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A Brief Look at Typical Arguments Against Anthropogenic Global Warming
This is part of my LIS 101 lecture series. I will teach the information/media literacy component of a 12-hour superclass on global warming. I will teach research skills and provide cultural, ...
NearlySomebody 07/24/2013 50 44 4 -
The Scientific Method, the History of Global Warming, and Groupthink
This is the rough draft of a lecture I intend to give the students in my Library and Information Sciences 101 class next fall. I think that in order for students to understand the information they ...
NearlySomebody 07/23/2013 17 11 1 -
NOT BREAKING!!! Think Tanks Climate Change Denial and the Media/Policy Landscape
This is part of my work-in-progress lecture series for my freshman-level Library and Information Science class on global warming. If you have suggestions please feel free to drop me a comment.
NearlySomebody 07/10/2013 56 27 1 -
Two Different Examples of Government Censorship
These are lecture notes for my Library and Information Science 101 class next Fall. In it I am exploring aspects of media and information literacy ultimately in hopes of expanding my students' ...
NearlySomebody 07/08/2013 20 6 - -
A Brief History of Newspapers and Newsmedia
These are the notes I presently have for another lecture I am planning on giving my Library and Information Science 101 students in the fall. Feedback is welcome, as always.
NearlySomebody 06/25/2013 6 3 - -
The Tea Party, History, Memes, and Media
I am soon to teach an information literacy class on global warming, and I am putting together a series of lectures to explain the topography of the political conversation that happens in this country.
NearlySomebody 06/18/2013 31 25 3 -
On Guns and Childhood
Being from Texas, I received my first shotgun, a 410, at age six.
NearlySomebody 05/03/2013 22 9 - -
Need a Free Read?
In celebration of Joe's epic takedown of Boy Munster, I am giving Kossaks free copies of my kindle ebook Jukebox Loser: An Owner's Manual for Idiot Desires . It's™ a little story about art, ...
NearlySomebody 10/13/2012 6 6 - -
Indigo Kalliope: Poems from the Left - for a moment it seemed bigger than bombs
Join us every Monday night for drinks at the Daily Kos community political poetry club Your own poetry is always welcome in the comments Bongos, berets & ...
NearlySomebody 07/02/2012 26 14 1 171
The Way I explained it to a Republican that Kind of Worked
There is another diary already in the spotlight about those fun conversations with republicans. (Link button not working right now, so here:
NearlySomebody 11/20/2011 14 17 1 194
very short diary on why we should join the Tea Party
You think I am kidding. But I'm not. Occupy Wall Street has been happening for almost a full week now, and I have not heard a peep about it except via Olbermann. When I post links on Facebook, no ...
NearlySomebody 09/24/2011 18 13 - 201
Things You Can't Expect
This is a poem about gun violence and uncertainty. The murderers of Barry Cunnane were never found. Stirring nominated this poem for a Pushcart Prize. The poem is also available in my 2009 ...
NearlySomebody 08/31/2011 10 8 - 124
another email I will probably regret sending
Some of you may remember this rant I wrote ...
NearlySomebody 08/26/2011 23 28 - 226
To my smarter peers: taxes and triggers
I am looking for some way to balance the budget and bring down unemployment while appeasing the free market deity our leaders must appease, lest their houses be destroyed and the country turned into ...
NearlySomebody 08/20/2011 5 1 - 33
House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Republicans--Social Networking FAIL
Congressman Issa and his staff wade into Facebook to get a little love for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Republicans. They are sure you are going to be as excited as they ...
NearlySomebody 05/27/2011 3 11 - 62
The Rapture Post Mortem
This is going to sound silly to many of you, but as the dust clears to reveal that nothing extraordinary has happened, I have a simple request of Kossaks who consider themselves religious and/or ...
NearlySomebody 05/21/2011 32 3 - 160
studentsfirst(dot)org propaganda fail
I sometimes go THERE, so you don't have to. There is, of course, the StudentsFirst(dot)org/Michelle Rhee zombie club. You might say, “Nearlysomebody, it is unfair of you to call them zombies. ...
NearlySomebody 05/17/2011 9 14 - 142
My Lousy Diary on Being Opposed to Education Reform
I am in a near-constant debate with a facebook friend who is deeply invested in the Michelle Rhee thing. He finally asked me why I was so opposed to sorely needed education reform. I wrote tthe ...
NearlySomebody 05/16/2011 103 47 7 318
Why I Am an Educator
I know you have all seen that new movie about the charter schools, but charter schools do not necessarily perform better than public schools. Most often, the drive for charter schools has little to ...
NearlySomebody 10/15/2010 21 16 1 236
And the attack on organized labor continues...
I have found yet another really stupid article about how we can fix education here in America.
NearlySomebody 10/12/2010 33 20 1 63
the utility of the republican umbrella
The deal conservatives made to keep power was that they would pitch tent with the religious right, so legalizing drugs (or any other truly laissez-fair social policy) will never happen. On one hand,
NearlySomebody 09/30/2010 4 1 - 24
the email i will probably regret sending--edited  with thanks and some responses
Wish I could write something in anger and disgust EVERY morning at 2AM then wake up at 7 and have my wife tell me I am on the rec list. Glad you all find this useful. I am just sick and tired of ...
NearlySomebody 07/23/2010 561 873 142 1140
Hamp and Citimortgage made things worse
I live in Illinois and owe 158k on a condo worth approximately half that. The condo right below mine is in short sale for 75k. The developer, now bankrupt, took all kinds of shortcuts and left us ...
NearlySomebody 04/18/2010 13 4 1 29
How Citimortgage and HAMP screwed me
I live in Illinois and owe 158k on a condo worth approximately half that. The condo right below mine is in short sale for 75k. The developer, now bankrupt, took all kinds of shortcuts and left us ...
NearlySomebody 04/16/2010 16 1 - 129
workers and owners
As the left and right try to grapple with the Texas suicide bomber and show whether or not he’s on "our side" or "theirs," I can’t help but be intrigued by his inability to be classified ...
NearlySomebody 02/18/2010 8 4 - 12
freedom-loving republicans' latest absurd and hypocritical faux outrage
The scene: In issue 602 Captain America and his black sidekick Falcon are on a rooftop watching an anti-tax protest march. One of the protesters is holding a sign that reads "Teabag the libs ...
NearlySomebody 02/12/2010 13 8 - 15
Dear Arianna
Ariana, you should not validate teabaggers by saying things like, "Their movement is based on a valid concern..."
NearlySomebody 02/06/2010 93 12 1 29
I don't miss the supermajority
They weren't using it anyway. I think Coakley's loss is a fine thing. Now every dem knows that if Mass. can vote red because the dem base is apathetic, then they can certainly be next on the ...
NearlySomebody 01/19/2010 16 1 - 11
this is not a diary, but Attack Yemen? REALLY JOE?  REALLY?
Joe Lieberman suggests that we attack Yemen. Really. Just like that he says we should (get this logic) fight them now so we don't have to fight them later.
NearlySomebody 12/27/2009 32 5 1 33
Vic Chesnutt has died--How to Help his Family--final update
I am terribly sad to report that it has been confirmed that Vic Chesnutt has died. I have no words beyond that. To help his family, please go to this tribute page and donate:
NearlySomebody 12/25/2009 60 138 1 110
New Evidence that War on Terror = Huge Double Standard
More evidence was found today that the War on Terror presents a double standard at the least and a gaping credibility hole at the worst as Luqman Ameen Abdullah was shot and killed by Federal ...
NearlySomebody 10/28/2009 5 2 - 64
fun with the conservapedia bible
I am looking at the Conservapedia’s republican bible project, and the feeling that keeps emerging in me is one of hope. That is, they are shooting themselves in the foot. A large chunk of ...
NearlySomebody 10/07/2009 43 12 - 114
What to do about the terrorists--call for ideas
Terrorism, act of terrorism, terrorist act (the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in ...
NearlySomebody 09/27/2009 3 - - 28
PELOSI VINDICATED!   Dear Republicans... --edited
The Huffingtonpost has the whole story... but I am wondering one thing of Republicans this evening: Will you apologize to Nancy Pelosi? You raked Nancy over the coals for allegedly knowing about ...
NearlySomebody 07/08/2009 31 18 - 28
More Corroboration of Downing Street memos
On top of everything else, the Guardian purports to have a copy of a “five-page document, written by Blair's foreign policy adviser, Sir David Manning, and copied to Sir Jeremy Greenstock, the ...
NearlySomebody 06/21/2009 7 17 - 72
Don't read this diary
Sometimes I go over there and see what they are up to. I read a restate post and a dialog starts in my head. Don't go read the rest of this.
NearlySomebody 06/14/2009 19 4 - 2
Right-Wing Violence, the media and Sarah Palin's Interesting Idea
Sarah Palin was on the Today Show today talking, among other things, about her recent flap with David Letterman. A few interesting things came out that we should look at. make the leap...
NearlySomebody 06/12/2009 30 22 - 38
Dear Gun Owners -- a new approach
This is a revision of a diary from yesterday. The approach has been changed.
NearlySomebody 06/11/2009 37 10 - 99
Loose thoughts on Christian nihilism
I think Christianity in some ways breeds nihilism.
NearlySomebody 05/03/2009 42 5 - 1
Indiana Letters to the Editors listings
These papers need to read our opinions about the debate! You know what to do.
NearlySomebody 09/27/2008 - 6 - 86
response to email forwards once and for all
This email is to a former 2nd grade teacher who is still friends with my parents down in Texas. I would love suggestions on tone if you have any. Also, if you know of other reliable fact-checking ...
NearlySomebody 09/13/2008 9 2 - 1
media contacts you DON'T have
I often read laments that our voices might not escape the walls of Dailykos and that we are not doing enough. Well, I'll make you a deal....
NearlySomebody 09/11/2008 3 5 - 13
if the gloves must come off:  TRUST
Some new ad ideas. Help me fill them out.
NearlySomebody 09/10/2008 9 2 - -
I was a Teenage Republican--Focusing Scorn--Exploratory Writing on Numerous Things
They have beaten us in the past because they were simply better at focusing scorn. What the fuck was that purple heart bandaid stunt about? This coming from a guy who sat out of the war the other ...
NearlySomebody 09/09/2008 1 2 - 1
cynicism, lazy reporting, branding and lies
Written hastily, please forgive: I was just doing my daily reading of political news when I came across this article by Alan Silverleib, “Analysis: Four things McCain needs to accomplish ...
NearlySomebody 09/02/2008 3 1 - -
Apparently it is Palin
I have been concerned about this possibility for a while, and it seems that McCain has set it up to play well. Palin was always in consideration because she could peel some of the disaffected ...
NearlySomebody 08/29/2008 191 6 - 21
email forwards from the other side
The difference is that we can point it all out AND back it up with credible news sources.
NearlySomebody 08/26/2008 8 3 - 7
updated w/ more terror--hate crimes and the right
I think it is time that we start talking about the terrorists among us. But first, I am going to clarify something.
NearlySomebody 08/25/2008 14 12 2 2
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