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Corporate Spying
AOL has announced it is changing its privacy policy on email ( They will start emulating google ( and data mine your email to ...
Mr D 08/09/2014 7 5 1 -
Mr. Obama Please Stop Enforcing Immigration Laws
Obama has stopped enforcing immigration rules for some undocumented immigrants. Now he needs to rise to the occasion and ...
Mr D 07/21/2014 15 1 - -
I got in a discussion with my friend about the Congressional Budget Office. Now I am curious what the general sentiment is out there. Optimism, Pessimism, Realism...
Mr D 03/25/2014 6 - - -
Demarchy to Solve Campaign Contribution Abuse
Demarchy is how we select juries. We take a select group of peers from a random sample and then have them deliberate on an issue. The advocates for the two sides of the issue then make their cases ...
Mr D 03/24/2014 11 - - -
$5000 Fellowship to Protest Hank Paulson
I propose a crowdfunding project: a $5000 cash fellowship for a University of Chicago student. The student must agree to 14 hours per week of protest, with appropriate signage in or around the ...
Mr D 08/06/2013 10 1 - -
Utah Data Center stores data between 1 exabyte and 1 yottabyte
The new Utah Data Center has been reported to store data on a massive scale, rumored to be around a yottabyte ( 1000 zettabytes = 1 yottabyte ). On June 10, 2013, former NSA technical ...
Mr D 08/05/2013 25 8 - -
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