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what an athiest is grateful for
Recently I was asked to list things I am grateful for. Full disclosure, this is a product of social media. Feel free to say what you like about social media, but it has its uses. I post this ...
Mxwll 09/06/2014 14 17 - -
This thing happened and it sucked, but the way we came together, it was pissah.
Today the world witnessed Massachusetts and the U.S.A. at its very best. Federal, state and local law enforcement worked together seamlessly. There may have been internal problems, but to the ...
Mxwll 04/19/2013 33 42 - -
McCain Supporter is Foreclosure Parasite - Update - Nebes linked to Trotts!
John McCain cares about your problems. He cares that you may loose your house due to predatory lending and the housing crash, and it shows by the company he keeps. In a story in the Michigan ...
Mxwll 09/05/2008 11 18 1 -
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