God's Mercenary: Erik Prince, Blackwater's Commandant
Erik Prince and Ilk-Commit Original Civic Sin: Losing the Faith in Our Government--Giving Up on America Blackwater's Entanglement in False Profits and Ungodly ideologies illustrates the growing ...
Morton Montgomery 05/05/2010 14 5 - 36
TRYING TO HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT, PRINCE BLACKBALLS HOMETOWN MEDIA COVERAGE Going home to address a large group of his hometown, Erik Prince (Address at the traditional Tulip Time ...
Morton Montgomery 05/04/2010 25 16 - 23
Body Bagger Preachers & Glenn Beck--Death to Obama
The right-wing hate speech polluting the debate over health care is generating more and more threats against President Obama, some truly frightening. Threats against the life of President Obama are ...
Morton Montgomery 09/13/2009 20 17 - 172
50 Mendacious  Myths Broadcast Across America to Defeat Health Care Reform
MORE FALWELLIAN TRUTH TWISTING FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE Most everyone has been exposed to one or more of the following myths or twisting of the language in the current House Bill ...
Morton Montgomery 09/02/2009 2 4 - 6
The Catastrophic Collapse of the Health Care Bubble ?
The loss of the foundational role of health care providers and provisions is unthinkable. But re-think the "unthinkable," the improbable collapse of other sectors has now occurred. Is such ...
Morton Montgomery 08/30/2009 20 8 - 10
 Wicked Wordsmithatrix:  Betsy McCaughley
Mistress of Serious Mischief -- The Conservatives' Dangerous ...
Morton Montgomery 08/28/2009 21 19 - 49
Palin-tology:  Right Wing Theology & Theatrics Behind the “Death Panel” Ruse  
Roger Ebert, , focuses laser-like on the stunning psychological impact of Sarah's use of the term death panels:
Morton Montgomery 08/19/2009 4 2 - 70
Quell the “Exhilaration of Rage” Before It Uncontrollably Engulfs Our National Psyche
We have marched blindly, with proud stupidity, into the valley of bombastic verbal confrontation that can have no good outcome. Words now hurled, epitaphs, curses, and ad hominem attacks are ...
Morton Montgomery 08/10/2009 5 4 1 14
The Market is not the answer, the Market is the problem
In the economic current crisis the market is not the answer, the market is the problem. Forces endemic to the structure known as “Wall Street” and/or the Free Market ...
Morton Montgomery 07/15/2009 42 37 3 231
Going Galt: The Marketplace slide from the "Invisible Hand" to "Sleight of Hand"
The association of entrepreneurial individuals who join and leave the community-at-large in pursuit of their own private goals and gain leads to unintended consequences and outcomes. Witness our ...
Morton Montgomery 04/10/2009 16 5 - 30
Greenspan’s Goddess Encounter: Ayn Rand Sanctifies Greed
Alan's goddess and Adam Smith are currently influencing a virtual capitalist smackdown. Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” has been slapped away by the “free hand” of ...
Morton Montgomery 04/09/2009 25 6 - 23
Ayn Rand Extreme Capitalism's Goddess of "Selfishness"  Rules Current Economic Undertow
Beyond the grave, Ayn Rand shapes the far-right economic thought patterns. Rush Limbaugh ...
Morton Montgomery 04/07/2009 38 7 1 70
Cutthroat Capitalism: Feasting off the failure of others--for profit
Dennis Kucinich announced last week (Kucinich questions $3.6 billion in bonuses to Merrill Lynch executives),
Morton Montgomery 04/05/2009 53 7 1 1
Corporate Media Chuckle-glides Over Mountains of Fraud, Ignoring a Massive Banking Cover-up
The Media excuse: It’s a financial calamity too dangerous to the world’s economic stability to fully expose to the public and fix using the rule of law. Enter Bill ...
Morton Montgomery 04/04/2009 4 7 - 20
Irreparable  Harm Worldwide Has Been Done by Bush To Evangelicalism: Part Three
Bush is no devout Christian. In fact, he may not be a Christian at all. – Ayelish McGarvey George W. Bush: Cardboard Christian Part Three Part One:
Morton Montgomery 03/04/2009 5 3 - 33
Irreparable Harm Worldwide Has Been Done by Bush To Evangelicalism: Part Two
George W. Bush: Cardboard Christian Part 2 Bush is no devout Christian. In fact, he may not be a Christian at all. – Ayelish McGarvey &...
Morton Montgomery 03/03/2009 44 12 3 188
Irreparable Harm Worldwide Has Been Done by Bush To Evangelicalism: Part One
George W. Bush: Cardboard Christian Part One Having the form of godliness, but denying the power thereof. – Christian Scripture Bush is no devout Christian. In ...
Morton Montgomery 03/02/2009 22 17 1 37
Cardboard Cowboy: George W. Bush All Hat and No Cattle
Arrogance and obstinateness in "defense" of liberty has created a great vice . -- To reword an axiomatic principle from the Goldwater textbook. It would seem as though ...
Morton Montgomery 01/19/2009 6 3 - 28
LaHaye Vs Obama: The Obama as Antichrist Accusation
Assessing Damage from a Religious Fundamentalist Ideological Insurgency in a Time of Severe National ...
Morton Montgomery 01/16/2009 30 23 1 194
Bush: Anti-Christ Politician
Never let a man imagine that he can pursue a good end by evil means, without sinning against his own soul. --- The evil effect on himself is certain.
Morton Montgomery 01/07/2009 23 20 7 216
Smart Money Bets George W Bush May Preemptively Pardon Himself  &  Dick Cheney
The house of Bush is imploding on its idiot son, George, who was delivered the presidency by cunning handlers and opportunists. The black ink of publishing and the black on light blue ...
Morton Montgomery 12/02/2008 40 4 - 8
Cleaning Out the Bush Defiled Oval Office: Removing a great stench in the nostrils of God
Watching the subdued cooperation in the transition of the White House from the Babylonian Captivity of Bush to the hopeful advent of an Obama era one is reminded of an interesting back story about ...
Morton Montgomery 11/17/2008 7 9 2 49
Centenarian Daughter of Slaves, Rejoice--Obama Wins !
Have not her weary feet come to the place for which her enslaved ancestors sighed?
Morton Montgomery 11/03/2008 7 6 1 14
SpongeBob, The “Babe” Palin & Dr. Partisan Powerbroker
Dr.James Dobson is an unflinchingly serious man. He has been a member of a very powerful religio-political group known as The Council for National Policy, a carefully secretive group ...
Morton Montgomery 11/02/2008 3 5 1 -
Desperate Dobson’s Darkside Crusade & Nov 2nd  Segregated Sunday
It is the accepted fact that in the most segregated hour of the week is the Sunday worship hour. The Republicans to whom Harsh Right Radio and James Dobson are trying to reach out ...
Morton Montgomery 11/01/2008 5 3 1 -
Dobson’s Shocking Anti-Jesus Tome
Across the hinterland this Election Eve, guess who is exciting fear and fear mongering amongst the gun owners, the religious and the exurban minded? —James Dobson.
Morton Montgomery 10/31/2008 32 14 2 14
The“Mark of McCain”--Unfit: The POW-MIA Debacle
“John McCain may be a tough war survivor, but he is no hero.” -- paraphrasing the late Colonel David Hackworth
Morton Montgomery 10/30/2008 15 10 2 1
Reasons Why Sarah Palin  Is a Terrrible Threat To America
Radical Christian Xenophobia and Radical Beliefs Earlier it seemed unimportant to form a position on the danger, if any, Sarah Palin and Dr.Dobson might constitute to the well-...
Morton Montgomery 10/29/2008 12 5 - 9
Violate Sarah Palin’s Assemblies of God Doctrine on Premarital Sex--Head Straight to Hell.
Painful Moral Conflict Confronts Sarah Palin in Regard to Premarital Sexuality Palin’s views on moral purity and inflexibility on pre-marital sexuality should trouble voters ...
Morton Montgomery 10/28/2008 17 1 3 6
Puckering up to Palin by Dobson: Lipstick & Ear Candy
The signal went out October 22, 2008 on hundreds of Christian Radio Stations to over 7 million daily listeners: James Dobson’s phone interview with Sarah Palin. It was really ...
Morton Montgomery 10/26/2008 14 7 - 28
Palindora: The Contemporary Version of Pandora's Box
Moyers warns us, “Beware the terrible simplifiers.” Palin, the rustic, with her gritty media savvy, has made simplicity,unstudied remarks, and political offense/...
Morton Montgomery 10/24/2008 9 2 1 6
Winky, Dinky, Parley Voo:  Awake to the Peril Palin Puts to You
Morton Montgomery 10/15/2008 4 2 1 29
Sarah Palin: Daimonizomai & Belief in Powerful Demon Possession
IMAGINE THIS: Sarah Palin can look into the eyes of Putin and discern a demon--“the spirit that may motivate people who are not indwelt by the Holy Spirit.” Thayer&...
Morton Montgomery 10/12/2008 9 5 - 19
SARAH PALIN IS A VACUOUS HOTTIE: It's all about sex, stupid.
Palin adds a bit of spice and a ton of malice to the presidental race. She's well on her way to becoming Ann Coulter TRUTH BE TOLD: McCain's choice of ...
Morton Montgomery 10/11/2008 44 5 1 13
CALL OUT LIST for Provocateur Palin:McCain/Bush Camp’s Former Commies & Political Felons
If the provocateur Palin is going to perp walk Obama’s connection to Ayers, then here’s a list of former Communists, Trotskyites, Straussian NeoCons, and political criminals ...
Morton Montgomery 10/10/2008 6 5 - 25
America, America, for shameful waves of gilded greed
THE NAME OF GEORGE W.BUSH IS NOW FOREVER IDENTIFIED WITH GLOBAL FINANCIAL CHAOS America, America, may God shed the light of justice on thee. There is a stark scripture,
Morton Montgomery 10/09/2008 5 2 - 9
McCain shouldn't throw stones at Obama: The Moral Character Issue
Sex, drama, and fairly obvious lies The Los Angeles Times and Mark Helprin featured very damaging information that the LA Times found in their routine investigation of John ...
Morton Montgomery 10/07/2008 5 6 1 1
Mavericks, Rogues and Rubes: The Odd Man Out
Mavericks go their own way. The term originated with Samuel Maverick, a 19th century Texas rancher who refused to brand his cattle; unbranded strays came to be called mavericks. ...
Morton Montgomery 10/02/2008 1 1 - 10
Palin’s Gospel Grit: A Resource on Palin's Religious Background
What you don't know about Sarah Palin's belief structure and background can hurt you...real good.
Morton Montgomery 10/01/2008 8 4 - 3
News Flash: White House Secretly Prepping Palin for Debate
George W. Bush volunteered his services to help Sarah Palin prepare for her only VP debate with Joe Biden Thursday night. The White House has released this photo of the ...
Morton Montgomery 09/30/2008 8 5 2 -
Palin Vs. Putin  No  Contest  We Lose  
Here is an image for do-it yourself campaigners. Copy and post where you can. It has been field tested. Tremendous and immediate impact. It works wonders on the ...
Morton Montgomery 09/28/2008 14 - - -
Saint Sarah of Wasilla
If the strict-morals conservatives heading up America’s cultural and religious war needed a brash and idyllic fresh face, a mythic idol, a feminine maiden with directed purpose, ...
Morton Montgomery 09/28/2008 2 1 - 18
Pleading for Mrs. Todd Palin: The echo chambers turn up the volume
Morton Montgomery 09/25/2008 13 10 1 15
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