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Tom Lehrer
It's interesting, I've always loved the album that Tom did called "That was the year that was". It was done in 1965, and had a great many satirical songs on it that resonated with me through my life.
MrQA 03/24/2015 42 25 - -
MSM Coverage of Charlie Hebdo
Am I the only one noticing that the general tenor is “Woooo Booooo Be Afraid”! I just finished watching both the CBS & NBC evening coverage of the event, search, investigation, and background ...
MrQA 01/08/2015 17 5 - -
Something Everyone Should Watch
Today on H2 (The History Channel 2) They are running "The Men who Built America". The story of the men and times of the "Gilded Age". The parallels to today are remarkable. Much of this history I ...
MrQA 11/27/2014 11 4 - -
I'm Getting Sick of Bill Maher
This weekly diatribe about his Muslim "Hate Issue". Is just getting too old! As someone said recently in a diary, blog, article, I read There is a difference between being an "Atheist", and just ...
MrQA 11/01/2014 206 33 1 -
If WV is so completely lost, then explain something.
I'm scratching my head a bit. I keep getting told that WV is lost to the GOP for the mid-terms. Actually, I've been hearing this since before any blue candidates had even decided to run. Which is a ...
MrQA 10/17/2014 27 13 1 -
Help Fight Big $ and Aid Democrats in WV
Folks: We're fighting for our lives here in WV! Maybe you'd like to help us fight off the Koch Bros., and the Blankenship funding deluge? It would be really nice if we can keep WV blue. I'm ...
MrQA 09/26/2014 4 1 - -
Welcome to West Virginia.
Here in WV Democrats outnumber Republicans 2x1, however they have a problem with our President. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he’s black. A lot more has to do with his stance on ...
MrQA 09/15/2014 8 5 - -
Oh where, Oh where, Have the Deficit Hawks Gone?
I believe I’ve seen the statistic that the current ISIS bombing is costing 7.5 Million dollars per day. That’s $105 Million every 2 weeks. Where are the deficit scolds? I thought every penny the ...
MrQA 09/08/2014 1 2 - -
Time to drag ourselves to the international scene, but we're going back 2 war!!
I know many of us have been wrapped up in Ferguson for a couple of weeks, and rightly so, but just as a distraction, I'd like to note, we're going back to war in the Middle-East. Look at the MSM, ...
MrQA 08/22/2014 40 12 1 -
Why always the flight to bestiality?
This past Sunday I met a friend of mine (a Solid Conservative, although he refuses to identify as a Republican!) from Virginia, for lunch in Annapolis. At some point in the conversation he got ...
MrQA 04/29/2014 33 10 - -
With all that's wrong with our Ed System, this is what parents are worried about?
I saw the attached link on the local morning news today. It would seem that a math teacher had the audacity to send home a work assignment that had a hand drawn picture of a beer bottle on it and ...
MrQA 03/26/2014 9 6 - -
I Know What Happened to Flt 370 (snark!)
Vlad Putin with the covert assistance of the IRS, and Huma Abadin, and with the secret knowledge of Hillary Clinton, forced the pilots of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 to shut off all of their ...
MrQA 03/19/2014 8 1 - -
My 1st day of unemployment. 2014
As of 12/31 I'm officially unemployed. My company gave me the option of opting to allowing myself to sign up for it, or be arbitrarily cut, so I decided to take their package and volunteer. I knew ...
MrQA 01/01/2014 12 6 1 -
Help Natalie, WV, and Democrats
Folks, Please support Natalie Tennant in the race to succeed Jay Rockefeller as U.S. Senator from West Virginia! I know it’s early, but her opposition is U.S. Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito, ...
MrQA 11/08/2013 5 10 - -
I support background checks! But,
I am a gun owner. I own a LOT of them. I am a target shooter, and collector. I have a concealed carry permit, and yes I am a member of the NRA. I am also a member of the ACLU. I figure they defend ...
MrQA 04/11/2013 132 11 - -
I'm back at work today
First, many thanks to all of you who helped me on Monday night. I was in a very dark place and just needed to interact with someone. Even if that was just to post that although I was in mental hell ...
MrQA 04/04/2013 24 29 1 -
Yet another BEG from OFA
Sorry folks I'm done playing. Just got another Email from the OFA folks telling me "How proud I should be of my President" because of last night’s speech. Well, tell you what. I'm not too proud. ...
MrQA 02/13/2013 17 7 - -
My Story
My Story..Sorry if I ramble, Excuse spelling and non sequiturs, but it’s from the heart, and I needed to say it somewhere. MK Maybe more to come someday. America has not been too good to me. I ...
MrQA 02/11/2013 9 12 2 -
Some New Years Reflections
I’m just going to ramble about for a bit. A lot of things are banging around in my brain and I felt a need to vent them, so here I am. I just lost another friend on face book, well in truth, I ...
MrQA 12/31/2012 2 2 - -
And you all pilloried me.
because of my last diary. Yes, I was very angry. It was indeed a rant, vent, spleen purge, not completely well considered at that moment. But, it was from the gut, and it was CORRECT! As I predicted,
MrQA 12/20/2012 27 9 - -
I've Had Enough!
I’ve Had Enough! I don’t know about the rest of you, but speaking for myself… I’ve Had Enough! Every day since the election ended I’ve been bombarded by the media, the blogs, the entire ...
MrQA 11/29/2012 77 2 - -
It's Time WE Organize!
I posted this in an earlier diary, but it was a Sub-Topic of the main post. But, now.... I'm posting this as the main title. And, I'd like a legitimate answer! We talk a lot, we blog a lot, but we ...
MrQA 07/08/2011 20 6 1 86
What's wrong with people's brains?
Has everyone in this country lost their minds? Today I read two straight forward, fact based, statistic rich, articles on Yahoo! Finance, and was completely stunned by the comments that were ...
MrQA 07/08/2011 28 2 1 131
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