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Rules Were Made to be Broken
I'm sorry to hear that Slinkerwink got banned, but I can't fucking stand the other diary and the militant post police pouncing on every questionable comment. Yeah, it's nice to have a thread ...
MrHinkyDink 04/30/2012 95 7 - 564
How I Plan to Beat the Economy
Two years ago, I was laid off from my job as an Internal Communications Specialist for an area hospital. Since then, I've been doing some freelance work and continuously looking for a job. I have ...
MrHinkyDink 05/02/2011 82 85 7 724
25 Bahman - Iran Protests
This is just a short diary to bring the Iranian protests to the light of day. Not sure if it's been diaried yet, but today -Valentine's Day - as we chase romance, Iranians are trying to get it on ...
MrHinkyDink 02/14/2011 12 10 1 61
You have got to check out now.
Quick note: I'm in a hurry so didn't have a lot of time to spend on this. Still, the linked article is pretty funny in it's awesome lameness. ---- This "
MrHinkyDink 07/20/2010 41 19 - 94
Wow. I've been the 100,000th visitor 5 times this week!
Okay, I am not one to try and deny someone the chance to make money. Hell, I love money. Money is good, it lets me buy shit for my wife and kids. It gives me security, food, heat, and a lot of stuff ...
MrHinkyDink 05/09/2010 27 2 - 28
Raising Arizona
There's what's right and there's what's right, and never the twain shall meet. This diary is a mash-up of sorts, it takes an idea ...
MrHinkyDink 04/27/2010 8 3 - 23
Hi, I'm a Republican Congressman, and I represent a bunch of crazy mother f&#kers
Okay, I've made it this long on here; and with a user ID in the 8k range, I've decided it's finally time for me to "come out." You see, I'm actually a Republican member of Congress, and I actually ...
MrHinkyDink 03/24/2010 24 11 - 17
Did Joe Scarborough Just Come Out Against Torture?
Apologies in advance for such a short diary, but a few moments ago on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough sounded as if he was coming out against torture. If you watch the program with any regularity, you'...
MrHinkyDink 09/09/2009 16 9 - 28
It took 18 years to tell me what I already knew about GWS.
If you're old enough, you probably remember that shortly after the Desert Storm soldiers started to get sick - real sick .
MrHinkyDink 11/19/2008 15 26 - 85
Bow to your corporate masters. Expose that wallet.
The first question we must ask is why anyone believes anything Bush has to say. He lied to get us into a war, therefore he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. He is a master liar with no qualms ...
MrHinkyDink 09/25/2008 8 - - 1
Does anyone have a charm for Palin Panic?
I’m not how you’re all staying so calm, but I am in an increasingly excited state over this Palin for VP thing. My ailments of agitation caused my heart skipped a beat after I first ...
MrHinkyDink 09/02/2008 37 4 - 1
Rick Warren: Talking Jackass
With all the cone of silence talk, I thought it would be worthwhile to do a little research on Rick Warren's background. Sure, we all know he wrote a best-selling book that some woman used to get ...
MrHinkyDink 08/18/2008 73 14 - -
A Drum-tight Case: Stephen Colbert for Veep.
He’s an experienced campaigner, he can debate, he’s from the South, he can raise money; and, if change is the goal, who better to turn Washington on its head? This is my case to convince ...
MrHinkyDink 07/30/2008 32 7 - -
The Strength of America
The strength of America is not her military might, nor her economic power. It’s not that we have better people or a more hospitable climate. All of the above helps a great deal to create an ...
MrHinkyDink 06/16/2008 1 - - 3
Olbermann is off his rocker.
So, Mukasey hung a picture of George Orwell in his office. So what? Is the inference that Mukasey craves an Orwellian society? Maybe he does, but hanging a picture of Orwell certainly doesn't ...
MrHinkyDink 01/26/2008 113 11 - 16
Why I'm voting "Undecided."
If I have my way, "Undecided" will win the election. Maybe it's because I never had a chance to decide anything. Perhaps it's because the candidates disappoint me. I can't even choose which of those ...
MrHinkyDink 01/15/2008 7 2 - 12
How did I get on Free Republic?
Look, before you zot me, just let me say that I'm a fair-minded Democrat, and I appear to be lost. I thought I was logging on to Daily Kos (don't hate me), but I found myself here and I'm not sure ...
MrHinkyDink 01/07/2008 53 23 - 6
The evil God
This story – like most, I assume – begins with a question. We’ll get to that question in a minute, but first, let me tell you how we got to the question this tale will address. ...
MrHinkyDink 12/16/2007 49 10 1 2
General Mills criticized during time of war.
Minneapolis, MN – Many prominent Republicans voiced their concern about the withering criticism leveled at industrial food giant ...
MrHinkyDink 11/02/2007 28 9 - 1
Oh my! Dumbledore is gay.
Outing gives Potter passages new meaning The ...
MrHinkyDink 10/22/2007 21 14 - 7
Update: Help shine a light on McConnell's lies.
Today's edition of the Courier Journal features a story that calls Mitch on ...
MrHinkyDink 10/17/2007 7 11 - 14
Blackwater and the Industrial Police State
For further reading, please see my previous two diaries,
MrHinkyDink 10/07/2007 5 6 1 16
Blackwater and the Ludlow Massacre.
This is a follow up of most recent diary, my “Blackwater and the Matewan Massacre.” I would like to give a ...
MrHinkyDink 10/05/2007 45 19 2 11
Blackwater and the Matewan Massacre
Link In the spring of 1912 at the height of one of the bloodiest coal mine wars in West Virginia history, a sweet-...
MrHinkyDink 10/04/2007 46 40 3 88
Branding the New War
Department of Utter Nonsense Memorandum To: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, WASHINGTON POST, New York Times From: MrHinkyDink Date:
MrHinkyDink 10/02/2007 4 3 - 3
Bush hates generals so much, he replaced one with an admiral.
President Bush said: "It's one thing to attack me. It's another thing to attack somebody like Gen. Petraeus." Fine. I’ll take the bait, Mr. President. You are the ...
MrHinkyDink 09/25/2007 2 4 - 4
Bluegrass Poll: Bush hits new low
President Bush hits a new low in Kentucky. President Bush has the lowest approval ...
MrHinkyDink 09/22/2007 8 7 - 12
Dear Republicans: Pull your head out of our troops' ass.
Nobody can speak for all the troops, including me. In fact, I don't know that I can even speak for a significant percentage of the troops, even though, at one time, I was one. I was in a reserve ...
MrHinkyDink 09/20/2007 19 14 - 141
Missing link to seek GOP nomination
AP - The missing link has announced that he will "throw his hat into the tree" and compete for the Republican nomination for ...
MrHinkyDink 09/16/2007 9 2 - -
The Family Values platform is going to collapse.
By now, you may have heard that a "former" New Orleans' prostitute is spilling some beans about ...
MrHinkyDink 09/12/2007 27 13 - 21
O’Reilly hates hate. He’s a hater hater.
Bill hates himself. I can see it in his beady eyes. He’s the type that would argue with himself in front of the mirror. “Do I like this tie? NO! I do not like this tie. Fuck you! No, ...
MrHinkyDink 08/06/2007 29 5 - 1
Has Wolf been neutered?
I'm wondering if, by chance, some recent sharp-tongued criticism by Michael Moore and this community hasn't, in an unfortunate slip of the tongue, left Wolf Blitzer without his ...
MrHinkyDink 07/13/2007 102 12 - 4
Somerby: It's time for Tim (Russert) to go.
As usual, Bob Somerby at The Daily Howler , hits the nail on the head. IT’S TIME FOR TIM TO GO: Tim Russert’s contempt for Major Dems ...
MrHinkyDink 07/02/2007 44 20 - 23
A Conversation with God
Me: God? God: I'll be right out. Me: Oh, OK. (Flush) God: Margaret, is that you? Me: No, God, it's me, MrHinkyDink God: Well hey there, little fella! What can I do you for?
MrHinkyDink 06/30/2007 11 3 - 1
Is misogyny as bad as racism? w/poll (Update)
** UPDATE: It's not even close in the poll. 86% of people think misogyny is as bad as racism. Add in the 6% who think misogyny is worse, and that's 92%. So, why is nobody calling for Matthews' head ...
MrHinkyDink 06/25/2007 51 7 - 5
Corporate Media R.I.P - Update
It's official. The corporate media is dead, at least their credibility is dead. How do I know? Because, I find myself siding with OJ Simpson, Paris Hilton, and Tommy Chong in the great Paris Hilton-a-
MrHinkyDink 06/13/2007 24 14 1 6
Hypothetical follow-up
This is a follow up to my late-night diary from a couple of days ago. Brit ...
MrHinkyDink 06/07/2007 13 7 - -
Hypothetical question.
Let’s say I’ve been the force behind the collapse of the Monarchy-based beehive social structure. I’ve deployed trained super-smart CIA bees to foment rebellion and help worker ...
MrHinkyDink 06/04/2007 83 24 1 10
Dana Milbank's little problem.
Ectoras points us to these ...
MrHinkyDink 05/30/2007 48 11 - 4
Race analysis: Chocula vs. Frankenberry (bandwidth alert)
Sorry, I can't let this go. This vitamin-charged race is a race for the hearts, minds, and souls of our nation's children, ...
MrHinkyDink 05/22/2007 23 6 - -
Derby thread
It's approximately 9:30. In two hours I'll be on my way to Churchill Downs. Normally, this is a 10 minute drive. Today will be 30 or 40 minutes, at least. My wife will be all decked out in a Derby ...
MrHinkyDink 05/05/2007 21 5 - -
Early morning, April four
I'm surprised I haven't seen anything up about the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr's assassination, so I thought I'd put up a short diary to commemorate this tragedy and allow people to share ...
MrHinkyDink 04/04/2007 19 17 - 7
Extract the Mohler
In addition to cementing the fact that Albert Mohler has gone off the rails on ...
MrHinkyDink 03/15/2007 7 1 - 1
Science: When they stand up, we'll stand down.
When they sit up, we'll sit down. When they throw up, we'll throw down. When they show up, we'll show down. And, if they go up, we'll go down. It seems as though, we American particles are ...
MrHinkyDink 01/30/2007 29 12 - -
Something is niggling in my brain.
I was reading McJoan's recent front page diary and for some reason, a very familiar fact struck a dissonant chord, two or more sour ...
MrHinkyDink 01/18/2007 67 18 - 14
More banned words - 2007 edition
For a comprehensive list of previously banned words, please visit this link. Since language evolves over time, a set list of words ...
MrHinkyDink 01/14/2007 82 13 1 19
Super Breaking Update 3: My friend in the CIA: "Bend over and...
... kiss your ass good-bye. -- A dinner conversation. Before I go on, I should let you know that I'm not even supposed to know my friend is in the CIA, but we've been friends for a long ...
MrHinkyDink 01/11/2007 25 18 - 4
Amerithrax investigation - Motive
In 1997, the Project for the New American Century, a neo-conservative think tank headquartered in Washington, issued a Statement of Principles that lays out the neo-conservative vision ...
MrHinkyDink 01/10/2007 17 8 1 -
Anybody else have an AOL horror story?
I apologize in advance for what promises to be a brief diary, but a) I had to vent, and b) I want everybody to know that AOL can kiss my ass. They are nothing but a bunch of grifters. Actually, they'...
MrHinkyDink 01/08/2007 45 6 1 7
What God told me about Pat Robertson
I was talking to God the other day and He told me I should write a diary to set the record straight about Him and Pat Robertson. The fact of the matter is, there is no “Him and Pat Robertson,
MrHinkyDink 01/06/2007 16 8 - -
Vote for the Dumbest Republican of 2006!
The nominations are in, which can only mean one thing. The time has finally arrived to vote for the Dumbest Republican of 2006. This ...
MrHinkyDink 12/31/2006 34 10 - -
Who is the Dumbest Republican in 2006?
I'm opening the floor to nominations so we can choose the dumbest fucking Republican in 2006. With so many fuckwits, this year's contest could prove to be a barn burner. So put your thinking caps ...
MrHinkyDink 12/28/2006 121 8 - -
I want to literally change the alphabet.
Inspired by a need for a more efficient alphabet and by Delaware Dem's excellent diary, I present to you my proposal for a new alphabet.
MrHinkyDink 12/22/2006 60 8 - -
"We need moderate Muslims to speak out."
It used to be, growing up in Dayton, OH, that every once in awhile I'd see the station manager of one of the local affiliates do an editorial. Then for a long time, I didn't see any. I don't know ...
MrHinkyDink 12/21/2006 52 1 - 4
McConnell: Supports doing business with terrorists
If you've been following along (and I know you haven't), this is my third McConnell diary. The other two can be found here ...
MrHinkyDink 11/30/2006 5 1 - -
McConnell: A closeted tree-hugger?
First, we find out that among McConnell’s big supporters are NARAL and the Sierra Club , and now this. McConnell is also a tree-
MrHinkyDink 11/28/2006 4 7 - -
Hell Pizza
As someone who’s in the Ad biz, I always appreciate a good campaign. Especially one that’s not afraid to offend. Of course, risqué advertising is, as you might expect, risky. But, ...
MrHinkyDink 11/24/2006 17 14 1 11
McConnell's flip-flop on campaign finance reform
MrHinkyDink 11/18/2006 9 2 - 9
How to win the War on Christmas
MrHinkyDink 11/17/2006 33 13 2 8
Don't take your eyes off Louisville this week.
MrHinkyDink 10/31/2006 4 1 - -
Incontrovertible proof: Dick is a liar
MrHinkyDink 10/01/2006 8 8 - 4
Here's my LTE, where's yours?
MrHinkyDink 09/29/2006 19 13 - 6
I would pay to see a terrorist tortured. (Update)
MrHinkyDink 09/27/2006 95 7 - 7
Popeye the Terrorist Man?
MrHinkyDink 09/19/2006 19 5 - 14
The Pink Tie Ball
MrHinkyDink 09/17/2006 7 4 - 2
I could use some advice.
MrHinkyDink 09/14/2006 47 14 1 27
Kossack's mother-in-law files for mayor.
MrHinkyDink 08/30/2006 8 11 - -
OT: Vacation help in Mexico
MrHinkyDink 08/10/2006 36 1 - -
Love Connecticut Style, That's me and you!
MrHinkyDink 08/07/2006 11 4 - -
Anne Northup's son found dead
MrHinkyDink 07/12/2006 19 16 - 13
The thinking vs. the non-thinking
MrHinkyDink 06/30/2006 14 7 - -
If I can't get no favors, what good is people power?
MrHinkyDink 06/28/2006 4 2 - -
The Heresy of Intelligent Design
MrHinkyDink 06/18/2006 12 4 - -
Twovote Annie and the Overton Express
MrHinkyDink 06/14/2006 7 7 - 1
My Big, Fat, Greek crash with Turkey
MrHinkyDink 05/23/2006 12 4 - 4
Where are all of Bush's supporters? Did the rapture come?
MrHinkyDink 05/17/2006 286 290 14 46
What? No Derby thread?
MrHinkyDink 05/05/2006 62 7 1 -
MrHinkyDink's list of banned words
MrHinkyDink 04/21/2006 200 28 2 28
What should I write next?
MrHinkyDink 04/16/2006 57 5 - -
The Media, online and retarded.
MrHinkyDink 04/15/2006 7 3 - 6
Top 10 reasons why liberals heart GWB!
MrHinkyDink 03/26/2006 7 3 - -
Freedom Fries -- Iranian style
MrHinkyDink 02/17/2006 11 2 - -
Cheney's Motive - A Bob Johnson Model Thread
MrHinkyDink 02/16/2006 9 6 - -
My strategy is finally paying off - O. Opossum
MrHinkyDink 01/31/2006 6 4 - -
GE - We bring good things to lie.
MrHinkyDink 01/27/2006 6 6 1 9
bin Laden blast Bush's Medicare plan
MrHinkyDink 01/20/2006 4 3 - 7
Kansas school expels Spanish class for speaking Spanish.
MrHinkyDink 12/11/2005 23 4 - -
Company of Toy Soldiers lost in War on Christmas Presents
MrHinkyDink 12/01/2005 22 4 - -
No rhyme or reason.
MrHinkyDink 11/25/2005 3 2 - -
Playa del Carmen: Hurricane Wilma
MrHinkyDink 10/22/2005 6 1 - -
Random thoughts on my Dallas visit.
MrHinkyDink 10/08/2005 11 1 - -
Treat me like a troll. Give recipes.
MrHinkyDink 09/30/2005 99 9 2 -
Armando's vagina monologues
MrHinkyDink 09/10/2005 303 4 - 9
Is this a threat to the President?
MrHinkyDink 09/08/2005 19 - - -
Bush is one lucky mother fucker.
MrHinkyDink 09/03/2005 34 2 - -
Arrest Robertson
MrHinkyDink 08/24/2005 3 1 1 -
God: Most dangerous terrorist ever.
MrHinkyDink 07/09/2005 25 3 - 28
Big tent, no dissent.
MrHinkyDink 07/08/2005 44 2 - 11
Horowitz = douchbag
MrHinkyDink 06/17/2005 7 1 - -
Merit System in KY -- 3 indicted
MrHinkyDink 06/15/2005 4 3 - -
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