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Sushi, Fried Chicken, and Ravioli: explaining the CPI
Looking at government data is kind of like staring into the abyss. If you look long enough, you begin to believe in it. It's important to understand that a measurement is only as good as it's ...
Mr Jones 06/30/2013 3 17 1 -
Reagan Recovery? I remember Black Monday. Do you?
I was finally able to sit down and watch Real Time yesterday as my Friday night had consisted of Chinese takeout smothered with caramelized sugar and sesame seeds. Consequently I was in no shape to ...
Mr Jones 05/15/2012 11 12 - 81
From Beyond the Grave: the afterlife exists
The spring of 2011 was the time in America when too many families had to make hard choices. It wasn't anything new to my little family. We were used to being poor. What little advances we'd made ...
Mr Jones 05/14/2012 28 141 2 1019
Privatized Police?
I was reading through the comments on a recent diary, as I am sometimes wont to doing when I'm not studying, when I came across this article . Guardian writers Travis and Tailor happened upon a ...
Mr Jones 05/08/2012 42 72 3 568
Awed and Inspired
The other day I received a message so striking that it shook me. I don't know why I was selected. I can only guess. But I can thank the secret Santas who showed me such inspiring generosity. It ...
Mr Jones 01/14/2012 3 6 - 63
A Cat, A Nurse, and The VA: how my wife survived 2011
Oliver was a rambunctious orange tabby for such a small little fellow. His long, thick hair puffed about his face, framing the most gorgeous cobalt eyes you've ever seen. He was so harried by ...
Mr Jones 01/02/2012 40 153 2 487
Why Greece Matters
Many people have noted that Occupy isn't just a local phenomenon. Protests around the globe have been straining at their chains for years as larger sectors of the populace grow weary of being ...
Mr Jones 01/01/2012 68 44 2 394
Student Raid: Higher One %
Whether you follow the debate about student debt or not, one thing is clear: financial aid for higher education is an investment in our collective future. It is in our best interest to regulate how ...
Mr Jones 12/30/2011 3 4 - 44
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