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Right-wing anonymous group funding paid hits on Obama and Bernanke
This is a bit scary, especially in wake of what this Friday is the anniversary of. In the wake of the the FBI's shutdown of an anonymous online market for purchasing illegal goods, an anonymous ...
MrAnon 11/18/2013 20 11 - -
GMOs: What we can all agree on
Over the last week, I've been engaged in the comments sections of several diaries on the subject of GM crops. Some of these have been "pro-GMO", while others have been "anti-GMO". I've seen some ...
MrAnon 06/04/2013 230 44 3 -
Petition the White House to review Transportation Policy
With the fiscal cliff, Israel's escalating war with Gaza, and looming battles over immigration reform, transportation policy may not be on the top of everybody's minds. But one of my friends, a ...
MrAnon 11/15/2012 8 6 - -
Anyone else from Washington?
The state, of course. We have several important elections coming up. I know that DailyKos has a specific Elections section that posts major updates, but I thought it might be worthwhile to write a ...
MrAnon 06/22/2012 25 12 1 124
Romney's nightmare: an economic recovery
Mitt Romney has made it very clear that this election will be about the economy. The reason is that he has nothing else to run on. Oh, believe me, he'll toss a bone at these issues once or twice, ...
MrAnon 06/21/2012 11 3 - 95
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