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SCOTUS Weakens Citizen United
In an opinion authored by Chief Justice Roberts the Supreme Court has rejected a First Amendment challenge to Florida’s ban on the personal solicitation of campaign contributions by judicial ...
NCJim 04/29/2015 2 14 - -
F the Poor
Our Republican North Carolina Governor, his Republican Senate and House Have just decided to F the poor. A committee for the University of North Carolina’s Board of Governors issued a much-...
NCJim 02/19/2015 5 11 - -
All is Well in NC
It is going to be a beautiful fall day in North Carolina, a terrific day to go out and vote. Kay Hagan is up by 4 % in the last two polls (Likely Voter) and is leading by 7 with registered voters. ...
NCJim 11/04/2014 45 96 1 -
This is Hilarious!
We are running a phone bank for Kay Hagan out of our house. It is going great. Almost all the Democrats we call support Kay Hagan. Sometimes they need a little encouragement, but they say they ...
NCJim 11/02/2014 9 15 - -
North Carolina Weekend Numbers are Great!
The numbers for the weekend of early voting are in and, to quote Tony the Tiger, Threeeere Great! Using the numbers from which is a project of the Civitas Institute: 48.4 % of ...
NCJim 10/27/2014 36 32 1 -
A Beautiful North Carolina Day
Right now it feels like the very early light in the dawn before a great battle. But this, fortunately, is a battle of the ballot box. In the few counties publicly reporting, the numbers of voters ...
NCJim 10/25/2014 61 66 1 -
Voting in Chapel Hill, NC Today
The wife and I voted today at 4pm, at the Seymour Senior Center in Chapel Hill and our son voted first thing in the day at the State Board Of Elections in Hillsborough, the county seat. This is ...
NCJim 10/23/2014 31 58 - -
Fox News is discouraging young women from voting
Huffingtonpost Reports: Fox News is discouraging young people from voting again, but this time the target is more specific: young women. "The Five" co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle said Tuesday that ...
NCJim 10/22/2014 15 15 - -
Only Democrats can Win the Senate in November
I am assuming the September momentum will carry on through election day in North Carolina (more later), Colorado, and Iowa. I am not concerned with New Hampshire, Shaheen seems to have that sewed ...
NCJim 09/16/2014 12 14 - -
Cutting Taxes Still doesn't Create Jobs -- NC Edition
If cutting taxes creates jobs then you would have to give a little time for the extremely wealthy to get off their asses (or more likely stay on them and make phone calls) and make all of those ...
NCJim 08/18/2014 6 14 - -
Getting Out the Vote
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Now is the time for every Progressive and every Democrat to work to get out the vote. There are only three and a ...
NCJim 07/18/2014 2 2 - -
Winning the NC Senate
How do we in North Carolina take our state back? The good news is that progressives are motivated in 2014, we are running good candidates and everyone hates the Republicans in the legislature. I ...
NCJim 06/14/2014 8 16 - -
Thom Tillis -- the Stupid it Hurts
Thom Tillis is running for senate in North Carolina. Last year the GOP house, senate and governor initiated a "War on Teachers", cutting resources, teacher aids and trying to eliminate tenure. Now ...
NCJim 06/10/2014 10 16 1 -
NC Tillis and GOP to Cut Health Care for the "Medically Needy" Aged, Blind and Disabled
What a brilliant, politically popular idea the NC Senate has come up with...a real winner: Cut healthcare funding for the medically needy aged, blind and disabled. Doesn't that have a real nice ...
NCJim 05/29/2014 9 23 - -
A local race with big implications for marriage equality in NC
Tonight is primary night in North Carolina and in one particular county, Orange, the home of UNC, there was a Democratic primary race for Registrar of Deeds. Now you might be asking yourself why is ...
NCJim 05/07/2014 8 15 - -
An Astroturf Idea
I clicked on the National Association for Gun Rights banner ad right here on Dailykos. I do that from time to time to transfer a penny from a right wing group to a progressive web page. The ...
NCJim 05/05/2014 5 - - -
NC Koch Judgeship Steal Alert
North Carolina has a strange way of electing judges. Since judges are suppose to be "non-partisan" the primary is used to reduce the number of judges to the two that will contest the spot in the ...
NCJim 04/30/2014 6 20 1 -
Team Mitch Website
I clicked on the ad for Team Mitch on this web site just because I do sometime. I may be wrong but I think that it transfers $.01 from some 1%er to Dailykos. If it doesn't don't tell me because I ...
NCJim 02/15/2014 2 1 - -
NC -- Most massive moral rally in the South since Selma!
Despite predictions of freezing rain, a record number of people of all ages came today to Raleigh for the Moral March (aka HKonJ) to protest the corrupt Republican Legislature and Governor that ...
NCJim 02/08/2014 82 307 9 -
The Ted Cruzade and the GOP
Breaking: the GOP has a new anthem. It is the anthem of an age old crusade of angry young men who know the futility of their fight but just can't help themselves. To the barricades!!! One ...
NCJim 09/21/2013 3 1 - -
GOP AR Senator Accidentally Shoots Teacher
Yes we know that the GOP hates teachers, just as they hate government workers of all stripes. However, this was not a hate crime it was just a stupid. Arkansas state Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson (R) is ...
NCJim 08/29/2013 157 115 1 -
Our NC GOP Nannies
Fresh off of making it a felony for women to expose their nipples as a political protest, but not illegal to expose their nipples in a strip club and right after introducing a bill to establish a ...
NCJim 04/06/2013 15 27 - -
When is a Nipple not a Nipple?
NC Stupid – A Woman’s Breasts are for Men. OK fellow Kossacks, what is wrong with this bill? With the Republicans in charge of the state government we are off to the races to get “Big ...
NCJim 02/16/2013 34 15 - -
Allen West for Speaker?
Quick not really a diary, but it looks like Allen West of Florida is getting some votes. Democrats are praising Pelosi when they vote for her. It also looks like Cantor did not vote when it was ...
NCJim 01/03/2013 17 3 - -
An Every Vote Counts Story
One year, long ago, in a small rural New York village everyone running in the local election was running unopposed. The town prankster spent election day in the bar across the street and counted ...
NCJim 11/06/2012 2 3 - -
Ohio's Nightmare Voting Scenario
As reported by Cincinnati Enquirer Reporter Barry Horstman In an effort to convince the world that many if not most Republican politicitons are stupid: Under Secretary of State Jon Husted’s ...
NCJim 10/25/2012 18 5 - -
NC - Day Five Quick Note
Just a teaser before MattTX comes out with the next edition of his wonderful series of Diaries. African American votes (200,766) passed Republican votes (195,719). This is early voting and ...
NCJim 10/23/2012 20 9 - -
NC -- Day Two of Early Voting
Another beautiful day in North Carolina. A great day for all those thousands of Democratic canvassers who are going out to knock on doors today. 17 days before the election, during the great ...
NCJim 10/20/2012 9 16 - -
NC -- What a Difference a Day Makes
Yesterday the Republicans were leading in NC (absentee) 55.51% vs 26.32% for Democrats. That was 37,521 Republicans vs 17,792 Democrats with 12,184 Unaffiliated voters. 90.17% of these voters ...
NCJim 10/19/2012 269 366 4 -
NC Voting -- Lines out the Door!
Especially in NC where the campaigns can find out that you have voted, an early vote is worth more. That is because we don't have to bother trying to get you to the polls. So if you live in NC, ...
NCJim 10/18/2012 35 15 1 -
A Proof of Dark Energy
From time to time when I hear of an exciting astrophysics discovery I wait a day and see it reported on all over the main stream media. So when I saw that the current theory for Dark Energy had ...
NCJim 10/16/2012 51 31 1 -
Wealth Redistribution
So when Romney advertises on Dailykos how does Romney transfer his wealth to Dailykos? If they are paying for clicks, as I think they are, then we are all obligated to click the ad. You don't need ...
NCJim 10/09/2012 2 1 - 24
What Debate? Gallup +1 Obama (50-45)
Short diary with good news. The Gallup Daily Tracking poll which includes one day after the debate has Obama ticking up one percentage point. Guess lying, bullying, flip flopping and drinking ...
NCJim 10/05/2012 19 9 - 212
The Bounce Begins
From Gallups daily tracking polls: Obama Approval 52% +3 Obama Disapproval 43% -2 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION Obama 48% +1 Romney 45% -1 7-day rolling ...
NCJim 09/07/2012 26 18 - 302
Quaker Meeting Expresses Opposition to NC Amendment 1
I would like to share with you a moving "Minute" against Amendment 1 to the North Carolina Constitution. A "Minute" is a written expression of the "sense" of the members of the entire meeting on ...
NCJim 04/25/2012 7 10 - 53
Trump proves that Romney would be a Weak Leader
The most important job of the President of the United States is that of chief negotiator with other foreign leaders. Upon this skill rests the foundation of our national security. The President's ...
NCJim 02/06/2012 6 2 - 55
Laid Off by Bain—My Story
In May of 1999, I went to work for Interpath, a “dot com” company owned by Carolina Power & Light. This local power utility formed Interpath in order to use its existing fiber optic network and ...
NCJim 01/08/2012 143 389 12 1483
Congratulations to Senator Burr
I can’t believe it but the Republicans are actually true to their word about fiscal discipline. By filibustering the entire defense spending bill and killing Obama’s tax cut plan we ...
NCJim 09/22/2010 16 8 - 48
My Teabag Issue
I am mad a hell and I am not going to take it any more! Some nattering nabobs of negativism (and even some of those Democrats that we gave money to and supported) are plotting to take away my tax ...
NCJim 04/15/2009 5 1 - 7
Gov. Jindal was Right!  (And I was wrong)
When Governor Jindal said that the language in the stimulus bill was forcing him to change the Louisiana state unemployment law, I thought he was just blowing typical GOP smoke, but I was wrong and ...
NCJim 02/24/2009 54 18 - 22
A Fair, Non-Regressive, Potentially Popular Gas/Carbon "Tax"
Taxing carbon and/or gas is a good idea. Carbon pollution is a hidden cost to society and should be a market factor. Market forces are the "best" way to direct the consuming public's choices. And ...
NCJim 02/20/2009 65 7 - 174
If You Got a Little Money? It’s Time to Spend Some!
Most of us still have jobs, still have good jobs. Most of us didn't run up our credit cards or hit the home equity ATM. We are still in OK shape, but the tendency right now is to "save just a ...
NCJim 02/17/2009 36 13 - 19
A Solution to Save a Good Idea
The purpose of a carbon tax is to save the environment, and by extension humankind, by reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and thereby slowing climate change. It can be implemented by taxing ...
NCJim 01/18/2009 5 - - 9
NC Early Voting Extended
The State Board of Elections is forcing commissioners in all counties to meet today to consider extending early voting hours from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday, the last day of early voting.
NCJim 10/31/2008 43 23 - 13
Obama Stole My Good Idea
It just seems like Obama stole every good idea that I have had for his campaign. Except his timing was way better. Like pointing out in Florida that McCain thinks Social Security is disgusting and ...
NCJim 10/24/2008 19 2 - 4
My NC Voting Experience
It is a rare rainy day here, the students are on break so I expected my early voting experience to be kind of mellow. But there was a steady stream of voters, one arriving every minute or so. ...
NCJim 10/17/2008 39 11 - 8
The 11th hour.
World War I was scheduled to end at the 11th hour of the 11th day of November (the 11th month) in 1918. At the very last minute every artillery gun on both sides of the conflict fired one last ...
NCJim 10/09/2008 1 - - 8
Why is it Always Women With Him?
Yes this diary should be a comment in the Recommended diary above, my apologies in advance. But every time McCain is a real jerk to a reporter it is always a woman. What is with that? Are all the ...
NCJim 09/16/2008 29 7 2 9
Cindy's Excellent Adventure
Cindy Goes to War! Yep just in time for the Democratic Convention Cindy McCain is going to Geogia! Why you ask? To assess the civilian casualties due to the Russian invasion.
NCJim 08/25/2008 34 3 - 6
Dream Catcher Family
I have always be bugged that the US taxpayer subsidized McCain's campaign plane which was owned by Cindy's corporation and all expenses were a tax write-off, but not only do we subsidize McCain's ...
NCJim 08/21/2008 1 - - 12
Register Everyone
I met an amazing woman at an Obama organization meeting. She is the county voter registration coordinator. She says carry your clip board everywhere (with an Obama bumper sticker on the back) and ...
NCJim 07/16/2008 5 2 - 3
My NC Voting Experience
With "One Stop Early Voting and Registration" we here in the Tar Heel State can vote Monday through Saturday for over a week and a half. I work near the polling place so I usually go over sometime ...
NCJim 04/24/2008 38 26 - 17
Watch a Candidate for President Lie
Check out this interview of Mick Huckabee: The Today Show Interview with Mike Huckabee "That floating cross is a bookshelf......
NCJim 12/19/2007 20 1 - 4
War Tax/Carbon Tax Ideas
I thought what our Democratic Congress should have done the last time around when they "had" to vote to approve the additional war funding was at least spend the money in a "fiscally responsible/...
NCJim 09/07/2007 5 - - 32
Which Party is Fiscally Responsible?
Democratic candidates out raised Republicans by $30 million this quarter. But when it came to spending the funds, the GOP candidates spent like the foolish money wasters that they are.
NCJim 07/16/2007 2 3 - 9
Sacrificing a Franklin ($100) for Freedom
NCJim 08/21/2006 3 3 - 2
Roe v. Wade and Originalism
NCJim 12/06/2005 9 3 1 -
Right wing war on Christmas
NCJim 12/02/2005 9 3 - -
Plame, Rove, and grains of salt
NCJim 10/25/2005 7 1 - -
Fitzgerald knew Libby was Judy's source
NCJim 10/24/2005 9 3 - -
What did Democrats vote for in 2002?
NCJim 10/23/2005 26 12 1 5
Richard Cohen Does it Again
NCJim 10/20/2005 17 7 1 -
If you live in NC, NYT is free
NCJim 09/21/2005 3 3 - -
Where are Richard Burr's sons?
NCJim 09/20/2005 6 5 - -
Democrats on Roberts
NCJim 09/16/2005 1 1 - -
Zero tolerance?
NCJim 09/01/2005 1 - - -
Republicans and pregnant teens
NCJim 08/10/2005 27 4 - -
Brooks and Will'- links
NCJim 05/05/2005 3 - - -
Brooks & Will write same column
NCJim 05/05/2005 8 1 - -
Sample Living Will
NCJim 04/11/2005 3 1 - -
Which is in "Crisis"?
NCJim 02/22/2005 1 - - -
Valentine's Day / Marriage Rights Day
NCJim 02/14/2005 4 1 - -
Time to Start Writing Your Senator!
NCJim 01/07/2005 3 2 - -
A Faith Based Initiative
NCJim 12/22/2004 4 2 - -
From now on the deficit is to be known as the "Hidden Flat Tax".
NCJim 11/12/2004 5 3 - -
Reclaim America Rally!
NCJim 11/01/2004 - 2 - -
Keep Dem Voters at Polls! Bring flowers, chocolate and music to polling places.
NCJim 10/30/2004 5 6 - -
NCJim 10/07/2004 2 - - -
New Bagdad Burning Blog Entry
NCJim 09/15/2004 6 11 - -
Bush: The Child is Father to the Man
NCJim 09/14/2004 9 5 - -
A New Plastic Turkey
NCJim 08/28/2004 5 - - -
A Castle of White
NCJim 08/27/2004 1 - - -
Why is the President against free speech?
NCJim 08/23/2004 5 - - -
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