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Is This Week's RWNJ Outrage Valid?: Hawaii's $205 million Obamacare Exchange Implodes
The beauty of RWNJ false outrage is that they always kind of convince me off-the-top until I look deeper into the thing and realize they're just howling at the moon, as usual. Like on the phony IRS ...
MovieJay 05/14/2015 17 3 - -
Michele Bachmann NOT Seeking Re-election
She just released this special announcement on her website a few minutes ago. I'm speechless. I hope it has more to do with her wanting so badly to be President and not with the numerous ethics ...
MovieJay 05/29/2013 287 204 3 -
BREAKING: FL-18 Recount Finished; Murphy Gains 242 Votes Over West FORT PIERCE -- Results of recounting more than 37,000 St. Lucie County ...
MovieJay 11/18/2012 317 394 3 -
Can President Obama Do a Live Roll Call On Middle Class Tax Cuts in Prime Time?
You know, the way Jeff Bridges did in that 2000 movie "The Contender". Can he address the nation and then, right there on live teevee announce that he wants to see the vote play out in front of ...
MovieJay 11/15/2012 5 1 - -
If the GOP didn't cave on taxes before, why would they start now?
I mean, why is anyone thinking that an obstinate bunch of know-nothings would all of a sudden start living in reality? Republicans live in a bubble of their own design where tax cuts create jobs ...
MovieJay 11/15/2012 57 7 1 -
How to Share Image of Electoral Map Predictions?
You can go to or and fill out the electoral map to your liking. You can link people to those pages that have your map on twitter or facebook. But is it possible to take the ...
MovieJay 11/05/2012 5 - - -
Democratic Politicians: Please Do Repeat Awesome Things The President Says!
A lot of entertaining Senate and other down-ballot debates took place yesterday night all over the country. A lot of good Democratic candidates. One in particular is Tammy Baldwin, who is ...
MovieJay 10/19/2012 2 4 - -
FULL President Obama Speech in Iowa Today
Does this seem like a guy on the rebound or what? After scoring a much-needed win in the 2nd presidential debate last night, the President stumped in Iowa earlier today. With polls essentially ...
MovieJay 10/17/2012 1 4 - -
Full Speech By Michelle Obama in VA Today
So far this is the only link to the entirety of the First Lady's remarks today in Loudon-Leesburg, Virginia that I've been able to find. Am not able to embed it here, probably because of that ...
MovieJay 10/09/2012 5 1 - 46
Romney Tries To Hold Onto The "Big Mo"
I'm a straight shooter. A liberal with bite. I took a lot of flack for my last diary post, titled "Sorry To Disagree, But We're Losing". I know what my politics are and who I'm rooting for. I know ...
MovieJay 10/09/2012 1 1 - 86
Sorry To Disagree, But We're Losing.
Before you pepper with me with insolence, hear me out. If the election were tomorrow, I think Barack Obama would win. Barely. People around here are putting up poll results and jumping to ...
MovieJay 10/07/2012 163 7 - 763
Gloria's Letter: The Best Obama Ad You Haven't Seen
This ad was dropped by the Obama campaign on Sep.17. It got snuffed out by the "Romney 47%" story. Better two weeks late than never. It's the single best ad of the campaign season, a reminder of ...
MovieJay 10/02/2012 3 15 - 154
How Does Obama Answer This Question at Debate?
For Mitt Romney, the toughest question that will probably come his way is: You say the first thing you'll do is repeal Obamacare. Can you tell us what it is you would replace it with? That's gonna ...
MovieJay 10/01/2012 33 7 - 322
Must-See: Sen.Webb's Full Intro of Obama
A lot of people have been looking for this since last night. It is Sen. Jim Webb's full intro of President Obama in Virginia Beach yesterday, where he tears into Mitt Romney. President Obama's ...
MovieJay 09/28/2012 30 56 2 391
About Victory & Caution
This is my first diary post. I'm a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S., currently living in Toronto. My vote used to be registered for New York, but now it gets counted in Florida since the ...
MovieJay 10/16/2008 3 1 - 9
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