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My donations - some feedback?
I officially ended my 2014 election season political giving last week. I'd like to get some feedback from any interested parties in terms of feedback for this cycle and suggestions for 2016.
Mostel26 11/01/2014 11 5 - -
ACA battles - not putting up with conservative BS
I typically avoid getting into full on battle mode with the local conservative jackasses who post on the comments section of my county newspaper. The editors put up a pro-ACA editorial today and it ...
Mostel26 03/12/2014 13 13 - -
Really Alex Sink?
Wow! Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!
Mostel26 03/11/2014 64 14 - -
Trash from the NY Times
I know I shouldn't be surprised, but the New York Times hit a new low on education commentary today with their editorial "The New Mayor and the Teachers." If I violate fair use standards, please ...
Mostel26 12/02/2013 11 10 - -
Beating Corbett with a Kane
With Kathleen Kane winning the PA Attorney General race, I’m feeling overwhelmed with a feeling of optimism that we can set off a series of positive events in our commonwealth to stake out a ...
Mostel26 11/08/2012 12 12 - -
Democratic Convention Says F U to Teachers
Cory Booker is slated to present the platform at the national convention in a few weeks. Booker convention link Poor choice!
Mostel26 08/24/2012 7 4 - 131
Voter ID Help
I fully admit to having ZERO ability to coordinate this effort, but I’d like to know if there are any groups out there that are working to connect recently disenfranchised voters to being able to ...
Mostel26 03/08/2012 8 3 - 39
Trash from the PA House
Unreal. Just as I get done wrapping up some lesson planning, my afternoon was interrupted with a bone-headed communication about public employee pensions from a member of the PA House of ...
Mostel26 12/20/2011 1 1 - 15
Thanks a million Meehan
I felt compelled to email my ding-a-ling Congressman, Pat Meehan, to let him know my displeasure at his “yes” vote on jamming up the payroll tax cut extension.
Mostel26 12/20/2011 2 1 - 43
My petition on education
The White House is now allowing petitions to be posted, and 5000 signees will get you an official response! This dairy will be a short but sweet run down of the contents of my petition. Long story ...
Mostel26 09/26/2011 3 - 1 41
Sestak's back ! or ?
After a nearly two year gap my old Congressman, Joe Sestak is back to posting on here. He’s put up a series of articles over the past two weeks, and I’m hoping that he’ll be on a ballot near ...
Mostel26 09/21/2011 10 - - 140
Progressives: We are the Wolf Pack
While the shower was waking up my brain this morning, I came upon the following thought; we as progressives really and truly stand for all of us. We are the wolf pack. I will explain below.
Mostel26 09/17/2011 9 4 - 108
My letter to the editor
For those of you not in the Greater Philadelphia Area, you might not be clued into Sunoco’s plan to sell or close their refinery facility in Marcus Hook, PA. Energy policy discussions aside, over ...
Mostel26 09/08/2011 3 2 - 43
Apple says no to Civil Liberties
We all have our pet peeves. One of mine is checkpoints on roads. Seatbelt checkpoints, license/registration/insurance checkpoints, and DUI checkpoints all represent a questionable use of tax dollars,
Mostel26 06/24/2011 32 6 - 198
Summer Reading
As of Thursday night my summer started with the close of the 2010-11 school year. Now I need to grab some books to read this summer. Suggestions?
Mostel26 06/18/2011 4 - - 48
The Anti-teacher paTROLL
School has gotten busy as we head into the end of another year. I haven't been on here as much over the past few weeks due to getting married, moving, putting together final exams, etc. The other ...
Mostel26 06/09/2011 39 10 - 158
Norms in Education
This won't be a long diary. I wanted to put it up quickly before I head out this morning to meet up with some students at a community event. We'll be out planting trees, etc. My goal in this diary ...
Mostel26 03/05/2011 8 5 1 56
The other "N" word
I have jury duty today. Although I feel bad at leaving my students at school with a sub, I feel I need to report and do my civic duty. As a teacher of American Government I like to set a good ...
Mostel26 03/01/2011 95 19 1 594
Teacher Tenure
Tenure for educators in under attack from all sides. Christ Christie, Scott Walker, Michele Rhee, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Arne Duncan, and (at times) President Obama himself have all joined ...
Mostel26 02/27/2011 59 13 1 194
My Birthday Present
Today I gave a birthday present to myself. I officially changed my voter registration to become a member of the Democratic Party.
Mostel26 01/24/2011 11 8 - 205
Students shut up!
Valerie Strauss, a great education writer in the Washington Post, had an article posted yesterday about some moronic administrators in NYC schools that censored a student play. Please give it a read;
Mostel26 12/25/2010 13 7 - 39
My first diary here: A copy of an email to Joe Sestak
I was moved to contact my Congressman, Joe Sestak, via email today due to a rather defeatist set of quotes in my county newspaper in regard to the tax “deal.” This diary doesn’t ...
Mostel26 12/11/2010 34 17 - 51
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