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Ancient America: The Northeast Prior to 8000 BCE
The Northeastern Woodlands of North America is a land of heavily forested rolling hills and rounded mountains, salt marshes of waving grass, calm lakes, tumbling brooks, surf-beaten beaches, and ...
Ojibwa 05/31/2015 16 90 1 -
Arizona's McCain and Flake swap Apache Holy Land to foreign mining company- Contact Congress
This is outrageous. Oak Flat in Arizona, an Apache holy place where coming-of-age ceremonies have been performed for many generations and is a sacred place for prayer, has been handed over to an ...
parker02 05/29/2015 17 29 1 -
Unbelievable: Democratic congresswoman mocks Indians with clueless 'war whoop'
David Nir 05/19/2015 117 64 - -
Driving while black, brown, or Indian
Most people have heard or read the acronym "DWB," which stands for " Driving While Black ," or in many cases "Brown," derived from DWI—Driving While Intoxicated. In ...
Denise Oliver Velez 05/17/2015 218 186 4 -
Standing with Tribal Nations Opposing Coal Exports in the Pacific Northwest
Otto Braided Hair speaks at a press conference against coal exports. He is a traditional leader from the Northern Cheyenne and does not represent the tribal government. "We collectively stand ...
Mary Anne Hitt 05/15/2015 4 35 - -
The Daily Bucket - chocolate lily season in a remnant Indian prairie
The Daily Bucket is a regular feature of the Backyard Science group.  It is a place to note any observations you have made of the world around you.  Rain, sun, wind...insects, birds, flowers......
OceanDiver 05/15/2015 86 44 - -
Indians 101: Kootenai Political Organization
The Kootenai (also spelled Kutenai), whose homeland was in the area west of the Rocky Mountains in what is today western Montana, northern Idaho, and southeastern British Columbia, are generally ...
Ojibwa 05/14/2015 5 19 - -
Ancient America: Coastal Oregon, 13,000 to 7,500 years Ago
The Oregon coast is a part of the larger Northwest Coast culture area which stretches from the Tlingit homelands in Alaska to the Tolowa homelands in northern California. The cultures along this ...
Ojibwa 05/10/2015 20 83 2 -
Hey, Redskins Fans, Let's Honor the Real Warriors
Proud Native Americans reject the honor of being a mascot? Okay. Recently Native American ...
robschmidt 05/09/2015 14 4 - -
South Dakota board votes to restore a Lakota name to the highest peak in the Black Hills
The stones used to build the fire lookout tower atop Harney Peak were hauled up by mule when it was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1935-1938. Harney Peak, the highest point in the ...
quaoar 05/09/2015 22 112 1 -
Indians 101: The Utes, the Spanish, and Silver
The Ute Indians, for whom the state of Utah is named, had an aboriginal homeland which included much of the present-day states of Colorado and Utah as well as portions of New Mexico and Arizona. The ...
Ojibwa 05/07/2015 4 29 1 -
Indians 101: Huron Government and Law
Long before the European invasion of North America, five Iroquoian-speaking tribes formed a powerful confederation known as the League of Five Nations. The idea for this confederacy came from the ...
Ojibwa 05/05/2015 3 30 - -
Indians 201: Wodziwob's Ghost Dance
During the nineteenth century there were a number of religious movements that developed among diverse Indian tribes. One of these, called the Ghost Dance by non-Indians, arose among the Paiute in ...
Ojibwa 04/30/2015 3 16 1 -
Indians 101: The Federal Government and Indian Affairs in 1965
By 1965, the administration of federal Indian relationships and Indian reservations had been firmly entrenched in the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), which is a part of the Department of the Interior.
Ojibwa 04/23/2015 4 23 - -
What do you know about science?*
I wrote a diary on the rise of cancers among First Nations peoples for this last Monday Night Cancer Club. It sparked quite the conversation. I learned that there is also a misconception that ...
AKBear 04/17/2015 159 89 2 -
Indians 101: Kootenai Origins and Spirituality
The Kootenai (also spelled Kutenai), whose aboriginal homelands straddled the Rocky Mountains and included parts of Western Montana, Idaho, British Columbia, and Alberta, have a unique language and ...
Ojibwa 04/16/2015 11 33 - -
Indians 201: Pontiac's War
In 1763, the Ottawa leader Pontiac led an alliance of Indian nations in the Ohio Valley in a war of resistance against the British. In defeating this Indian alliance, the British turned to ...
Ojibwa 04/14/2015 5 27 - -
The Rise in Cancers in First Nations' Peoples
For a little while now, First Nations' types across the US, from the Arctic to our southernmost part, have seen an uptick in deaths from cancers. It seems to coincide with the increased reliance ...
AKBear 04/13/2015 157 70 - -
Six things not to say to a mixed-race person. And some personal notes
This is an excellent video by Marina Watanabe. As an American Indian of mixed blood (my Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood says I'm 3/8s, but my reality is a bit more complex than that), I ...
Meteor Blades 04/13/2015 293 322 3 -
Ancient America: Stone Quarries
Like human beings everywhere, Indians used stone as their primary material for toolmaking for thousands of years. At the time of the European arrival on this continent, Indians, unlike Europeans, ...
Ojibwa 04/12/2015 33 95 1 -
Indians 101: Indian Issues in 1965
In 1965, Indian concerns centered around a number of issues, including the hunting and fishing rights which had been guaranteed in treaties; land claims often related to fraudulent treaties; Indian ...
Ojibwa 04/09/2015 4 20 1 -
Chief Wahoo, You've Got to Go!
Play ball! Throw out that first pitch and let's get things going! If you live in Ohio, Chief Wahoo's all over the place come spring, summer and fall. And if you're a little bit Indian, a lot Indian,
Samuel Vargo 04/06/2015 19 21 - -
Ancient America: Great Basin Oregon, 12,900 to 9,000 Years Ago
About 12,900 years ago there was an abrupt change in climatic conditions known as the Younger Dryas which marked the beginning of cooler conditions in the Great Basin area of present-day Oregon. ...
Ojibwa 04/05/2015 20 104 - -
Indians 101: Spiritual and Medicinal Plants Used by the Chumash Indians
In 1542, the Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez de Cabrillo sailed along the coast of California. While he really didn’t discover anything, he did encounter the Chumash Indians who occupied the three ...
Ojibwa 04/02/2015 18 33 2 -
ICWA - Good News from South Dakota
In a sweeping victory for Indian families, a federal court has ordered South Dakota officials to stop violating the rights of Indian parents and tribes in state child custody proceedings on several ...
meralda 03/31/2015 12 41 - -
Indians 101: Central Plains Indian Migrations
The Central Plains lie south of the South Dakota-Nebraska border and north of the Arkansas River. It includes Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, southeastern Wyoming, and eastern Colorado. At the ...
Ojibwa 03/26/2015 15 31 - -
Oglala Lakota celebrate the victory of 2014's election in changing the name of their county
New county line sign for Oglala Lakota County I'm hoping this photo brings you as much pride as it did me. You all helped get out the vote to change the name of Shannon County to Oglala Lakota ...
navajo 03/25/2015 50 236 2 -
Indians 101: The Horse and the Plateau Indians
The stereotype of the American Indian adopted by the entertainment industry and by some educational textbooks is based on the horse-mounted, buffalo hunting Plains Indians of the nineteenth century.
Ojibwa 03/24/2015 17 53 - -
Ancient America: Tlatilco, an Ancient Site in the Valley of Mexico
For most people the mention of ancient Mexico brings up images of the Aztecs , the Mayas , and perhaps the ancient city of Teotihucán . Ancient Mexico, however, also includes some sites which are ...
Ojibwa 03/22/2015 15 62 - -
Ancient America: Florida, 1 CE to 940 CE
American Indians occupied, utilized, and developed the peninsula known as Florida for thousands of years. Our knowledge of the ancient past—of Florida, from 2,000 years ago until about 1,000 years ...
Ojibwa 03/15/2015 12 37 - -
Pit River Tribe and Allies Rally to Protect Medicine Lake
On March 12, the Pit River Tribe and their Native American and environmental allies optimistically left the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco following oral arguments in their long ...
Dan Bacher 03/13/2015 5 16 - -
Indians 101: California's War on Indians, 1850-1851
In 1850 California was admitted to the United States as its 31st state. As with some other states, Native Americans were not seen as desirable inhabitants of the state. For the first decade of its ...
Ojibwa 03/12/2015 7 28 - -
Ancient America: Florida, BCE
With exciting new finds coming from the OldVero Ice Age Site in Florida which are providing evidence of human occupation 14,000 years ago, this is a good time to review some of the ancient (before 2,...
Ojibwa 03/08/2015 9 34 1 -
Indians 101: The Gros Ventre
At the time the first European explorers and fur traders were entering the Northern Plains in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, the Indian tribe known as the Gros Ventre (Atsina) ...
Ojibwa 03/05/2015 6 31 - -
Indians 101: Greed and the Administration of Indians Reservations in the 19th Century
With the formation of the United States in the late eighteenth century, policies toward American Indians generally followed the British colonial model in which Indians, like wolves, bears, and trees,
Ojibwa 03/03/2015 5 26 2 -
Ancient America: The Columbia Plateau, 2000 BCE to 500 BCE
The area between the Cascade Mountains and the Rocky Mountains in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, and Western Montana is known as the Plateau Culture area. From north to south it runs ...
Ojibwa 03/01/2015 26 82 4 -
Occupy Oak Flat asks Obama to declare site a national monument
Tonto National Forest One executive action most conservatives hate is the establishment of a national monument, which the president can do without congressional approval. He/...
Mother Mags 02/27/2015 54 92 2 -
Indians 101: A Chehalis Indian Artifact Collection (Photo Diary)
The Chehalis are a Salish-speaking Indian nation whose aboriginal homeland was along the lower Chehalis River in what is now Washington. The Chehalis Reservation includes the Chinook, Clatsop, and ...
Ojibwa 02/26/2015 18 30 - -
Religion 101: Religious Imperialism
Religious imperialism is a form of religious ethnocentrism in which people, often a subordinate group, are required to convert to a different religion. Religious imperialism also involves the active ...
Ojibwa 02/25/2015 22 53 - -
Indians 101: Honoring and Celebrating Genocide
Cultural genocide is a concept expressed by many Native Americans to describe the deliberate destruction of American Indian languages, religions, ways of dress and housing, and interpersonal ...
Ojibwa 02/24/2015 24 70 1 -
Ancient America: Corn, Beans, Squash
The domestication of plants is something that happened independently in many different regions of the world. The domestication of plants marks a fundamental change in the way people interact with ...
Ojibwa 02/22/2015 53 126 4 -
Indians 101: The Mandans, Farmers on the Northern Plains
While the most common stereotype of Plains Indians brings forth an image of horse-mounted buffalo-hunting nomads living in tipis, many of the Plains Indian nations were farmers who lived in ...
Ojibwa 02/19/2015 10 26 - -
Indians 201: The Lake Mohonk Conference
Wealthy people often feel that they know what is best for poor people. From 1883 through 1916, a small group of wealthy philanthropists, who referred to themselves as Friends of the Indian, met ...
Ojibwa 02/17/2015 5 22 1 -
Ancient America: Early Oregon Sites
The earliest period of human occupation in the Northern Great Basin region of Oregon is called the Paisley Period by archaeologists. The period, which is tentatively dated from about 15,700 years ...
Ojibwa 02/15/2015 17 53 1 -
Updated ♥Lakota Children Taken♥ Petition To Keep Them With Their Families♥
rebel ga 02/14/2015 28 52 - -
Indians 101: American Indians in 1915
One hundred years ago, in 1915, most Indians were not citizens even though U.S. policies called for the full assimilation of Indians and the total destruction of the tribal lifestyles. At the same ...
Ojibwa 02/12/2015 5 24 1 -
Religion 101: Good-Evil Dualism
One of the features common to many religions is the idea of dualism, or, more precisely, good-evil dualism. This is a religious world-view that sees an on-going struggle or battle between good and ...
Ojibwa 02/11/2015 29 27 1 -
Indians 101: Oregon Indians (Photo Diary)
For more than 15,000 years, Native Americans have been living in what today is called Oregon. The state contains three distinctive environmental areas, each with its own special climate, ...
Ojibwa 02/10/2015 15 45 - -
Ancient America: Newfoundland and Labrador
The eastern Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador was not only the first area of North America encountered by Europeans, but it also had a long history of aboriginal occupation. The ...
Ojibwa 02/08/2015 25 89 2 -
Indians 101: Nakaidoklini, Apache Spiritual Leader
President Ulysses Grant established the San Carlos Indian Reservation in Arizona by Presidential Executive Order in 1872. The newly created reservation was a division of the White Mountain Apache ...
Ojibwa 02/05/2015 9 28 1 -
Indians 101: Eschiti, Comanche Medicineman
The Comanche held a Sun Dance in Oklahoma in 1874. This was not a traditional ceremony, but was one they had borrowed from the Cheyenne. The Sun Dance coincided with the emergence of a new medicine ...
Ojibwa 02/03/2015 7 33 1 -
Ancient America: Occupation of Paisley Caves in Oregon
The earliest period of human occupation in what is now Oregon is called the Paisley Period by archaeologists. The period, which is tentatively dated from about 15,700 years ago to 12,900 years ago, ...
Ojibwa 02/01/2015 56 103 1 -
An Apache Vision: Street Prophets Saturday
Visions have been, and still are, an important part of American Indian spirituality. Apache medicine man Daslahdn experienced a vision in 1903 and as a result introduced a new dance and proclaimed a ...
Ojibwa 01/31/2015 41 24 - -
Native American school children taunted with slurs, sprayed with beer at South Dakota hockey game
You really do have to wonder just what in the hell is wrong with some people: Some 57 charges of child abuse and assault reportedly will be ...
Jen Hayden 01/29/2015 238 264 3 -
Indians 101: American Indians in 1815
Two hundred years ago, in 1815, the United States Senate ratified the Treaty of Ghent which ended the War of 1812. The treaty restored to all Indian nations all of the possessions, rights, and ...
Ojibwa 01/29/2015 5 25 1 -
Indians 101: Cherokee Government and the English
The primary unit of government among the Cherokee was the town. Each town—perhaps 50 at the time of first European contact—was autonomous. The government of each town was not tied to the ...
Ojibwa 01/27/2015 11 33 - -
Ancient America: Alaska Before 6000 BCE
Archaeologists usually classify the period between 25,000 BCE and 6,000 BCE in Alaska as Stage 1, an era in which the first evidence of human habitation occurs. During much of this time, much of ...
Ojibwa 01/25/2015 12 95 1 -
Indians 101: American Indians in 1615
Four hundred years ago, in 1615, the European invasion of North America was in its infancy. Contact between the Indian nations and the Europeans was largely in the form of explorers, missionaries, ...
Ojibwa 01/22/2015 4 35 1 -
Indians 101: The 1837 Winnebago Treaty
During the first part of the nineteenth century, the American Indian policy was to remove Indians from east of the Mississippi River and to “give” them reservations in Indian Territory. Under ...
Ojibwa 01/20/2015 4 33 - -
Hearing & Seeing - Spreading Awareness: Thank you.
The internet - and social media - can be viewed as a razor's edge: on one side, madness, and the other, wonder. Either can be a huge time suck, although the side of madness rarely sees any benefit ...
GreyHawk 01/15/2015 13 18 - -
Indians 101: The Indian Wars of 1915
By the end of the nineteenth century, it was commonly believed by scholars, politicians, and the general public that Indians were destined to disappear. In the twentieth century, many scholars ...
Ojibwa 01/15/2015 6 40 - -
Indians 101: Natick, a Christian Indian Village in Massachusetts
The English colonists in Massachusetts were sometimes conflicted with regard to Indians. Many colonists, viewing the New World as a wilderness, felt that Indians impeded civilization and like other ...
Ojibwa 01/13/2015 11 28 1 -
Natives Thank Obama and Prepare to Take On Keystone Contractor
With the new Senate taking their seats in Washington, and the House voting to put through the pipeline for the tenth time, Natives across America find themselves gearing up for another battle with ...
Dadamsaim 01/12/2015 8 26 - -
Let me get this straight: American public lands have been transferred to Brit/Aussie owners?
Unless emails from the White House go to your spam filter, which in this case is quite fitting, those of us who signed the petition to stop the Apache land grab received the following email written ...
ruby red shoes 01/12/2015 28 27 - -
Ancient America: Aztec Metalwork
The concept of working with metal to fashion ornaments and tools did not originate in Mesoamerica but seems to have diffused into the region sometime in the seventh century from the south—Panama, ...
Ojibwa 01/11/2015 5 61 - -
Indians 101: Suppressing Indian Religions in 1915
In 1915, the United States was firmly convinced that American Indians could assimilate only if they became Christians. To aid in the “civilization” (i.e. Christianization) of the Indians, ...
Ojibwa 01/08/2015 14 40 1 -
Indians 201: William Weatherford, Red Stick Leader
The designation “Creek” is a European concept which emerged during the eighteenth century to designate the Indian people who were living along the creeks and rivers in Alabama, Georgia, and ...
Ojibwa 01/06/2015 7 25 1 -
Ancient America: The Avonlea Complex
The common stereotype of Plains Indians sees them as horse-mounted buffalo hunters. The reality is, of course, that Plains Indians did not adopt the horse and its equestrian lifestyle until the ...
Ojibwa 01/04/2015 24 64 1 -
Indians 101: Reservations in 1915
During the nineteenth century, the United States had attempted to settle all Indians on well-defined reservations on lands deemed unsuitable for non-Indian development. Here Indians were to remain ...
Ojibwa 01/01/2015 11 65 1 -
Indians 101: Dragging Canoe, Cherokee Leader
At the beginning of the eighteenth century the Cherokee were not a single political nation, but a linguistic and cultural grouping of about 50 villages. Dragging Canoe was born about 1730 somewhere ...
Ojibwa 12/29/2014 7 34 1 -
Ancient America: Tula, the Toltec Capital
By the time the Spanish had conquered Mexico, the Toltec (also known Tolteca) were revered as mythical rulers of a golden age. They were regarded as the cultural heirs of the great city of Teotihuacá
Ojibwa 12/28/2014 20 71 2 -
Sherman Alexie is Coming to Boise and Idaho Needs Your Help
by Michael Strickland This is an update of my April 29 diary:
The Book Bear 12/25/2014 6 22 - -
Dan Snyder, this is how it's done
Tonight, the Oklahoma County City School Board (Oklahoma City is located in Oklahoma County) voted 8-0 to drop the "Redskins" mascot for the Capitol Hill High School, which had been used since 1927.
peacearena 12/22/2014 7 15 - -
Ancient America: The Hoko River Complex
The Hoko River originates in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains (Washington State) and flows for about 25 miles to the Pacific Ocean. It flows into the Strait of Juan de Fuca about 16 miles east ...
Ojibwa 12/21/2014 16 83 1 -
Good News from Oklahoma
By now, most Americans are aware of the movement to push the Washington, DC NFL team to give up its obnoxious team name and mascot, "Redskins." I don't need to repeat the arguments here. The same ...
Land of Enchantment 12/19/2014 9 23 - -
Enbridge pipeline ruptures 1,350 barrels of oil spilled at Regina, Saskatchewan pumping station
Enbridge's pipeline number 4 ruptured last night releasing 1,350 barrels of oil from a pumping station in Regina, Saskatchewan. Pipeline number four, the largest pipeline carrying Canadian oil into ...
Lefty Coaster 12/19/2014 7 19 - -
FCC rejects petition asking it not to renew radio station's license for broadcasting 'R*dsk*ns' slur
Change the Mascot's anti-R*dsk*ns protest at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. The Federal Communications Commission audio ...
Meteor Blades 12/19/2014 74 87 2 -
Indians 101: Mormons and Indians
When Europeans began arriving in the Americas they brought with them the firm belief that all knowledge, including the history of the world, was contained in a special holy book which had been ...
Ojibwa 12/18/2014 6 34 1 -
POTUS Permanently Protects Alaska's Bristol Bay from Gas, Oil Drilling
From : WASHINGTON, DC – Today, President Obama designated the pristine waters of Bristol Bay off limits to consideration for oil and gas leasing. This action safeguards one of the ...
ericlewis0 12/16/2014 191 290 3 -
Indians 101: The Yamasee War and the Indian Slave Trade
The Yamasee were a Muskogean-speaking Indian nation living in what would become southern Georgia and northern Florida when first encountered by the Spanish in the sixteenth century. In 1687, the ...
Ojibwa 12/16/2014 8 31 2 -
The Seven Directions: Street Prophets Saturday
In a recent Street Prophets Coffee Hour by kathy in ga raised the topic of shamanism and animals. In one of my comments on this diary, I told a shortened version of a story about photographing a ...
Ojibwa 12/13/2014 9 30 2 -
US Rep. from AZ calls Native Americans, "Wards of the State"
Republican lawmakers can't keep their feet out of their mouths. This week, Representative Paul Gosar, R-AZ called Native Americans, "wards of the Federal Government," during a round table ...
Desert Rose 12/13/2014 68 139 2 -
Indians 101: Visiting European Royalty
Beginning with Christopher Columbus in the late fifteenth century, it was a common practice for European explorers and colonists to bring Native peoples back to Europe to meet with European royalty. ...
Ojibwa 12/11/2014 5 21 - -
#NotYourMascot is one of seven finalists for Digital Trend of the Year
Washington, DC: Not Your Mascots, Inc. , a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the misappropriation of Indigenous identity and imagery through Native mascots, is excited to announce that #
Not Your Mascots 12/09/2014 4 14 - -
Indians 101: The Chickasaw Indians
Five of the Southeastern Indian nations – Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole – are sometimes called the “five Civilized Tribes”. The designation “civilized” is an ...
Ojibwa 12/09/2014 10 45 - -
#NotYourMascot Finalist for Digital Trend of the Year
Native American protestors at Washington vs. 49ers game in Santa Clara, CA on Nov. 23rd. Portland, Oregon – Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry , a group of Native parents and their allies ...
bahesmama 12/09/2014 5 33 1 -
Native Americans Challenge Washington Redskins With #ChangetheName #WinAGame Twitterstorm
Native American protestors at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Portland, Oregon – Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry , a group of Native parents and their allies from across the ...
bahesmama 12/06/2014 56 97 - -
Our heroes in Congress are stealing Indian land (again)
And it's not even the 1800s. All I have to say about this story is... Holy FUCK! Look what these assholes are doing now!
One Pissed Off Liberal 12/05/2014 67 143 1 -
Indians 201: The Michif Language
The French, unlike the English and the Spanish, saw Indians as trading partners. The French saw that their best opportunity for economic gain was to be found in the fur trade in which their Native ...
Ojibwa 12/04/2014 7 23 1 -
Indians 101: The Ozette Reservation
In 1855 the United States met with the Makah Nation in Washington to negotiate a treaty. At this time, the Makah were composed of five semiautonomous villages that shared language, kinship, and ...
Ojibwa 12/02/2014 4 31 - -
Ancient America: Camas
The area between the Cascade Mountains and the Rocky Mountains in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, and Western Montana is known as the Plateau Culture area. From north to south it runs ...
Ojibwa 11/30/2014 35 36 2 -
Twenty-nine Palms Band of Mission Indians
Wohngebiet Chemehuevi In his diary this afternoon, Meteor Blades made ...
Susan Grigsby 11/28/2014 17 67 1 -
Snyder's 'R*dsk*ns' tweet their offensiveness in Thanksgiving greeting
Thanksgiving is always a tough day both for American Indians who choose in various ways to make their peace with this holiday and enjoy a family get-together and those who choose to ignore and ...
Meteor Blades 11/28/2014 99 205 5 -
Indians 101: The Tututni Indians
The area along the Pacific Coast north of California and between the Cascade Mountains and the ocean, is the home to many Indian nations who traditionally based their economy on the use of sea coast ...
Ojibwa 11/27/2014 16 43 2 -
Indians 101: The Choctaw Indians
The Choctaw, at the time of European contact, were a loosely organized confederacy composed of three distinctly different divisions: Okla Falaya (Long People), Okla Tannap (People of the Opposite ...
Ojibwa 11/25/2014 19 42 1 -
Ancient America: The Marmes Rockshelter
Much of what we know about the people of the ancient world has come from archaeological findings in caves and rockshelters. A rockshelter, by the way, is wider than it is deep, while a cave is ...
Ojibwa 11/23/2014 11 49 1 -
Indians 101: Sixteenth Century European Laws About Indians
The European invasion of the Americas really began in the sixteenth century with several European nations competing to divide up the new lands among themselves. In justifying their ability to take ...
Ojibwa 11/20/2014 14 30 - -
Indians 101: Early French Encounters with Indians
The 16th century marked the beginning of the European invasion of North America. The Spanish had already firmly established themselves in the Caribbean islands and were attempting to move north into ...
Ojibwa 11/18/2014 8 37 - -
Ancient America: Ozette
The Makah, whose traditional homeland is on the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington, are the western-most Indian nation in the lower forty-eight states of the United States. The name “...
Ojibwa 11/16/2014 33 64 - -
Indians 101: Boulder Dam and the Navajo Reservation
In general the history of hydroelectric dams in the United States has involved the transfer of wealth from the nation’s poorest people, American Indians, to the nation’s wealthiest people, ...
Ojibwa 11/13/2014 8 44 - -
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