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47 Senators Write A New Letter€“ And Ask Castro to Take Cruz Back
From The Desk of NickiLeaks It was fortunate that three reporters from the NickiLeaks newsroom were on a fact-finding mission to Havana (seeing which rum was the best) when the announcement came ...
Nick Vanocur 04/21/2015 13 9 - -
The Republicans get Medieval and Bring Back the Dork Ages
“From the Desk of NiciLeaks"
Nick Vanocur 07/06/2014 10 25 2 -
Dave Brat’s Plans for America is Deus ex Machinations
“From the Desk of NickiLeaks” Two shell-shocked reporters staggered back into the NickiLeaks newsroom and headed straight for the bottles in their desk drawers. They needed them badly. They ...
Nick Vanocur 06/19/2014 7 13 - -
Our Congress – When it Comes to Nothing, We Really Got Something
"From the Desk of Nick iLeaks" In DC, the cherry blossoms are blooming and Congress is returning from vacation. Only one will yield fruit, while the other is already filled with fruit, much of ...
Nick Vanocur 05/02/2014 3 6 1 -
Fracking and the Five-legged Cow
Howdy Readers, If anyone has been wondering how bad the fracking in the Eagle Ford region of Texas is, here's a look with a little bit of my personal humor. Actually, a lot of my humor.
Nick Vanocur 03/12/2014 3 2 - -
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