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The 'KFC Hoax' Makes Me Want to Thank Obama
So we’ve probably seen how the story of the girl severely injured by dogs being turned away at KFC was a hoax . And the first reaction many of us probably have is anger and outrage for the ...
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 06/24/2014 50 101 - -
BREAKING: Rand Paul issues response to Times firing, plagiarism charges
Rand Paul has issued a statement in response to his firing from the Washington Times for plagiarism.
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 11/06/2013 27 13 - -
Politifact's Latest Shark Jump
All I wanted was a breakdown of the Blazers game (pause for derisive laughter at Laker fans). But when I saw that Politifact Oregon had a special item on " Did [Republican State House incumbent] ...
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 11/01/2012 9 17 - -
My Wife "Saw Something Really Funny on Facebook"
This is 100% true. My wife works more than full time and tends not to follow election year politics - she knows who she's voting for. We are having a glass of wine last night when she says, "Hey, ...
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 10/31/2012 17 42 - -
I Was Just Shot in the Chest
A few moments ago, through no fault of my own, I found myself shot in the chest. Bam. What I believe to be a .38 caliber bullet, right in the ol' torso. Now, this may sound bad. And I'm not ...
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 10/24/2012 214 546 3 -
The super-secret Republican convention speaker is....
...Rush Limbaugh. So sez the most politically savvy cab driver in Chicago.
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 08/28/2012 51 16 - 394
Take out the middle "N," CNN.
A specific, targeted threat at San Antonio airport shut flights down at 2:00 pm Central Time. As of this writing, police and dogs are still actively searching airport structures for explosives. ...
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 08/01/2012 13 5 - 185
TO: Romney, M; RE: Your Application
Dear Mr. Romney: Thank you for your interest in the position of President of the United States of America. Due to the sheer number of interested candidates in this position, we require all ...
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 07/27/2012 3 13 - 63
Portland Police: "It Gets Better"
Nice work officers. Seventeen uniformed Portland police officers shared accounts of their childhoods being gay, lesbian or transgender, their loneliness and depression as teenagers, and the ...
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 06/16/2012 3 17 - 92
The First Amendment Has Its Limits
Look, I love freedom of religion. I am personally a big fan of it, generally speaking. But when a group wants hide behind religion so they can rub it in your face, planting their house of ...
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 08/25/2010 13 8 2 180
Google: China Just Ain’t Worth It
Google created a stir yesterday in announcing that if they can’t come to an acceptable agreement with the Chinese government to provide unfiltered search results and stop hacker attacks on ...
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 01/13/2010 30 20 - 30
Great Job as Usual, AP
"Dems scramble after warning from health insurers” That’s the headline. But that’
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 10/13/2009 11 12 - 85
Stop Talking About Government Healthcare
We lost this debate in the very first minute. Not when the teabaggers started taking over the townhalls, or when Obama started “waffling” on the public option. We lost it the moment ...
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 08/26/2009 11 5 - 21
Let the banks fail? Bad, bad idea
I’ve read on this site – largely in the comments section of financial-oriented diaries, and occasionally in a diary itself – lots of calls to let the ‘bad banks’ fail. ...
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 01/23/2009 32 8 - -
Wow - AP (sort of) calls BS on Palin
New story up on Yahoo! News via the AP: Palin to Media: Leave my Kids Alone What's pleasantly surprising here is that ...
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 01/21/2009 44 23 - 18
Linc does a nice job in his recommended diary here of pointing out how polling and testing bias can be obvious, subtle,
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 11/25/2008 16 36 1 21
Barack Obama's Fantasy Football Team
Just a brief diary, wanted to alert everyone to a nice article by Rick Reilly on, about playing fantasy football with Barack Obama.
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 10/23/2008 5 5 - -
Palin sure to get booed by a crowd for once
Another curious move by the McCain campaign & Palin handlers. After weeks of limiting her audiences & interviews to the most favorable groups possible, they're going to put her in front of......
Mr Raymond Luxury Yacht 10/09/2008 122 65 - 19
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