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Corporate Body Bag
I signed the petition to amend the constitution giving "rights" to people and getting money, and corporate power out of our democracy! It felt really good. Thinking people all over the world ...
Neurofizz 04/29/2014 9 2 - -
No More Pleading Insanity
The lawmakers, in their infinite wisdom and overflowing concern for the disadvantaged among us, have their corporate sharpened talons poised to attack the Social Security Disability ...
Neurofizz 01/06/2014 3 2 1 -
The Mercy of the Progressive Court
O.K. I'm new, but motivated. Sorry. When I say "new" I mean new to this fine forum, new to progressive ideology, and especially new to the cataclysmic shift in my belief system regarding our ...
Neurofizz 12/12/2013 19 2 - -
Accessory After The Fact
Texas State District Judge Jean Boyd recently sentenced 16 year old, repeat offender, Ethan Couch to probation for killing 4 people, maiming a fifth, and paralyzing a sixth after stealing beer, ...
Neurofizz 12/12/2013 5 3 1 -
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