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Anti-Capitalist Meetup: When a Socialist Becomes the Boss
It wasn't that hard when I was a grunt. As long as my job was constructive, something that made the world suck less, a regular job was OK. I was a working class guy, the Man was the Man, and never ...
MrJayTee 03/29/2015 122 54 2 -
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: What's Really Behind US-Cuba Normalization?
A spectre is haunting the United States--the spectre of normal relations between the United States and communist bugbear Cuba. For the lazy, captured US media, it's all about the Cold War poses ...
MrJayTee 12/21/2014 91 15 - -
So, Kos, how about that Gaza thing?
Dear Kos, Let me start by thanking you for letting me post here when I'm not exactly the type of blogger you have in mind. Not that I think you give a shit about my opinion either way, but it ...
MrJayTee 08/03/2014 275 31 - -
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Toward a Leftist Program for Working Class Consciousness
The original title of this diary was to be "Toward a Leftist Program by the Working Class, for the Working Class", an neat, academic-sounding title reflecting an admirable goal: how can we, whatever ...
MrJayTee 06/01/2014 46 56 4 -
Good Morning, White Privilege
I experienced white privilege this morning. It came to me without my seeking it, just as it will come to you if you are white, and you will benefit from it whether you want to or not. White ...
MrJayTee 02/07/2014 19 30 2 -
Ecuador to US: keep your trade, and here's $23 million for Human Rights education
From Reuters comes news that the government of Ecuador has unilaterally waived trade rights with the United States, rejecting accusations that US threats to end a favorable trade deal were the ...
MrJayTee 06/27/2013 739 332 4 -
Kos and Front Pagers: draw a clear, bright line on Freedom of the Press
It's been over a week now since the AP announced that the Justice Department had issued a sweeping subpoena of the home, work, and cell phone records of Associated Press staff related to leaks in a ...
MrJayTee 05/22/2013 152 44 - -
Sullivan: white people are poodles, black and brown people are beagles
That's Andrew Sullivan , flushing whatever's left of his reputation down the Crapper of Cluelessness. (Or is it the Wastebasket of White Privilege?) Sullivan feels Jason Richwine's parting company ...
MrJayTee 05/15/2013 241 81 - -
Global Warming, Islam, and the US: Flashpoint Bangladesh?
Bangladesh, in grave danger from rising waters Bring up global warming and my mind turns to Bangladesh. What other nation finds so many people, so poor, so under the thumb of a money-grubbing ...
MrJayTee 05/12/2013 70 84 - -
If only for Criminal Injustice Kos!
If only for soothsayer99 and Radio Girl, two of the most compelling and potent voices behind CIK, I'm done for now. But of course, there's more. ...
MrJayTee 09/11/2011 19 31 1 115
Ridiculous things you say to pooties and woozles
A rambling diary that's barely a diary, about nothing of particular relevance... When this old world starts to getting me down, and people are just too much for me to take, I turn to my cat and ...
MrJayTee 12/15/2010 105 45 2 108
KosAbility: Adult ADD and ADHD
Some disabilities are hard to see. Some are so hard to see that even the person living with one doesn't know it. I didn't know about mine until I was nearly 40, after years of failure and ...
MrJayTee 08/11/2010 340 145 15 162
I Was a Gay Teenage Escort
A recent diary, Are the Laws Against Prostitution Doing Anyone Any Good? , inspired some lengthy discussion, but it seemed to ...
MrJayTee 09/20/2009 279 385 16 82
Palin's Socialism in the Snow
In the Palin/McCain campaign's attempts to turn Obama into a "socialist"--as if even 5% of their core audience knows what socialism actually means--we find still another instance of the ...
MrJayTee 10/20/2008 48 7 1 1
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