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World Cup music playlist
On Thursday, the 2014 World Cup begins as the home country Brazil takes on Croatia in the opening game. The opening ceremonies will include all things Brazilian musically, including this year's ...
Nedsdag 06/11/2014 10 2 - -
"Don't Boo - Vote!"
I could not have said it any better, Mr. President:
Nedsdag 08/29/2012 6 11 - 65
Ronald Reagan: "Legitimate Rapist?"
Missouri Representative and GOP Senate nominee Todd Akin's unfortunate and ridiculous theories regarding rape has had his fellow Republicans up in arms when in all actuality, they agree with his pro-...
Nedsdag 08/22/2012 7 5 - 124
ABC News: Mitt to announce Veep pick in Norfolk, Virginia via Twitter tomorrow.
According to ABC News Mitt Romney will announce his Vice Presidential pick tomorrow via Twitter and at a rally in Norfolk, Va. Tomorrow. Supporters can download an app for the announcement.
Nedsdag 08/10/2012 41 5 - 210
An English Instructor's Take on Jared Lee Loughner's reading list
The tragic events of today involving the shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the deaths of six others including a nine-year-old child is a chilling reminder of collateral damage ...
Nedsdag 01/08/2011 82 7 - 146
Lena Horne, racism, and miscegenation
Today we are celebrating the life of a entertainment legend, Lena Horne, who died last night at the age of 92. There already is a memorial diary on the rec list, but while I still have some creative ...
Nedsdag 05/10/2010 18 23 - 253
Martha Hare vs. Scott Tortoise
One of my all-time favorite stories as a child was Aesop's fable of "The Tortoise and the Hare." I think we all remember that story, correct? If not, here goes:
Nedsdag 01/19/2010 6 1 - 1
Kossacks: All Talk, No Action
I, for one, was disappointed with what happened last night in the Senate. The fact that the public option was taken out for a toothless bill is devastating. But the fact that a health bill actually ...
Nedsdag 12/09/2009 45 4 - 93
I Cannot Believe I am Agreeing with Jacob Weisberg.
I've had my differences with the writings of Slate's Jacob Weisberg. I've always thought he was way too Blue Dog/DLC for my tastes. He pandered way too much for me during his days ...
Nedsdag 11/28/2009 56 19 - 149
NJ Gov: New Chris Christie Mystery: 2005 Traffic Tickets
If New Jersey Republican candidate Chris Christie didn't have enough controversy on his plate here's more. According to an unlikely source NJ 101....
Nedsdag 08/26/2009 11 13 - 11
Howard Jarvis: GOP "community organizer"
I'm still reeling over the constant jibes of Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin regarding Barack Obama's community organizing and all community organizers in general at last night's Republican National ...
Nedsdag 09/04/2008 3 - 1 15
Why I'm Opting out of the Political Process
Let me just say before I begin this diary that I am devastated. From now on, I will be paying more attention to Britney Spears than to Hillary Clinton.
Nedsdag 01/09/2008 110 3 1 7
No Surprise Here Regarding the Obama Smear.
Everyone has an opinion regarding Bill Shaheen's statement regarding Barack Obama's "drug dealing."
Nedsdag 12/12/2007 20 6 - 5
A Tribute to my neighbor, former State Senator Byron Baer
I would like to write a diary of appreciation about an activist, a politician, and my across the street neighbor for nearly 36 years, former New Jersey State Senator Byron Baer who passed away last ...
Nedsdag 06/25/2007 6 6 - 4
"A Daughter's Dilemma"
This is the very first time I have written a diary so please be patient.
Nedsdag 06/14/2007 10 1 - 14
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