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GBCW – It’s the credibility, stupid!
At least for now, I’m signing off as a diarist and commenter. All will be told at length below. Stand by for venting.
N0MAN1968 06/17/2007 144 15 - 21
When Juan Cole nails it, he nails it
This might be my shortest diary ever, but among the trillions of words written on our New National Nightmare that is neoconservativism, George W. Bush, Iraq, the gutting of the Constitution and on ...
N0MAN1968 06/06/2007 7 14 2 5
Evolution evolves into the defining issue
Lots of chatter about evolution since the Redumblican debate. My thoughts below.
N0MAN1968 05/05/2007 14 4 - 12
Oregon Guv to live on food stamp budget
It’s a brilliant idea – and one that any Republican governor could have tried in order to look somewhat human – but Oregon’s Democratic Governor Ted Kulongoski, along with ...
N0MAN1968 04/22/2007 33 24 - 28
The Iraqi Centipod
I saw a story diaried this week -- no cite handy, sorry -- about a report that the US military has taken over Iraqi security, in a tacit admission that training the Iraqis is no longer feasible as a ...
N0MAN1968 04/21/2007 4 2 - 1
Ueberroth: US "better off" if LA/CHI mayors ran it
Peter Ueberroth isn't likely to get an Air America gig any time soon. Not that he's way over on the Dark Side, but the former ...
N0MAN1968 04/14/2007 39 12 - 18
What the DOJ scandal really means
As foolish as it is to think that DOJ is not a political animal, it's even more foolish to misunderstand those politics -- or, more accurately, to so badly misrepresent them, as our neoconservative "...
N0MAN1968 04/13/2007 8 3 - -
A response to all impeachment diaries
I am a great admirer of teacherken. I read with interest his diary of today, They will have no choice but to impeach , and I am moved ...
N0MAN1968 04/07/2007 36 16 - 32
Us and Them
Us, and them And after all we're only ordinary men. Me, and you. God only knows its not what we would choose to do. Forward he cried from the rear And the front rank died. And the general sat ...
N0MAN1968 04/01/2007 5 2 - 3
GOP lacks COMPLIANCE capability
Paraphrasing, the question was asked, HOW/WHY is it that the Bush Maladministration is, well, so extraordinarily ham-handed in its indiscretions? The answer came to me in a flash: The GOP ...
N0MAN1968 03/28/2007 16 31 3 130
"If you've got nothing to hide ... "
Lordy, this is funny! It's just one whip-saw after another with the Goopers. The latest is this controversy over White House senior staff testifying to Congress under oath. This is where perception ...
N0MAN1968 03/25/2007 10 16 - 125
Shirlington Loses DHS Limo Contract
It was reported yesterday that Shirlington Limousine & Transport, which has been under investigation as part of the whole Duke Cunningham et al. mess, will no longer be one of DHS’s ...
N0MAN1968 03/16/2007 8 6 - 1
"Third-rate burglary" vs. "Internal personnel matter"
Am I the first to note this curious similarity in linguistic efforts to minimize a looming political catastrophe for a sitting President?
N0MAN1968 03/15/2007 4 5 - -
“You offered me the lives of my crew.”
Yeah, that’s right. If you recognized the line you are now or at one time were a Star Trek geek. It’s from “
N0MAN1968 03/03/2007 19 6 - 1
Democrats afraid war will end
Sorry, folks. Read it and weep.
N0MAN1968 03/02/2007 8 5 - 1
GOP in "vicious cycle" of pessimism
If this has been diaried, I really don't care. I'm writing it more for myself and thank you for stopping by. I've grown to respect Charlie Cook quite a bit. His predictions were accurate but ...
N0MAN1968 02/22/2007 16 9 - 1
It's the sex, stupid!
I've given this a lot of thought (I know, you're happy for me) and have come to the conclusion that what's happened with religion and politics is that the Christian Right, as doubly oxymoronic as ...
N0MAN1968 02/15/2007 45 11 - 1
FCC and Radio HATE: Prepare for a long wait
This is not a new idea. theleftcoaster brought it up twice that I know of, most recently in connection with the ABC mendacity known ...
N0MAN1968 01/14/2007 6 6 - 7
Iraq escalation violates AUMF (staying might, also)
Sen. Kennedy’s posting prompted me to go back and look at exactly what George W. Bush was authorized to do. You might be surprised.
N0MAN1968 01/09/2007 7 2 1 25
Overheard at the Pentagon (Bob Newhart Redux)
If you are young, like my youngest kid, Bob Newhart was Wil Farrell's adoptive elfin dad in the movie "Elf." If you are old, like my kid's dad, Bob Newhart started out in your awareness as a ...
N0MAN1968 01/06/2007 21 26 - 6
Six said he was "worth it" -- A revived reflection on Saddam's execution
This got more feedback as a comment today than as a diary yesterday but some have requested it in diary form. So here it is, again, with update added yesterday, in full form below the fold. Happy ...
N0MAN1968 12/31/2006 14 14 - -
UPDATED: Was he worth it? Six said "yes"
Saddam Hussein is dead. His execution was a direct object and result of the decisions made by the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush. As president, former governor of Texas and a ...
N0MAN1968 12/30/2006 7 6 - -
Bush tops 06 poll as both "Hero" and "Villian"
A diary a while ago noted the penchant for the clinically mentally ill to embrace Bush, as a reaction to the need for a figure of clear authority in a dysfunctional world view. Here is ...
N0MAN1968 12/29/2006 1 2 - -
Chgo Trib's Sanity Clause: Crismis doin's in rightieville
The /Chicago Tribune/ is among several papers I monitor in the U.S. and abroad, but it’s December 26, 2006 edition contained a trilogy of treats—profound indications that all is not well,
N0MAN1968 12/28/2006 11 3 - 11
Barockstar Obamapalooza -- Feel the inevitable
I saw a young, personable politician on /The Tonight Show/ being interviewed by Jay Leno after a noteworthy speech at the Democratic Convention, nominating the party's candidate. I said to my wife "...
N0MAN1968 12/24/2006 31 4 - -
"Stupid is as stupid does" -- President Gump
Over recent years, and especially in recent days, there has been a lot of speculation about the sanity of President George W. Bush. This goes hand in hand with speculation about his intellect. ...
N0MAN1968 12/23/2006 6 2 - -
Episcopal split on gays manufactured by conservative money
This is the kind of issue that seeps in around the edges. It showed up as an afterthought in diarist essexgreen ’s tip-jar comment to a diary posted today,
N0MAN1968 12/18/2006 39 15 1 36
"Wrong on Iraq" -- Effect of war auth votes on 2008 candidates
I spent a lot of time reading the comments in today's rec'd diary on John Edwards. Seems the biggest knock on this guy in our Kommunity is his previous pro-military force position on Iraq. By the ...
N0MAN1968 12/16/2006 34 10 - 16
Battle of Aught-Six (apologies to Johnny Horton)
With the election of 2006 producing so many battles after Election Day, it put me in the mind of Andrew Jackson's post-truce victory in the Battle of New Orleans. Hope you are old enough to ...
N0MAN1968 12/13/2006 6 4 - -
Shelby Steele on Iraq: BLAME AMERICANS!
In his recent op ed, Our Unceasing Ambivalence , published December 8 in the /Wall Street Journal/,
N0MAN1968 12/10/2006 22 11 2 -
Saturday Night Joke Thread v2
Hey it was fun last week and added some notables to my collection! I'll start ...
N0MAN1968 12/02/2006 194 27 5 14
Bush is a four-time, big-time loser
This came to me today with two separate revelations. First, someone as notable as the popularly elected non-President of 2000, Al Gore, finally stopped beating about the bush (so to speak) and ...
N0MAN1968 11/29/2006 9 9 1 -
Saturday Night Joke Thread
What the Hell. I'll start.
N0MAN1968 11/25/2006 32 5 2 4
Vote hacked, just not enough
The group Election Defense Alliance (EDA), a national election integrity organization, claims that evidence shows the just-concluded election was skewed Republican by 3,000,000 hacked votes. This is ...
N0MAN1968 11/19/2006 78 33 3 15
TSA can unionize but won't be allowed to--Second in a Series
N0MAN1968 11/18/2006 11 6 - 1
The straight, white, male, rural, southern party
N0MAN1968 11/17/2006 42 25 1 23
IRS: Check this box if you supported the Iraq war
N0MAN1968 11/13/2006 15 15 1 133
THINK like a prosecutor and 07 becomes a GOP death march
N0MAN1968 11/11/2006 9 25 1 9
This song helped me through the worst years
N0MAN1968 11/09/2006 14 2 1 -
N0MAN1968 11/08/2006 23 35 - 11
Saddam: History's Most Expensive Law Enforcement Action
N0MAN1968 11/04/2006 1 - - 5
WHAT IF ... Bush declares martial law? (fiction)
N0MAN1968 10/29/2006 36 8 3 83
N0MAN1968 10/14/2006 5 6 - -
Are we making too much of Foley? NAHHHHH!
N0MAN1968 10/04/2006 8 3 - -
Comma or WWII? I'm confused.
N0MAN1968 09/26/2006 10 12 1 -
"Jihad" auto dealer ad cancelled--how low can you go?
N0MAN1968 09/25/2006 13 1 - 1
GOP Embraces "Woody Allen Strategy"
N0MAN1968 09/24/2006 22 7 - 6
Jesus Christ Delays Defense Bill
N0MAN1968 09/22/2006 5 6 - -
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