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Boycott Crossroads GPS?
At last year's Netroots Nation I remember Russ Feingold talking about the risks of having too many special groups vying for TV time to spread their message to the people. The risk, among many things,
Mski011 11/11/2011 1 3 - 41
Perry Threatens Bernanke
Ben Bernanke has a thankless job. I mean, yes he is a Republican and he is not leaning hard enough on policies that could save the economy, but fundamentally he has a job to do, not entirely ...
Mski011 08/15/2011 23 15 1 202
Elizabeth Warren on the Cusp of Running!
The New York Times, Wicked Local and conservative blogger Garrett Quinn all have sources or a belief that Elizabeth Warren will join the Democratic race to become the party's nominee to take on ...
Mski011 08/11/2011 2 1 - 31
Solidarity w/ Verizon Workers
If you have not already heard, the unionized employees of Verizon have gone on strike. It is the first strike in eleven years and was precipitated by the most aggressive bargaining position the ...
Mski011 08/07/2011 1 5 - 31
Terrible, but We LIVE TO FIGHT AGAIN!!
**This post has been cross posted on Western Mass Politics & Insight ...
Mski011 07/31/2011 14 3 - 34
Christie's Jersey: A view from Outside
Before Chris Christie became the governor of New Jersey, he was actually not a bad thing for the state. A book I would highly recommend, the Soprano State, a book by two political reporters from ...
Mski011 06/23/2011 3 2 - 56
Netroots Thus Far
I was nervous at first that I had spent too much money in coming to Netroots. However, over the course of time I realize that it has been all worth it. While there have been some weird or lower ...
Mski011 06/18/2011 2 4 - 58
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