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CA Fracking Moratorium Blogathon: SB 1132 in Suspense!
Success in Sacramento this morning! As hundreds of California citizens waited for a chance to speak, California State Senate Bill 1132, calling for a moratorium on fracking, successfully moved ...
boatsie 05/19/2014 53 56 1 -
Please Help. The Deadline is March 7, 11:59 PM to Submit Your Comments.
As many of you know, we are holding a blogathon this week on Daily Kos to solicit comments from you in opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline. Why is it necessary for you to participate in it? I'll ...
JekyllnHyde 03/04/2014 36 96 5 -
Hummingbirds - Hopeful Voices in Our Midst
For the past many years, the struggle to find meaningful solutions to urgent environmental problems has been between rational forces of light on the one hand aligned against, on the other side,
JekyllnHyde 09/15/2013 46 90 4 -
Keystone XL: Cynicism on the Potomac
You know the news is going to be bad when they bury it at 4pm on a Friday. We dealt with this for eight years during the Bush administration. I never thought we'd be doing it again under John Kerry'...
Michael Brune 03/01/2013 42 74 1 -
Van Jones, Hip-Hop Caucus, Indigenous Environmental Network & more join XL Blogathon!
Bill McKibben of, Sierra Club and Hip Hop Caucus have organized a climate change demonstration at the White House on February 17th to urge President Obama to say no to the Keystone XL ...
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 02/10/2013 67 70 4 -
Whole Foods CEO: climate change not such a bad thing
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey must be shorting his own company. Instead of running his business, he's once again running his mouth off and alienating customers. Mackey, a self identified libertarian ...
owl06 01/18/2013 43 25 1 -
"Responsibility. Patriotic Pride. Accountability."
Climate Solutions for a Stronger America is a communications "guide for engaging and winning on climate change & clean energy" intended for politicians and others regularly engaged on debate.  This ...
A Siegel 09/06/2012 3 14 - 45
Collapse of Siberia's Coastline is Releasing Huge Amounts of CO2
Melting and erosion of permafrost along Siberia's vast Arctic coastline is releasing huge amounts of CO2, about ten times more than previously ...
FishOutofWater 09/01/2012 137 305 4 1567
Leading water scientists say world must transition to vegetarianism
Leading water scientists from the The Stockholm International Water Institute are issuing a stern warning that food shortages in the future will dictate a global transition to vegetarian diets by ...
VL Baker 08/26/2012 89 37 3 329
The intersection of health, transportation and climate change
The top ten reasons we need a great (convenient, affordable, clean, fast, dependable, beautiful, walk/bikeable) public transportation system in Vermont/New England/ the US of A: 10. Who doesn’t ...
Rebecca Jones MD 08/25/2012 32 66 2 272
Arctic sea ice extent crashes to record low
Arctic sea ice extent measured by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) set a new record minimum today. All doubt is gone that 2012 will obliterate all the old record lows on sea ice area, ...
FishOutofWater 08/25/2012 86 166 7 609
Game Over
“…water is on the table for every single one of us. When it’s gone, game over.” Erin Brockovich The 7 p.m. Mexicana Airlines flight from DFW to Ixtapa was running late, so I spent the down ...
praenomen 08/24/2012 98 360 10 2344
Climate SOS: Deniers, Rejecters and Skeptics, Oh My!
What's up with these people? We've known for a long time that climate change is a really dangerous thing. We've waited and waited for the government to address it, and gotten instead a lot of ...
mightymouse 08/23/2012 52 48 2 174
What do we do when we see the deluge coming? [Take two, updated]
[ For anyone keeping score at home, this is a repost of a piece I wrote back in January, edited and updated for this week’s Climate Change SOS blogathon. Thanks to PDNC and boatsie for allowing ...
SolarMom 08/23/2012 63 67 5 316
Climate SOS! Witnessing the Outer Banks Drown & Drawing the Line at 20ft Sea Level Rise
At the height of hurricane season in September I join the annual migration of a group of surfers to Cape Hatteras to catch the swells. One of the popular, well known surf spots we go is named S Turns,
FishOutofWater 08/23/2012 54 247 8 1162
Climate Change SOS Blogathon: Through No Fault of Their Own
The quote below from Chief Arvol Looking Horse was regarding the BP Oil Spill but I believe his words are also applicable to climate change. We are out of sync with our mother, our father, our earth.
Pam LaPier 08/23/2012 26 51 - 154
Former Vice President Al Gore Joins Our Climate Change SOS Blogathon!
Meteor Blades and I are pleased to announce that Former Vice President Al Gore is now a kossack and will be participating in our Climate Change SOS Blogathon . We first invited him to join us with ...
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 08/23/2012 56 157 3 521
Climate SOS: There Is No Daylight
“I just hope they don’t get us all distracted on that global warming thing, because we’ve got some serious concerns about the coal export terminal.” This comment was offered by someone I ...
James Wells 08/23/2012 24 49 1 242
Direct Action for Climate Justice: Confronting False Solutions to Climate Change
Over August 9-12, fifty participants and trainers gathered in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom for a Climate Justice Direct Action Training Camp. The camp, organized by Red Clover Climate Justice and ...
Anne Petermann 08/23/2012 8 32 1 96
Climate Changes SOS: Leadership, Partisanship, and Public Opinion
I am not a climate scientist or an environmental activist. I am just a mom, a citizen, and a gardener, and I am concerned about the world we are leaving for our kids and grandkids. I think that ...
blue jersey mom 08/23/2012 24 54 2 177
From Birmingham to Bamako: How Farmers Deal with Drought
by Vanessa Meadu, Francesco Fiondella and Brian Kahn The massive and wide-scale drought that has left American farmers shaking their fists at barren clouds is the fifth-worst on record for the U.S.
Vanessa Meadu 08/23/2012 19 34 1 171
Climate Change SOS Blogathon: Sea Level Rise...Extreme History, Uncertain Future
In the past, the relative sea level has been several feet higher than it is now, even without Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). It is possible that the current level of the sea is lower than it ...
gregladen 08/23/2012 17 47 4 203
Climate Change SOS: Where Was the Gas?
I live in remote northern NM. In communities like mine, climate change means extreme weather events. We all watched the unfolding of Katrina, and now know that an extreme weather event can be ...
TheFatLadySings 08/22/2012 16 52 - 170
“Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math:” CCSOS
“Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math” — Bill McKibben’s call for a carbon divestment movement Note: Tom Athanasiou , a long-time left-green writer and critic, is Executive Director of ...
tomathanasiou 08/22/2012 30 54 6 246
Karl Burkart: The Solutions to Climate Change are within our Grasp - CCSOS
I just returned from an inspiring day-long immersion at the National Clean Energy Summit 5.0 in Las Vegas. It was a veritable barrage of intelligence on everything from the latest in Smart Grid and ...
boatsie 08/22/2012 19 79 4 239
Attacks on climate change education are attacks on our future
The greatest climate change battlefield in the US may not be Congress and the White House, but the nation's more than 17,000 elected school boards and the classrooms they run. Disputes over local ...
jrosenau 08/22/2012 7 37 2 98
Climate Change SOS: Soil is the Solution, or the most important environmental story I'll ever write
Sven, "Soil is the Solution" might be the most important environmental story you'll ever write. It is part of the solution to our environmental challenges. The story belongs on the front of the NY ...
citisven 08/21/2012 248 474 58 1802
CCSOS: Climate change just isn't Santa anymore.
Climate denialists are having some trouble with science these days. Well, they've had trouble all along, but the final nails are in that coffin. The simple fact is that all of their attempts at ...
rb137 08/20/2012 47 83 2 535
Building Resilience in a Changing Climate: CCSOS
Climate shocks are on the way. We’ve already spewed so much carbon into the atmosphere that a cascade of worsening crop failures, droughts, floods, and freak storms is virtually guaranteed. You, ...
RichardHeinberg 08/20/2012 28 57 1 196
Boycott Tar Sands? Canada Will urge a boycott of you!
No, you read that right.
Ellinorianne 12/21/2011 21 30 - 206
GOP Keystone Corruption, by the numbers
Right at the moment, Republicans in the House and Senate are doing their level best to ensure a speedy approval of the Keystone Pipeline by attaching it to the payroll tax cut. Their claim is that ...
Bill McKibben 12/09/2011 41 82 5 276
Report from Durban - The Sierra Club at the Climate Change Conference
I am posting this diary on behalf of Nichole Ghio of the [...
JekyllnHyde 12/06/2011 7 21 2 97
Durban climate talks enter the week when we'll see if anything gets done. China budges (maybe)
Scientists have created this BEDMAP image of Antarctica ...
Meteor Blades 12/05/2011 69 44 3 174
The First Nations herculean fight to stop the Canadian tar sands hydra
Canada is ground zero for the most environmentally destructive projects ever conceived - the tar sands oil extraction that now stretches into three western provinces. First Nations opposition to ...
DWG 12/05/2011 14 46 6 123
eCOP: Building US Leadership from the Inside
In 2009, President Obama made a bet. He told the crowd assembled at COP15 in Copenhagen that the US would be "cutting our emissions in the range of 17 percent by 2020, and by more than 80 percent by ...
enviro writer 11/29/2011 3 13 - 52
Darwin Comes to Durban: Overcoming "Survival of the Fittest" Mentality at UN Climate Talks
T his recent Bloomberg headline sums up just about everything that's wrong with the UN climate negotiations,
Kelly Rigg 11/27/2011 13 16 - 81
In Which Time Magazine Prints My Climate Letter...and That's Not All!
As some of y'all know, I maintain a daily ritual of writing a LTE on climate change issues. This started on January 1st, 2010, and I'm now approaching the end of my second year. Frankly, it's a ...
WarrenS 10/28/2011 75 217 5 745
Children, Drought, and Fuel in East Africa - A Photographic Essay
All photographs and captions in this diary are from [Daisy Carlson of Cool Hive]. They are being used with ...
JekyllnHyde 10/18/2011 17 39 1 152
Remarkably good news on the Keystone front
So many powerful things are happening at once that it gets a little hard to keep track--but that's a good kind of problem to have. First thing: a huge front ...
Bill McKibben 10/17/2011 90 490 5 2213
Moving Planet: "The impacts of man-made climate change in Ethiopia" by Sophie McGrath
Sophie McGrath spent the last year working with Oxfam East Africa in their Addis Ababa office. She first reported for Daily Kos as part of ...
boatsie 09/25/2011 6 16 1 57
Moving Planet: "The Peak Oil Crisis: The German Army Report"by Tom Whipple
This article by Tom Whipple is being republished with the permission of Post Carbon ...
boatsie 09/25/2011 21 29 2 138
San Francisco Moves the Planet (fun photos galore!)
Yesterday people across the globe came out to make their voices heard about ...
citisven 09/25/2011 14 32 - 132
Moving Planet: A Wiser 350
Earlier this month, WiserEarth's founder, Paul Hawken (author of Blessed ...
PeggyWiser 09/25/2011 4 11 - 43
Moving Planet: What Moves and Rocks My World
What a wonderful weekend of stories and images of people all over the globe getting ...
VL Baker 09/25/2011 25 21 - 124
Moving Planet Liveblog: Report Superheroes
This is the Liveblog for today's activities around the country and the world. This is the place to report your Superheroes who are fighting to keep our mothership from sinking. If you ...
citisven 09/24/2011 21 22 - 90
Variations on a Moving Planet Theme: Two LTEs
A confession: I'm not doing anything for "Moving Planet" — it's a soggy day here and I've spent the day so far at home with my daughter. But I wrote two LTEs yesterday hooked on today's theme. ...
WarrenS 09/24/2011 22 14 2 46
Moving Planet: Fossil Fuels Aren't Cheap
We've heard the arguments. The developing world must burn coal because of the bottom line. Clean energy costs are prohibitive for developing nations. Coal is cheap. Coal is easy. That is, it's ...
rb137 09/24/2011 19 46 1 170
MovingPlanet: Poems for the Trip
MovingPlanet@Kos is a collaborative action with the Moving Planet team, the Global Campaign for Climate ...
ulookarmless 09/24/2011 5 11 - 51
Killing or Creating The Future: Solar at two ends of the Mall ...
A drama is playing out at two ends of the National Mall. One act is receiving massive news attention while the other act rests in obscurity for most Americans. One act focuses on destroying ...
A Siegel 09/24/2011 5 28 - 119
Moving Planet: Coal Country: From India to the Heart of Appalachia by Nicole Ghio
Nichole Ghio, Sierra Club Campaign Liaison, Policy and Organizing, reports on Day 2 of of India/Appalachia Coal Activist ...
boatsie 09/24/2011 9 27 1 104
A very (planet) moving experience
Getting the planet moving is an attractive plan. People will take part if it's fun and easy and they can do something, anything, with other people locally. After all, fossil fuels aren't phasing ...
jamesgreyson 09/24/2011 5 9 - 57
Moving Planet - Bangkok
A week after Car Free Day in Bangkok, where several thousand folks joined in a ride & rally (see pictures below), we had Moving Planet!
B Amer 09/24/2011 8 16 1 61
Moving Planet: Yemen This Morning By Bill McKibben
Note: Bill McKibben reports in from an iPad as the sun rises on the West Coast of the US. He will be speaking at San Francisco's Massive Moving Planet Rally at 1PM today.
boatsie 09/24/2011 16 32 1 106
Moving Planet: Transitioning is Moving Me
Definition ...
Ellinorianne 09/23/2011 21 86 5 437
What can one person do, when 6.8 billion are frying the planet?
frankejames 09/23/2011 32 56 3 187
"Moving Planet" Global Day of Action: Planet Earth Calling You
Moving Planet is a worldwide rally to demand solutions to the climate crisis taking place on Saturday, September 24th 2011—a single day to ...
RandW 09/23/2011 1 2 - 17
Moving the Planet, with just a bicycle.
Today, we see the start of fossil fuels being replaced by electricity. Hybrids, and electric cars and in the soon to be future Fuel cell vehicles, will continue the trend. That is correct we have ...
Roger Fox 09/23/2011 6 15 1 62
Moving Planet: Freeways for bicycles, as in the old days - by Richard Register
This is an article published by Ecocity Builders founder Richard Register ...
citisven 09/23/2011 6 23 - 85
Moving Planet: Launch Post from 9/22
There are so many positions in Yoga which are not about movement per se. They are rather directives to use your imagination to stretch or release your body into unoccupied space. The seemingly ...
boatsie 09/23/2011 2 12 - 37
House passes extremely anti-environmental TRAIN Act
David Nir 09/23/2011 28 22 1 159
Moving Planet Bus is Up to Us Final Preparations
Mount Pleasant, SC, USA - Rhonda Weichsel facilitated a very productive survey of the Old Village / Coleman Blvd. area this morning in preparation for tomorrow’s door to door transit ...
wjhamilton29464 09/23/2011 2 2 - 24
Moving Planet: A Tale of Two Cities
When it comes to transportation, my hometown of Los Angeles could not be more ...
Kelly Rigg 09/23/2011 11 23 - 78
Moving Planet: A Story of Sheep and the Climate Crisis
Jill Richardson 09/23/2011 37 98 2 312
Taking the Reins of the Climate Movement
By now you’ve probably seen the viral footage of good Samaritans rescuing a motorcyclist trapped under a burning car in Utah. The victim, ...
enviro writer 09/23/2011 19 51 1 281
MovingPlanet Earthship: 9/22-25
boatsie 09/22/2011 30 32 - 260
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