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WI Supreme Court: Volunteer for the WI Recount!
The Democratic Party of Wisconsin "is working hard to ensure the integrity of the canvassing process" in anticipation of a recount. (To make sure that the recount goes properly and there are no ...
Newsie8200 04/06/2011 11 37 - 205
Want to help Wisconsin recall Republicans? Here's how. (updated w/ staging locations)
As you may know , the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) ...
Newsie8200 03/04/2011 10 31 - 185
Wisconsin Recall: $ and Volunteer Drive Day 2
As you may know , the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) ...
Newsie8200 03/03/2011 9 17 - 74
UDPATED w/ volunteer link: WI Dems Raising $ to Recall All 8 GOP state Senators...
... that can be recalled. I don't doubt that this is serious. Some key WI Democratic operatives live in these districts. You can ...
Newsie8200 03/02/2011 80 161 2 1080
Wisconsin & the Importance of Coalitions
I've written about the importance of coalitions in advancing progressive causes in general before , but ...
Newsie8200 02/22/2011 5 10 - 55
Background on "Congress On Your Corner" Events
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and many others were shot at a "Congress On Your Corner" event. I'm not going to discuss this senseless shooting, but wanted to give background on Congress On Your Corner ...
Newsie8200 01/08/2011 8 34 - 299
GOP trying to box Obama in on Bush tax cuts
The Obama White House made a big push a few months ago to box Republicans in on the Bush tax cuts. It didn't work, and now Republicans are attempting to do it to Obama. Quite frankly, the netroots ...
Newsie8200 11/12/2010 43 12 - 51
Underreported Stories of the Election Thus Far
Underreported election stories thus far: U.S. Chamber of Commerce was motivated to spend big $ in this election against Democrats, but grew even more motivated to spend big $ in congressional ...
Newsie8200 10/05/2010 7 14 - 100
Make a Choice: Is It About You, or Is It About the Cause?
I really wanted to title this "Get over yourselves," and figured that probably wouldn't be the best way to start this. But no matter what I titled this, there are going to be folks who won't take ...
Newsie8200 08/10/2010 15 17 - 40
Want to make a difference? Educate yourself.
Misinformation and myth-making lead to uninformed opinions, and there are some things that have floated around the blogosphere for way too long. It's not helpful, and I think that debunking some of ...
Newsie8200 04/21/2010 20 35 3 199
Set a Trap. Ask a Republican: Do you stand for what teabaggers stand for?
Republicans are trying to harness/infiltrate the teabagger movement. They want those who are certain to turn out to vote in November to vote for Republicans, and not third party candidates. That's ...
Newsie8200 03/20/2010 52 44 1 36
Can we get real for once?
I can't tell if some people are just cheap dates or are working some other strategy. But whatever. It's time to stop being polite and time to start getting real. The public option was dead late ...
Newsie8200 02/23/2010 59 34 1 31
The Biggest Mistake Progressives Have Made in the Last Year (Also, BREAKING!!! Rahm!)
The right-wing has its media echo chamber (Fox, talk radio, internet communities, email). We have one that is mostly a few shows on MSNBC, internet communities and email. In some ways, it's harder ...
Newsie8200 02/13/2010 947 473 14 97
MythBusters: Busting Commonly Held Netroots Myths About Campaigns
MythBusters is a fun, informative show on the Discovery Channel. I figured it might be nice to bring a little of that here.
Newsie8200 02/07/2010 18 30 2 40
What's Been Missing from the Response to the Tebow Ad
Much of the response to the Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow has been focused on CBS's hypocrisy and the uneven way they apply their advertising standards. I think it's great ...
Newsie8200 02/03/2010 17 20 - 36
It Takes A Coalition, Stupid!
The progressive agenda can't move forward without coalition politics. Coalition politics is filled with headaches, but ultimately it is necessary and can be very successful. Progressives have an ...
Newsie8200 01/26/2010 16 25 3 395
The Importance of Plouffe
Plouffe was a great campaign manager for Obama. He has experience in all facets of a campaign. He's also worked on the Hill. He's been an unofficial adviser to the WH and DNC all along, but because ...
Newsie8200 01/23/2010 446 361 6 55
Here's A Fact About the Democratic Base [Updated]
Joe Klein's recent column is a subject of much discussion. I agree with parts of the column, and disagree with others. ...
Newsie8200 12/30/2009 97 49 2 80
'Tis the Season for Giving: A Guide to Progressive Orgs
Big and small donors start making their end of year contributions around this time, and I thought it might be a good idea to run through some worthy progressive organizations that you may not have ...
Newsie8200 11/25/2009 9 22 7 454
A Win-Win Situation
Targeting Republican representatives who voted against health care reform and represent districts that Obama won is a win-win. Let's just start with the fact that constituent pressure is what works.
Newsie8200 11/16/2009 13 24 - 287
At least own up to your role in this...
If you want to boycott, fine, go ahead. Your choice. Just don't on the one hand claim to be responsible for the election of moderate-conservative Democrats, but then, be pissed when the party ...
Newsie8200 11/12/2009 27 17 - 251
I've posted from time to time that I didn't think a lot of bloggers understood Obama or how his operation works. I think that while Obama does believe in a lot of that hope and change rhetoric and ...
Newsie8200 11/10/2009 30 12 - 256
A Guide to Anonymous Sourcing
I whipped this up quickly in a comment in Sunday Talk, and folks seemed to like it, so here it is with a few changes in a diary form. Even if a source isn't anonymous, much of this guide is ...
Newsie8200 10/27/2009 14 21 - 200
State of Health Care Reform in Four Sentences
If Dems can get 60 votes for public option with opt out in the Senate, they'll go with that. If they can't, then, they go with 60 votes for public option with trigger. Then, we go to conference, ...
Newsie8200 10/25/2009 16 10 - 18
So, I guess you were wrong...
Just because you don't know about it, doesn't mean it isn't happening. One of the reasons why I don't get all up in arms and don't ascribe nefarious "they're going to sell us out" motives about ...
Newsie8200 10/13/2009 80 38 - 77
Let's FREAK OUT over news that is NOT breaking!!!
I've been around for five years, so I know that this place runs on outrage and freak outs are a frequent occurrence. But seriously. Everyone knew that the PO was NOT going to be a part of ...
Newsie8200 09/29/2009 621 573 7 93
You better contact your reps tomorrow
When I was in college, a lecturer, who used to be a senior Republican aide in Congress, liked to tell a story about Ronald Reagan asking people to call the Democratic chairman of the Ways & Means ...
Newsie8200 09/09/2009 30 26 - 21
HCR battle: Your Basic Assumptions Are Wrong
I think a number of assumptions (among other things) have fueled the insecurity on progressive blogs regarding health insurance reform. I think those assumptions are understandable based on what is ...
Newsie8200 08/20/2009 57 30 4 27
When activists & national orgs just don't quite get it...
Sigh. I get frustrated with conservative Democrats as much as the next blogger. I get equally frustrated with actions taken by progressive activists that don't help us either persuade a reluctant ...
Newsie8200 08/01/2009 14 11 - 106
Oh for crying out loud, are you dense?!
From practically the beginning of the health care reform fight, there have been diaries and comments with people wondering what the White House's position is on the public option. I'm not sure the ...
Newsie8200 07/29/2009 55 31 1 78
Simple Answers to Simple Questions: Health Care Reform Fight Edition
With regard to health care reform... Is the sky falling? No, but it's stormy. It was entirely predictable that it would get stormy the closer we got. There's a reason why the U.S. doesn't ...
Newsie8200 07/24/2009 4 6 2 79
Does being effective matter anymore?
I like seeing activists and bloggers focused and fighting for a cause/candidate. I like seeing passionate people channel their energies into productive action. What I don't like seeing and what I'...
Newsie8200 07/06/2009 318 310 28 42
Because I don't do whining and moaning...
I opened up a few recommended diaries yesterday and earlier while at work, and I was annoyed at the bad information and just the dearth of nuanced, constructive discussion that resulted. That sort ...
Newsie8200 02/04/2009 235 255 8 66
Chill the bleep out.(re: 50-state strategy)
Geez, talk about taking in information and not knowing what to do with it. If you've proclaimed "the 50-state strategy is dead," then, you've overreacted. If you are saying, "Obama folks want a 50-...
Newsie8200 01/21/2009 36 39 - 27
Geraldine, He Gets Death Threats Because He's Black.
DHinMI did a solid job discussing the racist underpinnings of Geraldine Ferraro's comments . Ferraro's comments again:
Newsie8200 03/10/2008 609 572 16 69
Sunday Talk: Passing the Baton Edition
Al Rodgers originally started this weekly Saturday night party, and after his life got much busier, I became "permanent guest host." I'm busier at work and will continue to get busier as election ...
Newsie8200 01/13/2008 108 51 2 27
Sunday Talk: So, I hear there are elections going on? Edition
How Newsie spent her caucus night & did she win her caucus pools? (as if you care); takin' on Bill O'Reilly; blind item, media info, ratings, and more below the fold and in the comments...
Newsie8200 01/06/2008 123 36 2 33
Sunday Talk: Countin' Down to a New Year Edition
The Lineup MTP: in IA; Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL); Mike Huckabee (R-AR) FTN: ...
Newsie8200 12/29/2007 153 27 - 47
Sunday Talk: Crunch Time Edition
Dancing, media info, ratings, and more below the fold and in the comments... The ...
Newsie8200 12/22/2007 128 25 - 37
Sunday Talk: Baby, It's Cold Out There Edition
Romney videos, hybrid ownership, I miss Jon & Stephen, an Alan Keyes flashback, media info, ratings, and more below the fold and in the comments...
Newsie8200 12/15/2007 147 19 2 32
Sunday Talk: Mitt, You're No JFK Edition
Blind Item, 12 lies of Mitch McConnell, media info, ratings, and more below the fold and in the comments... The ...
Newsie8200 12/08/2007 142 40 2 44
Sunday Talk: A Lott of GOP Trouble Edition
An Al Rodgers special on Giuliani, cartoons, flashback, media bits, videos, and more below the fold and in the comments...
Newsie8200 12/01/2007 205 29 4 33
Sunday Talk: Dirty Sexy Money Edition
A TV show references Cheney's hunting accident, media bits, videos, and more below the fold and in the ...
Newsie8200 11/24/2007 87 29 4 46
Sunday Talk: Gobble Gobble Up Those Savings Edition
Photo-palooza, Big Money Mitch, a Vitter flashback, media bits, videos, and more below the fold and in the comments.
Newsie8200 11/17/2007 108 35 2 38
Sunday Talk: Nuthin' But A G Thang Edition
Photos from around the world, media bits, videos, and more below the fold and in the comments... The ...
Newsie8200 11/10/2007 120 29 1 70
Stu, your column on the GOP & Black voters is missing something.
Stu Rothenberg managed to write an entire column on the GOP's problems getting black voters to vote for the GOP... without ...
Newsie8200 11/05/2007 17 14 - 29
Sunday Talk: Reset Your Clocks, Y'all!
A blind item; funnies; news items; and more...
Newsie8200 11/03/2007 175 29 1 54
Sunday Talk: BOO! Edition
Politics & baseball, ratings, lotsa photos (Gore! Kennedy! Colbert!) and more... The ...
Newsie8200 10/27/2007 89 18 1 161
How Barack & Hillary Have Already Won
I know, I know. No votes have been cast. Heck, the date for the Iowa caucuses hasn't even been set yet. So, what's this talk of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton winning already? I'm not speaking ...
Newsie8200 10/22/2007 37 37 - 25
Sunday Talk: Even Stephen! Edition
Larry Craig flops; Anderson Cooper on Sesame Street; a mini-rant; and more... The ...
Newsie8200 10/20/2007 180 33 1 74
Sunday Talk: Gore Scores Edition
Videos, news items, & jokes below the fold... The Lineup MTP: Bill Cosby & Alvin F. ...
Newsie8200 10/13/2007 178 29 10 329
Sunday Talk: Oink, oink! Edition
Larry Craig + bacon = memorable ad; lines of the week; other tidbits; more tv alerts below the fold... The ...
Newsie8200 10/06/2007 169 29 2 62
Sunday Talk: Pee n' Plea Edition
What Gore is up to, America's top pundit, Angelina Jolie on refugees, etc. The Lineup MTP: ex-
Newsie8200 09/29/2007 171 40 2 85
Sunday Talk: Why doesn't Brad Pitt visit ME at work?
It was a long week. I could've used it. ;-) The Lineup * MTP: Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY); Alan ...
Newsie8200 09/22/2007 130 24 3 44
Sunday Talk: Wanna Bring All the Troops Home, But Bush Said No No No
Old school Keith Olbermann vids, various news items, funnies, and more tv alerts below the fold! The ...
Newsie8200 09/15/2007 174 40 6 89
Sunday Talk: Beyond the Pale Edition
The Lineup * MTP: Sen. John Warner (R-VA); Lance Armstrong * FTN: John & Elizabeth Edwards * ...
Newsie8200 08/25/2007 101 40 2 113
Sunday Talk: Gone But Definitely Not Forgotten Edition
Katherine Harris & George Allen are back! Oh, and lots more below the fold. The Lineup * MTP: Karl Rove on his plans and the future of the GOP; roundtable of LATimes' Ron ...
Newsie8200 08/18/2007 89 43 3 166
Sunday Talk: Lame Duck Edition
It's August 2007, and the Sunday Talk lineup is almost exclusively about the 08 pres election (particularly the IA GOP Ames straw poll). The Lineup * MTP: Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN)
Newsie8200 08/11/2007 190 73 4 45
Sunday Talk: Colbert & Happy Travels Edition
Beltway conventional wisdom huggers suck. Yet many of them are allowed to pass judgment on anyone who ...
Newsie8200 08/04/2007 37 24 - 25
Sunday Talk: Loyal Bushie's Pants On Fire Edition
The Lineup Sunday Talk this week is full of Alberto Gonzales talk! * MTP: reporters' roundtable on 08, Gonzales and other hot topics; WaPo's Dan Balz, LA Times' Ron Brownstein, ...
Newsie8200 07/28/2007 75 67 3 14
Sunday Talk: GOoPers Poop on Progress...
...luckily, David Vitter was wearing his diaper.
Newsie8200 07/21/2007 56 35 1 6
Sunday Talk: Atwitter Over Vitter Edition
First of All... Leno: "And on the Republican side, the darling of the religious right, conservative Senator David Vitter of Louisiana has not only admitted to having sex with prostitutes, he ...
Newsie8200 07/14/2007 114 25 5 38
Sunday Talk: If Only We Could Commute Bush's Presidency Edition
Below the fold: GOP looking to learn from the French?!, videos, funnies, calendar, headlines, lotsa fun tidbits, etc... The Lineup (Copying to another site? Link back here): * MTP: ...
Newsie8200 07/07/2007 94 52 3 25
Sunday Talk: You Know You Wanna Know What's Below the Fold Edition
Below the fold: videos, funnies, calendar, headlines, lotsa fun tidbits, etc... The Lineup (Copying to another site? Link back here): * MTP: Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) on US atty purge, ...
Newsie8200 07/01/2007 134 57 3 36
Sunday Talk: If It's Cheney, It's Baloney Edition...
Below the fold: funnies, calendar, headlines, exposing Giuliani, Robert Redford, etc... The Lineup (Copying to another site? Link back here): * MTP: Patrick Buchanan (R) & Rep. Luis ...
Newsie8200 06/23/2007 123 24 7 37
Sunday Talk: Don't Delay, Send Libby Away! Edition
Below the fold: videos, funnies, quotables, Colbert, headlines, and more... The Lineup (Copying to another site? Link back here): * MTP: US Amb to Iraq Ryan Crocker; roundtable of WaPo'...
Newsie8200 06/16/2007 184 32 3 55
Sunday Talk: Republicans Sustaining Chaos Edition
Below the fold: separated at birth; headlines; lede of the week; videos; and lotsa fun! The Lineup (link back here, if you're copying to another site): *
Newsie8200 06/09/2007 203 31 1 45
Sunday Talk: Hoops Edition
Below the fold: AK-Sen, GOP shenanigans, funny vidoes, etc. The Lineup (link back here, if you're copying to another site): * Meet the Press: Bob Shrum (D), James Carville (D), Mary ...
Newsie8200 06/02/2007 124 37 2 42
Sunday Talk: Memorial Day Weekend Edition
Channel the anger you felt from Thursday's vote to helping the troops directly. IAVA has some links to ...
Newsie8200 05/26/2007 139 28 2 128
Sunday Talk: Bushies Behaving Badly Edition
Subbing for Al again. Lotsa goodies below the fold! The Lineup: * MTP: Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT); Newt Gingrich (R-GA); roundtable on "Reagan Diaries" with historian Douglas Brinkley, ex-
Newsie8200 05/19/2007 119 63 2 93
Sunday Talk: Republicans Out to Lunch Edition
The Lineup: * MTP: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) * This Week: Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL); roundtable of Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts, and George Will; Brooke Shields * FTN: Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-
Newsie8200 05/13/2007 100 42 2 68
Sunday Talk: Bleep Off Haters Edition
Al Rodgers has asked me to fill in again. Memo to the Media: The trend for Bush's approval rating is down . The ...
Newsie8200 05/05/2007 153 51 1 23
Sunday Talk: Temperatures Rising Edition
Sunday Lineup * Meet the Press: Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE). * Face the Nation: SoS Condi Rice; Rep. John Murtha (D-PA); Politico's Roger Simon. * This Week: SoS Condi Rice; Sen. Russ Feingold (
Newsie8200 04/28/2007 158 55 4 59
Sunday Talk: Let's Be Frank Edition
Al has asked me to fill in again this week. On Sunday, the main topics will be the VA Tech shooting and Alberto Gonzales: * Meet the Press: HHS Sec. Michael Leavitt; Edu. Sec. ...
Newsie8200 04/21/2007 75 15 1 51
Sunday Talk: Buckle Up Edition!
Al Rodgers "is under a pile of receipts doing his taxes," so I'm filling in for him. Sunday Talk Lineup: * Meet the Press: Gen. Anthony Zinni (ret); roundtable of NYT's David Brooks, ...
Newsie8200 04/14/2007 254 53 3 41
Newsie’s Media News Report: Faraway Lands Edition
In this edition: On media coverage of Obama; faux balance; meanwhile in Crazytown; spotlight on Scott Pelley; pundits on attorneys firings; Chris Matthews interview; what The Daily Show can do for ...
Newsie8200 03/31/2007 4 18 - 13
Newsie’s Media News Report: Politico: The US Weekly of DC Papers?
In this edition: Media should look at the demographics; reporters should seriously cover what is important and not just what excites them; Memo to the media, Dems investigating a lot because there&...
Newsie8200 03/26/2007 10 14 - 12
Newsie’s Media News Report: TPM Takes A Bow... Politico? Not So Much.
In this edition: journalists & their political spouses; Glenn Beck makes an ass of himself again; unusual amount of BS from the RWCM/MSM this week (too much to detail here, just read the report!); ...
Newsie8200 03/22/2007 14 19 - 10
Newsie’s Media News Report: GOPer: No More Liberal Media Bias
In this edition: looking at US Atty purge coverage; credit where it’s due section bigger than usual again; CBS’s Jim Axelrod’s brotherly US Atty connection; anyone want to cover ...
Newsie8200 03/17/2007 6 23 - 14
Newsie’s Media News Report: Where Blogs Come In
In this edition: LA Times reporters nominate selves for Pulitzer; shield laws debate; FNC’s really thin skin; has journalism lost its guts?; evening news last to the US Atty politicization ...
Newsie8200 03/13/2007 12 44 3 11
Newsie’s Media News Report: Tabloid editor to MSM: Where’s the beef?
In this edition: Why can’t the media just quit whining and do their jobs?; Dana Priest and Anne Hull show how it’s done; a lot of the MSM owe Dems apologies; credit where it’s due ...
Newsie8200 02/24/2007 10 25 1 178
Newsie’s Media News Report: Anna Bo-Banna Fee-Fi-Fo-Fanna. Anna!
In this edition: Dick Cheney should be happy the only child he gets asked about is Mary; Barbara Starr gets it wrong more than once; Google search & the 08 election; the shows media buyers are ...
Newsie8200 02/17/2007 13 17 - 18
Newsie’s Media News Report: Cronkite Speaks, Media Should Listen
In this edition: NYT embarrassing itself again; A real straight talkin’ Senator; A lot of people owe Nancy Pelosi an apology; We need an inquiry into pre-Iraq war reporting; Edwards campaign ...
Newsie8200 02/10/2007 23 36 5 19
Newsie’s Media News Report: Lazy Narratives in the Media
In this edition: What’s an info-pimp?; Promoting Keith Olbermann; MSNBC’s Dan Abrams makes a BOLD prediction; Is The Daily Show journalism?; a memo to the beltway media; Aaron Brown ...
Newsie8200 02/06/2007 7 12 - 17
Newsie’s Media News Report: Reaping What Fox Sowed
In this edition: Who pulled advertising from O’Reilly’s show; who’s got a bigger ego than O’Falafel?; NYT embracing user-generated content?; Democrats & the FCC; Scooter ...
Newsie8200 02/04/2007 10 21 - 32
Newsie’s Media News Report: Boobs in the Media (See the RWCM Watch section.)
In this edition: right-wing & media manipulation; FNC smear; WaPo whitewashes bigotry?; Google guy says yea to more foreign reporting; Dozier & Woodruff back to work; Money Honey controversy; ratings;
Newsie8200 01/29/2007 15 9 1 4
Newsie's Media News: Plamegate & FCC Chairman Connection
Newsie’s Media News Report: The FCC Chairman’s Connection to Plamegate In this edition: WSJ reporter could use some help reading polls; WaPo editor enables John Solomon; Reporters in ...
Newsie8200 01/25/2007 7 16 7 142
Newsie’s Media News Report: Most unbiased news source... The Weather Channel?!
In this edition: FNC knows its brand & its audience; fake news still on the airwaves; Colbert-O’Reilly ratings benefit from crossover; WHCD entertainer is a GOPer; who are the “children ...
Newsie8200 01/22/2007 3 23 1 15
SUNDAY TALK: Fall Foley-age Edition! (Updated)
Newsie8200 10/08/2006 215 99 4 68
Recap: World Affairs Council event w/ Breitweiser, Gerecht, Cohen, and Cirincione
Newsie8200 09/30/2006 5 6 1 9
Sunday Talk: The Virginia Showdown!
Newsie8200 09/16/2006 141 51 3 28
Media News Monday 6/26/06: Boobs! (The body part... and Joe Klein and Jason Zengerle)
Newsie8200 06/25/2006 6 18 1 15
Media News Monday 6/19/06: I "Send" A Few Memos
Newsie8200 06/18/2006 2 6 - 10
Media News Monday 6/12/06: Media Gives Middle Finger to Accuracy & Journalistic Ethics
Newsie8200 06/12/2006 39 139 14 32
Sunday Talk: YearlyKos Edition
Newsie8200 06/11/2006 85 57 - 9
Media News Monday 6/5/06: Sexism in the Media
Newsie8200 06/05/2006 5 12 - 14
Sunday Talk
Newsie8200 06/03/2006 136 31 - 6
Media News Monday 5/29/06: Clenis, Gibson overdrive
Newsie8200 05/28/2006 8 16 - 3
Media News Monday 5/22/06: Media ignores Dems again
Newsie8200 05/22/2006 5 13 1 5
Media News Monday 5/15/06: MSM running scared?
Newsie8200 05/14/2006 5 25 - 8
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