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Lucy: the tea-party killer
I just saw Lucy, the science fiction action film starring Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson. The studio blurb says: From La Femme Nikita and The Professional to The Fifth Element, writer/...
Msanger 07/28/2014 29 29 - -
The Senate should sue the House
The Oath of Office for the House of Representatives says: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and ...
Msanger 07/10/2014 10 1 - -
What is the KOS equivalent of Dems holding the line?
As the events of the last few weeks progressed, I was continually surprised and delighted with the unity of purpose and resolve displayed by the Dems in Washington. Their focus and resolve not only ...
Msanger 10/17/2013 8 2 - -
How WE take back the house next year
There is a great diary on ACA where the writer shares his/her experience finding out about what "ObamaCare" will really do for his/her family and their friends and neighbours In includes a link to ...
Msanger 09/22/2013 22 11 - -
A good story from Iowa GOTV
While I was watching MSNBC today and writing a semi-bogus diary, my sister was working for GOTV in Iowa. This is why what you all do makes a difference. A nice story from today. We are located in ...
Msanger 11/05/2012 4 28 - -
Chuck Todd just blew my mind!
I was watching his show this morning, and as they went into a break he said, "here's something I like to listen to..." And this is what it was: I would like to apologize for mistaking "One Term ...
Msanger 11/05/2012 159 317 13 -
How will Mitt respond to the "where are the taxes?" question (poll)
Several folks have pointed out that this Tuesday the President should ask Romney when is he going to release twelve years of taxes, just like Mitt's father did. When faced with this question, how ...
Msanger 10/12/2012 1 1 - -
The Most Important Thing You Will Read Today
There is a diary on the list that asks for a money bomb today. Please go to it and even if you can't donate yourself, rec it up. Today is the deadline for August fundraising. Money donated now ...
Msanger 08/31/2012 1 - - 38
Two Things to Lift Your Spirits (video)
After four years of relentless attacks on President Obama from the right (and occasionally from the left) I've noticed that I'm not as enthusiastic today as I was four years ago. I am still ...
Msanger 08/29/2012 7 5 - 46
"One Term More" the musical
I know that diaries are supposed to be a couple of paragraphs long, but this is really worth watching and passing on. Unfortunately I don't know how to embed the link so you'll have to click to ...
Msanger 08/27/2012 8 9 - 39
Countering the Super-Pacs and getting ready for GOTV
I've been reading alot of comments about how people are maxed out financially and how while they want to donate more money to the Obama Campaign they just can't do it. I'd like to suggest something ...
Msanger 07/06/2012 4 3 - 32
How to Counter the Super-Pacs While GOTVing
I've been reading alot of comments about how people are maxed out financially and how while they want to donate more money to the Obama Campaign they just can't do it. I'd like to suggest something ...
Msanger 06/28/2012 1 8 - 89
Best Gift I gave myself this year
Since I hardly ever post here, I knew nobody would gift me a life-long subscription, and i also knew it seemed worth getting one. But I put it off, and off, and off. So I just did it, and it took ...
Msanger 12/30/2011 7 6 - 43
Obama, Osama, and the Debt Limit
Thinking about what the President has to deal with today and over the weekend, I thought back to how he acted in the days before we took our Osama bin Laden. As you may recall, the President acted ...
Msanger 07/29/2011 9 3 - 58
When will Palin match Bush's unfavorables: Poll
Wth Palin's unfavorable's falling faster than the world's regard for the U.S.A under Bush, when will her unfavorable's ...
Msanger 09/20/2008 1 2 - -
McCain is doing our work for us
In the last week or so, John McCain has done more to help the Obama campaign than any of us here could dream of doing. People have written about how Obama needs to define McCain, with many saying ...
Msanger 08/03/2008 82 5 - 2
Clinton Women and Rev Wright
I was thinking about how many women about my age (57 last time I looked), are furious at the democratic party for rejecting Hillary, and how some of them vow never to vote for Obama. You can make ...
Msanger 05/18/2008 140 9 - 28
Who should my girlfriend support?
I find it a little strange to have a 50 something "girlfriend" but since I'm 56 (or maybe 57, I have trouble remembering) I guess that is ok. I already voted for Obama, and have donated money to ...
Msanger 02/09/2008 20 - - 1
Obama supporters, what if we acted like...
Obama! What if we presented his positions, his visions, how he inspired us, and how we are inspiring others. What if we actually started acting like we believed we could get beyond the politics of ...
Msanger 01/28/2008 16 6 - 1
George Allen's maternal grandmother is the issue
Msanger 09/21/2006 9 3 1 1
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