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The sandy hook
The title has a double meaning for those of us at the jersey shore. Not really a diary, just a message to my fellow travelers to stay safe. There's lots of work to be done after the storm passes.
NJ Dem 10/28/2012 10 4 - -
Keith Olberman is wrong... and I'm not happy about it.
There is a dangerous new doctrine being introduced by Sarah Palin regarding the role of the Vice President. (and no, this is not snark) I rarely post these days due to time contraints but for the ...
NJ Dem 10/21/2008 81 34 3 29
A few thoughts on Memorial Day
I am sitting in a quite house, my family is still asleep and I have been trying to plan out my day. Within the hour, my kids will be up, and I want them to be bathed and dressed for the parade in ...
NJ Dem 05/26/2008 4 6 - 4
Obama/Richardson, the 21st Century American Dream Team
Introduction. There are a few names for potential VP that are on the short list of many prognosticators . Now that Bill Richardson has endorsed Barack Obama, there will be many detailed diaries ...
NJ Dem 03/21/2008 39 7 - 1
The Wyoming Poll: The morning after
Please particate in the poll below. What excuse/dismissal of Wyoming will the HRC campaign rely upon tomorrow. I think it is important for Barack Obama's campaign to focus on the list of ...
NJ Dem 03/08/2008 9 1 - 2
Top Clinton Surrogate say its over:Updated (2X)
I have been a participant (although not very active) on this site for a couple of years. So I hope some of you will give me the benefit of the doubt because I cannot name my source. Its very simple,
NJ Dem 03/04/2008 325 192 3 40
Nexus of Terror - Olberman Alert
There is an amazing piece by KO tonight, dramatically showing how repeatedly over several years, a Terror Alert followed within a couple of days of significant news damaging the admisnitrations ...
NJ Dem 02/21/2008 20 11 - 3
HRC adopts 9u11ani campaign strategy
Is it me, or has HRC effectively conceded this race. Over the past 24 hours, her campaign has repeatedly stated that they are focused on the big states such as Texas, coming up in March.
NJ Dem 02/06/2008 35 10 1 2
Top Ten Reasons that Barack Obama will be elected President
This is a simple prediction diary. Having formerly been involved in a number of campaigns it is easy to get lost in the politics of the moment. With due respect to Kos, I believe that contrary to ...
NJ Dem 02/02/2008 26 7 - 10
Stifle Dissent : GOP Playbook Page 3
NJ Dem 11/11/2005 1 2 - 1
Say It Ain't So Joe (Biden)
NJ Dem 11/03/2005 26 7 - -
Reid's October Surprise
NJ Dem 11/01/2005 3 3 - -
Early Fitzmas Present: Bush Poll at New Low W/Poll
NJ Dem 10/28/2005 14 3 - -
Bush Numbers down again: Breaking through the floor
NJ Dem 10/21/2005 14 5 - -
Rapid Shift in Bush Poll Numbers Now Underway
NJ Dem 10/10/2005 61 13 - -
Shrublands or Hoovervilles: Just Say No.
NJ Dem 09/21/2005 3 2 1 -
Whats Wrong With Harold Ford Jr.
NJ Dem 09/16/2005 15 - - 2
Outframed: How the MSM has picked up the Republican Playbook this week.
NJ Dem 09/14/2005 9 5 - 1
Sunday Evening Quarterback - Frame of the Week
NJ Dem 09/11/2005 7 - - -
Corporate Welfare and the Credit Card President
NJ Dem 09/01/2005 - - - -
John McCain has gone soft on National Security
NJ Dem 07/18/2005 11 1 - -
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