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Deja Vu: Fear and Intimidation
One of the first diaries I ever wrote for this community was called "Barefoot, Pregnant and Patriotic." I was pretty naive five years ago. I really never thought that the War on Women could get this ...
MrMichaelMT 02/25/2012 4 2 - 31
A Response to the Bishops
During the same year when many Catholic clergy and theologians have written a public ...
MrMichaelMT 02/05/2012 26 19 - 128
Occupy!...the minds of Armey and Norquist
In the last two weeks I've been in awe of the growing Occupy! movement. I've seen the campers in Madrid and other cities in Europe, watched the peaceful protests of the Arab spring, and tried to ...
MrMichaelMT 10/08/2011 3 4 - 38
Losing my religion...and history, too
For those who limit their reading of history to what’s been researched and documented, the newest twist on American history may come as a surprise. In fact, most folks who read above the fourth ...
MrMichaelMT 08/14/2011 89 129 2 835
Frisking Fred the Custodian: Snyder's Sin!
It's actually been hard to pick out the details in the bills just passed by the Michigan Legislature, as the multiple effects of Governor Rick Snyder's actions have been shifting like melting ice in ...
MrMichaelMT 05/28/2011 25 158 1 676
Beyond "Evisceration" to Conversation
A couple days ago I found myself in an unintended debate about a diary regarding Arne Duncan. It would be out-of-character for me to defend Duncan's position on privatization of education because I'...
MrMichaelMT 05/27/2011 10 5 1 64
Having That Conversation--The Tools You Need
In the past year our independent friends and neighbors have been drowned in high-priced propaganda, swept by the cash tsunami for at least a short time into a conservative fantasy land. One of the ...
MrMichaelMT 05/21/2011 11 40 4 326
Teach the Children Well--an Earth Day Lesson
It's been over four decades since Earth Day began. Some of us have been trying to instill a respect for the planet into students for all that time. What have we accomplished? When the majority of ...
MrMichaelMT 04/23/2011 2 1 - 20
From Housecats to Lions--Time to Hunt
Election 2010: The conservatives march lockstep to victory, using the same memes, the same Frank Luntz language, the same lack of transparency with respect to policies and prospects. Meanwhile, ...
MrMichaelMT 04/17/2011 2 1 - 31
Eat Your Heart Out Glenn--Joy on the Mall and an Inconvenient Truth
A month ago Glenn Beck plays pseudo-evangelist for cash. Then Ed Schulz and many of the nation's progressive labor and rights organizations marched for unity. Next week Stewart and Colbert lead a ...
MrMichaelMT 10/25/2010 8 22 - 211
Dumb and Dumber?
On a day when a fired Jet Blue flight attendant becomes a national hero and Robert Gibbs bites off the hand that feeds him, it's hard to claim that a single photo might summarize the average ...
MrMichaelMT 08/11/2010 2 2 - 168
Rand Paul is not a racist
Despite tons of press, the real philosophy of Libertarianism--and the underlying outlook of the vast majority of "Tea Party" participants (other than those that Dick Armey buses in) have been ...
MrMichaelMT 05/21/2010 87 8 - 33
Stupid Stupak--the Inescapable Math
The media have a new story with respect to Stupak: Poor Bart is being threatened by nutcases. In terms of America's civility it's a tragic reflection of how low the disenfranchised minority will ...
MrMichaelMT 03/25/2010 18 9 1 17
They've found the nest and the rats are panicking!
While conflicted "pundits" decry the cuts in the Obama budget, more thoughtful analysts are beginning to read between the lines. The President has proposed to cut 126 programs to save $23 billion--...
MrMichaelMT 02/05/2010 23 16 1 39
A Requiem for a Bank
This could be a story told in any county in the United States. In fact, it happened in the county that's often considered the most typical in the U.S. And it's a story about a bank...not a big ...
MrMichaelMT 12/22/2009 12 4 - 36
Nosey Camels: The potential health care compromise
For people who realize that "single payer" is the only way to move this nation beyond death-by-spreadsheet, this past six months' health care debate has been a painful reminder of how much more work ...
MrMichaelMT 12/10/2009 5 3 - 70
A Sirius Rant--Please take seriously!
This isn't my normal diary full of links and facts. It's a gut reaction. Tonight I feel insulted and humiliated--and the more I think about it, the worse it gets. Please take the time to see an ...
MrMichaelMT 10/26/2009 102 5 - 51
Getting Real re: Rio: The Reason!
Yes, it's fair to allow the "world's games" to be hosted by a continent where they've never been played, and yes, Chicago's detractors (many home-town) made way too much noise. Yes, the constant ...
MrMichaelMT 10/03/2009 20 13 - 22
The Most Important Story You Missed Last Week
While the chatter on sites like this focus on the painstaking negotiations on health care reform, some of the most important stories in the world remain largely unreported. And much of the true &...
MrMichaelMT 08/15/2009 17 19 - 38
My Front Door...My Foot!
The only location enthroned as sacrosanct in our nation's Constitution is our front door. While many of those who shout "Freedom" and brandish guns tend to forget it, there is a subtle and powerful ...
MrMichaelMT 07/27/2009 10 1 - -
King David, Prince Sanford...and the Family
In the most recent public confession of Mark Sanford, he referenced "King David." While most people thought they heard rantings and delusions of a very confused and hyperhormonal man, to a very few ...
MrMichaelMT 07/02/2009 12 8 2 94
It's Not What You Know--It's how loud you scream it. Meet Jim Cramer
Ah, for the life of a pundit. You get paid to spout about something you may or may not understand, go home and if you are smart, reap the rewards of the rumors you've created. Evidence: Jim Cramer ...
MrMichaelMT 06/21/2009 5 3 - 24
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Suppose someone invited a few folks to dinner and said they could bring a guest. Most of the folks who show up are familiar, but there's a new guy in the corner. He's got a gentle (almost senile)
MrMichaelMT 05/30/2009 7 8 - 30
The virus in all of us: It's Normal!
Perhaps if we were not stuck with textbooks that taught genetics in Mendel's words, or evolution in Darwin's, it wouldn't be so hard to understand the emergency, virulence, and eventual resolution ...
MrMichaelMT 04/26/2009 251 282 20 54
What Sarah can (should) be able to see from her window!
During the election, there was a lot of talk about how Sarah Palin could "see Russia" from her back window. Of course, that would only work if she lived on the most remote Aleutian Island. But ...
MrMichaelMT 02/15/2009 15 16 - 15
Hot, scared and broke--No crisis is a (melting) island
Among the skills that the staffers at the American Association for the Advancement of Science practice before their annual meeting, "crowd control" isn't normally listed. But it took a major effort ...
MrMichaelMT 02/14/2009 24 22 - 17
Broken Medicine or Broken Media
Trapped in an airport yesterday, I watched "medical nonsense" run again and again on CNN. Wondering how to "Page Dr. Gupta," I also wondered if CNN has been the latest victim of the "war on science" ...
MrMichaelMT 02/01/2009 6 5 1 -
Avoiding another "Rocky Horror Show"
There will be far too many New Years diaries in the next 24 hours, but this will undoubtably be the latest--and earliest--you'll see. Here's my resolution from 2008, a promise to myself to discuss ...
MrMichaelMT 12/31/2008 23 17 2 171
Ignorance Isn't Excuseable--C. Kennedy!
Frankly, I'm tired of hearing the (newsless and desperate) media decrying how little background Carolyn Kennedy has for a potential senate seat. Whether or not you agree with her positions, it's ...
MrMichaelMT 12/30/2008 28 2 - -
A Test of An Insidious Plot--decades in the making
You have to give the Republicans credit. They are persistent. They have worked for years on one, straightforward method: dumb down the electorate! Convince the populace that logic is "elitism;" ...
MrMichaelMT 11/03/2008 15 4 - -
An Open Letter to Senator McCain
There's an old fable, Senator McCain: "The Emperor Had No Clothes." It's a story about a leader who was so blinded by his own ego that he didn't realize what was going on around him. Finally, some ...
MrMichaelMT 10/21/2008 8 1 - -
An Evening Diversion with a Good Purpose
Let's be honest here. We all know our candidate's strengths--and we know his faults. I won't bother to list the former. But over-thinking debate questions certainly can be listed with the latter. ...
MrMichaelMT 10/11/2008 4 - - -
Cover for Catholics: Right to Life Sunday
Today Bishop Martino of Scranton, Pennsylvania faces unheard-of opposition from some segments of his congregation over his highly-...
MrMichaelMT 10/05/2008 37 13 2 -
Disaster--and Blaming Minorities
Make no mistake about it: We are headed for a massive economic crash. The basics are much, much worse than Bush wants to admit. It may take a bushel basket of money for that "dollar menu" ...
MrMichaelMT 09/29/2008 21 6 1 9
Baring Bear DNA Lies--and Making McCain Look Foolish
I never thought I'd see a more anti-science politician than George Bush. Now we have two tied semi-finalists for top honors, McCain and Palin. John McCain always gets a laugh line with his schtick ...
MrMichaelMT 09/27/2008 37 34 - 16
Push the Media--Alaska Independence Party
Thom Hartmann is betting Palin will feel the pull of her family obligations and withdraw tomorrow. That seems to much "crow" to me. But it is important to highlight the real issues that are involved.
MrMichaelMT 09/02/2008 8 2 - -
YOU must help the embryo survive
It's always touch and go--an embryo endeavor can grow to enormous power, but it can also be aborted. That's certainly true with "netroots" media: if we abuse the nascent power that exists here, it ...
MrMichaelMT 09/01/2008 10 3 - -
The next smear? No black and white here.
Huffington Post reports today that McCain's staff member Deal Hudson is preparing to make a ...
MrMichaelMT 08/05/2008 5 2 - 1
For My Grandmother--Fight Right to Work in Michigan
My grandmother was a "Rosy the Rivetter"--not because she wanted it, but because she had to do it. She was working for Ford when the "
MrMichaelMT 07/30/2008 8 9 - 3
Breaking: Iran Position Change Disarms McCain
Brian Williams is scooping himself this morning on Morning Joe, summarizing his interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What he's saying isn't very detailed, but if you listen carefully, there may be a ...
MrMichaelMT 07/28/2008 270 305 8 56
Action Call: The Country Is Drinking Oil Kool-Aid!
The way in which the nation is buying a concerted propaganda effort on oil drilling is terrifying. This diary should make it crystal clear how false the current memes are. But first indulge me as I ...
MrMichaelMT 07/25/2008 8 4 - -
Top 5: Hit Print and Pass On to the Repub at the Cooler
Today Fox and all the right wing talk radio shows are pushing offshore oil drilling. You'll probably encounter someone at work or at the coffee shop who thinks it's a great idea. So here are the ...
MrMichaelMT 06/19/2008 10 15 1 -
Enron, Gas and Olbermann
When you want to punch the gas pump, remember Ken Lay. And if you don't understand why you are so angry, watch Olbermann Wednesday 6/18. He's clearly explaining the relationship between Enron, ...
MrMichaelMT 06/18/2008 26 24 - 18
Talking to Dad on Father's Day--Not Racism, Fear!
Dad has always leaned a bit Republican, too much spare time in front of Fox. At 85, and at bingo with a lot of old Midwesterners, he hears a lot. But he also reads a lot, listens to everything, and ...
MrMichaelMT 06/14/2008 89 16 - 16
Stop Bitching about Buchanan--Action needed
If there's any problem with DKos, it's that some of the diarists are so young! (That's snark...really) But when I read the constant complaining about the perennial pundit Pat Buchanan on MSNBC, I ...
MrMichaelMT 06/13/2008 31 11 - -
Clinton Fans for McCain? Not!
We all shook our heads at "Operation Chaos" and wondered (without much evidence) what fraction of the Texas, Ohio, or Indiana vote for Clinton was Republicans just trying to mess with our heads. ...
MrMichaelMT 06/07/2008 34 8 - -
When Senators Appease
George Bush is right. We can create great harm when we abandon our ethics at the nation's shores. Here's an example from history: In 1924, a young senator-to-be was set up by his father in the ...
MrMichaelMT 05/16/2008 9 1 - -
Wright in Detroit--an Obama Asset
I had no intention of starting a diary thread, but see no other on the topic. Reverend Wright's speech to the NAACP tonight is brilliant, amazing...and potentially culture changing. I wonder how ...
MrMichaelMT 04/27/2008 1145 395 18 55
Real Clinton News--Help Me Push the Media
Like most, I'm sick of "bittergate" and facial tics. I'd like to see the media talk about real issues in the primaries. And my strong instinct is that if that happened, these primaries would be soon ...
MrMichaelMT 04/24/2008 15 9 - -
Can we talk? The real difference HRC vs BHO
Today's the day when a lot of people will be sitting across the breakfast table or the water cooler. Which Democratic candidate has the best policies? If one actually believed their surrogates on ...
MrMichaelMT 04/21/2008 22 7 - 10
Push the Press to Follow Clinton's Money
There's a Clinton ad that's even more ironic than the notorious series of "3 am" ads. It's the one where Clinton decries companies that "offshore." As the Clinton tax reports finally trickle out, ...
MrMichaelMT 04/04/2008 2 6 1 7
And the journalistic award goes to...
...Andrea Mitchell, who (by her own admission) sat up all night reading old Sunday bulletins from Barack Obama's UCC church in Chicago. Let's ...
MrMichaelMT 03/27/2008 11 4 - -
Memes and a Little March Mischief
It's hard to avoid the memes: Despite the fact that Barack Obama has won 29 states (and two more, if you are more honest than CNN and MSNBC) he didn't win the "important states" (Ed Rendell, MTP). ...
MrMichaelMT 03/09/2008 10 - - -
News from the Front in that Other War
While our kids are dying to prop up a puppet government, and the CIA manipulating dictators around the world, it's important to remember that the other war is still being fought in this ...
MrMichaelMT 02/22/2008 5 3 - -
More Terrifying than FISA--Geo Slavery
At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science this weekend I had a serendipitous meeting with an expert on geographic information systems. I came away with more ...
MrMichaelMT 02/17/2008 26 13 1 -
The Myth of the Single Issue Voter
Three times in the last two days I've run into commenters who indicated they were "single issue" voters. They only cared about global warming . It seems appropriate to take a few minutes this ...
MrMichaelMT 01/30/2008 6 1 - -
Do We Dare Hope Again?
Have some faith...this diary will have an important point, even if it begins with a little personal story. Last week, we stood under the Pont du Gard in Nimes, France. It was cold, and there weren'
MrMichaelMT 01/27/2008 3 3 1 16
Pushing Poll Politics--Even O fails us!
I was actually shocked at the interchange between Keith Olbermann and Craig Crawford last evening. It was as if they were on separate planets. Olbermann asks: "Why were the polls so wrong?" and ...
MrMichaelMT 01/10/2008 3 1 1 4
The Campaign Clinton Isn't Running
I wish I were a high priced consultant like Carville or Penn. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I even play the role. What would I tell a fine Senator that's losing her lead all over the country?
MrMichaelMT 01/06/2008 32 7 - -
What They've Done to Us--not a meta (much)
Yesterday's trip to the "big box" down the road was unavoidable, and so was the hardening of my conviction that we've become a meaner, ruder, more self-aggrandizing nation in the last seven years.
MrMichaelMT 01/01/2008 12 8 - -
What'll It Cost Me?
With the release of Sicko and the expected barrage of trash aimed at Democratic candidates from right wing radio, it's inevitable that someone will accost you. (After all, that "I'm a ...
MrMichaelMT 11/11/2007 14 6 1 203
Turn Over Your Bowls
It’s hard to admit, but there was something to admire in George Bush’s speech to the United Nations on Monday. Like many other Americans, I was amazed that he realized that a crisis was ...
MrMichaelMT 09/27/2007 20 11 - -
Reversing the Reagan Canonization
In a year where there are more Reagan emulators than Elvis invokers, it might be nice to have a few facts ready to set the record straight, when some acquaintance tries to tell you that X (Thompson/...
MrMichaelMT 07/09/2007 26 16 2 28
Cooling at the Cooler Tomorrow--You Must Read This
It's inevitable. The talk at work, or in the coffee shop, or at school tomorrow, will be Live Earth. The memes are already evident: The attendance was poor, the participants were phoney, ...
MrMichaelMT 07/08/2007 39 31 1 15
The Sham of Homeland Security
Normally I'd only post a diary with a lot of links, and a lot of references. But my experience this week was significant enough that I think we might want to pool our shared brains and see what's up.
MrMichaelMT 07/01/2007 17 1 - -
Amazon III: The Missionaries
It was June 21, and the Incas in Peru were celebrating winter solstice much as their ancestors did--and as the Celts did in England, two thousand years and half a year ago...
MrMichaelMT 06/27/2007 11 12 3 132
Amazon II: The War on Terror and Trees
I began a short series of diaries yesterday with a look at the Amazon through Children's Eyes . Today I'd like to share a horror ...
MrMichaelMT 06/26/2007 7 7 1 16
Amazon Part I: Through Children's Eyes
It's hard to get people excited about Latin America politics--a bit like asking for a brisk DKos discussion of methods of solving differential equations. But please read on--our future may depend on ...
MrMichaelMT 06/25/2007 18 7 2 142
Why He Slept In! Another Bush Scandal
While Photoshop jockeys were busy doctoring photos of Bush at the G8, and speculating that he had a hangover that prevented him from going to the AIDS discussion, there was a distinct lack of logic ...
MrMichaelMT 06/11/2007 201 525 31 39
Terrorism, Tinfoil and the Myth of Security
Normally I only throw in a diary if I have access to some primary information that adds to the general knowledge. This is different. Here's a true, personal story with a moral. And as the anti-Aesop,
MrMichaelMT 06/02/2007 17 8 - 7
Wolfie's Problem Was NOT Sex--Bye Bye!
Headline! Read all about it! European politicians get their socks in a knot about an older, not-so-sexy guy trying to impress his mistress. The Globe ? Or the Inquirer? In any case, ...
MrMichaelMT 05/17/2007 34 11 - 18
Sleeper Cells--the Sequel
Remember the young Regent University graduates who had been embedded in the federal government, most as employees (rather than appointees.) While the number of employees has evaporated from the ...
MrMichaelMT 04/16/2007 6 10 - -
Stem Cell Research--Follow the money!
From the highly ethical Bush administration comes another veto threat. This time, the ironclad principles of the culture of life are prioritizing frozen zygotes (not embryos) over dying human beings.
MrMichaelMT 04/14/2007 9 6 1 1
Flex your finger; join the army
I see you! (Don't bother to turn off the web cam.) You are sitting there in a comfortable seat, reading and throwing in a comment or two. Is that French Roast or Coors? Never mind. You may not ...
MrMichaelMT 04/11/2007 - 3 - -
Beware Sleeper Cell in the U.S.A.
If another nation had specifically trained agents in ways to subvert our constitution, and then managed to get these agents embedded into positions throughout the government, would we be afraid? ...
MrMichaelMT 04/09/2007 347 471 35 404
Please Help: Action Needed to Protect Whistleblowers
Last year the Supreme Court dealt a blow to free speech that caused few waves in public awareness: The Supreme Court scaled back protections for government workers who blow the whistle on ...
MrMichaelMT 04/01/2007 11 23 - 29
Sugar Plums and Everglades Politics
There's a dirty little secret in Florida, and like a lot of political intrigue, it involves a two way road paved with cash---yours and mine--and a lot of Republican shenanigans. Have you ever ...
MrMichaelMT 03/21/2007 - - - 11
But Sugar Plum, You're the Decider!
It's natural to wonder what George W. Bush does all day--between his morning workout and his afternoon nap. Yesterday it became clear that another function we assumed occurred in the White House was ...
MrMichaelMT 03/20/2007 16 19 1 16
Math Games We'll Lose in '08
I woke up this morning with a realization that has probably occurred to many others long before this. But just in case it hasn't, consider the trap that could be being set for the Democrats in '08...
MrMichaelMT 03/17/2007 18 3 - 9
The Real VA Scandal--the Numbers
It just gets worse and worse. Hundreds of thousands of American veterans are awaiting determination for benefits in a system that was already backlogged beyond recognition before the Iraq war began. ...
MrMichaelMT 03/14/2007 5 6 - -
Orwellian Immigration Talk--Mythbusting!
If you listen to mainstream media (especially Lou Dobbs), or read the mailings of conservative groups like Gary Jarmin's Christian Coalition (or the 14 other hate groups that inhabit his post office ...
MrMichaelMT 03/08/2007 45 12 3 10
It's not the mold, it's the numbers
Without minimizing in any way the criminal neglect of the Army and the BushCo contractors who have allowed Veterans' facilities to degenerate into slums, I'd like to offer a different and more ...
MrMichaelMT 03/05/2007 6 2 - -
Election Accuracy--Gone with Democracy?
In the conservative world of science, passionate debates occur far more often than most people would imagine. But it’s rare that scientists vent their frustration in the staid seminars of ...
MrMichaelMT 02/17/2007 34 13 3 -
Drinks on the House
You'd think they learned. But of course, the Republicans are repeating the same old "talking points" and "slogans" in the House debate on the pending anti-surge resolution. You can play the old ...
MrMichaelMT 02/14/2007 4 1 - -
Declare War on Anyone Interfering in Iraq!
The Bush Machine is making its case. It is slowly banging the drums to war. Because Iranians are interfering in Iraq, we should "shoot to kill." Let's follow the logic. Any nation who turns a blind ...
MrMichaelMT 02/12/2007 6 2 - 8
Donohue declares War! Updated
Professional "Catholic" William Donohue has declared a war on John Edwards. Here's what was posted just this morning on his website:
MrMichaelMT 02/09/2007 18 9 1 -
That's Not Me in the Mirror
When I look in the mirror, I seldom recognize myself--my inner image is younger, slimmer, and doesn't have nearly as many gray hairs. But what I don't see is an ignorant bigot. Unfortunately, that's ...
MrMichaelMT 02/03/2007 6 3 - -
Patriotic, barefoot and pregnant--Deja Vu?
Most Americans associate the Nazi government with horrors like the Holocaust. But very few know much of the history of the rise of that government, when it seemed--at least on the surface--to be ...
MrMichaelMT 02/01/2007 5 6 - 2
Take a Minute--Save a Wolf
About 30 years ago one of Reagan's environmentalists thought to prove that DDT was harmless by eating a spoonful on camera! (He's gone now.) But the idiocy continues.
MrMichaelMT 01/29/2007 32 19 - 11
Bush did NOT botch this war
On Sunday's Meet the Press Senator Charles Schumer suggested that the war in Iraq might have been a good idea but our President botched it. I'd like to present a purely ...
MrMichaelMT 01/28/2007 332 352 26 32
The Cliff Clavin Effect
So a guy walks into a bar...and unfortunately, there were no major sports events scheduled, so the television above the bar was tuned to Fox News. The guy next to him (who's been there so long that ...
MrMichaelMT 01/27/2007 3 1 4 -
"Mistakes Were Made"
One of the most (in)famous failures in Bush-speak was our President's inability to recognize any mistakes he might have made in his career. In 2004, he couldn't think of anything he had ever done ...
MrMichaelMT 01/19/2007 3 2 - 1
Follow the Money to Peace?
Three decades ago, the nation was struggling to get itself out of another war. Reporters were struggling to break through a wall of secrecy and deception. As the story goes, a mysterious figure ...
MrMichaelMT 01/07/2007 2 3 - -
"And the enemy is us, New Orleans..."
It's a whodunnit with any number of motives (money, greed, need and relationships) and even a bad guy who has no alibi. But like the classic unsolved mysteries of our time, it has lent itself to any ...
MrMichaelMT 01/02/2007 5 4 - -
Care about the Last Bear?
About thirty years ago, Paul Ehrlich began a ...
MrMichaelMT 01/01/2007 22 29 1 133
Terrorized teachers=tomorrow's tyranny
Throughout this site, there are often wise and wonderful observations by individual teachers, some professional, some opportunistic. But a broader view of what's happening to our professional ...
MrMichaelMT 12/30/2006 25 10 - 3
Guarding Grandma's Gold
While my late mother-in-law was alive, we knew she was getting some pretty weird solicitations for money. She constantly fretted that "they" were trying to steal her social security, and she had to "...
MrMichaelMT 12/27/2006 10 13 - -
Wisdom from Borat?
At the risk of my sanity and reputation, I entertained younger family members with Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan] this weekend. (Yeah, ...
MrMichaelMT 12/24/2006 20 4 - 3
War and Regret?
I recently enjoyed an hour with Congressman Robert Wexler. Wexler represents Fl 19 and one of the strongest voices for Israel in the U.S. Congress. (Of course, his greatest accomplishment was his ...
MrMichaelMT 12/20/2006 1 1 - -
Slowing Down the Canonizatons
Twenty months out from the national conventions, candidates are already jockeying for position, and the press is full of speculation mode. This winnowing process—with all its donor influence ...
MrMichaelMT 12/10/2006 4 4 1 7
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