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Rapid Warming is Here
The Oceans have begun to heat up at rates double those observed by scientists only 6 years ago. This graphic, released today by the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) represents ...
New Minas 05/22/2015 12 26 1 -
Sao Paulo - The Face of Humanity
Sao Paulo is rapidly descending into a dystopian crisis that is a harbinger of future world calamity brought about by shifting climate regimes. This city of 20 million people has recently had to ...
New Minas 03/29/2015 8 30 1 -
The Earth is Set for Rapid Warming
In February 2012, renowned climate scientist James Hansen gave a TED talk . In it he shocked the world by explaining how global warming was heating planet Earth on a scale that was equal to 400,000 ...
New Minas 03/14/2015 29 65 1 -
The Goldilocks Decade
In 2001 a scientist in China published a striking account of how local pollution was dramatically cooling the planet. Since then, Chinese air pollution has tripled. The implications for why we ...
New Minas 03/13/2015 3 2 - -
The Murderous Lies of Senator Jeff Sessions
When #47Traitors Sen. Jeff Sessions grilled Gina McCarthy, head of the EPA on climate change, he used a short series of denier lies. This diary exposes those lies and his role as a tool of the Koch ...
New Minas 03/12/2015 6 15 - -
Pacific Dying
I am sorry to tell you this, I know that you don't want to believe that this is happening, but it is. I am sorry.
New Minas 02/14/2015 319 384 9 -
Must Watch Documentary
If you want to understand how water and energy consumption impacts the average American's diet. . .how this will impact the IPCC's estimates for emissions and resultant climate warming. You MUST ...
New Minas 01/10/2015 7 10 - -
The 'RRR' Returns to California
FUCK YOU Senator Inhofe Fuck you and your rightwing red-state climate denial, anti-science, anti-human agenda! When we go down we are taking YOU ALL with us! I'm calling it. California's last 36 ...
New Minas 01/10/2015 18 19 - -
Global Warming Will Kill Your Children
California Sierra Snow-Water Levels are 40% of our annual average for this ...
New Minas 01/08/2015 7 19 1 -
Years of Living Dangerously - On Hulu
Years of Living Dangerously is now free online, full series here: groundbreaking, this documentary travels all over the world with real scientists ...
New Minas 12/29/2014 3 6 - -
The Jet Stream is Broken (still)
Scientists connect 2013's weird weather extremes to jet stream They're trying to understand the cause of these unusual patterns They blame it for everything from snowstorms in May to the path of ...
New Minas 11/04/2014 5 9 - -
We Just Lost 14 Years in the Fight to Save Our Planet
Ocean Warming Has been Drastically Underestimated . This came across the wire a few days ago. Most do not understand what it means. Here is a detailed explanation.
New Minas 10/08/2014 44 26 2 -
"Never trust anyone over 30" ~Jack ...
New Minas 09/12/2014 5 2 - -
California's 4th Largest Watershed has Run Dry
The SF Gate has reported that the Eel River watershed has failed. Video Posted ...
New Minas 09/05/2014 140 149 1 -
Apartheid in Two Pictures
Images of ...
New Minas 09/04/2014 11 14 - -
Israel is Harming America
Israel is harming America and endangering American citizens at home and abroad. Israel is now a rogue terrorist state, captured by violence and the neoconservative push for World War IV against 1/3 ...
New Minas 07/30/2014 96 1 - -
Global Warning: Syria, Iraq and India
A crushing drought in 2008 in Syria and the Black Sea region drove up food prices leading to the beginnings of the Arab Spring. This Arab Spring drought (and a related food futures commodity bubble)
New Minas 06/19/2014 10 22 - -
A New* Must Read
Ever read a piece of amateur journalism from some isolated and heartbroken soul and have it say EXACTLY what you were thinking at the time? This is a letter from my cyber-soul-brother, from me to ...
New Minas 06/12/2014 7 9 - -
Proto-Fascist USA (the slow motion coup d'état)
"The fear that I have is that the legitimate rage which is being expressed by our dispossessed is being captured by proto-fascist movements: Tea Party movements, Oath Keepers, militias. And the ...
New Minas 06/10/2014 55 20 2 -
What drives a young couple to embrace reactionary violence against innocents? Tragedy does. This piece from Mother Jones is a must read. I have not seen a dentists in 14 years. I take good care ...
New Minas 06/09/2014 38 4 - -
Solar Roadways -- $1.6 Million and Counting!
Solar Roadways is extending their crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. Their innovative project is generating new interests and each contribution allows them to accelerate the final design phase and ...
New Minas 05/29/2014 7 14 - -
Solar Roadways - $1,000,000!
Solar Roadways has raised over $1,000,000 dollars of seed money for the development of solar powered roads, pathways, parking lots and public use spaces.
New Minas 05/25/2014 413 107 5 -
Solar Roadways Indiegogo - $491,000 and Counting
The Solar Roadway Revolution is really happening as social media and mainstream media (GLOBALLY) has picked up the technology This new video has all of the pertinents. . won't you share and ...
New Minas 05/23/2014 14 16 2 -
The Sad Aftermath of "American Spring"
As rag-tag groups of rain sodden patriots break away from the body of protesters to make their way back home. The realization that their cause has never been so lost, so deceived and on the wrong ...
New Minas 05/17/2014 31 19 - -
The Flames of San Diego
I'm sorry, words are failing me for tears. . .for now. .
New Minas 05/15/2014 18 32 1 -
Wildfires of the Apocalypse
3 When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” 4 Then another horse came out, a fiery red one.
New Minas 05/15/2014 6 12 - -
Solar Roadways Indiegogo - $158,000 and Counting
In case you haven't heard about it, the solar roadway revolution is on its way. After a successful proof of concept design and significant start-up support from the Department of Energy, the ...
New Minas 05/14/2014 10 18 - -
Study: 1 in 4 Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans are Hungry
05/08/14 | A stunning 27 percent of U.S. military veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have difficulty putting food on their tables , according to a study published online Thursday by ...
New Minas 05/10/2014 5 9 - -
Solar Roads - Electric Vehicles
Imagine roads that are built to last for twenty years, never have snow and ice on them, generate electricity and warn drivers of potential hazards ahead. Imagine if this roadway had built in ...
New Minas 05/03/2014 17 32 2 -
It's a Koch Thing
This is a brilliant video. It really underscores the effort by the Koch brothers and ALEC in their attempts to roll back energy efficiency and renewable energy developments, all while at the same ...
New Minas 05/03/2014 7 17 2 -
Climate Change
This is really happening Within the next 5-10 years the world will realize that we have changed our environment in a permanent and destructive ...
New Minas 04/30/2014 16 16 1 -
Oh you liberal media you. . .
Still think that we have a liberal media? Of course not! You have a better understanding of United States political structures than 95% of the U.S. population. You have internet access and a ...
New Minas 04/18/2014 4 5 - -
Watch: Years of Living Dangerously
Showtime has put up on youtube their premier episode of the 9-episode series that will air on April 13th. This important work will provide a science-based look at how global warming is affecting ...
New Minas 04/07/2014 2 3 - -
UpdatedX2: I was NOT wrong
This The ACA does nothing to reduce health care costs in the U.S. . . .is ...
New Minas 04/05/2014 436 238 6 -
The Walmart Death Spiral (in pictures)
The "Walmart Death Spiral of the U.S. Economy" (U.S. Neoliberal Economic Theory in Practice, 1992-Present -- in Pictures) . Neoliberals Take the Reigns In December 1992, according to Bob ...
New Minas 03/29/2014 100 212 8 -
Two-Tiered America (We don't serve your kind here)
I was incredibly troubled after watching the Chris Hayes' interview with Americans for Prosperity's Pennsylvania Regional Director Jennifer Stefano. It took some time to figure out what had ...
New Minas 03/28/2014 6 28 1 -
You Can't Get There From Here (30 years)
At the rate of job growth since the recovery began in mid 2008 it will take 24.8 years to recover the jobs lost since the beginning of the Bush recession and make up for population growth since the ...
New Minas 03/13/2014 2 2 - -
My Submission to Elizabeth Warren for the Monday Night Climate All-Nighter
This is my submission to Elizabeth Warren on what the world will look like in 25 years if we don't start to fix climate change now. You can submit your own ideas ...
New Minas 03/09/2014 4 10 1 -
Why Keystone Will Be Built
Believe me, I am not happy about this. Elon Musk better get some serious action going if we are going to prevent this: Full Sized Image ...
New Minas 03/07/2014 23 6 - -
Is Emilie's Story a Lie?
According to multiple reports and her own written statements , Emilie Lamb was one of the very few who were actually harmed by the Affordable Care Act. However, her pre-existing condition placed ...
New Minas 03/01/2014 12 8 - -
5th Megabanker Suicide in 2 Weeks
Forex claims ‘as bad as Libor’, says FCA That brings the tally of traders who have been suspended, placed on leave or fired to more than 18 at nine banks, including JPMorgan, Citigroup, ...
New Minas 02/13/2014 85 23 1 -
Strange Differences in Ohio Precinct-level Votes 2008-2012
The Ohio Secretary of State has finally published the precinct-level vote tallies and the results are chilling. I have plotted the results between Obama/McCain and Obama/Romney with the precincts ...
New Minas 01/23/2014 26 17 1 -
Sex is Sinful
The Supreme Court has decided to take up the case of McCullen v. Coakley this Wednesday. This important case brings to light the true nature of the wingnuttery of the rightwing.
New Minas 01/15/2014 23 17 1 -
Bill Moyers: The End of Democracy
This will be short, about 3:16 short. Bill Moyers has called it. Please watch this video.
New Minas 12/19/2013 181 348 19 -
Rigged Elections for Romney Revisited V2.3
This is a follow up to the follow up showing that the Ohio Secretary of State has yet to release the precinct by precinct voting results for the Nov. 6th 2012 election:
New Minas 10/24/2013 2 5 - -
Some Shocking Facts About Detroit's "Bankruptcy" (Republished with SPECIAL BONUS)
they say that Detroit is 13 billion dollars in debt (I don't believe it), but EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE, WHY IS THE TREASURY SPENDING $1.00 on every $1.00 for the purchase of bad MORTGAGE-BACKED ...
New Minas 10/23/2013 4 5 - -
Dominionism Revisited
Dominionism and the Tea Party have ALWAYS been about wealth transfer. I just found the bible quote Ted Cruz's father used to justify Dominionism. It is about taking back wealth: "The pastor [Huch]
New Minas 10/22/2013 11 9 - -
The Mad Hatter of the Tea Party
Ted Cruz is riding this wave all the way to the bottom. . .what a hero!
New Minas 10/11/2013 3 5 - -
Billionaires for Default
The Tea Party is shutting down the government. They stated that was their goal early on. How much $$$ do the Koch brothers stand to make if the U.S. credit rating is harmed by the current budget ...
New Minas 10/08/2013 65 72 1 -
The Koch Brothers and America
I was wondering what could possibly be going on in the minds of the billionaires who have been putting down hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for ultra-conservative tea party groups. Why ...
New Minas 10/07/2013 5 21 1 -
Driving While Black
She was driving very "outside the normal" after an "exchange of words" she hit a police car (backed into it?) shots were fired.
New Minas 10/03/2013 56 4 - -
To Hell With The Tea Party
To hell with them all! Everything previously offered by the Democratic Senate needs to be pulled off of the table IMMEDIATELY! The current spending amount offered by the Republican controlled ...
New Minas 10/02/2013 4 1 - -
HUGE win for the Republicans
This is a huge victory that nobody has talked about," Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R., Fla.), a member of the House Appropriations Committee, said in an interview. " The spending portion of the spending ...
New Minas 09/30/2013 6 9 - -
ObamaCare - Republican Red Herring
The house attempt to defund the ACA, for all of its political posturing, isn't going to happen. What it IS going to do is allow centrist democrats to go along with the DEEP and painful cuts to ...
New Minas 09/22/2013 8 2 - -
Rigged Elections for Romney Revisited
Way back in Oct of 2012 I posted this statistical analysis of the Ohio Republican Primary precinct-by-precinct results . I just got off the phone with the Ohio Sect. of State's office and they say ...
New Minas 09/20/2013 30 6 - -
My Problem With the ACA
This will be short and to the point. I have always been a supporter of Universal Care. I am a liberal who believes that necessary social infrastructure (like medicine) should be socialized. I ...
New Minas 08/31/2013 5 - - -
Julian Assange Spills the Beans --> PRISM
"Facebook, in particular, is the most appalling spying machine that has ever been invented, um, here we have the world's most comprehensive database about people, their relationships, their names ...
New Minas 07/08/2013 200 89 3 -
The Jet Stream is Broken
Scientists connect 2013's weird weather extremes to jet stream They're trying to understand the cause of these unusual patterns They blame it for everything from snowstorms in May to the path of ...
New Minas 06/25/2013 176 318 9 -
World Wildlife Fund Liveblog
This is a liveblog for the live streaming event that is starting RIGHT NOW! "The Alarming Science Behind Climate Change’s Increasingly Wild Weather" Featuring Jennifer Francis and Stu Ostero. ...
New Minas 06/06/2013 7 4 - -
F*** Benghazi what about GITMO???
now they are doing news specials on how we can keep 100+ prisoners alive who would rather waste away and die from hunger than live in the injustice that is the U.S. penal colony for un-accused (and ...
New Minas 05/17/2013 7 10 - -
Laura Ingraham Just Said. . .
hahaha. . .she just. . .hahahaha!!!!. . .whooo boy. . .you are just not gonna believe. . .hahahahaha!!!! give me a second to compose ...
New Minas 05/02/2013 38 12 - -
White House Meeting on Arctic Media Blackout
According to scuttlebutt on the climate arctic ice science blogs there is to be an emergency policy meeting with key administration personnel to discuss the potentially devastating rapid melt of the ...
New Minas 04/30/2013 143 182 2 -
Boston Bomber's Illegal Guns
Reports are coming in that the Boston Bombers did not have permits to legally own the handguns they used to kill a M.I.T. Police officer in an ambush last Thursday night. Michelle Malkin says that ...
New Minas 04/22/2013 57 24 - -
Boston Bomber Guns?
Why haven't we heard about the guns used to kill a Boston graduate of the police academy and M.I.T. officer? Reports were that there were 200 rounds fired in a multi-personnel exchange. ...
New Minas 04/20/2013 35 4 - -
Wolfowitz's Cabal - The Real Story
The simple fact is that the documentary Hubris skimmed over the real story of the lies and misinformation that was given. Not only did white house officials cherry pick their statements to the ...
New Minas 03/21/2013 25 32 1 -
little did we know
It wasn't so difficult, at the time, to understand that these changes were working independently from our climate models. We saw a shift in 1998 and we thought that things were getting more ...
New Minas 02/28/2013 1 7 - -
Thoughts on Climate Change
Here is a brief ...
New Minas 11/09/2012 14 8 1 -
Ohio Judge Ready To Rule -- DENIED
Electronic voting machine lawsuit to block tabulation machines with uncertified "patches" placed on them last night may be blocked from use in today's election. The ruling should happen in about 25 ...
New Minas 11/06/2012 30 15 - -
If Romney Wins Wisconsin. . .
If Romney wins in Wisconsin, or Ohio or Pennsylvania, this is probably the reason why. An R-Squared value shows how directly dependent one variable is to another. This regression model proves that ...
New Minas 11/04/2012 26 1 - -
Models Show Nor'Easter for Mid-Atlantic on Election Day
Not sure if this should be a "Breaking" diary. It is certainly something to be concerned about. If even 10 percent of those currently without power are still without power 1 week from now when ...
New Minas 11/01/2012 20 15 - -
The Potential Humanitarian Crisis Developing in the Mid-Atlantic
In high density urban areas where several million people lose power and tens of thousands have moderate to severe damage done to their homes, the number of people seeking shelter assistance begins ...
New Minas 10/31/2012 19 15 1 -
“ I can say unequivocally that the MTA last night faced a disaster as devastating as it has ever faced in its history, Metropolitan Transit Authority Chairman Joe Lhota said at a news conference ...
New Minas 10/30/2012 7 5 - -
Rigged Elections for Romney Revisited
I wrote this diary yesterday and had some great feedback from the community about what a better graphic would look like to show the surprising (and as-yet inexplicable) GOP bias that large voting ...
New Minas 10/28/2012 12 4 - -
Rigged Elections for Romney (Updated With Ohio 2008)
Mitt Romney's candidacy has a magical ability to increase its percentage of the votes cast in every voting precinct in the nation. The amount that his percentage of the vote goes up is directly ...
New Minas 10/27/2012 100 13 1 -
Beetle-Kill Pine Siding!!!
A sustainable agricultural resource! What to do when life gives you lemons in the form of abnormally warm winters, and early thaws? When the mountain pine beetle begins to thrive to such a degree ...
New Minas 10/25/2012 13 11 - -
Cloud Atlas -- taking a break from time
This is a break from reality diary. Sometimes you gotta take in a little distraction to get your head clear. This is about the book and soon-to-be-released movie called Cloud Atlas by David ...
New Minas 10/19/2012 87 87 2 -
Climate Change is the Albatross
Climate change, don't you know? is the real issue facing our society today. We went through the 50's and 60's dreaming of a new, technically modern reality (remember 2001 - A space Odyssey? - we ...
New Minas 10/17/2012 46 3 - -
Romney's Missed Duplicity
Sooooo. . .you have a strategic plan for America's energy independence, do you Gov. Romney??? well, hello then, why the hell do you want a pipeline for oil from CANADA that has enough tar sand oil ...
New Minas 10/16/2012 6 2 - -
Blind, Deaf and . . .well. . .Dumb
Reality check, what is really going on at this moment.
New Minas 10/14/2012 2 2 - -
Moderating the 47% Gaffe
The Very Terrible gaffe of mitt romney, his "dean scream" moment was certainly bad enough and the village press was astute in orchestrating a narrative around the idea of "freeloaders", which ...
New Minas 09/23/2012 1 1 - 78
Most Terrible Depression
Robert Reich and Paul Krugman have it right. This is the most terrible depression! Through conversation with charliehiphop it has become apparent that the reality of our economic malaise is much ...
New Minas 05/18/2012 3 8 - 75
What If???
DIMAS - The Department of International Mitigation and Appropriate ...
New Minas 01/07/2012 3 - - 40
Ted Koppel, "It WAS Really About the Oil"
Also Titled, "A Few Things That I Learned About Iraq from Ted Koppel Last Night" Ted Koppel appeared for a special report on Brian William's show Rock Center last night. It it he presented a ...
New Minas 12/13/2011 6 18 - 240
Shot by Police for Filming Them!
The police state has taken on a whole new meaning. This short video explains it all. Police state in Oakland, California.
New Minas 11/07/2011 9 27 1 265
Despotism Circa 1946
This educational video done in 1946 shows a very simple analysis of democracy vs. despotism. "Let's find out about despotism. This man makes it his job to study these things."
New Minas 11/04/2011 5 4 - 34
Italian Cold Fusion Test Successful!
Some of you here may remember my diary on the subject back in May, " Cold Fusion Confirmed ...
New Minas 11/01/2011 18 9 1 263
So, You Want A Revolution. . .
The OWS protesters have had a great start and the momentum is growing. Bill Maher said that they were "
New Minas 10/14/2011 14 2 - 56
Unaffordable Health Care and Death of the 99% in Pictures
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has projected that U.S. health care costs will destroy the middle class. That is a fact. In response, The U.S. manufacturering industry began to ...
New Minas 10/10/2011 10 14 1 96
Economic Costs of Oil Speculation
How badly has oil speculation really hurt our economy? Do you have any idea how much the speculation premium of gasoline prices has destroyed our household balance sheets on a national level? This ...
New Minas 06/23/2011 6 4 - 43
So, Three Guys Were Sitting In a Bar. . .
Stop me if you have heard this one! seriously, three guys in three consecutive statements solved the entirety of our country's problems. This is the shortest diary I have ever written and don't ...
New Minas 06/15/2011 2 9 - 116
Cold Fusion Confirmed in Sweden
According to NyTeknik, Sweden's "leading technology and IT newspaper", two leading scientists associated with the Royal Institute of Technology and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences have ruled ...
New Minas 05/27/2011 112 19 4 669
Rightwing Bible Nut Inflation Prediction?
I came across this a while back. I think it is interesting since it pretty clearly lays out how the FED's deleveraging propped up the real estate market bubble. In the end, and without any real ...
New Minas 02/21/2011 1 - - 19
One Hundred and Thirty and 90/100 Million
This is the total number of Jobs in the United States of America. Want to know what it was 19 months ago? read ...
New Minas 02/04/2011 3 2 - 44
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