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There's Only One Person to Blame
Nightprowlkitty 11/03/2010 190 150 1 88
No Strangers to Sacrifice
Nightprowlkitty 10/20/2010 15 15 - 43
New Orleans, Louisiana
Nightprowlkitty 08/29/2010 14 25 - 64
10 Drops of Wine
(Crossposted from [ Docudharma])
Nightprowlkitty 03/20/2010 13 26 - 30
Sunday Op-Ed: Stop Playing Defense
(Cross-posted from [ Docudharma])
Nightprowlkitty 09/20/2009 165 102 1 28
Sunday Op-Ed: A Real National Conversation
(Cross-posted from [ Docudharma])
Nightprowlkitty 09/13/2009 148 34 - 35
Obama's Cincinnati Speech -- Sure He Can -- And He Did
Just finished watching President Obama's speech in Cincinnati. I really liked it. And it put to rest something that has truly disturbed me when it comes to the notion that President Obama should ...
Nightprowlkitty 09/07/2009 43 36 - 36
Obama and the Progressive Caucus
From [ TPM]: A variety of reports suggest that, during a ...
Nightprowlkitty 09/05/2009 353 367 1 51
How Hurricane Katrina Changed Daily Kos
Nightprowlkitty 08/19/2009 283 410 10 76
Naked Soul Plea
Nightprowlkitty 08/17/2009 5 19 - 31
Why Obama Should Be in NOLA on Katrina Anniversary
The deathers are all worried about how old folks will be treated under Democratic health care legislation. Perhaps they have forgotten how old folks were treated under Republican rule:
Nightprowlkitty 08/15/2009 155 56 4 104
The Best of All Possible ...
[ (cross-posted from Docudharma)]
Nightprowlkitty 08/10/2009 17 21 - 25
I am so sick of this.
From [ CNN Politics]: Images of detainee abuse at the hands of U.S. troops, which President ...
Nightprowlkitty 07/24/2009 171 431 2 26
Um, Mr. Tapper? (Updated)
From [,-But-for-Who-Liveblog-2 mcjoan's] live blog of President Obama's press conference: Tapper, ok, we know the benefits, ...
Nightprowlkitty 07/22/2009 134 175 1 31
Torture:  "These Weren't the Kind of Men You Send to Jail"
Today is [ Torture Accountabilty Day]. There will be events across the country, American citizens making the case that those who committed the moral crime against ...
Nightprowlkitty 06/25/2009 15 59 - 193
NOLA - oy
Nightprowlkitty 06/07/2009 16 30 - 22
The new face of anti-abortion activists tapped by Obama
From [ Raw Story]: President Barack Obama has tapped an anti-abortion activist to a senior Health and Human Services "...
Nightprowlkitty 06/06/2009 45 27 - 23
To Clothe the Naked
The [ ACLU] fought and won the case to force the Department of Defense to make public by May 28, 2009 "photos depicting the abuse of ...
Nightprowlkitty 05/12/2009 53 76 - 21
Please, Pres. Obama, Stop Telling Me My Motives
First, just a little point to make about retribution. I don't think President Obama is any more saintly than the rest of us when it comes to retribution. [
Nightprowlkitty 04/24/2009 49 25 - 17
This one is for [ Chacounne]. Everyone has an opinion and it's political and sensational and everyone has something to say. But what do we feel? ...
Nightprowlkitty 04/18/2009 19 30 1 32
Haven't had much to say and then what finally is coming to mind is so small it pisses me off that I find it so damned interesting. The big issues of the day, no, I got nothing to say, although I ...
Nightprowlkitty 04/15/2009 31 43 - 160
What's For Dinner:  Wolf!
One of my favorite food writers is [ M.F.K. Fisher].
Nightprowlkitty 03/22/2009 116 41 1 21
We Have Time to Learn
I don't think the blogs will ever coalesce aroud a single issue, it's not in the nature of the beast, imo. I don't think that's the function. We can, however, produce some of the most informed ...
Nightprowlkitty 03/16/2009 14 23 1 13
"I Got Hit by a Swinging Pendulum"
I've been reading some of the arguments over whether or not we should, as citizens, pressure the Obama Administration and, specifically, Attorney General Eric Holder, to appoint a Special Prosecutor ...
Nightprowlkitty 03/07/2009 31 48 2 25
A Minor Point
I'm not linking anything here, this is a minor point. I've been reading diaries about the Rush Limbaugh Syndrome where Republicans have had to backtrack when they criticize them. This minor point ...
Nightprowlkitty 03/03/2009 54 44 - 19
"One of the most frightening days of my life"
(crossposted from [ Docudharma]) (h/t to [ parryander] for the link to The Center for Victims of Torture ...
Nightprowlkitty 02/26/2009 6 41 - 23
Not Revenge, Senator Leahy -- Love
Well Saturday is Valentine's Day, so maybe this is appropriate -- a Valentine to those revolutionaries who gave no quarter to tyranny. In a [
Nightprowlkitty 02/12/2009 21 28 1 20
How Will This Baby Run?
NLinStPaul wrote an essay back in October entitled [ Let's see how this baby runs ...] and I recall being struck by how Obama has built his own ...
Nightprowlkitty 02/07/2009 11 19 - 33
Our Noble Professions
I've been working on the project [ Petition for a Special Prosecutor] which for me has entailed writing a lot about justice, the ...
Nightprowlkitty 01/28/2009 35 34 - 52
Poem about 60's freaks
(cross-posted from [ Docudharma]) I have to write some stuff here so I can post the poem beneath the fold with little fuss. New Moon and Lunar New Year and all that. ...
Nightprowlkitty 01/26/2009 29 34 - 19
Some Sad News
I regularly checked out Jake Thorn's ([ VoteHarder] at Daily Kos and [ meteoriot] at Docudharma) blog, [http://
Nightprowlkitty 01/16/2009 70 354 2 26
I Disagree
If you wish to repost this essay you can download a .txt file of the html here (right click and save). Permission granted. I ...
Nightprowlkitty 01/11/2009 30 48 - 24
The Courage to Know
If you wish to repost this essay you can download a .txt file of the html here (right click and save). Permission granted. ...
Nightprowlkitty 01/03/2009 17 37 - 18
Why Bush and Cheney Should Get a Fair Trial
(cross-posted from [ Docudharma])
Nightprowlkitty 12/28/2008 42 30 - 22
The Power of One
(crossposted from [ Docudharma])
Nightprowlkitty 12/26/2008 95 186 3 167
They are the Branches, We are the Tree
This essay is in support of the petition announced in buhdydharma’s [ Cheney Throws Gauntlet, Admits to Authorizing Murder...Now What?
Nightprowlkitty 12/18/2008 13 28 - 16
The Scary Lefty Lunacy of the Democratic Base
Now that Obama has been elected, I am positively swooning with ideas on how to exact revenge and carry forward my leftist divisiveness to the end! The end I tells ya! Oh I have a plan and no one ...
Nightprowlkitty 11/18/2008 44 32 - 16
Late Night Poetry Jam
No, this is not a series. Poets are rarely consistent. But it is a late night jam (at least on the East Coast!), your own poems or poems you like, all that jazz. And jazz even! I like [http://...
Nightprowlkitty 11/15/2008 52 22 1 19
Dialogue is our Friend, Mr. Kashkari
(h/t Huffington Post) I hate to link to [ The New York Post] but oh well. To see Neel Kashkari field ...
Nightprowlkitty 11/11/2008 22 16 - 14
I Have No Choir And I Must Preach
(with apologies to Harlan Ellison) I'm not going to walk their road no more. I'm not going their way. I'll see them, work with them, live in the same places, spaces as them. But I'm not ...
Nightprowlkitty 11/01/2008 48 34 3 166
Sorry to interrupt and all, but I was doing diary mining for Election Diary Rescue and I came across a [ diary] I think was inadvertently ...
Nightprowlkitty 10/21/2008 39 34 1 18
Respondele a Obama
Jose Conde wrote and performed the song "Respondele a Obama," in this video by Nicole Betancourt:
Nightprowlkitty 10/09/2008 6 25 - -
What We're Up Against
One of my co-workers was very happy Bear Stearns got bailed out. She is nearing retirement and cares ferociously about her pension. She is not a wingnut nor a Republican. She will care more about ...
Nightprowlkitty 09/22/2008 22 28 - 19
I can just picture it
I can see it clear as day. Not that I'm some economic genius (the standard disclaimer so many bloggers are making at the beginning of their posts on the subject of the Big Bailout). But hell, it's ...
Nightprowlkitty 09/20/2008 74 36 - 20
Listen Up
I don't need anyone to tell me the Presidential race is important to write about. I fully agree with [ kos] that we need to play ...
Nightprowlkitty 09/13/2008 21 34 - 14
We can send a man to the moon. But we can’t help a handful of orphans who are starving to death right before our eyes, in a place not far from our shores. Look what we have become. I ...
Nightprowlkitty 09/05/2008 26 48 - 24
What the NOLA Blogs Are Saying: The Palins Among Us
This will not be a great diary. Too much confusion is rattling in my brain due to the horrible inundation of [ Trance Politics] that has been ...
Nightprowlkitty 09/04/2008 19 30 - 17
Eating Dirt was Just The Beginning: Haiti Action Diary
I know the political season is upon us and it’s damned difficult to distract folks towards any other story, but this is something I know my fellow Kossaks would want to be informed of. And ...
Nightprowlkitty 09/03/2008 23 42 - 66
What the NOLA Blogs are Saying: Return
cross-posted from [ Docudharma] The bloggers I am about to quote -- and there are so many more in this group equally as good -- ...
Nightprowlkitty 09/02/2008 31 23 - 30
What the NOLA Blogs are Saying: Refugee Edition
While we're waiting, these folks are waiting too, but many of them far from home. So here's the refugee edition. [ Humid Haney Rant] has a wild ...
Nightprowlkitty 08/31/2008 7 23 - 4
What the NOLA Blogs are Saying
Just a few quick links from the NOLA blogs. Nice thing about these blogs is if you visit one, you end up linking to all the others, and they are all worth reading. Oyster at [http://righthandthief....
Nightprowlkitty 08/30/2008 49 72 1 20
New Orleans: Heart and Soul
Can’t you see it’s not about politics, there were and are all sorts of people who came to New Orleans after Katrina to help rebuild, democrats, republicans, independents, evangelicals, ...
Nightprowlkitty 08/29/2008 29 31 - 164
The Head and the Heart
Cross-posted from [ Docudharma] I've been struggling with my feelings about the Democratic Convention. But I've decided to stop struggling. There will be always a ...
Nightprowlkitty 08/26/2008 14 18 - 1
Fashion and Style Report
subtitle: The Strange Summer of 2003 I perform strange experiments here in New York City. In the late 90's I looked around to see if any women were wearing shoes of a color other than black,
Nightprowlkitty 08/23/2008 72 17 1 17
Putting 2 and 2 Together: Julie Myers, ICE, and Postville
We learned from Dr. Erik Camayd-Freixas in his devastating [;jsessionid=603E26830E004BDE43B0709A39F83D4E?diaryId=269 essay] (posted by Duke in its ...
Nightprowlkitty 08/21/2008 12 23 - 24
Just for the Record
I'm a wan member of the Democratic base. Wan, because I am politically starving, which leads to low energy, among other things. So I hear there was a conversation about faith with a popular ...
Nightprowlkitty 08/16/2008 51 36 1 16
A poem
New moon is coming up, Friday, August 1. Which has nothing to do with anything. I just have to fill up this space so I can post my poem after the flip. It's a poem about hippies.
Nightprowlkitty 07/30/2008 8 18 1 31
After the Deluge
The third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is coming up next month. Today Dolly has been upgraded to a Category 2 hurricane. And again there are worries about [
Nightprowlkitty 07/23/2008 8 22 1 27
"So You Can Do Whatever You Want With Me"
I don't know how to write about this, but I'm going to try anyway. I've been following the discussion on immigration for over a year, and there are a lot of complexities to it and a lot of back ...
Nightprowlkitty 07/12/2008 512 607 27 74
Saturday Night Rhythm & Blues
Thinking about some of my favorite unsung heroes of rhythm & blues -- unsung because they were black and their biggest hits were either restricted to race records in the early 50s (until Alan Freed ...
Nightprowlkitty 06/14/2008 55 16 - 17
Stolen Power
Just a ramble for a Thursday night. Friday, end of wageslave work week draws nigh, and we are having beautiful warm weather here in New York City, makes a person kind of dizzy. So I thought I'...
Nightprowlkitty 05/29/2008 20 28 1 21
Memorial Day
I've always had a hard time with this day. I've always had a hard time with the military, understanding my own feelings about those who, with the power of government behind them, put guns in the ...
Nightprowlkitty 05/26/2008 17 21 - 24
Action:  Help for Postville, Iowa
Over at [ Standing Firm] you can read the terrible story of how our federal government is dealing with the problems of ...
Nightprowlkitty 05/19/2008 15 40 2 37
Crackpot Theories on McCain
It's late, after midnight, and I am going into speculative territory here about John McCain. There's something bugging me about him. Yes, I know the press treats him as they do all Republicans --
Nightprowlkitty 05/03/2008 79 29 1 35
Once again I am going to shamelessly indulge myself here at Daily Kos. There will be no links or fine intellectual analysis. I'm still a little too [
Nightprowlkitty 04/05/2008 28 37 - 8
Punch Drunk Party with a Cauliflower Ear
Oh man, during the Reagan reign we had a Dem majority that had been in power for a few decades, fat and complacent even as it had some stars and characters and movers and shakers. The party itself,
Nightprowlkitty 03/29/2008 30 19 - 9
All They Know Is War
I remember reading a story in the New York Times magazine, in October of 2004 about terrorism and [ John Kerry'
Nightprowlkitty 03/19/2008 19 23 - 7
Land of the Jailed and Home of the Fearful
I know there are a lot of folks here who have little sympathy for the struggles of undocumented workers in the United States. I’ve heard all the arguments, the fears, the anger, and the ...
Nightprowlkitty 03/11/2008 50 35 1 16
There have been a number of excellent posts by McJoan and KagroX, among others, over the FISA battle. We’ve all been on the crazy ride of elation/outrage, seeing our Democratic ...
Nightprowlkitty 03/04/2008 30 52 1 138
Round The Clock Gilda Reed Fundraiser Part 3
(This is the third diary in a 24-hour fundraiser for [ Gilda Reed], Democratic Candidate for Katrina-Burdened LA-01.) ...
Nightprowlkitty 02/20/2008 91 44 - 31
Ash Wednesday
Here's a poem about Ash Wednesday. Didn't realize it was today till I saw folks walking back to work from St. Patrick's with ashes on their foreheads. To all those who observe this day and the ...
Nightprowlkitty 02/06/2008 10 19 - 1
I have a simple reason for having great indifference towards endorsements in the 2008 Democratic primary. All I've ever had is one wish and that was that someone would oppose the Bush ...
Nightprowlkitty 02/03/2008 42 25 1 -
Weekend Marathon: "Among the best neighborhoods in the US"
In [ Can You Help? NOLA's 9th Ward Needs Us!] the excellent ikrisarus starts the big challenge: A group of bloggers over ...
Nightprowlkitty 02/02/2008 11 22 - 28
"I'm not waiting on the government to give me nothing"
Many of us (though, sadly, not all) know by now that the damage to New Orleans was not caused by a natural disaster but by human error -- the errors of the Army Corps of Engineers. That's why ...
Nightprowlkitty 01/30/2008 31 40 - 161
SOTU: How Kind of You To Mention It, Mr. Bush
This won't be a long diary. I never watch Mr. Bush, I can't stand to hear his voice or see his face. But I do read the transcripts of what he says. I was wondering if he'd mention it tonight.
Nightprowlkitty 01/28/2008 34 33 - 25
Bread and Circuses
This is no jibe against folks who are passionately involved with the candidates of their choice in the Democratic primaries. Frankly, I wish the present environment of our 2008 national elections ...
Nightprowlkitty 01/23/2008 38 32 4 144
What I Said At the Time
I started writing a journal when I was 13 years old. I still have that raggedy old spiral notebook. Here's what I said about Viet Nam. Please don't hate me for my prodigy-like brilliance:
Nightprowlkitty 01/21/2008 40 36 - 17
Riffin' offa JFK
Most everyone can remember (or knows someone who remembers) JFK's famous line in his inaugural address on January 20, 1961:
Nightprowlkitty 01/19/2008 9 7 - 141
I'm not asking anyone to change their minds or to take a certain path or other or to do any action at all other than ... ... IMAGINE. Just take a moment here and imagine: Hillary and ...
Nightprowlkitty 01/13/2008 52 39 - 12
Let Me See If I've Got This Right
Ok, I'm trying to figure out which candidate I will support for the office of President of the United States. So of course I need to go no further than Daily Kos to find out where all these folks ...
Nightprowlkitty 01/10/2008 46 29 - 8
What's the Platform? And Who Writes It?
I haven't written candidate diaries. I explain why in this essay at another site. But who really cares why I haven't written a ...
Nightprowlkitty 01/08/2008 53 17 1 4
This Has Been Diaried Before
And this will be diaried again in 2008. Happy New Year. There's a lot of hoopla here at Daily Kos because Markos wrote a post criticizing Obama and Miss Laura has come out for Edwards. Yes, ...
Nightprowlkitty 01/01/2008 95 240 3 19
This Time I'm Walkin' to New Orleans
How selfish of me to be trying to drag the reader from some lovely spiked eggnog to the nitty gritty of the struggles of others. My only rationalization is that Christmas is approaching. The ...
Nightprowlkitty 12/22/2007 33 28 2 5
This is a National Issue
Many folks have read that there were riots and some violence and a bunch of rabble rousing and yelling and such at the New Orleans City Council meeting on public housing, heck, it's the top story at ...
Nightprowlkitty 12/20/2007 43 39 1 22
This is What We Do
Yeah, this is what we do. We are citizen journalists. Our media has failed us -- for every good reporter and story there is a tsunami of dangerously false information being fed to the American ...
Nightprowlkitty 12/19/2007 117 202 4 18
To those of us who have been paying attention, the future does not look bright. Our government -- well, our lack of government. The rich own the world and they got theirs, now they are slamming ...
Nightprowlkitty 12/13/2007 35 39 - -
"Our Democracy Broke When That Levee Broke"
A while back, one of our best writers made a statement about what happened post-Katrina. So many of us were charging ...
Nightprowlkitty 12/08/2007 52 27 - 20
Pops and Blues
Jack Kerouac called them "pops," Western haikus. He didn't always stick to the correct 17 syllable count but many of his images did "pop" from his pen. Missing a kick ...
Nightprowlkitty 12/05/2007 24 14 1 1
Kick Back for A While
This place stinks of politics! What have you all been doing! I am reading a postively relentless recent diary list of hard cold politics. What kind of site is this, anyway? To paraphrase ...
Nightprowlkitty 12/02/2007 37 15 - 7
Move Along, Nothing to See Here
I don't want to cause any kind of a splash, it's Monday, I'm tired, and I doubt I could answer the number of comments most impeachment diaries generate. Frankly, I envy those who are passionately ...
Nightprowlkitty 11/26/2007 488 573 12 43
My Indifference to Accordians Notwithstanding
Okey dokey, I know everyone will stand up and shout "Never Forget New Orleans!" and such, but this diary is not like that. Creole music. When I'd go to New Orleans, I'd dig the brass bands the ...
Nightprowlkitty 11/24/2007 57 37 2 17
Those F***mooks! (Plus Some Groovy Slim Harpo)
Once again the people of New Orleans have gotten the mainstream shaft. For every good bit of information in our traditional media, there are too many hit pieces. For every good fight in our ...
Nightprowlkitty 11/20/2007 18 27 1 18
So have you ever seen that ... well I don't know which it was in the series ... that Lord of the Rings movie where there's the fellowship and the one guy becomes all overpowered by the evil of the ...
Nightprowlkitty 11/18/2007 56 32 1 7
"Wonderful, Wounded City"
Sit back and relax, gonna share with you a link to some great videos of New Orleans. I was surfing the NOLA blogs, and came cross this at the wild and irreverent [
Nightprowlkitty 11/12/2007 30 28 - 13
We have all heard the arguments on impeachment, pro and con. We have all heard about whether or not we "have the votes." Whether or not this will ruin our chances in 2008 for a Democratic victory.
Nightprowlkitty 11/11/2007 504 428 11 32
Oh Yay!  Let's Make Even MORE Enemies!
From our great Congress, a resolution was passed on Tuesday: [ Iran Sees Venezuela as Doorway to Americas, ...
Nightprowlkitty 11/08/2007 41 26 - 9
See, That Right There ...
I have a friend at work whose young daughter started a bit of a trend with us. She saw her older brother doing something wrong and she pointed to him and said, "see, that right there ... you ...
Nightprowlkitty 10/27/2007 46 43 - 20
What Comes After Outrage?
We saw an election stolen, the will of the people denied. And in the aftermath we saw every progressive and humane aspect of government subverted. And we were outraged. We saw the great City of ...
Nightprowlkitty 10/23/2007 246 300 12 50
To All Those Hiding Behind Martin Luther King
Mychal Bell is a bad boy, didja know that? He was violent. He was a bad boy. And because of that, no one should protest on his behalf, because if they do, they're misguided, yes, they are ...
Nightprowlkitty 10/13/2007 73 47 - 20
LA-GOV: Mr.  Jindal, Meet Mr. Crow
Ah, it's deja vu all over again. Clear case of racism in Jena. After a lot of hard work, individual blogs run by people of color, sometimes under nasty threats, cover this story enough for it to ...
Nightprowlkitty 10/06/2007 36 30 - 59
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