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'So In Love With You' Open thread
For a night of joy and celebration, just watch this video of our First Couple dancing and making what could be a stiff and awkward moment of ceremony a loving and expressive intimate moment shared ...
NMRed 01/21/2013 21 14 - -
A Followup: My personal fundraiser for Lakota projects
Sorry this took so long, it's been a more-than-usually hectic midwinter holidays season around here, plus I kept breaking my computers, and have only gotten one of them repaired, restored, and set ...
NMRed 01/04/2012 13 29 2 106
Help people keep warm and healthy this winter in the Lakota nations
In hopes it will catch the eye of a few folks who might be able to help. I'm writing this diary and making A CHALLENGE!
NMRed 12/13/2011 72 163 7 506
London Police send warning letters
Ok, this is going to be short and sweet.... Reading the Guardian web site I come across a story that strikes me as just one stick the police are using to quell the Occupy movement in the UK:
NMRed 11/08/2011 8 25 - 143
Occupy Santa Fe and all of the Land of Enchantment
Just got back from the local Santa Fe demonstration. Will give a brief report on what I saw and did, but want to encourage other New Mexicans to feel free to use this diary as a place to add their ...
NMRed 10/08/2011 17 22 - 80
The Attacks in Norway 'Necessary'... and I weep with rage and pain
A statement by Breivil's lawyer can be found in the live updates on the Guardian today: Breivik said ...
NMRed 07/24/2011 7 9 - 83
Obama's Clean Energy Initiatives Press conference
Thought I'd set up a liveblog for those who know more than I do about these proposals. Introduced by the President of MIT, Susan Hockfield. She's talking about the new discoveries and inventions in ...
NMRed 03/23/2009 14 5 - 1
wishing you were here
There's been some wonderful discussion and remembrances in both zkg's dairy as well as Meteor Blades' ...
NMRed 01/20/2009 12 11 - 163
Books for Obama fundraiser!
So you still haven't maxed out to Obama, it's getting close to crunch time, and, if you're like me, when you have a little money, you buy books, and if there's anything left over, you get some food.
NMRed 09/24/2008 3 6 - 3
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