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Rand Paul: Traffic laws should be voluntary
Senator Rand Paul has announced his support for Republican proposals to make all traffic laws voluntary. "I've heard of many tragic cases where dangers lurked to the right side of the road and it ...
NJNiceGuy 02/08/2015 114 67 - -
Kansas seeks vote to join Russia
As Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a treaty on Tuesday making Crimea part of Russia, a far-away spiritual ally of Russia has also pleaded to join the country. Tea Party loyalists in Kansas ...
NJNiceGuy 03/20/2014 7 16 - -
Idaho police are prevented from voicing opposition to concealed weapons on campus law
Here's another great moment from democracy. The Idaho state senate sensed that the Boise police was not in favor of allowing people to carry concealed weapons on campus so they did the best thing ...
NJNiceGuy 02/17/2014 10 11 - -
Furloughed scientist: "I work with WMDs. The people who make WMDs are definitely at work today."
Joe Anderson, a scientist who works for the government in chemical bio-defense was interviewed by Christina Wilkie yesterday about the shooting outside the capitol building. When Christina asks Mr. ...
NJNiceGuy 10/04/2013 7 9 - -
why aren't republicans called anarchists?
I went to the dictionary and I looked up the word "Anarchy" 1. A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority. 2. Absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, ...
NJNiceGuy 05/11/2013 74 21 - -
Boise Police Chief supports Idaho Human Rights Act
Police Chief Mike Masterson made a testimony before the Idaho legislature. I found it moving.
NJNiceGuy 03/20/2013 5 1 - -
The moment that the pollsters' incentive changes
It is nice to point out that pollsters get graded by their ability to accurately make predictions with their LAST poll. From the moment that they start polling (2 years ago) until this point, they ...
NJNiceGuy 10/25/2012 7 6 - -
Randy Newman is Dreaming of a White President
I can not add anything to the beauty of this brand new masterpiece:!
NJNiceGuy 09/18/2012 21 22 1 432
Paul Robeson, and Progressivism..a musical
Paul Robeson's birthday went by last month without a single mention on the daily kos website. A few weeks ago, I discovered the appearance (on youtube) of a strange and wonderful performance that I ...
NJNiceGuy 05/13/2012 5 4 - 44
Has anyone switched from Turbo tax? I want to avoid supporting ALEC.
Hello, I am seeking some technical advice here. I see that Intuit is a major supporter of the ALEC movement. The entire list is very ...
NJNiceGuy 02/23/2012 33 12 4 246
NASA makes statement: LENR is real, We are studying it and it will change world
This video came out yesterday from NASA, and it's been causing quite a stir among the alternative energy blogs. LENR is the new name for "...
NJNiceGuy 01/13/2012 54 24 5 639
Gingrich is poster child for infidelity (literally)
I was driving back to Trenton tonight, and I saw a billboard promoting the infidelity website "" which shows a picture of New Gingrich and the label: "Faithful Republican" "...
NJNiceGuy 12/14/2011 7 10 - 96
Let Jack Abramoff have his website
If a man becomes a criminal. Then he admits his guilt. He does his time, and honestly expresses a desire to make good, he deserves a chance. If we can accept Mike Tyson:
NJNiceGuy 11/18/2011 15 - - 61
The E-cat! Do you believe?
I've been following this story for some time now. It appears that various media outlets are starting to write about the E-Cat. If this turns out to be "for real", then this is likely to have ...
NJNiceGuy 10/18/2011 14 2 - 144
Roswell UFO was Soviet Hoax
According to Annie Jacobsen in her book "Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base" there absolutely was a flying saucer that crashed in New Mexico in 1947. It's a little ...
NJNiceGuy 05/17/2011 78 1 - 451
Dear Mr. Koch
Dear Mr. Koch, Yesterday's news cycle was filled was filled with details of the status of Governor Walker regarding your business interests. It is now clear that Mr. Walker is an employee of yours,
NJNiceGuy 02/24/2011 3 1 - 16
cool game: What will Obama give up for debt ceiling?
While we heard the President tell us how much he is itching for a fight, we all know that he will punt on first down again when it comes time for the debt ceiling war to rage. Of course at the time ...
NJNiceGuy 12/15/2010 19 5 - 23
Tea Party honors Perot campaign legacy?  no way!
The first campaign that I worked on was Jerry Brown's "Take Back America" 92 Presidential campaign. I never liked Clinton, even at the time, I felt that he was too conservative and that New ...
NJNiceGuy 11/13/2010 13 3 - 38
late night poetry for Tea Partiers
People who join the tea party are people who are angry because they used to be middle class, and now they are something lower than that.
NJNiceGuy 10/07/2010 21 - - 46
Alternative plan for bailout...
Here is my alternative plan. Figure out the value of each house in the US at the top of the bubble last year. FIgure out the value of each house in 1998. Give 2/3rds of the difference to the ...
NJNiceGuy 09/21/2008 1 - - -
Bush: Rape is not torture..
Thankfully Steven Bradbury has finally come up with a definition of torture. "pain suffered by a ...
NJNiceGuy 02/19/2008 11 12 2 2
Roger Clemens invokes executive privilege
Roger Clemens issued a press release announcing that he will not allow himself to testify before the senate in their ongoing investigation on steroid use in Major League Baseball. In the statement, ...
NJNiceGuy 01/25/2008 8 6 - -
Dollar collapse..GOP addicted to cuts in interest rates
Remember how we used to hear Republicans pull out their favorite phrase "tax cuts" all the time. Whatever else was going on, they seemed to be able to make everyone smile by promising tax cuts.
NJNiceGuy 10/30/2007 21 9 - -
Important Congressional action needed for Geico Advert
Important and immediate action is required by the Senate and the US House of Representatives concerning recent advertisements for the Geico insurance company. The levers of power to offer ...
NJNiceGuy 09/26/2007 13 7 2 1
Only Kruschev can bury Stalin
Well folks, it is fairly clear to many of us that President George W. Bush's presidency is disintegrating into a completely disfunctional state.
NJNiceGuy 04/18/2007 14 3 - 2
Gingrich: scrap Net-Neutrality or we'll blow up your cities
Forgive me, but I have not seen anyone connecting the dots between Newt's speech, and the constant threat to give the internet away to the telecom giants. It would seem to me that the telecom ...
NJNiceGuy 11/30/2006 3 4 - -
Cheney speaks for Al Qaeda? Perhaps he really does
NJNiceGuy 08/21/2006 4 3 - -
Why isn't the media writing about all the GOOD things happening in Lebanon?
NJNiceGuy 07/24/2006 9 2 - -
4 changes to make journalism honorable again
NJNiceGuy 06/27/2006 3 1 1 -
Tax Cuts...we need more tax cuts for the oil companies!!
NJNiceGuy 05/03/2006 - - 1 -
10 things to tell the Middle Eastern nations....
NJNiceGuy 03/01/2006 8 - - -
Jimmy Carter's opinion on Dubai should matter? Give me a break!
NJNiceGuy 02/28/2006 28 1 - -
Bush used wiretaps on political enemies
NJNiceGuy 02/01/2006 12 3 2 -
Homosexuality: God's fix for overpopulation
NJNiceGuy 08/25/2005 30 2 1 -
Iraq Statehood: Make Iraq the 51st State!
NJNiceGuy 08/23/2005 4 - - -
George Bush = Johnny Carson
NJNiceGuy 07/01/2005 4 - - -
The boys who wanted this war are not stupid.
NJNiceGuy 06/30/2005 9 2 - -
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