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Syria: America is really going to repeat half the mistakes made with Iraq?
Deja vu. News media quote unnamed "senior officials" arguing for war. Then a Saddam-hating former embezzler was taken seriously when he said Saddam was pursuing weapons, now we have the word of ...
NT Toons 09/01/2013 31 5 - -
Linda Robertson is the Paula Deen of Homophobia
I can't say anying about Paula Deen that hasn't been said already, and she's kind of a dead horse with more recent events (Zimmerman's aquittal) but she's just here to make a comparison. Mrs. Deen ...
NT Toons 07/17/2013 21 4 - -
After writing the Declaration, did Jefferson turn himself in to the Crown for prosectuion?
Refrains against Snowden frequently castigate him for avoiding prosecution, rather than stand for prosecution and do his time in Birmingham Jail or wherever, as a proper form of civil disobedience. ...
NT Toons 07/03/2013 28 13 - -
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